One witness put the final nail in the coffin of the accusations against Kavanaugh

Democrats’ scheme to use the #MeToo movement to smear Brett Kavanaugh is collapsing.

The accuser’s story is taking on water.

And one witness stepped up to drive the final nail in the coffin of this outrageous lie.

One of the students Christine Ford claimed was at the party where Kavanaugh supposedly attacked her has come forward.

He denies knowing anything about the party or even being there.

The Daily Caller reports:

A third high school student Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford claimed attended a party more than 35 years ago where the future Judge Kavanaugh attacked her denied any memory of the alleged incident in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, CNN reported Tuesday.

CNN obtained a letter from Patrick J. Smyth, a Georgetown Prep alum who graduated in Kavanaugh’s class, to Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). The letter was penned after Ford apparently identified Smyth as “PJ” – another teenager who was one of around five people at a drunken gathering in a Montgomery County, Maryland, home in or around 1982.

“I understand that I have been identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as the person she remembers as ‘PJ’ who supposedly was present at the party she described in her statements to the Washington Post,” the letter, penned by Smyth’s attorney, Eric Bruce, reads.

“I am issuing this statement today to make it clear to all involved that I have no knowledge of the party in question; nor do I have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh.”

Smyth remains Kavanaugh’s friend and had already written to the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of his nomination to the Supreme Court, calling him “singularly qualified to be an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court” in a letter co-authored by Georgetown Prep classmates of Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh also strongly denied being at this party.

Mark Judge – the other student Ford claimed was in the room with Kavanaugh – also denied being there or that this attack took place.

Critics immediately questioned Ford’s story as nonsense.

As more witnesses come forward, it is clear this is a Democrat engineered smear campaign.


  1. They did, finally. There Vas to be some soft of communication between Ford and Finestein to set this up.

  2. And times to reimburse the government for wasted time, staff use, etc.
    I Think Kavaneogh should she hot for defamation. He Vas milione of witnesses

  3. We know next to nothing about this woman. Her statements were inconsistent in regard to excuses she and her lawyers gave in regard to her fear of flying, claustraphobia, not knowing much about polygraphs all of which people who knew her who signed statements under penalty of perjury, stated as untrue. Since she had no problem eviserating a man and his family and now is anxious to put all this behind her its absolutely necessary she be investigated and if she lied should be charged with Perjury with jail time.

  4. I agree, stop this nonsense. It smells like CPS threatening the childrens future to get more $ then when they get it they spend it on themselves. Disgraceful !

  5. Jerry, her go fund me was at over $1,000,000 yesterday, unsure if for 1 or 2 accts. Read she has 2 gfm, and another 15 accounts for donations. Sad for people to give wrongly.

  6. Dan, there are more Bill rapes than have hit the headlines. Read that is why he did not finish his course of study in England, where he was hiding out from the draft board. Protested in ark., in college -rec look up, in England and Russia.

  7. Ford’s dad had a bank near capitol used to laundry money, so I read. He also was CIA, I am guessing bank was a cover. So, why was their house in arrears! Poor money management? Does not add up, for me.

  8. I think is in her yr BK, she admitted she was an alcoholic at age 15 and extremely promiscuous. She said she regretted sex with over 54 in HS and college. # vararies from 54 to 64 to 70, depending on where reading.

  9. The Democrat Party is a left wing hate group populated with anti-Christian bigots! They are unfit to serve. They should be brought up on charges!

  10. The Democrats now want an FBI Ivestigation which will turn up nothing so they csn cover they’re asses with the me too movement and such by saying the FBI found nothing now but they have still wasted time on this hearing. The FBI have said already there is nothing to investigate on they’re part.

  11. I am upset with the gutless repubicans who keep giving in to her obvious stall tactics. PUT AN END TO THIS

  12. You are right, Roger. It is really sad that charges cannot be brought against the whole lying bunch. Vote out the Demo’s who are spreading these lies.

  13. Wow, Diane, I think Dr. Ford will see you now! Her office is now taking patients! When you’re done with your appointment, please leave via the gift shop!

  14. I love it Nancy…hahaha.
    Sorry Nancy…..Diane needs to go back to English class so she can learn how to spell and be able to correct others. She is a typical liberal accusing others of what she is guilty of.

  15. I love it Nancy…hahaha.
    Diane needs to go back to English class so she can learn how to spell and be able to correct others.

