One truth about the whistleblower’s past just proved Donald Trump’s innocence

Americans are starting to learn more about the CIA spy that filed a “whistleblower” complaint against Donald Trump.

And the emerging picture blows a hole in the Democrats’ attempted coup.

That’s because one truth about the whistleblower’s past just proved Donald Trump’s innocence.

Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson reported that the whistleblower had an “indicia” of political bias.

The Fake News Media downplayed that fact by claiming it only meant the so-called “whistleblower” was merely a registered Democrat.

That — of course — was a lie.

There was much more to this story.

And Atkinson told Congress in a closed-door briefing that the whistleblower had a professional working relationship with a prominent Democrat who may be one of Donald Trump’s 2020 rivals.

Fox News reports:

Sources further have told Fox News that Atkinson revealed the whistleblower volunteered he or she was a registered Democrat and had a prior working relationship with a prominent Democratic politician. Attorneys for the whistleblower at the firm Compass Rose did not respond to requests for comment on this work history or on the lack of disclosure about the contact with Schiff’s office.

The whistleblower colluding with Adam Schiff makes more sense in light of these new revelations.

The so-called “whistleblower” is nothing more than a partisan operative working on behalf of Trump’s 2020 rivals to bring down the President’s reelection campaign.

This was a fraud from the get go.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. No, it is subpoenas that are issued only by Democrat Representatives.
    Take a vote in the House so that everyone has the right to subpoena, otherwise there is no due process.

  2. Your idiot MJ,why don’t you put your name? if you are a man or a woman. About the impeached you are talking about to President Trump that he is guilt. Show me any kind of guilt he has done by President Trump. As far us I know he make America great again, American first, cutting taxes, secure the border soon no more illegal aliens crimes. The illegal aliens killing cops,druglords, raping American women. Or maybe you are one of the few democrats have benefits in corruption.

  3. No ones breaking the law. The pictures you saw of cages were from Obama days.
    Learn the law. This is going to the court’s now because of declined sup.
    Exactly where we want it! Think man!!

  4. The subpoenas that are being ignored were issued by the various Democratic committees pushing the impeachment (or rather, a coup, to overturn a valid election and the will of the people). Congress has limited ability to actually enforce the subpoenas they’ve issued.

  5. Amen to that Terry Beni! I am definitely SO sick of the Dems right now, and frustrated with the majority of GOP for not fighting back to protect our President! Thank God for the few who are, like Jim Jordan, Doug Collins, Mark Meadows, Devin Nunes, Matt Gaetz, and several others not afraid of the Deep State Globalist Dems!

  6. I call it global warming because that’s what it used to be called until whitey found out the earth ain’t heating up. I’m not falling for whitey’s catchall phrase “climate change”. I was born at night, but not last night hahahahahahahaha

  7. Michael P.
    Do you have any idea how many court ordered subpoenas have been ignored by the Dems in the past 5 years? Mostly all related to investigations about Clinton? She obviously thinks SHE is above the law! Look it up, over & over again! The Dems are trying to pull a fast one by not following usual impeachment proceedings! Schiff says the American people have a right to know what’s going on, but continues to have all interviews behind closed doors, with no media coverage. That makes me think he has much to hide, since he obviously does NOT want the people to know what’s happening! Schiff is a corrupt low-life con-artist & liar who doesn’t care anything about the truth, only to get Pres. Trump out of office! Pres. Trump has already promised to provide all the info being requested once the House calls for a vote which would provide him the right to due process, the right to face an accuser, & to defend himself from all the LIES the Dems & Schiff keep communicating to the media as FACTS, none of which are true! IMO, Schiff seems very afraid of something right now, and doesn’t want info to come out about his own nasty crimes! The way Schiff is conducting things now should be illegal, and since he made himself a “fact witness” by interviewing the so-called whistle blower privately before reporting it, he shouldn’t even be in charge of this investigation! All sorts of illegal activities by the Democrats!

