One top Trump challenger was caught on tape making this career-ending mistake

The race for the Democrat presidential primaries is heating up.

Contenders are beginning to separate themselves into top and bottom tier campaigns.

And one top Trump challenger was caught on tape making this career-ending mistake.

Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders was considered one of the top-tier candidates coming into the Democrat presidential primaries.

Not anymore.

Sanders is sinking in the polls and now he may have just sealed his own doom.

The Vermont Senator was caught on tape promising his government takeover of healthcare would include free health insurance and medical care for illegal aliens.

The Daily Caller reports:

“We’re gonna … create a Medicare for All health care system which guarantees health care to every man, woman, and child,” Sanders said during the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials’ (NALEO) presidential candidate forum Friday. “We will organize the American people around the idea that all people in this country have the right to health care.”

The moderator of the event asked Sanders if his plan would apply to illegal immigrants in the U.S.

“Absolutely, absolutely,” Sanders replied. “When I talk about health care being a human right, last time I heard that undocumented people are human beings as well.”

Sanders’ government-run healthcare scheme is estimated to cost 32 trillion dollars.

That was before he announced his support for giving free healthcare to the – at least – 12 million illegal aliens living in America.

Sanders also claimed the American people would be “delighted” to pay the higher taxes to finance government-run healthcare.

Outrageous statements like this – as well as promising free government goodies to illegal aliens – make it clear why his campaign is on its last legs.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Can anyone say Venezuela if a Democrat wins the 2020 Presidential Election. That is what the United States would be like within a just a few short years. No country can withstand the amount of deficit that would accrue with all the freebies Democrats are promising if elected. Trillions of dollars.

  2. Real number is closer to 25,000,000, according to a Harvard study. The 12 number is years old.

    When we don’t have hungry kids here, when the elderly citizens can get adequate healthcare, when our vets get adequate healthcare, I might give a hoot about illegal aliens though I doubt it.

  3. YOU are right enough said and there isn’t any democrat that is running for President can run our country We are in danger of our country going to the end road if that was to happen.

  4. Bernie is ignorant of economics. It’s said that he’s rich. If he really believes his crap he should give it away.

  5. This is another nail in the Sanders DEMOCRAT campaign. The one that really hurt him was saying that convicted murderers in prison should be able to vote. I think that crazy Bernie should run as an independent. That would help Trump’s landslide in 2020.

  6. A man with the goal of ending America has founded, from day one this has been a dangerous man…

  7. Well, they felt the “Bern” last go around .. perhaps this time some Loser may pay him off with not only another mansion, or cars … but with a boat! One that will sink straight to the bottom of the sea along with his PAYOFF!

  8. Vasu Murti, You are just another ignorant commie.

    By the way, where are you from? If you live in the USA (God forbid) – you don’t deserve to.

  9. We have responded to the “Scientific Consensus on Global Warming”. We’ve stated that it is hogwash. The climate has changed for the last 3.4 billion years. Pretty sure we didn’t have anything to do with it.

  10. It’s not that he has no concept, it’s most likely that he can’t have such a concept.
    It’s impossible for such people to achieve such truth.

  11. janet, your ignorance is showing. NO ONE has the right to MURDER a baby, whether in or out of the womb. It is the SAME baby, just a different stage of development. A baby IA NOT part of a woman’s body!!!! Read a bioloby book. Life begins at conception and the baby is its own person with its own DNA. NOT part of the mother!!! FACT. And what part of ILLEGAL do you not understand>?????? If you don’t come in here LEGALLY yo have NO RIGHT to be here. Children in cages??? OBAMA put them there and you had no problem at all when he did it. And it is the fault of the PARENTS for trying to bring them in here. WAKE UP!!!!!

  12. Betty, Pres. Trump has done LOTS of good for this country, but you are blinded by your hates. Thankfully, we will have him for another four years. A dem in the White House would be the END of this country.

  13. Betty, you are a very sad creature. Take your sick hate somewhere else. NOTHING you say is true. You make a fool of yourself every time you post

  14. Vasu…You are very clueless. But then all libs are. They have no concept of the truth. Besides your pro-life stance you have no concept at all of why everything else you said is WRONG!!!!!! Wise up.