  16. I love it Nancy…hahaha.
    Nancy needs to go back to English class so she can learn how to spell and be able to correct others.

  17. diane needs to step down as many others do they do not have the wellfare of the goverment or the american peoplein mind they just want to run everones lives and steal from the tax payers. they are the scum of the earth my personal thoughts

  18. Dianne did you attend the so called party the argument goes both ways. I am a victim of sexual abuse I was 11 and I began seeking help immediately after the Campus Police accused me of lying it took ten years to come to terms with the feeling I blamed myself rather then the Psychologist Pedophile Professor. It took eight years before this man was brought to justice and 10 more known victims. The Campus Police, nor the Administration never apologized to this day and that has been 48 years. The Accusor did not remember important details I remember every moment with searing details.

  19. I still say what was a 15 year old doing in a house if that is where it was since she can’t remember with four men or teens dressed in a swim suit and supposed to be drunk. What was she looking for if it wasn’t a roll in the hay with who ever she could find.


  21. Dan – You’ve got to be the dumbest motherf**ker on this asinine website. No wonder you’re a Trump supporter. You’re grammar is as good as Trumps…….” Why wasn’t them women believed”? OMG, your such a moron.

  22. Carlos: Rape, drugs, pedophillia, etc. are demonrats PERKS! They’re ALL into that c–p and cover each other’s a– so they can continue their SICKO lifestyle! I probably won’t get published either as many of my comments aren’t, but I’m NOT going to stop!!!

  23. Oh yes, of course Ford wants an FBI investigation. FBI chiefs protected HRC and we have PROOF that agents were out to pin case of Russian collusion on the Pres. FBI bigwigs are on her side. Swamp WILL be drained.

  24. Tonja, woman calling out a classic example of a despicable radical deranged leftist, who happens to be a woman. Christine Ford brings shame on all decent women.

  25. Great point Van. You are absolutely correct that this defamation of character, against someone from the opposite party
    running for office, has got to stop. It has become the Dems SOP.

  26. Agree Kara! She deserves a slander/libel case filed against her. Dems are so deranged that they seem unaware that the hole they are digging is about to swallow them.

  27. One fact you seem to completely ignore in your typical democommie, desperate racist, racist, racist diatribe is the same bovine excrement that happened with Anita Hill and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Both of whom were black. Your demofool argument holds as much water as a colander shot with buckshot.

    Stop using your race card every time the facts don’t go your way. It has been so abused by you and your party, it is becoming meaningless.

  28. Diana: The Trump Haters Club (Georg Soros, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Tom Steyer, Bob Corker, Michael Rubens Bloomberg, Dianne Goldman Feinstein, Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, Robert Mueller, Peter Strzok, Rod Rosenstein, etc are all of ethnic Jewish origin, hardly a “Muslim One World Order”, is it?

  29. She deserves a case against her for all the expense that she has caused this situation to be a parlor games with the odds she was never going to show up. This is a typical Liberals stall game and they will pay big time in voter turn off. They over played their hand this time and Diane Feinstein helped. So where do they go next. They are crooks, liars, with a history of doing everything to bring a fight with the conservatives to the death. They are dancing with the DEVIL, an as God is with us the conservatives, they will fail and then end up with SATAN. We all know that GOOD TRUMPS (no pun intended) or EVIL. We wait but the end for Judge Kavanaugh will be to win a job for the people and Constitution for LIFE.

  30. If judge Kavanaugh is confirmed by the senate and he takes his place on the Supreme Court he will not be able to sue Ms Ford as he will not be able to show any damage.

  31. I can tell you that the attacks will never end. This is about control of the governmental access to the taxpayer’s dollars. This is a game and not about keeping our country free. I do agree with Cull, this hand needs to be slapped and hard. She is not a leader of any movement except her bm’s, uuoops!, her BS, that is.

  32. Because it is perfectly legal for a Congresscritter to lie in Congress. Just think back to the smear campaign of Mitt Romney as proof that the Dems use this tactic when they have nothing.

  33. So when is Bill Clinton going to prison? To be joined by the current DNC co-chair, Keith Ellison? Oh wait, you leftys only believe its true if it is a GOP member that is accused.

  34. But yet now she has a set of demands that have to be met before she will talk to Congress. And DiFi won’t turn over an unredacted copy of Ford’s letter to Grassley. It is either put up or shut up time and maybe what needs done is to issue a subpoena forcing her to come forward. She made the accusation so it is up to her to prove it.
    By the way DNC, when is Keith Ellison going to jail?

