One top Trump ally predicted this shocking end to the Trump presidency

The Democrats are taking no prisoners in their question to impeach Donald Trump.

This is a political fight the likes of which Washington, D.C. has never seen.

And one top Trump ally predicted this shocking end to the Trump presidency.

Fake news CNN and the rest of the corrupt media are trying to throw as much chum in the impeachment waters as possible.

The latest example was former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res appearing on the ridiculously misnamed “Reliable Sources” hosted by CNN’s chief Democrat Party propagandist Brian Stelter.

Res — who no longer works at The Trump Organization and has no insight into the White House — was the latest useful dupe the Fake News Media paraded in front of the cameras to make Donald Trump’s situation appear dire.

And Res followed the script, claiming Donald Trump would end up resigning from the presidency.

Mediaite reports:

Barbara Res, former vice president of the Trump organization, told CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday that she was not surprised by the president’s angry reaction to the Ukraine scandal as it continues to unfold. She called it a typical response from Trump that matches what she saw from him when she used to head up his company’s construction projects.

“He had this notion that everything that happened that was bad was directed at him like they were after him, people were after him,” said Res. “He makes it like, not that they’re after something he might’ve done, they’re after him.”

As Res continued to speak of Trump’s narcissistic tendencies, Stelter asked her for how she thinks her former boss’ time as president will come to an end.

“He does a lot of things to save face…It would be very, very, very bad for him to be impeached. I don’t know that he’ll be found guilty but I don’t know that he wants to be impeached. I think that’s what this panic is about. And my gut tells me he’ll leave office, he’ll resign or make some kind of a deal, even, depending on what comes out.”

Res has no special insight into how the White House is approaching impeachment or what Donald Trump really thinks of the matter.

She is just another in the long line of “experts” fake news CNN parades in front of the camera — fake news CNN once allowed psychiatrists who hadn’t examined the President to claim he was mentally ill — to offer uninformed speculation as actual analysis.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Trump’s ego will not permit him to resign. He will go through the full impeachment and be removed from office. The New York State Attorney General is waiting for him … income tax issues, etc., etc. …

    • ak madam
      Donald Trump will not be impeached. The impeachment proceedings will never leave congress, the democrats don’t have any solid evidence to impeach Donald Trump. For the last 3 years the democrats have been conducting a illegal impeachment inquiry coup and shill about all the evidence they have, but nobody has ever seen that evidence except for schiff.

      The prepetrators of Russian collusion and Ukrainian phone call coup will be brought to justice in early to mid 2020. The American citizens who believe in justice will rejoice that the traitors of these coup attempts have been dealt with.

      The Donald Trump tax return story is totally misleading to the American citizens. Donald Trump has a multitude of tax accountants and lawyers who would have followed the relevant tax laws when processing DJT taxes.

      This is just another part of the plan that the democrats are using to make Donald Trump look bad. The American citizens are waking up to the democrats impeachment coup and will show their displeasure at polling booths 2020.

  2. President a Trump is doing well to cut many government jobs. There are so many with government jobs working against we the people, and our our president. They are parasites and left over hires from Obama. The idea to move many from DC to other parts of the country is brilliant. Government is much too big and that leads to huge problems. It’s going to cost a lot of money to prosecute all the traitors in government. CNN should be fined for their unprofessional inept activities.

  3. I watched Trump on TV yesterday and had to turn it off as he is sick – he has gone
    completely off the rails and needs help. Watch his expressions, his hands and his
    body language – the job is getting to him and in his mental state he could do great
    harm to our country….and by the way didn’t Hillary win the popular vote??? And
    speaking of Bill’s transgressions didn’t Donald have a couple and doesn’t he feel it is okay to grab, and kiss, unknown women?> Just asking.
    okay to grab women and to kiss any women even if he doesn’t know them???

    • Are you Pierre under a new name there, Mittens. Edna Floros is your new name? Is your Rambler still in the front yard on blocks? They are such a good investment.

    • Where in the Constitution you win because you won the popular vote? Thats like saying you win the World Series if you get more hits than the team that won, or you won the Super Bowel because your Quarterback threw more completed passes.

  4. I have just read that Donald Trump is going to start implement against pelosi and schiff. The charges are treason by conducting a illegal coup attempt against a legally elected president.

    It’s time for the fight to be taken to the democrats. Donald Trump will be transparent with the American citizens.

    Unlike the illegitimate impeachment proceedings by the democrats. I believe that the constitution states that congress has to hold a vote by congress and the senate to authorise any impeachment proceedings. This has not been done.

