One truth about Barack Obama just destroyed Joe Biden

Joe Biden walked on-stage for the latest Democrat debate as damaged goods.

The former Vice President clung to his time as Barack Obama’s Vice President as his life raft in the turbulent campaign waters.

But this one truth about Barack Obama just destroyed Joe Biden.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is now the presidential front-runner.

She leads Biden in key early state and national polls and has outraised him by nearly ten million dollars.

In the latest presidential debate, Biden tried to regain his footing by attacking Warren.

The former Vice President claimed he “got things done” whereas Warren promoted fantasy in place of actual policy.

Warren countered this argument by claiming she pushed the Obama administration to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the wake of the 2008 financial collapse and recession.

Biden tried to take credit for that by claiming, as Vice President, he twisted arms on the floor of the Senate to get the votes.

But Warren coolly cut him down by instead thanking Barack Obama for his leadership on this matter.

Breitbart reports:

The former vice president then raised his voice as he explained how he secured votes in Congress to establish the agency.

“I got votes for that bill. I convinced people to vote for it. So, let’s get those things straight too,” Biden said.

“I am deeply grateful to President Obama, who fought so hard to make sure that agency was passed into law,” Warren replied softly, prompting laughter from both Biden and debate attendees.

“I am deeply grateful to every single person who fought for it and who helped pass it into law, but understand—,” she continued.

One noticeable fact about the CNN/New York Times Democrat Debate was Biden never mentioning Obama’s name.

The biggest moment in the debate where Obama came up was when Warren used Obama’s name to undercut Biden’s attack on her.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Obama and Biden along with the rest of those dumbocrat have shown time and time again that they hate Americans. They know their goose is cooked now. They really thought this would go away. Not! Look at what they have done to President Trump and we the people. Hoax, impeach, collusion, wiretap, spy, lie, cheat, falsely doctor documents, set people up, ruin people’s lives, set a virus out, wrecked economy, lied to judges and court’s, bought judges, now rioters. This cover up was so no one would find out what Obama was really doing by using the government for his own personal use. You see any democrat you see right now is coming unhinged for good reason. Some of them are going to get slapped with treason. I still don’t see how all these anti-Trump people are so blind. The puppet master is yelling all strings. They say they care about the African American communities yet they bail out rioters and burn their businesses. Their is only one person that actually cares about America and her people and that is our President. He doesn’t throw us under the bus.


  3. It won’t come out because the media won’t show it. Most people don’t know Biden bribed the Ukraine to fire the investigator because the media won’t show the clip.
    The democrats control the media. They have a very powerful PR machine.
    Most people are stupid and don’t pay attention or research anything.

  4. You know whey they hated trump .? He toled them. All . You cant buy me . I got lots of money . And his own words gave them the finger . Remember one company wanted to give him. One million dollars . For his campaign . He told them NO I dont want your money . Becouse you would want something in return . HI REMEMBER ME. I donated one million and can you do this for me .

    That’s whey I like trump
    We want him 4 more years . He will drain that swamp .

  5. No trump wont start no war. What I. Am afraid of is . If the Democrats keep going with the fake impeachment. The people will have anof of it . Not trump it’s going to be the American people . Who will start a fight among the crooked hateful Democrats . And yes god forbid . Some of them will get hurt .

  6. Your so wrong . Trump will be in for 4 more years . Do you think pocahontas will best trump ? Or Joe Biden. Hell he is done .
    And Bernie Sanders . He is to far to the left . And if crooked Hillary Clinton wants to run again . WELL lots of luck with that . Do you know who would win if she would run . Condoleezza rice . She was very well respected. She wont run .
    And meshell obama . No she wont even think about it .
    As of right now no one can beat trump .
    Name me one .? Kalama Harris . She is already on the bottom not a one Republican or Democrat can win over trump .

  7. It will never be over as long as a republican is in the white house.
    If Trump wins in 2020 you can bank on the democrats trying to take him down for the next 4 years with more investigations, smearing, and leaking.
    Like the Gieco commercials; when you’re a democrat politician, that’s what you do.