  8. I’m not an indian you twit. I just drink a lot of firewater so may face is always red.
    What an idiot you are HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. Redman is related to Elizabeth Warren – calling himself “Red”, when he is not Native American.
    The Indians were meaner to black slaves than white owners and there have always been slaves in most societies. Indians even raided other tribes and took their women as slaves. Brown people can’t admit these facts.

  10. Actually, Native Americans owned black slaves. Go to YouTube and see the videos about blacks finding out their ancestors were owned by Native Americans, NOT white people.
    And if you do further research, learn how the Muslims have been involved forever in the taking of slaves all over the world.

  11. Republicans are not promoting global warming and that term isn’t even used anymore – it is now called Climate Change. Catch up!
    You’re criticizing the WHITE and Hispanic and Muslims who are DEMOCRATS.
    The Republicans don’t push those ideas.

  12. What color of red are you? Probably NOT an American Indian because they have asked the federal government to protect their reservations along the border. From other brownish red people.

  13. Oh, I worked for the government (welfare) and have lots of experience working with our poor. They are essentially conning us – way too many could work but try to live comfortable on 5 or more programs. It’s a CON GAME.

  14. Steve and Michael it seems to me that it’s not the government or any president’s job to raise people’s kids. It doesn’t take a village, it takes parents. Also children being raised by nonparents should be guided to grow up to be good people. And I’ll add that when God and discipline was removed from the schools is when the problems began to take hold. Love and discipline goes hard in hand. I haven’t seen any evidence that Trump has anything to do with wayward kids. He gets blamed for everything when in reality, liberalism is the main cause of many of America’s problems.

  15. first place fox new,s are anything but conservative-that,s why i don,t watch them-it show,s me you have no idea of what you are talking about??

  16. Maybe not yet but all of this stuff will be put into school history books.
    Children who are not brought up with good morals will be the ones who will be misguided and think that if the President can break laws then they can too.

  17. The Democrats offer the blacks continued life on the plantation waiting for the next handout or a life of gangs and crime as long as it can last. Under Trump they can join in the work force with the rest of us and be respectable citizens. Many blacks have left the Demo plantation and created even brilliant careers by sheer determination and will power all by themselves much to their credit. Elmer Werth

  18. president trump…continue being our president and to hell with the rest of them!!!! this comment never said before…are you afraid to print it?

  19. Michael, are you trying to tell Dan that Trump is guiding teenagers to commit crimes? What teenagers do you think are taking cues from Trump?
    I’m not aware of any teenagers involved in white collar crimes so could you fill us all in please?

  20. I know that there are corrupted Democrats but there are good Democrats too.
    I also know that there are corrupted Republicans but there are also good Republicans.
    What should we do about that?

  21. Mannie, there are more than 100 pieces of legislation passed by House democrats that are sitting on McConnell’s desk because he refuses to do his job. One of those pieces of legislation addresses foreign interference in our elections. Talk about not doing the job, why is this administration so open to foreign interference? Just like this absurd decision to give Turkey the go ahead to slaughter our allies… it’s all about money for both Trump and McConnell.

  22. Maybe the republicans are just as corrupt as the democrats and they wanted their own establishment candidate in office like Hillary was for the democrats.
    Just a thought.

  23. Are you talking about black teenagers Michael?
    Are you talking about inner city teenagers shooting each other in Chicago?
    Are those the teenagers you’re referring to that are taking Trump’s lead?
    What a buffoon you are!

    You just keep thinking that when crime is on the rise by teenagers who have been misguided by Trump’s actions to break subpoena laws.

  25. Who’s children are breaking the law? Your children?
    What children would be taking pointers from the POTUS?
    Do you put any thought into what you post on here?
    Just wondering.

  26. To AL
    Maybe so, but our children are thinking that it is okay to BREAK THE LAW
    Because President Trump is breaking United States laws by ignoring court ordered SUBPOENAS.

  27. ANN,
    It is good to know that Trump respects Obama so much that he is continuing to follow Obama’s actions by separating children at the border.

  28. Yeah, I know; but nowhere near as disgusting as our president. I might add a modicum of admiration toward the man since he too has his head imbedded so deeply in his own fat anus and yet seems to find a way every day to fed us some of the stuff that surrounds his head and clings to his awful orange hair implants.