  35. One of her lawyers is a Soros paid shill. So it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to see him behind it. When are we going to ship him to Hungary so justice can take place?

  36. Just wondering. Does Judge Kavanaugh have the right to bring a law suit for defamation of character by this obviously bought and paid for 11th hour bomb the Democrats detonated? Actually I read in an earlier article that is was George Soros that “provided the incentive”.

  37. OMG
    Russian interference, made up rape charges at a party that likely Never occurred.

    Russia is in love with hitlery, she wants the USA modelled after Russia. She would kiss Putin’s behind everyday. She was involved in nuclear material being sold to Russia.
    Why, if Russia could, influence even one vote result, mess with hitlery’s poll results and make Trump a winner.
    They can’t and didn’t..
    These frauds and their false accusations, they need to see jail time when you slander anyone this way.

  38. I was molested when I was 11 years old! I am now 80 and can tell you every detail about it! Where it happened, how long it lasted and if I could draw I could draw his face. She was a teenager and can’t remember any of it! So I don’t believe her! This stuff is burned into your brain and you go on but never forget!

  39. Maybe she is lying. She doesn’t recall when it supposedly happened or where it happened. The two people she said was witnesses said it never happened. They even said there was no party. She has refused to be questioned by the senate after saying she would. Now she says she won’t until the FBI investigates it and her lawyer knew the FBI could not do that. I think the people who are being hurt by her accusations is Judge Kavanaugh and his family. If it turns out she is lying, she should be sued by Kavanaugh for everything she has.

  40. Following from
    Bill Codner Sr September 19, 2018 at 9:07 pm
    Professor Ford is a liar, a DemocRAT spokes person who’s parents hate Brett Kavanaugh. Brett’s mother, a judge, presided over the bankruptcy of Professor Ford’s parents when they lost their home on a foreclosure. So there you go, she’s a hateful liberal, with an ax to grind and all this has been drummed up in order to obstruct a good and decent man’s way to the Supreme Court.

  41. It is too bad they can’t file charges against her, her lawyer, and all the Democraps involved. I’d LOVE to see them get jail time.

  42. Interesting, don’t you think? Dr. Ford WANTS an FBI investigation (knowing its a crime to lie to the FBI) and Kavanaugh and Republicans are doing everything NOT to have the FBI look into this. If Kavanaugh is so innocent WHY wouldn’t he want his name and reputation cleared by the same FBI investigation and demanding It be done??? His silence is quite telling.

  43. There you go again. Always talking about sex. So sad for your dry spell Harlow…..but with a name like that, I can see why. Probably can’t get it up anymore. Sad.

  44. I find it hard to believe that the lying liberals cannot find a bunch of lying liberals that they can pay to lie about this and say that they were there and that he really did it.

  45. Bill Clinton raped women. Why wasn’t them women believed? And I noticed the commiecrats hesitated getting rid of al frankin

  46. Since this allegation took place 35+ years ago it would have been found by the same FBI she wants to have look for it. The investigation done before he was admitted as a US District Judge would have covered his background over that period. So, if they did not find it then why do anyone think they could find it now? This Judge was in the news for a long time so where was the woman who cannot recall any details then? Does not pass the smell test.

  47. This is absolutely a Dumbocrats smear to stop Judge Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court Justice !!! Stop this and VOTE Judge Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court Justice !!!

  48. Think about what you are saying. This information was in the hands of one of your party “elite leaders” since at least July. She sat on this and did nothing with it until the last minute and then dumped it out there. She had plenty of time and opportunity to get this out and have it investigated but waited until just before the committee vote. As a long time elected official, she had a moral and legal responsibility to bring this forward immediately, but she failed miserably to do so.

    The accuser allegedly wanted to maintain her privacy and remain anonymous – until the overwhelming media frenzy. Amazingly, she all of a sudden bravely comes forward and is willing to tell all. Looking closely at her recent past antics, she is definitely suspect. Sounds like another Anita Hill type of smear attempt by your party and their supporters.

    Take the time to see the big picture, smell the stench, see the desperate and suspect acts committed here, and then you will see it as the obvious last ditch defamatory act by your despicable party. How much lower can your party get? They are now looking up from beneath the whale excrememt settling upon them.