  15. Janet. The word is called “responsibility” If you are so drunk that you can’t keep your knees together, it’s not the child’s fault it’s yours!! But of course you were so drunk/and forgetful that you “Don’t remember.” Go get your tubes tied, then you won’t forget. You don’t have any authority to kill a person that you don’t like. If that were the rule a lot on “people” wouldn’t be here. Maybe your Mom wishes she had the option in her time, huh?

  16. Tim. You are absolutely right!! The only reason for so many to run is the fact that the money not spent will be kept by the douse bag to supposedly put in the money bag for the next pay off when that money gets low and they need another transfusion for their piggybank. Sorry Betty but he’s right!! They were supposed to make a law to forbid that but you know that never happened. Sad but true, pols are the most wicked persons on earth. Think, did you know they are not bound by the same laws as you and I as they exempt themselves from the bastardly laws they enslave us with.

  17. Sanders is a complete Commie in Sheep Clothing. Handing out candy to little girls is what his promises sound like today.

  18. I love Bernie Sanders, but I question some of his positions, like saying prisoners should have the right to vote, and now this. When I worked in social services, we could only provide illegal immigrants with restricted services, emergency services for Medi-Cal (the California equivalent to Medicaid).

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  19. A Very Truly Sad State Of Affairs for America is having d trump for another four year presidential second term, Right, tim!

  20. Hey, ron, Maybe the very same place CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump came from in his Delusional & Deranged pre-election presidential promise that Mexico would delightedly foot the bill for a border wall. Amazing how quickly mr. Dodo Cuckoo Bird stopped singing that song & backed down upon realizing that Mexico wasn’t the weak willed & easy to bully pushovers he thought they were!


    and quit censoring my comments , you ask for an opinion and then you go LIBTARD on me

  22. “Affordable Care Act” my ASS! ITS GOING TO FALL APART AND THOSE WHO VOTE IN THESE DEMOCRATS WILL FIND OUT THEY ARE GETTING SCREWED…AGAIN! As we were told by Pelosi herself “We had to pass the bill to find out what was in it.” CRAP WAS IN IT and some of that CRAP remains. As a publisher for 34 years, I recently published a well-timed and informative book entitled: The Illness of Medicine by Michael J. Young, M.D. ( With the New Democratic House it’s a perfect time to read all about BIG PHARMA and the ugly influence of the INSURANCE INDUSTRY is having on your medical care…A POWERFUL Medical lobby has Congress by their balls and they are all stuffing their pockets…Cory Booker for instance took $275,000 from Big Pharma for his election campaign…Dr. Young gave up a 30 year medical practice instead of trying to function under this hideous controlling arrogance of the insurance industry and the clout pharmaceutical companies have over us which has become overwhelming. Dr. Young recalls a time in his 30-year medical practice when these industries worked with, and for, us. Today, THEY ARE THE OPPOSITION. Patients have essentially no control and doctors have lost the ability to direct their own profession and their own practice. Profit-driven corporations dictate how our care is now governed. Bernie Sander’s $32 TRILLION Free Ride for everyone including 11 million illegals is not worth one cow fart! YOU CAN COUNT ON “MEDICARE FOR ALL” NEVER SEEING THE LIGHT OF DAY AFTER THE 2020 ELECTION…DON’T GET HOODWINKED FOR YOUR VOTE…

  23. There s no closet when it comes to “your money is Bernieing a how in y pocket” Sanders or OAC (All Out Crazy) being commies.

  24. Colleen, these people live off the Government all their lives and are so misinformed that they believe EVERYTHING they are told by these Liberals. All these people who are running for president and the ones in office don’t have a clue what the average hard working TAX PAYER live. They get elected, create legislation, passed them and become millionaires and we the people pays for it.

  25. Where is Sanders coming from, saying that the taxpayer would be delighted to foot the bill. The taxpayer has enough problem paying for their own bills. Not everyone is like Sanders and has had a chance to rip off the government.