    The democrats who want to conduct the “impeachment proceedings “ behind closed doors. Deny the president, republicans and witnesses to sue process with legal counsel.

    The democrats silently changed whistleblower act to include heresay. So now the democrats have added heresay to the justice system through the whistleblower act.

    The democrats can cherry pick what to release to the American citizens in an attempt to make the impeachment proceedings look legitimate while not providing any evidence.

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty. If the democrats succeed in their coup of the president. Then the right to a fair trial is gone. The democrats can come after You and charge you for a false crime because a whistleblower hear something about you that was 2nd or 3rd hand.

    This could be the constitutional right to free speech, religion or firearms.

    • HI PDW! The reason that hearsay has never (and should never) been included in a whistleblower case is that the whole purpose of a whistleblower is to bring a case to a court of law. Hearsay has never been allowed in a legal proceedings (and with good reason). Hearsay is no better than gossip! And any judge would immediately throw out a case built on hearsay. The people who work on whistleblower cases must be shaking their heads in sorrow to see a process that has done so much good be used in such a way.

    • Trump will find himself removed from office, prosecuted and in prison.
      The man us a habitual law-breaker. New York is just waiting fro him to leave office to file charges.

  5. red sook
    Thank you for validating my previous post. I’m really looking forward to your posts after Donald Trump wins the election in 2020.

    Meanwhile please keep the hateful and racist rhetoric going. How does it feel to know that you are helping Donald Trump win in 2020.

  6. i do not whant trumps presidency to end now and i will not like nancy are obama,Hillary clinton to be president in America just trump becuse he is good not Evil thats what nancy thanks.and TRUMP2020 for president will keep going and i will support and stand with trump.

  7. Barbara Res worked for Trump several years ago as a construction manager, but she has no current or recent connection with Trump or his business. She certainly has no connection to the Trump Presidency. Her insight is more like farsight.

  8. Maven wv Patriot – Welcome aboard! I can’t stand leftists either! They have absolutely zero working brain mass. I can’t figure out where they get their weird ideas about government, especially about the practices of a country based on FREEDOM. I feel that they were raised by gorillas and schooled by chimps. Their brainless teachers were communist plants in the public schools. Oh well, we just have to tolerate their lack of intelligence until they can learn to open their eyes.

  9. Here’s what’s happening. Our justice department is soooo close to getting indictments against the perpetrators of corruption during and after 2016. All of this Ukraine bullshit is smoke and mirrors to distract from the REAL criminals. So you snowflakes get ready to scream at the sky again in 2020.

  10. Res, what an absolute lunatic. Sh@t for brains. Who on earth would listen to such rubbish as she is spewing forth. She is no closer now to our wonderful President, than I am!

  11. But Trump did cut and run and betray our allies in SYRIA!!!! Even Mitch MoConnell and Lindsey Graham are upset at how the Kurds, who had the courage and sacrifice to FIGHT and drive out ISIS, are being BETRAYED. If the Afghans and other allies fought like the Kurds, we could have won that country over in 3-4 years!!

    • Trump did right. WE have trained and armed the Kurds and fought along side them. At some point, they need to grab the ball and run with it. He has already indicated to Turkey that if they wish to go after the kurds, he will break them. I personally think that he will need to break them as they are a strong Muslim country and they will lie, cheat and steal

    • No, that is NOT true. You are being influenced by the main stream media who are all out to get the President. In short, the president is allowing Turkey to go after ISIS. The Kurds are not the target. That is why President Trump came out and strongly indicated this. Turkey was warned NOT to attack the Kurds, let’s see what happens. Trump is observing whether he can trust the Turks to complete the deal he cut with their leader. The News media and specifically NBC are ALL about taking down Trump for any issue they can bend up or distort to their favor.

  12. Tucker Carlson criticizes Trump’s Phone Call
    Fox News host Tucker Carlson published an op-ed with Daily Caller co-founder and publisher Neil Patel zinging Trump for his call with Ukraine’s president. “Donald Trump should not have been on the phone with a foreign head of state encouraging another country to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden,” Carlson and Patel wrote. “Some Republicans are trying, but there’s no way to spin this as a good idea.”

    • I think it’s a damned good idea and I’ll support Trump all the way. The commiecrats sure as hell don’t offer an agenda that’s good for America. Where were you cry babies when obozo allowed illegal guns to be smuggled into Mexico? Or rapist Bill Clinton committing a felony by lying under oath. All the hell you hypocrites do is bla bla bla. Trump this, Trump that. As for Syria, we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. The same with all presidents. His only crime was beating killery. And I praise the Father, Son and Holy Ghost for that.

