One woman stepped forward with the sex scandal that ruined a top Trump challenger

The Democrat presidential field is taking shape.

And there is one candidate rising to the top of the polls.

But one woman stepped forward with the sex scandal that just ruined a top Trump challenger.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is sitting atop the Democrat presidential polls.

Some surveys even show him as the best candidate to take on President Trump.

But all that has been thrown into question.

Former Nevada State Representative Lucy Flores came forward to describe a scene from 2014 where Joe Biden nuzzled her neck and smelled her hair.

Flores said this made her feel uncomfortable.

Flores wrote:

As I was taking deep breaths and preparing myself to make my case to the crowd, I felt two hands on my shoulders. I froze. “Why is the vice-president of the United States touching me?”

I felt him get closer to me from behind. He leaned further in and inhaled my hair. I was mortified. I thought to myself, “I didn’t wash my hair today and the vice-president of the United States is smelling it. And also, what in the actual fuck? Why is the vice-president of the United States smelling my hair?” He proceeded to plant a big slow kiss on the back of my head. My brain couldn’t process what was happening. I was embarrassed. I was shocked. I was confused. There is a Spanish saying, “tragame tierra,” it means, “earth, swallow me whole.” I couldn’t move and I couldn’t say anything. I wanted nothing more than to get Biden away from me. My name was called and I was never happier to get on stage in front of an audience.

There are countless pictures and videos available by searching “creepy uncle Joe” on Google so this should not come as a surprise.

But in the #MeToo era, can an aging white male accused by a woman of inappropriate conduct survive?

That is an open question.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Do you think Joe Biden will win the Democrat nomination?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump in 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Everything Biden proclaims is FALSE!
    Biden doesn’t mention his criminal activities in the Ukraine.
    Bifen will be a puppet in the hands of China and Russia.
    President Trump will win again!

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  3. Creepy old Joe has done far worse than what she accuses. You can see it whenever you see a speech he attended where there was a young girl present. He groped then and as their age dropped his smile while groping those children got bigger.

  4. I can’t wait to see Joe Biden go down in a hail of bullets from the Boston Sanderites. They say they have an ‘insurance plan’ given to them by Strozk and Comey, an infallible plan. When will we see it used by the 22 running for the Democrats?

  5. Richard,
    The Russians did NOT want a strong person in charge of America. They wanted another Obama apologetic, making red lines, then ignoring them, etc. Hillary was a FRIEND to the Russians, otherwise, she wouldn’t have sneaked,& sold 25% of our uranium to them.

  6. All one has to do is look at the pictures took of Biden and see he is touching wrong the women in them, this saying that he is a hands on guy is wrong. He is a sexual creep and does not belong in the White House. What would he do anyway he did nothing as Vise President when he was in.

  7. Has anybody seen the videos of Sleepy Joe groping those little girl’s He is a sick pedophile? Also the hot mic where he says that sitting so close to a 13 year old girl makes him so horny!!!!!!!!!11

  8. Dear Richard, I am a person that constantly looks forward. I try to see what is going to happen in the future due to things that are current. I am an older gentleman that started with nothing and am now well educated, a business owner, wealthy, respected in my community and yes a veteran.
    I rarely post comments on these sites as to me they are a reflection of an individual and not totally related to the subject matter.
    But you have caught my attention. You are the most closed minded person on this site. yes there are others but you ” Take the Cake ”
    You constantly use non factual information, you say you want to discuss material but only accept your own opinion. You seem to be here only to indoctrinate others to your mindset but are unable to say what that mindset is.
    To me it seems you must have attended one of those indoctrination clinics that democratic party has control over.
    My dictionary has no less than forty words that would describe you ranging from
    egotistical to lunatic. But common street language and what was given to you by your parents says it best you are a Dick.
    But please keep traveling your road as you are hilariously amusing and continue to put a smile on many faces.

  9. TRUMP2020 TRUMP2020 TRUMP2020
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  10. Great to have you with us Dan. Many are beginning to see the lies, hypocrisy and flat out insanity of the demonRAT fascist/communist party. Now if we can only get rid of the illegals and muslims we’ll regain complete control of our nation.

  11. DICK, you’re NOT a Christian. Communists are atheists. If they profess Christianity they’re lying… Or they’re Catholics, which is tantamount to being atheist. DICK, you’re a delusional, communist indoctrinated educated moron. My last post to you. You’re just too ignorant to be believed.