  49. If this had been true, it would have been settled years ago at the local level.
    She has claimed so many things it is difficult to keep up with an ever changing
    narrative. She and her therapist disagree on some details. Now, even Feinstein, her
    “fairy godmother” is having doubts. Nobody else that was there recalls that the
    “party” even happened at all. Why would the FBI “investigate” when no forensic
    evidence exists? Forget this, cut the bull, and vote!

  50. Eric it’s been 2 yrs since the Russian collusion started and they STILL DON’T HAVE ANY PROOF OF IT. You have been missing in action for over a year. We the tax payers have paid out over $17million for these idiots to turn over rocks and still come up empty, they need to give it up and refund the tax payers their money.

  51. Diana I agree with your advice to get on my knees and pray , for I’m doing it every day for the past two years . Read my many times a day posting .

    Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & vote TRUMP’s type of Republicans everywhere all the time except paul ryan & mitch mcconnell .
    mueller is not only corrupt , evil & traitor , he’s a thief , he’s after the money he’s cashing in & will streach it as long as he can .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller & all the other creepy crooks .

  52. Diane,Brett K has not been accused of rape, neither was Clarence Thomas. He is accused of touching through 2 layers of clothing. There is a huge difference. On Trump and the mafia, I seriously doubt a business person in NYC for 50 years, a builder in NYC for 5 decades could have survived not doing some business with the mafia.You are totally irrational. An uncle of mine was on a construction site where a man started his car up, an explosion blew both legs off. Such groups play rough, dirty, and often, fatally. You are out voted on here. By the way, this does not come under investigations for the FBI to handle. This woman is out for a payday. She has no conscious.

  53. Comrade Eric, you need to get up to speed on the latest information. You are falling shamefully behind and not doing your Russian comrades any good if you aren’t keeping up with what is going on. We are way past the Russian witch hunt and on to other things.

  54. Not only would it hamper false allegations, legitimate claimants would not wait many years to bring to light an issue. Setting a limitation statute would also be highly recommended. If a crime has been committed, press the charges forthwith, while an investigation has a chance of success. False claims must be severely punished, as they can ruin a person and the family. That is holy not acceptable.

  55. Eric, good grief, man! The Russian connection was all done by Democrats, the collusuin was by Democrats, the lies with Chris Steele was paid for by Democrats! The connections with Russions was with BHO, Joe Biden, (got son big position in the Ukraine), Hillary -paid by Russians, Bill Clinton’s overpaid speech, Uranium and the Clintons, and probably BHO. Are you really so out of touch that you know none of this? The Russian prostitute story, I do not believe A word of it. Do you not see this is Democratics at work? And, from Alinskys Rules for Radicals? K, you may find it interesting to look up, The Arkansas Bad Blood Scandal, was in operation during Clinton’s time in Arkansas, Vince Foster knew about, unknown numbers died as a result.

  56. Republicans need to shed the Casper Milquetoast syndrome. They need to get aggressive in their battle against these devil-like Democrats who have no shame and pretend to be goody two shoes. They are the lowest of the low and never have any shame for the damage they do.

  57. Eric, good grief, man! The Russian connection was all done by Democrats, the collusuin was by Democrats, the lies with Chris Steele was paid for by Democrats! The connections with Russions was with BHO, Joe Biden, (got son big position in the Ukraine), Hillary -paid by Russians, Bill Clinton’s overpaid speech, Uranium and the Clintons, and probably BHO. Are you really so out of touch that you know none of this? The Russian prostitute story, I do not believe A word of it. Do you not see this is Democratics at work? And, from Alinskys Rules for Radicals?

  58. Diane, Not sure Ms. Ford was at the party. Can’t remember where it was at or who was there, because the people she said were there have denied this story. So looks like after 35 years the facts are getting a little fuzzy.

  59. Tonja, so you automatically take Ms. Fords word as the truth. Let’s here you come up with some facts. And not quite as fuzzy as Ms Fords recollection.

  60. Tonja, most of the negative garbage is democrat structured. Even the lies that put the illegal, Kenyan born squatter in the WH was all Democrat sponsored and truth covered up!

  61. Conservatives are way to nice for their own good. We’ve let the liberals get away with this crap for quite a few years now. If I was Kavanaugh I would get a lawyer and go after Ms Ford for every penny she’s got. The burden of proof is on her for these libel/ slanderest statements. I’ll help with the go fund me account for his legal fees.

  62. Now you really are stretching it…I can not believe that everything that goes on in the country is all because of Dems. Grow little man and get a clue.