      • Dan I agree with you, but all of this crap about Trump will live in infamy forever. It has been taken as true by the LEFTIST media and all of their lemmings, when it is nothing but Democraps spewing out their venom against Trump. The Left media lemmings may not even know that, because no one gets a good look when they are too close to the rear end of someone else! None of the Left leaders will ever get what they seriously deserve…at least until they look God in the face. I wouldn’t want to be them, for sure.

      • Don’t forget Bill’s hot and cold running women WITH Hillary’s knowledge. Even Bill wouldn’t touch Hillary! I’d bet that Hillary was artificially inseminated with Bill’s semen, but he never touched her physically.

          • Dan Tyree – I’ve heard that before, too, but I think Hillary “likes” women more than men. She may have gotten artificially inseminated by him. I really don’t think Bill had anything to do with it. I think Webb Hubble provided the semen, just compare Webb’s photo with Chelsea’s. I mean, really. Do you know any men who think Hillary, or Chelsea, is a “fox”? Just saying.

      • Dan…I couldn’t have said it better. Totally agree !

        I sent the Demonutz an e-mail today. I let them know that they are an embarrassment to our Great Country. I hit them with everything that has been going on.
        Even told them the are extremely jealous of President Trump and to be prepared ,,,He will be in again for four more years. Plus I told them it’s sad that he can’t stay longer.
        I mentioned that every office held in our Gov. should have Term Limits !!

        I mentioned what someone said on-line. About them Hating President Trump “More ” than they Love our Great country !!
        Mentioned the “Illegals ” and how they are wasting tax payers money bringing them here . Only because they want them to Vote Illegally
        I mentioned that they are as Dumb that the Only word they know is ” Impeachment “.
        There was a lot more. But too much to re-type.



      • I think it is a great idea as well. Clinton signed the corruption bill that was presented to him by his Congress. I don’t care if it was ratified or not. This is the same as the present Dems NOT taking a vote for the Impeachment actions, or the inquiry as they call it. More BS stuff from the Dems – wishy washy garbage. Since they did NOT take a vote they are NOT serious. I believe they are afraid of this whole BS show falling apart and NO one on their side wants to be spattered by the Horse manure when it DOES fall apart. Just look at how many times they and their accomplices have changed the rules, requirements and procedures to get this far.

        Changing the rules, requirements and procedures as much as they did can make any innocent person LOOK guilty. They are so filled with hate that is what they did.

    • So ABC
      You’re fine with the fact that creepy joe biden withheld funds to force the Ukraine government to terminated a prosecutor that was investigating a company for corruption.

      Of course its was just a coincidence that creepy joe biden’s son was on the board of directors for that company.

      So, you like so many democrats think that it’s fine for creepy joe biden to be a candidate for the presidency of the USA with a shroud of corruption hanging over his head.

      Then the democrats accuse Donald Trump of being corrupt for pursuing corruption committed by corrupt politicians.

      So according to the democrats, Congress democrats should impeach a republican president for investigating corruption. So a democrat candidate who’s corrupt can be voted in has president.

      Talk about being dumb.

  13. From what I’ve seen of Trump so far, she’s full of crap. no way he’ll make a deal or give up office. Man will fight tooth and nail, won’t give an inch. Don’t see and quit in him at all, esp. not after all the crap he’s already put up with. Woman has n clue what she is talking about, just looking for quick cash from CNN for a on air spot, is all.

    • she was with his organization longer than almost anyone . . . . she has seen him operate before. Trump acts like he is ready to fight, when he is just bullying. But when it comes to a real battle, he will again fake “bone spurs” and tuck and run.

      • Charles someone you know could say that Charles molests kids because they claim to know how you operate. Would that make it true? And about bone spurs. I don’t claim to know if Trump has ever had them. I’ve never seen his medical records and I will bet that you haven’t either. Make he did, mabey he didn’t. I don’t know and I don’t care. Bill Clinton went to England to dodge the draft and had to leave for Canada over a sexual assault. And then he found Hillary where someone squated in an alley.