  12. Little dick if 1/3 of America is leftist then 1/3 of America is stupid. If 3/4 is leftist then 3/4 is stupid. I’m so glad to be among the smart people. Don’t worry. You can still walk away and join the human race. I did a long time ago. After finding out what the commiecrats really are

  13. Dan Tyree: Saying that half of America is stupid is very divisive. The people on the other side will call the Republicans stupid. Clearly that type of rhetoric is not the formula for making America Great Again.

  14. Dan Tyree: Sorry, I will not stoop down to your level and disparage a whole range of people who hold different political views. The Liberals account for close to half the population of the US. I don’t believe that it is fair to say such hateful unsubstantiated and inaccurate things about nearly half of the American people.

  15. Gregory Sullivan: Your latest comment has become insulting, disparaging and offensive. I expected better of you and reflect bad on you. I will cease and desist writing comments to you – until you apologize and are willing to hold a respectful discussion.

  16. Gregory Sullivan: Yes, global warming is causing climate change. In some areas, there may be local cooling – but overall the trend is to global warming. The Greenland ice cap has started to melt in numerous places. One part of the Antarctic is actually expanding, the other part is melting and the ice shelf is breaking off. So, we should not be selective in taking facts out of context. But, I do agree with you that we can not change our lifestyle in a major way. Some technology is already available which would reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Other technologies need and can be developed. True, scientists can be wrong – but when the overwhelming number of scientists consistently reach consensus, then we should take them seriously. And, we should also treat skeptically some of the opposing research funded by the oil and gas industry. They remind me of the cigarette industry which tried to cast doubt on the link between smoking and lung cancer. Like you, I am interested in making sure that humanity continues to exist, without us needing to go to the cave man stage of economic existence.

  17. bj: Now that I have seen your latest comment, I will cease further discussions with you. You have become insulting – and there is no sense talking to a person that does not know how to be respectful of others who hold different viewpoints. I will not stoop down to your level of rudeness and name calling.

  18. It doesn’t matter who wins the democratic nomination, they will lose big time against president Donald J. Trump!

  19. Mark Richard said you need professional help. I guess the commiecrats want to dump us in a reprogram camp for brainwashing.

  20. bj : I am a Christian and I take my religion seriously. IK am a regular Church goer. I believe Jesus when he told the Parables about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, etc. I believe in social justice and compassion. At the same time, I also believe in maintaining an incentive system to encourage hard work, studying hard and taking financial risks. The Parable about burying one’s talents. I only attack back people who insult me – never those that hold respectful discussions.

  21. bj: I only have called people names when they first insulted me. I wanted to give them the taste of their own medicine. When people are civil, I certainly am civil back to them. As to the truth, I believe that the right-wing press is full of fake news and conspiracy theories – many of which are false and not even within the realm of the possible. I turn to multiple sources of information, often foreign ones – as in the US media there is tremendous hatred on both sides.

  22. The hypocrisy of both parties has always existed–One time Bill (William F.) Buckley, a great conservative journalist, offered the perfect take when he said something like, “it isn’t that we don’t do it, we just don’t talk about it…” My take was that we respected the privacy of others as we valued it for ourselves…

    No matter, the gloves are off, and regardless of who was the first to let the cat out of the bag, there is something beautiful about being hoisted on one’s own petard…

    The “holier than thou” Leftists proudly proclaimed their “virtue” by crucifying the recent supreme court nominee for the “alleged” improprieties occurring three decades earlier…and (booo!) DJT’s (as a private citizen) financial arrangements with Stormy for professional favors–WTF would have cared had DJT not become the enemy of the Left, the Deep State, the NWO, the controllers who’ve pulled the strings since Kennedy’s removal for threatening them over five decades ago!

    Well, well, enter Joker Joe, the court jester, the fool, the gropey pol, the moron–the Left’s answer to Dumb and Dumber–

    That my friends is being hoisted on one’s own petard–

    How does it feel, Nancy, Hillary, and all you hypocrites in the Me 2 group!? You blissfully overlooked the serial rapist husband, Bill, but Joker Joe did it on camera and no one can “spin” those little girls’ discomfort which was etched in their faces

  23. Richard…There is NOTHING we can do about climate change. It has been changing every since this earth was formed and will continue to do so. It is NATURAL.

  24. It is patently clear that the Russians did NOT want Donald Trump to be elected president; rather, they were promoting Hillary all the way because they already knew she was for sale and could be bought. One example of proof is that as Secretary of State during the Obama administration she sold 20% of our uranium to Russia in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars the Russians donated to the Clinton Foundation. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Hillary will do or say anything for power and money. On the other hand, the Russians knew Donald Trump could not be bought and so they did not want him to win. Anything to the contrary is fake news perpetrated by the crooked media.

  25. Richard…Neither can you hold an intelligent conversation. You must first have the intelligence to know the difference between what is true and what is false, which you do not.