    When Trump was campaigning for the  presidential primaries, Republicans furiously ridiculed him, and they called him out for his crimes and dishonesty, and his sexist and racist activities that he showed in his past.    
                                          Then right after Trump became the Republican nominee for president, the Republicans  immediately switched from ridiculing him to complete PRAISE.      

  30. I’m sorry but it is illegal to put children in criminal detention.
    If people don’t want to be separated from their children then they shouldn’t come here and try to enter our country illegally.

  31. your an idiot the LAW is they are Illegal and entering Illegal example if I rammed your head with a bat I would be separated from my children …. and put in jail DUH SEPERATED DID SOMETHING ILLEGAL get it

  32. President Trump and his congressional supporters are ignoring court ordered subpoenas ordering them to stop separating children from their parents at the border.
    By doing so they are saying to the American people that it is okay to break the laws of the United States.

    I do not want my children to grow up thinking that if the president can break laws then so can they.
    Now Trump is threatening to ignore more  SUBPOENAS if they are issued.

  33. Here is a suggestion that will shed some daylight on just how deeply you and the entirety for Trump’s supporters have fallen prey to the propaganda machines at FoxNews, these right wing websites, and Trumps daily rants on Twitter:

    Grab yourself by your shoulders and begin the effort to pull your head out of your anus. It will be difficult I know because it’s been up there so long and your sphincter is compressed so tightly to keep out any trace of daylight that your will have to pull with all of your might to finally extract your noggin and see the light. Of course there will be much fecal matter that will come out at the same time and must be flushed down the toilet to join all the other excrement that Trump has fed into your brains. Trust me on this: once you’ve completed the extraction you will rejoice at all the avenues now open to you to see the world outside of the dark one Trump has created while your head was stuffed up in that awful foul smelling place.

  34. If you look up the word dumb in the dictionary, it is synonymous with Democrats. Not all of them are that dense. It seems as though, those in the party who have any sense is trying to convince the President haters that all they are accomplishing is a guarantee that Democrats will never win any elections — At the National level and in the states. Remember there are a lot of seats in densely populated Republican areas who have long memories and see the handwriting on the wall. What a bunch of sore losers, get over it, your gal lost the election and unless you want to lose more seats in the government you had better “cut bait” while you all still can. The President is very popular because he is doing an excellent job for we the people. All you Dems are doing is blowing smoke, something you are very good at because you don’t have a clue what our country really needs. Pick up your Hilary signs and go home, we are sick of you!

  35. These LEFTist _Missing -Brainmatter …ARE Too dense TO Figure Out that”The more they Run their Ignorant Mouths..The Further Down in that hole they BURY themselves ! All Of us “”FOR our President” Has to do..Is sit back AND Chuckle at pure Stupidity…AND KNOW we do have THE Winning Number..come Polling DAY ! President Trump..2020 !!
    I don`t think it is Something that can be SAID TOO MUCH !!

  36. I don’t do that Tinker Bell. Maybe you do cause you mentioned it?
    They call it projecting HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  37. I wonder if they ask these same people why they want Trump impeached?
    I wonder what their reason would be? Certainly not Russian collusion. That was a flop.
    Maybe because they just don’t like Trump and thought Hillary was supposed to win because that’s what all your polls said. Just at thought.

  38. The Chicken Little Democrats are constantly screaming that the sky is falling! Their nightmare will come November 3, 2020 when they are swept from officr!

  39. These LEFTist _Missing -Brainmatter …ARE Too dense TO Figure Out that”The more they Run their Ignorant Mouths..The Further Down in that hole they BURY themselves ! All Of us “”FOR our President” Has to do..Is sit back AND Chuckle at pure Stupidity…AND KNOW we do have THE Winning Number..come Polling DAY ! President Trump..2020 !!

  40. Pastor I agree with you,Nancy and her gang have no respect for the constitution. They have made a mockery ofit.Our founding fathers would have tears in their eyes.God bless our president.