  63. Charles – Oh it’s not “hope”………they will regain the majority….especially if this alleged rapist gets confirmed. The “Me Too” movement as shown that credible allegations often surface many years after the fact, and that sexual assault is a crime no matter the age of those involved. We should respect and listen to survivors, not attack and bully them (something foreign to Trump deplorables). There shouldn’t be a rush to confirm Kavanaugh. Why not let the FBI conduct an independent investigation into these allegations? They need to interview witnesses, review all the evidence, and report their findings to the committee. Dr. Blasted Ford has called for this neutral investigation and the committee should respect her wishes. However, Republicans want to ram this guy through because they are afraid of what MidTerms will bring. They are running scared and it shows.

  64. Not sure of your ramblings but Russia is a non issue that the mud slingers have failed get any to stick to the wall!

  65. Sue – Do you honestly think I care???? That’s hysterical. WHO made you the police for this nutjob website? I can be on ANY website…..this is still America…..unless Trump screws that up, too! Sit on it and spin dear!

  66. Kavanaugh has been accused of attempted rape. Conservatives not wanting to fully investigate it is extremely reminiscent of their general lack of desire to get to the bottom of Russian interference in our election process. If it harms anyone other than rich white males, their attitude seems to be, so what.

  67. The Democratic Party has morphed into a vicious party of Deep State Leftists that will say or do anything to vilify this President at all costs. It is quite apparent a large segment of the mainstream media is aligned with the Liberal Leftist mentality that has corrupted this nation and many of the gullible, who believe anything and everything they spew over their networks. In this matter, before us..Senator Feinstein needs to be brought before the Senate and admonished severely, for her dirty tactics, as others in her party.

  68. When conservatives win the mid term election this fall, they need to pass a special law that would hold people accountable for barring false witness against someone running for office. Just like the Brett Kavanaugh accuser. This woman should have to go to jail for her character assassination against Mr. Kavanaugh. These lying devils should have to do jail time and pay monitary damages for making a false sex crime claim. I believe this is a necessary law that I believe would put a stop to these Democrat devils from pulling a last ditch effort of trying to derail our republic.

  69. Diane WHEN did it turn from assault to rape? OMG just another example of you people changing things to fit your schemes.

  70. You know she may have been at a party drunk or on something and therefore things are “fuzzy” so she decided to fill in some blanks. Nut case. Sounds like the doctor needs a doctor.


  72. After this Demon Rats and George Soros funded stunt getting this female to come forward the #Me Too movement might as well shut down because this stunt has ended ALL credibility to any accusations and women will never be believed again. As a woman I am ashamed of this Mrs. Ford, she has shown no credibility as far as I can see and that she refuses to testify Monday in itself speaks volumes. Even is the Senator who presented the letter says she cannot verify the truth of it and is not sure that it is true. The fact that she has such a faulty memory of it is also telling…

  73. …I wasn’t there either…but I know she’s lying, just as I know feineswine is a long-time ‘crat crook…ALL fascistcrats are liars, deceitful and corrupt…and at this moment in time, the current crop of ‘crats are petrified that if their schemes of obstruction and smearing should fail, and they don’t get to steal back the majority in November, President Trump will unleash an investigation into the most evil, most corrupt, most traitorous regime in the history of the civilized world…the ohbummer error…and all the crimes committed by that drug-addicted, homosexual muslim racist and his enablers will be revealed for all the world to see.

  74. You Diane need to educate yourself instead of thinking you know what you have no idea of! JUST SPEND THE TIME YOU WASTE HATING AND TRY LEARNING THE TRUTH! j

  75. O Diane,Diane Thus far Three of the 4 accused By the lying libturd Ms Loser Ford Have rejected her claims Out Right. Further more another 65 women who interacted With Justce Bret and knew him well through their school years stay the accusation are not the Bret they have k own to be a good decent proper honest person. I’m certain given a few more days persons from ms Lying Fords past will come out with much dirt as to the lowlife Character she is.

  76. The investigation needs to be on the democrats.not the judge. Even if he did do something stupid like this WHICH I FIND HARD TO BELIEVE. His track record the past 25 plus years should speak for his character. Get him confirmed now not after midterms.

  77. 3 to 1, go figure… it’s a demented allegation by someone who SHOULD know better. Let’s kust hope she doesn’t e d up dead when her story does not hold weight. Stranger things have happened, when the Dems & HRC Lise. Can you say “Seth Rich”. How about the whitewater deaths & the Clinton pal who supposedly committed suicide – some believe he did suicide because he was so distraught over covering for the evil HRC & Slick Willy. One things for sure, the Clinton Cartel has zero shame and could care less about those they kill or cause to commit suicide!