          • Dan Tyree – Yup, winning the presidency is one way to avoid being thrown under the jail. The Presidency must be able to override the laws of the country now days. I can not figure out why a crooked person gets away with criminal activity, including rape, and never has to pay for it! It isn’t right that all of those women he raped and all of the other crimes he committed, and the laws that Hillary broke, will never be rectified by the law of the land. I guess people in office are above the law, but the constitution and all of the other documents tried to enforce just the opposite. Our presidents are NOT supposed to be above the law!! But the Clintons have never had to pay for their crimes! They both should have been removed from office and thrown in prison like the common criminals that they are. I can only imagine what their daughter (who is said to be the child of Webb Hubble, she looks just like him) is going to do in the future. She has learned all of the ways around the laws from her mother and “father.”

    • I agree! That woman probably never met Trump face to face even one time. I’m pretty sure that she probably got fired and that is why she has a stick up her rear end.

    • arthur facteau – I agree with you 100%. They are just wishing Trump will give up. I don’t think that man knows the meaning of the phrase “give up”!

  14. Democrats should love this crap!!! But as far as they go, you can either be crazy or conservative! I’d rather be conservative, I love America and used to have respect for the government, however, the levels democrats have sunk, won’t stop until we go to war!!! America needs the corruption and greed that’s now holding House of Representatives hostage till they win by lies, cheating and continues investigations over again!!
    Hell will break loose!!!

    • Kimgirl63 -I hope that the only hell that breaks loose is the sound of the Left unsuccessfully trying to run away from the law!

  15. There is so much garbage on the ‘news’ today and everyday, that it’s best to check in on the headline topics of the day and forget about following every Tom, Dick & Harry on TV. Otherwise, it’s Chinese water torture. Best to watch old movies, historical documentaries, cartoons or nature shows to ease the mind.

  16. Why does everyone comment on Redeye. Like Joe Biden, if you don’t look or listen to sick people everyone ignore the problem and they go away. I see the name and like Joe Biden’s sick red eye comes to mind, and totally ignore it, even though it gags you like with a spoon. I’ve had nightmares of Joe Biden and that red eye. Like they say, out of sight out of mind.

    • I read his comments once or twice and had to run to the bathroom to puke. Never again! He must be Ossama’s and Michael’s in-vitro child.

    • Candy
      I think that red sook is doing a fantastic job for the Donald Trump campaign with his typical democrats rhetoric.

      I congratulate red sook for every hateful, racist and bigoted rant. He shows Americans the true nature of the anti-trumpers

      So every conversative patriot should thank these anti-trumpers for their contribution to the Donald Trump campaign.

      But I never receive any feedback from the anti-trumpers, strange that.

  17. Redman can you say that in English instead of in democrat please. I forgot how to speak dumbass since I got smart and became a Republican in 2014.

    • All your posts are in dumbass, Linda. To be a Trump republican you have to learn the few little words (like Yuge) that Trump can handle . . . Trump just keeps repeating himself over and over.

  18. Trump will beat all of the libturd efforts against him. The assholes have planned to get him since he rightfully won. They know that beating him in an election isn’t going to happen.

    • I don’t see how he can be impeached for following the 1999 treaty with Ukraine. Bill Clinton made the treaty now the Democrats are mad because President Trump is abiding by the treaty. It was ok for them to use it but they don’t want the Republicans to do the same thing. Just shows how two faces they are. And how scared they are. Trump Supporter.
      Trump 2020.

      • Linda, that is all B.S.. Linda, just some more right wing smokescreen. Think, Linda, why have NO Republican Senators or Congressmen brought this up – – and almost no one, including Carlson, is defending what Trump has said and done.

        • Amen…Hum. Do you even know what the word “Amen” means? I seriously doubt it! You should change your online name. It’s blasphemy to use that word as your name! You probably don’t care right now, but Bud, you’ll definitely care eventually when you are held accountable for it.

          • Chill-out-dog-breath1949. I bet its yo 1st time saying “AMEN” dis year in yo big greasy head. I bet its hard ta speak much when ya brown nosing old trump-ah-hump big flat bottom, huh. hahahhahahahahahah

    • But Harry Balls is not far from the a**hole, so you should be right there with him!!!

      Have to admit, The RedMan really shows how thinned skinned you Trumpers are! You can’t seem to keep your cool, so The RedMan RULES!!!!

      • LOL – Your posts are infantile and obnoxious. I know you do that on purpose, but I can’t help but wonder if you do that when you are face to face with someone. I’d bet you don’t. If you did, someone might just knock your foul breath back down your lungs.