  41. And the racist white-folks in Washington are still mistreating black-folks.
    Tellin them they better vote for whitey or else they ain’t gettin any FREE handouts.
    Tellin them they better vote for whitey or they’s gonna die from global warming.
    Supportin abortion so black babies can get killed before they grow up to rob liquor stores and gas stations.
    Tellin us voter ID disenfranchise blacks because they’s too stupid to have IDs.
    Used to be whitey made blacks pick cotton, but now whitey keeps blacks in poverty.

  42. I agree, Pastor! A very sorry excuse for NOT doing their real job…passing meaningful legislation to benefit the American people. Sadly, they are instead proving that they couldn’t care less about the citizens of this country…Just that they didn’t get their way in 2016…Waaahhh!

  43. Redman has very biased opinion on the mistreatment of black in this country, of course I being quite old and having been raised with/by a very elderly black woman,who at a very young age was freed from slavery, when she overheard my siblings and I discussing how the slaves were treated gave us a whole different picture. Miss Nell explained to us that some slaves were mistreated but usually not the blacks, the king
    of England had declared that the life of an Irishman was worth less than the price of a dog, this made the Irish slaves worth very I little whereas the black slaves were quite valuable; now who is going to mistreat property of value when they have property of value? According to Miss Nell the Irish slaves were usually the ones mistreated, the blacks usually as a form of punishment for disobedience or running away.

  44. Guilty of what? Really tell me what you believe he is guilty of?

    He uncovered the fact the obama and Biden threatened aforievn government to make that Gov er moment stop in estimating bidens son. So since your so law and order oriented should those two go to prison?

    Let’s hear your response big shot.

  45. There will be no impeachment… ever. It will go on and on as in inquiry wherein Trump cannot have any rights since it is not an impeachment merely an inquiry. Nancy has no intention of allowing Trump a possible defense. She has read the Mueller report and knows there is no evidence convicting Trump. This is a trial by media.

    Nancy is playing the mob and inciting them to violence. Of course none of it will be Nancy’s fault. It will Trump’s fault for not surrendering.

  46. democratic party can’t lie anymore for fear people will research
    and get the scoop on it very quickly.
    They are obviously broken up severely with a pain mode with no
    destiny remaining.

  47. Crazy stuff…what is this a game show? Dems need to do their job and voters need to start calling their sens and reps to complain about the waste of taxpayers money.

  48. Absolutely. Obama wants it both ways. Financial aid as a foreign student and run for president as an American citizen. Fake, corrupt media never bothered to pursue this travesty.

  49. Schiff is a hack for George Soros as well as Soros’ in-law and a recipient of Soros’ funds. How crooked Pelosi could put him on this committee to impeach our president is further proof of her attachment to Soros. Totally agree with Eric Trump about Obama being missing in the Ukraine/Biden matter. During the infamous Biden/Ukraine interview where Biden threatened to withhold US taxpayer funds unless Ukraine fired the prosecutor investigating Biden’s corrupt son, Biden was told by someone that he is not the president and Biden said to call him, thus showing Obama was fully aware all along. This entire attempt by Dems to push for impeachment is a travesty and must be stopped for the sake of we the people. Even the thought of two-time loser Hillary running again I outrageous. Guess the Clinton Foundation needs a boost because of what it’s lost since she lost.

  50. Redman we all are sitting here at my house laughing at you.
    We are sure you are not mentally stable enough to except any logical thinking, especially the political system that has brought you here.
    I will remember you as a very entertaining nitwit with no backing at all. I think you are way to young to understand prosperity.

  51. Evelyn you’re right. They are a bunch of morons and liars. They are the Americans communist party. We had better take a stand now or we will lose our country and way of life. And by that, I mean losing most of our freedoms.

  52. The DemoRATS have proven themselves to be such liars, who would believe or trust anything they say now? They are all HYPROCRITES…

  53. redman Miss on you pister, you ain’t so mucking fuch you and your whole famn damily can go buck a fuffalo in your own yack bard. you commies will get our second ammendment, and I hope you are one of the first.