  8. My opinion exactly, Robbie. I can’t believe the supreme court can’t step in and abolish the vicious dems who keep lying and criticizing every noun, verb and adjective coming from our president’s mouth. THEY are the guilty ones who try to accuse him of all the destructive behavior they have been guilty of. I can think of numerous ways to use this wasted money wisely.

  9. You said a mouthful and I agree with you. I can’t wait for this nonsense to stop so our president can concentrate on important things – like America and its citizens.

  10. Robbie, Speaking of the wall, a gentleman named Rick Weber built an exact replica of Trump’s southern border wall. An eight year old girl was able to successfully climb over. One adult was able to climb over in 40 seconds. I’m thinking that illegal aliens with “cantaloupe sized calves” can easily breach our big beautiful wall within one minute. All is needed is an ordinary rope.

  11. Oh, and all the videos showing President being shot, drawings of him laying in a pool of blood at the bottom of an escalator, a broadway play showing the President being stabbed to death at the end like Julius Caesare, The Presidents bloody head being held up by idiot Kathy Griffin, the radical left threatening the Presidents 4 year old Granddaughter, idiot peter fonda wanting to throw the Presidents 11 year old son in a cage with pedofiles !!! This all done by your wonderful Demoncrats!! And you accuse the President of starting a civil war. HOW CAN YOU DEMOCRATS SAY AND DO ALL THE THINGS LISTED ABOVE ???? AND WHY??? AND IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW GOOGLE WAS IN OBAMA’S WHITE HOUSE OFFICE PRACTICALLY EVERY DAY FOR 8 YEARS !!!! YOU DON’T THINK GOOGLE IS BIAS AGAINST PRES. TRUMP. WAKE UP.

  12. Civil wars are a part of every country through out history. Misery and death are part of all wars. This tends to happen when a country is seperated by ideals and moral devide. Fear of something like that is pointless. There is a greater threat in china and/or russia expanding and we are the target. The devide id like to propose is an attempt by the chinas ccp to destablize the us as to expand its influence. Fighting a united states is pointless in futility. Fighting a devided united states would give them the ability to expand having a chance to hold the ground it takes. The civil conflict possibility is not as destructive as the alternitive. California will fall with the west coast in that context with little resistence from the state goverments and almost none from their unarmed people. China controls the democratic party as far as can be objectively seen.

  13. MAYBE? I cant stand it anymore! I dont understand why it hasn’t been done and over with! Just the monies alone, to Iran, is enough! This was planned for a looooong time. You cant round up that kind of cash overnight! What a travesty on America. How the world must be laughing – EXCEPT, for Gods intervention getting Donald Trump for us! I’m hoping there is an investigation going on undercover and that DT is just waiting for the right moment. The FOX!

  14. Purple Man., because they have been gaming the system just like Biden, Kerry..and Trump is upsetting the apple cart. Did you think only Dems are crooked?????

  15. And you are an idiot! He has done a good job taking care of our Country. He’s building the wall to keep drugs, illegal immagrants, human trafficking out!!!

  16. This is a bullcrap lie, but we won’t stand by and let the President of the United States be TRASHED in a “Kangaroo Court” right before the campaign starts again! If the Left keeps it up, there will be hell to pay in 2020!

  17. do you remember on that interview in the Ukraine when Joe Biden was telling
    the Ukrainians they should fire that prosecutor investigating Boraisa where his
    son was hired at 80,ooo or I also heard 180,000 dollars, and good old Joe told
    them he was leaving in 6 hours and by gosh that prosecutor was fired. Now also
    in that statement that seems to be overlooked but is important, Joe Biden
    said “if you don’t believe me then call Obama” This tells me that President Obama
    was using the power of the Presidency and the United States to threaten another
    country to force them or else. THAT IS A THREAT FROM OBAMA THROUGH JOE BIDEN.
    THAT IS THE CRIME THEY ARE CHARGING TRUMP WITH, only Trump never threatened anyone
    but Biden and Obama did. maybe we should investigate Obama and his associates

  18. He is probably a stupid Russian troll that is just trying to stir up desention among us. Like all the libturd idiots, he failed.