  26. Richard…Then don’t come here if you don’t like it. No one is forcing you to. And you just did respond to him

  27. Dan…Hillary’s corruption goes back at least to when Bill was governor of Arkansas and BOTH should have been in prison years ago

  28. Yet it is fine with you that Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth. And why do you come on a Christian discussion board when it is very obvious that you are not a Christian? I guess just to attack anyone who doesn’t agree with you and call them a low life. You need Jesus

  29. Richard…It is obvious that you have no manners when YOU call people names like lowlife and a**hole. And YOU have no respect, either, nor do you have any concept of the truth. That is evident from reading your postings. You just blindly believe the lies of your lib leaders without question. Libs live on hate and lies. Their goal is TOTAL rule of this country and THAT is the truth

  30. Graham…You have Trump mixed up with Obama. Obama is MUSLIM and does not even acknowledge that Jesus is the Christ. Islam says He is just a prophet. Trump is far better than Obama or Hillary. WAKE UP!!!! He has done a lot of good for this country. But libs live on hate and can’t stand truth

  31. Reagan was one of the best presidents we ever had. But go ahead and live in fantasyland, which is the only place where Obama and Hillary are relevant .

  32. Richard, your ignorance is profound. Our founding fathers gave us the 2nd amendment for a reason and you are clueless. The police cannot do everything and be everywhere and we have the RIGHT to protect ourselves. WAKE UP!!!! Guns will never be unnecessary. What even makes you think that the police cannot be taken over by a very corrupt government. Once you cannot defend yourself you are a sitting duck.
    And yes, CLIMATE CHANGE (NOT global warming) is real. But it has been going on since this earth was formed, long before we got here. We can do NOTHING about it.
    And truth is never hate. The press IS against us, as is the whole dem party. Open your eyes and see the truth. The dem party has become insane and full of hate. JFK would not be welcome in the dem party today.
    A president should try to bring society together???? I’m sure that you voted for Obama, the MOST divisive president we have had. Obama is Muslim and hates everything this country stands for. He is very racist and set race relations back decades. But you think Trump is divisive?????

  33. Both Clintons should have been in prison years ago. But libs don’t care about their extreme corruption since libs have no morals.

  34. NO lib is intelligent enough to be president. That is just one reason we need to keep them out of our White House

  35. Richard…If you believe anything the dem party says, I have a bridge for you. And Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth, but that is fine with you

  36. Mark:
    I agree. You can’t argue with mental midgets like Richard as it is a waste of time as one of our readers said “you can’t fix stupid” and I won’t respond with him ever again.

  37. Hey Richard:
    Why don’t you read the news that glaciers in Greenland are expanding and the ice pack is also expanding in Antarctica. I take what “scientists” say with a grain of salt, they have been wrong before and in this case again. I’m not about to live in a teepee and ride a horse and freeze to death in the wintertime because they say I’m causing the “climate change by my lifestyle. If you want to believe in their garbage,than go ahead and I bet we’ll still be around thousands of years from now without tents and riding horses because you’ll see that I’m right and why I’m not buying it and I never will.

  38. Mark Hopkins: You are calling me names. I will therefore not dignify you with a response until you either apologize and tell me that you are capable of holding a respectful discussion.

  39. Poor stupid DICK. Climate change has always occurred at random intervals throughout the history of the universe. Man has little or no impact on climate change. The earth itself produces thousands of times more “greenhouse” gasses including methane than all the humans and all the animals have ever produced. Real scientists know this. There are just way too many indoctrinated “scientists” and incredibly unintelligent politicians in the world that are willing to swallow that crap… Without serious research.

  40. Richard:
    This is a fact that you can’t deny. The Democrook party is weak on defense and the GOP is not. That’s why the dems the Russians like that party. This all started when Trump wanted to build a tower in Moscow which made the left think that he was cozying up with them when he was not. Donald Trump is a businessman who wanted to make more money as he wanted to do in China and elsewhere. Give me the slightest shrewd of evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. I bet you won’t find any. You want me to believe that the Democratic party is honest? If there was any collusion at all it wouldn’t have changed the result of 2016 election as I said before, the Russians could have done it by themselves without any help from anyone.

  41. Mark Hopkins: You obviously need psychiatric help – as you are pathologically filled with hatred for those that hold opposing viewpoints.