  79. My question. DNC or Soros or this dem. att. She has. Sure is fishy.

    Get him confirmed now. Do not wait for these bozos to bring up more garbage.

  80. …”Russian Mafia…going back 3 decades…” you really are a mentally ill, indoctrinated, brainwashed little (or perhaps BIG) fascistcrat slave aren’t you…

  81. She’s a Demorat! They operate by their own rules, not the rules for everyone else! America, like any banana republic, has a two tier system of justice.

  82. Diane why don’t you go over to a liberal site and help them out with your wisdom and advice. Nobody here cares about it or needs it. Nothing like a flapping mouth that says nothing of importance.

  83. …only indoctrinated, brainwashed, ignorant anti-American idiots believe what google spews up about President Trump…

  84. Diane, YOU weren’t there either! What is evident is the double standard you leftist scum balls adhere to. I won’t bother listing the accusations against Demorats starting with Bill Clinton right up through Keith Ellis that have been dismissed out of hand by you jackasses. Truth and what is right isn’t something you people have any understanding of! So take your fake indignation and stuff it!

  85. Diane, sure hope you are not that empty headed….Being that Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer is a SOROS puppet……She worked in his office prior to the witch hunt…

  86. Lawyer for that Christine Blasey Ford is a SOROS paid lawyer….She worked in his office prior to that witch hunt………Now he is sitting in the court room to make sure his money is buying a good witch hunt……..

    They want to make sure they drag it out till later in November as they think the DEMS are going to win Senate Seats and therefore stop Kavanaugh from being a judge….Of course we know that DEMS/RINOS/SOROS are nothing more than EMPTY HEADED IDIOTS just like the liberals.

  87. I don’t recall that he’s been accused of rape. There you go again, making it up until you believe it. Well, I don’t believe it. This man has a stellar reputation, and the democrats have stooped so low to try to ruin him. I hope every one of them loses the election the next time they run. They are all liars, and have him guilty before there’s even any evidence to prove it. This is just another stalling tactic, because the democrats don’t know how to handle a loss of the presidential election. If they cared at all about the middle class they might be doing better than they are. But then again, they will never be trusted again.

  88. Dan Tyree
    It didn’t take long did it? I get a kick out of the trolls. They get so excited when the President does or says anything. Sorry trolls, but he won in 2016 and will again in 2020. Whether you like it or not. MAGA is here to stay.

  89. Apparently trying to respond to Diane is like trying to teach a pig to sing, it is beyond the pigs comprehension and therefore a waste of your time!

  90. Diane, this Ford accusation, is just a Democrat tactic, to try to withhold the confirmation, until the mid-term elections, when the Democrats hope to regain a majority. Let’s suppose something did happen, now, how many teenagers do you know, that have not clowned around, or, did something they later regretted, but learned from it, and became a better person for it? With nothing else to support Ford’s claim, in the 35 years since, I call BS on this.

  91. From what I hear, they hand out Soros’ money by the bagful. She will not need to earn a living ever again. Although I am sure the payout would have been larger if they had been able to stop the nomination completely.

  92. Ed – How do you brainwash yourself? Do you realize how stupid that statement is? Probably not. What do you want proved? Google “Trump and the Russian Mafia” if that’s what your problem is.

  93. This is “a tried and true method” by the Democrats to smear people who stand in their way. Our Republican senators need to quit “caving” to demands made by them. It is extremely unnerving to hear the lawyer for Christine Ford repeat the wording made by the heinous Chuck Schumer about getting another FBI investigation prior to her testimony. Everything I have researched about this “Professor” makes evident that she is a liberal activist and not above doing this to assist the dems while getting her revenge.

  94. Christine Blasey Ford … should not be the clinical psychologist. Honestly, I think she should be one of the clinical psychological patients.

    Probably like the crazy woman from Fatal Attraction movie. ????

    Feinstein is dirty, very dirty. No respect for her at all. Even Bill Maher lamented that the libs have reached to a new low.

    Cory Booker blinked his eyes wide opened, “ I’m having the Spartacus moment”. Baawahahaha!