  54. President is the BEST president we have had. He fights back. Let the demo loosers bring it on! Like donkey Kong. Difference is the Republicans need to stand up and fight back! The Demo Thugs should be held to some kind of standard. They need to go to Jail and have their lives ruined. Thay way they wont be so quick to try to act foolish We need Consequences

  55. He is innocent. Dummycraps thieves are getting loose stool awaiting their indictments. They have a lot to worry about. Their solution is to rig 2020 election and get rid of any competition by any illegal means necessary

  56. Convict on what charge? Do you not see how partisan this is? You don’t actually believe this do you? If you do I bet you believe all of the plots in the soap operas you watch.

  57. What happened to the Constitution protection that the accused be able to face their accuser?? He’s hidden, unidentified and now the Democrats are talking about testimony before Congress behind a curtain with voice disguise. Doesn’t should like facing your accuser to me. and Trump is not the Clintons = people testifying don’t commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head 3 times.

  58. If the dems were on the up and up they would allow a full vote. The common thread here is,akways Schiff who couldn’t get passed the Mueller report.Remember all the evidence he had. The dems are afraid of the Horowitz report. They say they are all about the Constitution, but their closed door hearings and lack of enabling due process tells otherwise.

  59. I do not care how ugly the person is, how bad he or she is; but he or she is telling the truth I always back up that person. I hate telling lies. Give the person credit regardless how ugly she or he is. Be honest.

  60. Guilty of what? This is an attempted coup by the Democrats to void the 2016 duly elected President. What a travesty and enormous waste of time and money. The Democratic Party refuses to govern.

  61. Before you make a decision ask yourself which crime Obama should be prosecuted for doing. What you don’t know try this…while in school he applied for and received aid as a foreign exchange student. OK but then he ran for Prsident and furnished a paper claiming he was a natural born citizen. So which one is the charges going to use? Oh thats right Democrats cannopt do any wrong. Wake up and read both sides of the news.

  62. If he is guilty he needs to be impeached and convicted and removed from office. I could tolerate a President Pence than tRUMP he is about as ignorant at least Pence is disciplined none of this stuff like DOTARD does.

  63. Well if the polls are close 51% of Americans now want tRUMP impeached and removed from office only 40% are against it. Should be interesting. The only problem is Republithugs in the senate will not convict they are too spineless.

  64. This guy lives in another world, perhaps Mars. He doesn’t think like an Earth human, so what the hell is he. Oh, a rabblerouser. That explains it completely.

  65. Redman, It’s the democrats that are doing the mass shootings, the democrats that want to take all of our rights away. Read real history and you will see it’s been that way since Columbus.

  66. In the last elections I saw in the news in TV when the reporter interview a black lady. She stated that she will vote for Obama because she got a cell phone from him. Who is giving free handouts for his vote?

  67. Hey person with the unpronounceable handle, I ain’t no Indian.
    I just drink a lot of firewater ahahahahahahahahahahaha

  68. Right back at you, there are more racist black people than white people and the wetbacks and others are just as bad and you must be one of those Indians that still think we owe you something. NOT.

  69. Al, I have to agree the best medicine for redman and the other commie dimwits is to just laugh at how stupid they have become, we know we have the best president in Trump and they just do not like it, too bad if they do not like it here they can allways leave we are going to get oput coutry back to what it was a great country.

  70. Hey Al, I might be ignorant of some stuff but I know there’s racist white folk in our government that use black people for their votes.

  71. You present yourself as a very ignorant POS DemonRAT. Typical of your TDS gang of fools, Mass Shooters, Liars and child predators. Keep it up, laughter is the BEST Medicine, China Joe….

  72. And it be the racist white folk in government that keep the blacks in poverty tellin them they too stupid to make it alone so they better vote for whitey or he not gonna give them anymore free handouts, and they won’t get no reparations neither

  73. trump, and the trump-butt-bumps dat post on here are some of THE worst TERRORIST in the WORLD. Bar-none. Jes watch how dem greasy headed trump brats get ta whining about what I’ve posted about em. Nothing but the truth. hahahahahahahahhahahaha

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