        • O, come now. chill-out-old mutt1947. Why are you shaking when you post back 2 others. You are posting like a trump-butt-bump wit a wet brown nose like ah dog. hahahahahhahahahhaha

    • Nah, rat licking hairy back You pinkies, and trump are leaving the white-folks house like the losers dat yall are. Its ad dat you racist idiots don’t realize dat trump is a 2nd class idiot. hahahhahahahahahahahha

        • When is Trump gonna get Jesus in his heart and practice “what would Jesus do?” I mean extorting the president of Ukraine and violating the laws about soliciting foreign help in his campaign. Trump must be really scared of losing and the internal polls must be showing he will need to CHEAT AGAIN if he has a hope of winning, and staying out of prison!!

          • Don’t include Jesus in your rhetoric. You don’t really know if Trump cheated or not. I don’t care as long as Hillary got beat. The democrats have been notorious for voter fraud for years. And he will win your great state of Ohio. My brother lives there and he will help him. I don’t know how anyone whom supports the democrats can make claims of knowing Jesus.

          • Ohio
            The transcripts show that Donald Trump didn’t extort the Ukraine. The USA and Ukraine have a treaty and Donald Trump was pursing corruption by creepy joe biden. I don’t know what Jesus would do, but I would want the president to investigate corruption by any politician. exactly what Donald Trump is doing.

            Since when is it an impeachable offense for investigating corruption.

            Donald Trump didn’t cheat in 2016 unless you have evidence to prove otherwise. Like the 2016 polls which had Hillary winning by a landslide, and we all know how that turned out.

            in the first 24 hrs. of fundraising Donald Trump raised 24.8 million, creepy joe Biden 6.3 million, fake Hispanic O’Rourke 6.1 million, crazy Bernie sander 5.9 million. Donald Trump raised 18.5 million more than creepy joe Biden. Yeah Donald Trump really looks like he’s losing.

          • Ohio – you watch too much MSNBC, and all of those alphabet channels. Indoctrination is all you get from them, nothing else.

          • Ohio Not much can be said for your unsubstantiated BS but if your here to instigate people into supporting President Trump, it’s working. To say he cheated like last time, how many times does that have to be disproven. Also, the Dems are not going to try and Impeach President Trump on facts, they’ll try on circumstantial opinion and won’t win in court.

      • Redman can you say that in English instead of in democrat please. I forgot how to speak dumbass since I got smart and became a Republican in 2014.

        • Ohio Not much can be said for your unsubstantiated BS but if your here to instigate people into supporting President Trump, it’s working. To say he cheated like last time, how many times does that have to be disproven. Also, the Dems are not going to try and Impeach President Trump on facts, they’ll try on circumstantial opinion and won’t win in court.

    • Said it well again, The RedMan! These Trumpons (like Tampons but inserted up the a**) have failed to ask, why is Trump pushing Ukraine and others to clear Russia of the guilt from attacking our 2016 election. Trump don’t do much work, but he sure carries the water for Putin!! DONNIE COMPROMISED!!

  19. NFW will Trump resign. This is all hogwash. Trump will continue to fight the Swamp, Establishment, Deep State and LSM. And…HE WILL WIN. Aware and informed voters are fed up. The issue is the gullible, naive, misinformed and ill-informed that pose a threat.

      • Everyone knows that it is the democrats sucking up to Russia and the other communist countries. They are upset because Trump hasn’t started a war yet.

        • But Trump did cut and run and betray our allies in SYRIA!!!! Even Mitch MoConnell and Lindsey Graham are upset at how the Kurds, who had the courage and sacrifice to FIGHT and drive out ISIS, are being BETRAYED. If the Afghans and other allies fought like the Kurds, we could have won that country over in 3-4 years!!

          • 3 or 4 years! I had 27 years in the Army and two combat tours. We’ve been in Afghanistan since 2001. In 19 years all we’ve gotten out of Afghanistan is Billions of dollars worth of opium to help hundreds of thousands of Americans turn into prescription pill addicts and lithium for our car batteries which we will need to fill the 100,000 electric car order for Jeff Bezos and Amazon. Just to think, and it only cost us 4500 brave American soldiers lives. Some of them my good friends.

      • To red sook
        I, like so many other patriots find your rhetoric extremely hilarious. You are validating why Hillary and the democrats lost in 2016. The concept of calling fellow Americans vile names like deplorable, red necks, bigots, racists, xenophobes and misogynists, was such a winning formula in 2016, that democrat supporters are still using into the 2020 election. Heaven forbid that the democrats use the term like American
        So red sook thanks for your huge contribution to the Donald Trump re-election campaign. Please keep it up. I’m looking forward to another one of your low IQ mindless rambling rants.

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