  26. Good morning Gregory
    Yep its just like Rush said back when obumma won the re-election…
    The voters voted for him because they like “Santa claus” where they can have everything for “free” I just can’t believe these people really think anything is free. But then again alot of these leeches don’t even work so they don’t care that it is the working folks taxes that have to pay for the so called free insurance & whatever else they are promised by the lunatic liberals that they can have for free

  27. Bernie is running for only one reason and that is that he knows that all contributions are his to keep after the campaign is over.

  28. Colleen:
    Bernie would have all of us believe that the money for his freebies falls from the sky and no one will be affected by it. The liberal idiots believe his lies are the truth and love him for it.

  29. What this ignorant old man neglected to mention is there is no such thing as free anything….someone (tax payers) will be paying for the insurance. How can anyone be so ignorant to believe anything is free!

  30. Bernie Sanders is simply laughable! Does he actually think that he is a candidate for the POTUS Slot? Oh my goodness! Bernie … you need to regroup yourself around other ideas and opportunities that you can actually contribute to, You are never going to be the POTUS and countless Americans will see to it that you will not be selected for the Presidency Slot next time around. While you are a great citizen and have a few good ideas, there is no pathway to Washington for you coming your way. There are countless reasons and none of them should be a surprise to you. Please do everyone a favor and find something else to do with your time and energy.

  31. It is so easy when it comes to spending other people’s MONEY! Especially, whrn it is the TAX PAYERS’ MOMEY!
    Sanders, you are now DONE! Anyone who votes for you will have to be an ILLEGAL Resident!

  32. It is so easy when it comes to spending other people’s MONEY! Especially, whrn it is the TAX PAYERS’ MOMEY!
    Sanders, you are now DONE! Anyone who votes for you will have to be an ILLEGAL Resident!

  33. It is so easy when it comes to spending other people’s MONEY! Especially, whrn it is the TAX PAYERS’ MOMEY!
    Sanders, you are now DONE! Anyone who votes for you will have to be an ILLEGAL Resident!

  34. Are you insane! Obama started those cages and Trump ended them. It’s also child abuse to drag the child hundreds of miles without proper food and water for a free ride in our Country. You haven’t any ground to stand on. We are providing care to people illegally entering the U.S. I don’t need more big brother in my life. That’s exactly what the Dems. want. Our children and grandchildren haven’t got a chance if we don’t stop this insanity!
    Read your history before speaking of topics you obviously know nothing about.

  35. Yep, Bernie never worked a job in his life, do how the hell could he speak for the taxpayers? ZERO! A big ZERO!

    He is one of the biggest hypocrites we ever come across. Geez!

  36. Abortion clinics serve more as a birth control method than life/death situations. Should you Janet be aborted before entering this world, I would never read your comment today.

    In marriages, most oops babies turned to be fine and loved. No regret for having them. So chill out.

  37. I really believe that Burnedout Slanders is either mentally disturbed or a closet communist. I tend to believe the latter as in 1988, he spent his honeymoon in Moscow and in a bar there when he raised his glass up and in a drunken stupor began singing that familiar song “This is your land etc.”

  38. Bernie Sanders know that if he speaks for illegal aliens, he will reap their votes. Some states are registering the aliens to vote.

    Trump must act to end this voter fraud now! It is the federal law. The US election commission must disqualify each state that refuse to recognize the electoral system. Popular votes cannot be counted if they reject the electoral system.

    Liberals … sore losers since day one. ????‍♂️ Stupid people that keep shouting at the sky. ????

  39. So the Right to Life doesn’t cover those you consider to be illegal, huh? While you block abortion clinics and attempt to refuse to allow a woman you don’t know and could care less about to choose, you would ‘choose’ to allow people to die when access to life-saving care is in front of them, right? Do I have this straight? It’s the parent’s fault if a child dies in one of the American cages for children, but it suddenly is your business if a parent chooses to terminate a pregnancy?? The right wing.. defying logic and convincing people that the ridiculously inane is logical for centuries!

  40. Tar & feathers, running out of state, county, city/town, COUNTRY, would be fitting for OLD bernie. IF he were to win, can you imagine what he would be like? In his 80’s, drooling, brain fog AND IMAGINE THAT HE’D BE IN CONTROL OVER OUR MILITARY, FOREIGN POLICY…
    NO! NO! NO! NO!

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