  42. Gregory Sullivan: Although I am no scientist or climatologist, I defer to the scientific views of the overwhelming majority of scientists. They have done research that proves human activity is contributing to global warming. I also note that these scientists are not only American scientists, but from the UK, Germany, France, Canada, etc. Even the Chinese, who are busy trying to develop their country agree and are taking steps to reduce greenhouse emissions. The evidence is so strong that 190 independent countries signed the Paris climate agreement. Now, you can’t have a successful conspiracy of so many scientists and countries. There is evidence especially in the Canadian High Arctic where temperatures are rising 3 times faster than in the rest of the planet. So, global warming is not a myth – but a real danger to coastal cities and communities.

  43. Mark Hopkins: You are clearly low-life that does not know how to hold an intelligent conversation. I will not dignify you with a response – you must first learn manners and respect for other viewpoints.

  44. That’s because you’re a coward DICK. You don’t have the intelligence or mental fortitude to be able to withstand a little honest (and truthful) criticism. You’re the quintessence of the mentally ill crybaby liberal. I’ll be waiting for another humorous, asinine comeback.

  45. Mr. Richard (Or what you want to call yourself):
    You believe that “global warming” is man made. Why don’t you look at the shrinking polar ice caps on the planet Mars which is uninhabited? This is a cycle that the EARTH goes through every few thousand years and your mentor Al Gore wants you to believe that the burning of fossil fuels by Man has caused it by ignoring the fact that quintillions of tons of tons of greenhouse gases that are emmited yearly by volcanic activity which is billions of times more than mankind could ever produce. You remind me of that song “Docking My Boat In Idaho” as the doom Sayers said about the western U.S. dropping off into the ocean as many people moved to Arizona or Idaho or Nevada were suckered in to believing that crap as Mr. Gore and his fright peddlers want you to believe the “global warming” myth and he’s laughing the suckers like you all the way to the bank.

  46. Come on DICK, you haven’t won a cow patty. People just hate your brand of moronic discourse. Your the worst kind of fascist/communist idiot. You try your best to anger people with your stupid communist rhetoric and you actually think you’ve won when they tell you how stupid you and your ideas are. You’re a flat out LOSER, DICK, just too stupid and commie blinded to realize it. Go to some nice communist site DICK, those idiots will swallow your BS hook line and sinker.

  47. Mark Hopkins: You are obviously low-life that has no manners and no respect for views of others. You need psychiatric help. I do not respond to low-life and will not dignify you with a response.

  48. Hey DICK, talk about low life AND stupid, you listen to that fascist/communist BS that has absolutely nothing to do with truth and you’re moron enough to believe it. Care to duke it out verbally with me? I’m as rude and politically incorrect as they come. I’ve got a very high IQ and I’ve done more and seen more than you could ever dream of. Come on smart ass liberal. I’m waiting.

  49. Gregory Sullivan: If you believe anything that the Russians say, then I have this wonderful bridge that I will sell you real cheap – just send me the money. Of course, I am being sarcastic. The Putin regime constantly lies, invades countries and ruthlessly kills its opponents. They will do and say anything that advances their agenda. If you want credible information, turn to the BBC in the UK, CBC in Canada , Deutch Welle in Germany (English language broadcasts) or TV 5 of France (if you understand French). The Russians do not operate on the same basis as Western countries. They had a champagne party when they learned that Trump was elected, as they believed they would have tremendous influence on him, as he made a point of speaking nicely about them and his team had the Republican platform changed (dropping the reference to providing military assistance to Ukraine). Of course, the institutional strength of the US, has prevented the Russians from being able to manipulate – to the extent that they wished – the US President. As well, Trump has learned that the Russians can not be trusted and has adopted firm policies against them, causing the Russians to be disenchanted with his Presidency.

  50. Hey Richard:
    I get my news from independent sources that proves that the Russians didn’t want Trump to be elected. Go to any Russian embassy and ask them if the Russian government wanted Trump to be our president. They wanted Hellary as our president, a low class piece of s**t that shouldn’t be nominated for dog catcher.

  51. the #metoo movement has ruined many careers of many high powered men but they were not a member of congress – biden and other’s said that those women should be believed
    they should be believed now and biden receive the same treatment as the other men received – his actions are not as old as some of the other’s including the supreme court judge

  52. hmmm,, you know you4 almost right!
    but to have it worded and correctly acknowledge Main Stream New?
    that should have been:
    main stream no-news media!
    please note no CAPS & added word and hyphen!
    they are not Honorable or honest enough, to earn that privledge

  53. Dan Tyree: Please don’t be self-righteous. Evaluate issues on their merits. I never said Hillary was perfect or blameless. Yet, she was more informed, better educated, had a sense of class and was more diplomatic. She wanted to unite Americans and not feed divisiveness.She believed in global warming, because of the overwhelming scientific evidence.The so-called deep state is only a figment in the imagination of right-wing conspiracy believers that is not supported by real evidence.