  95. She told her therapist that there were four – then she said there were only two but yet she named three. She also wanted to testify before the panel – when given that opportunity she declined to testify under oath and now says she will not testify until a complete an thorough investigate is done by the FBI. The FBI had already declined to open an investigation due to the years gone by and her flimsy hearsay evidence. Ms. Ford waited 35 years yo bring these accusations – we should NOT be expected to wait another 35 years for her to testify. It is becoming increasingly apparent that this has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with stalling Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment. Their attempt to stall has failed and it apparent to ALL just how desperate these left wing loons have become – they will stoop to the lowest depths to try and have it their way – maybe they should try Burger King. The rest of us need to move on – enough with the theatrics -buffoonery – and pure nonsense. If the Democrats cannot bring themselves to conduct themselves as professional adults – move on without them. No more temper tantrums will be given any credence.

  96. Your are so right. These Democrats are so far off base. They want what they want when they want it. They do not want Trump to succeed, they want Kavanaugh to be taken out, not because he has ever done anything wrong, but to show Trump that they are the Party that needs to be uplifted in America. Your so right Senator Feinstein is as corrupted as they come. She is probably the one who made up the letter and now claims it was sent by this scheming Democrat of a Lawyer. Your right we are happy with what the Democrats are doing. They are digging a hole and pretty soon it will be deep enough that its going to collapse and bury them all. Their lies are ridiculous and there isn’t a True American Taxpayer Live that is going to fall for this bunch of BS. They must think that the American Taxpayer is so damn dumb that we are going to allow them to take away the good things that Trump has done. It won’t happen. We need that Wall built and we need the Illegals that are here in the USA gone, self deported or become a member of the US. You can’t have it both ways. Your sneaking in to the USA as Criminals and as Deadbeats from South America and from Mexico has got to stop. I for one am going to refuse to allow Congress to keep sending Billions of Dollars to these Foreign Countries. If your an Old Congressmen who seems to think that you want to give these places that don’e even like us money, then you send your own money. The Taxpayers are tired of footing your need to make yourself great by taking care of the World. Trump has been focusing on the USA Taxpayer– Thank God for that. We needed him and we have him for another few years. These Congressmen need to be fired and sent packing. They want a raise every year for doing so little that it not right. Trump has told them there will be no raises for Congress. So they can take their Millions and go do as they wish with it. I would be happy to see Schummer run out of Washington. I want Maxine Waters gone. I want Pelosi Gone, I want every one of those that have been in longer than 8 years to be gone from Congress. I can just hear them now. There is so much work left for me todo. Well if you haven’t done what you said you were going to do then you need to pack your bags and get out. Senator Bennet, Senator Gardner and if there is anyone else left from Colorado that is in Washington, then you need to find another occupation. Your stacking the money in your favor has ended. We don’t want to hear about what you think about anything. Senator Bennet from Colorado thinks this State and this Country can’t do without him., Well your one like McCain that said you would build a wall. I ask you to work with Trump and you have refused so get the hell out of Washington and don’t try being re-elected at all.

  97. send this person who made these accusations a subpoena to appear in court. as an american voter i don t need to be subjected to these lies

  98. Rush reported that Ford is a democratic activist and is working diligently against Trump.. and has been for a long time… so it sounds like she is a liar.. a fake and everything else dumbcrats are famous for… so its now time to confirm Judge Brett

  99. Why does FrankenFeinstein not have charges of continuously doing all she can, using false statements, lies, and more????

  100. I have said and I will repeat myself, the Democrats are CORRUPT and CROOKED AS HELL, and THEY ARE WILLING TO RUIN Judge Brett Kavanaughs reputation and ruin his families as well also. Senator Feinstein is just as corrupt and crooked as all of the Democrats that are trying to stall this confirmation.

    Democrats, do not want to see President Trump succeed with fulfilling his promises to his supporters and to the American citizens. Democrats want
    President Trump to fail with his Presidency and then they will be happy, however, President Trumps supporters will not be happy with everything that the Democrats are doing to sabotage the presidency of President Trump and his administration.

    Senator Grassley, needs to go ahead with Judge Kavanaughs confirmation before October 1, 2018.

  101. This is not unusual the Democrats have fallen so far in reputation or capability to govern I think they should disolve as a political party and reorganize. As elected leaders they are supposed to show character and intgelligence so far non of the above ! Where is their platform ? How are theu planning to govern with only a “hate Trump plan” ?

  102. “As more witnesses come forward, it is clear this is a Democrat engineered smear campaign.”
    This was obvious from the first second this story broke!

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