One top star is about to quit over this Donald Trump meltdown

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CNN is still in turmoil.

Not surprisingly, the chaos revolves around Donald Trump.

And one top star is about to quit over this Donald Trump meltdown.

CNN so-called “media reporter” Oliver Darcy is one of the most pro-censorship voices in the media.

Darcy spoke for many inside and outside of CNN who were furious that the network held a town hall event with Donald Trump.

Trump came out of the event looking stronger and many in the press lost their minds believing that networks should not put Trump on TV live.

Leftists like Darcy believe that if the Left can control the flow of information to the voters they can ensure only Democrats win elections.

And with polls showing Donald Trump beating Joe Biden, the level of panic in the press about CNN letting Americans see Donald Trump on TV and hear his answers to questions shot off the charts.

Darcy expressed that rage in his “Reliable Sources” newsletter where he attacked CNN Chris Licht from approving the event and reported Licht faced an internal mutiny over platforming Trump.

“It’s hard to see how America was served by the spectacle of lies that aired on CNN Wednesday evening,” Darcy wrote, adding that Licht was “facing a fury of criticism—both internally and externally over the event.”

CNN’s management was not amused.

Puck News’s Dylan Byers reported that Licht and other executives summoned Darcy for a meeting where they reprimanded Darcy for his “emotional” reaction to the Trump town hall.

Licht reminded Darcy that CNN’s new management wanted the network to be an actual news organization and not a pro-Democrat Party political operation.

Byers reported:

Licht summoned Darcy and his editor Jon Passantino to a meeting with himself, CNN comms chief Kris Coratti, editorial executive vice president Virginia Moseley and senior vice president of global news Rachel Smolkin, in which they told him that his coverage had been too emotional and repeatedly stressed the importance of remaining dispassionate when covering the news, be it CNN or any other media organization.

The meeting had its intended effect.

“Darcy stood by his work and pushed back on the ‘emotional’ characterization” but Byers reported that multiple sources informed him Darcy left the meeting “visibly shaken.”

“They put the fear of God into him,” Byers added.

After the meeting, Darcy reportedly considered resigning from CNN.

“In the aftermath of the meeting and coverage, Darcy has wondered to colleagues whether he should resign or if he will be fired by the network,” Semafor reported.

CNN denied that Darcy wanted to quit.

“Oliver does not intend to resign and his newsletter will be out per usual this evening,” a CNN spokesperson stated.

Darcy is one of the holdovers from former President Jeff Zucker’s regime.

Zucker positioned CNN as the tip of the spear in the “resistance” to Donald Trump and made stars on the Left out of Brian Stelter, Don Lemon, and Jim Acosta.

But CNN’s new owners wanted a respected network that tried to play it down the middle.

And Darcy is reportedly not handling the transition well.

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