  19. Why did Obama bash Hillary in 2008 and then campaign for her in 2016?
    It’s called “politics” dude.

  20. On Twitter, President Trump is inciting a civil war if he does not get what he wants.

    People around the country are echoing Trumps civil war threats and wanting to know where they can sign up.

    They are willing to start this war for him.

    If another civil war happens in the United States then millions of civilians will be killed.
    Including children. That scares me.


    Go to GOOGLE and type in words like  CIVIL WAR, PRESIDENT TRUMP, TWITTER.

    There is a lot of information on Trumps Civil War Threats here,

  21. In 2016 When Trump was campaigning for the  presidential primaries, Republican Lawmakers were on every news show furiously ridiculing Trump and calling him out for his crimes, dishonesty and his sexist and racist activities that he showed in his past. 
    Then right after Trump became the Republican nominee for president, these same Republican Lawmakers immediately switched from ridiculing him to complete PRAISE.

    It was then that Republican Lawmakers announced that Trump was the most perfect man for the job of president.

    Why did Congressional Republicans Hate Trump so much and called him out for being a Racist a Sexist a Criminal and a Pathological Liar before he became the Republican nominee.??


  22. It sounds like you’ve been holding your breath for too long already because your post makes no sense. Who or what are you talking about?

  23. And you’re a troll because you put the same insipid drive-by posts on every website.
    You’re like the RedMan only less entertaining.

  24. These people are ludicrous and still appealing to the 12 yr old mentality – God bless our president and God bless America

  25. Who’s looking for Obama’s endorsement? October 2008 the liar media posted fake polling results and we collapsed. Some people say no and if that’s the case and it wasn’t because Americans or stockholders thought he was really the front runner, then how did the market experience record highs in one week starting the day after President Trumps election? The trashy libs have been working since that day to turn America against our legitimately elected President to no success.

  26. “Sleepy, Creepy, Sloppy, Ole” Joe Biden and “Liawatha Speak With Fork Tongue Lizzie” Warren need to ooze back into the toxic waste cesspool they oozed out of, no rational person cares what either thinks.

  27. sorry joe , but for the 8 years of you and the kenyan freak the economy was flatter then a tire with a hundred nails in it , your luck that biker didn’t kick your a$$ for feeling up his women

  28. They are so despaarate to find one thing that Obama accomplished. Lets talk about what the democrat party has done since 2016. And, resistance and roadblocking along with all your criminal activities doesn’t count. I won’t hold my breath.

  29. This was not a debate between candidates this was a rally against our President and a side-show circus !!!!

  30. I so agree, I am disgusted with the same old, same old rhetoric that the dems spout. What are they doing for the people, no mention of the working classes. The people who pay for the system to operate. They are so deluded , sly and think that stupidity is our middle name.
    God and Trump save us all.

  31. These stories and comments are comical. You all live in a fantasy world. The trump cult of knuckle draggers ????????????


  33. Anybody “waste” their time listening to this drivell, none of themhave a clue about “business” and business is what the President does and you can easily see that in what he has done over the last almost 3 years. What at all have the Democrats done since Trump was elected, “NOTHING”! PASS USMCA NOW you idiots!

  34. I think that Joe is trying to raise money, so he can walk away with a bundle. He knows he has no chance to get the nomination and even less of a chance to sit in the White House.

  35. I believe that all of the potential candidates are a big joke. None of them are really interested in helping the citizens of this great country. They seem to all want to give all “benefits” to the population, that will costs money. None of them are willing to say where all of the money will come from that will allow Americans have all of the “benefits”they are trying to promote. I believe that all/most of them are just sating anything that will get them elected. Once they get into office, things they are promising will just seem to disappear. What’s new?

  36. If Joe was truly qualified, his buddy Barry would have endorsed him at the beginning.
    Warren is living in fantasyland if she thinks America will allow such a massive tax increase and severe gutting of the second amendment.

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