  54. Gregory Sullivan: Please don’t believe the right-wing fake news sites. If you don’t believe the mainstream media, then look at foreign media coverage – and then you will learn the truth. There is much more to the world than right-wing media sources. It is the right-wing media that is lying, distorting, exaggerating and selecting out of context “facts”. You need to think outside the box and open yourself to the world. And, please refrain from using insults, otherwise, I will just ignore you in the future.

  55. Hey Richard:
    Prove it you jerk. It’s a fact that Vladimir Putin wanted Hellary to win the election and not Trump as she’d be his willing puppet of theirs so that puts the collusion s**t in the toilet where it belongs.

  56. Hey Richard:
    Prove it a** hole let’s see some evidence of it. It’s put up or shut up You base your evidence on a group of lying Democrooks who aren’t exactly George Washington when it comes to telling the truth.

  57. It’s this simple, he is in the head of the polls because of his name recognition. The other candidates are pretty much known in their states and possibly the adjacent states. Joe Biden’s been in politics for 40 plus years and he was the VP. Questions will arise did he know what Obama and Hillary were doing? The spying, the dossier, trying to put a mole in Trump’s campaign, etc. These are questions he won’t want to answer.

    When he was VP, his son Hunter used his father’s name and political connections to enrich himself with China and a Chinese bank. Now, feel the groper? He’s got too many negatives plus he is an out-of-touch idiot… we used to see him give interviews to the Philadelphia press weekly. The mind-numbing BS had me and my family laughing so hard. He’ll be 80 in 2020, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s showing signs of dementia. Even the news host were trying not to laugh… they’d quickly cut to a commercial, watching them trying to stifle a laugh only made us laugh even harder. I would say in the late 70s and early 80s, Biden was the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of his generation.

  58. I think that it’s you who are the anti-Christ after all Satan is the greatest deceiver of all mankind.

  59. Dan Tyree: so you are back to name-calling. Well, that reflects badly on you and not on me. Should I dignify an offensive insulting person. No, you are not worth discussing matters – until you learn manners and respect others who have different views than you.

  60. Chris Berg: I could say the same thing about you. But, you are low-life and I will not dignify you by entering into a conversation with you.You need to first learn some manners and repect views of others.

  61. JON:You are low-life that does not know truth from fiction of the right-wing fake news sites. As I said, I will not discuss matters with you and dignify you with a response. You first need to learn manners and be respectful of the opinions of others.

  62. To answer the Question “But in the #MeToo era, can an aging white male accused by a woman of inappropriate conduct survive?” Yes, he can. But only if he is a Democrat in the favored eyes of the DNC’s extended arm (the Main Stream News).

  63. Creepy Joe likes to sniff you all day loooooong. This old man couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Who told him it’s okay? Who? No one.

    Even the View hosts recently scrambled on feet to defend his perverted habit. Liberals … they would say anything to defend their comrades. Anything. Look at Smollett, for example. The Chicago cops gave us damning evidence that the attack was all but a hoax. The liberals said it ain’t so. Gee.

  64. If AOC won why wouldn’t a sleezy guy win the President nomination for the Democrats. Because the Demo’s gave up on fighting for the good citizens of the US and embraced all the loosing causes. Anti patriotic, anti christian, LGBT, abortion, going against the rule of law by their by their selfish interpretations for their benefit, law braking immigration to enrich their voter base, and global rule. They just keep picking every looser in town. Instead of putting US citizens first, and looking at how to better the efforts of the Republicans in jobs, wealth, and care. No, when they loose all they can do is act like a two year old child, blow two years of whinning and 3 billion dollars!

  65. Well if Biden gets the democraps nomination, the deplorable’s will take him down, just like we did to Witch Hillary, and this time I do believe that a lot of women organizations will be happy to side with the deplorable conservative’s of this great country. I do not mind being called a deplorable, because I know that I am a constitutional conservative, I took an oath to defend this country and I will defend it against the left wing nut terrorist that call themselves democraps.

  66. Joseph, you silly Lesbi, really? You can’t be more original? You would rather have a sleazebag like Joe Biden who loves to manhandle little girls rather than a man (President Trump) who admitted that he likes to grab pussy on an adult rated radio show?? REALLY? Are you a Lesbi? Just asking…

  67. Actually, the women were willing participants! Read Monica Lewinski’s testimony during the Clinton impeachment proceedings! Monica should have never opened her mouth (think about it!) Paula got a nose job for her services!

  68. He likes to play with little girl’s tits on camera while their parents just stand there and smile!!!!

  69. Reagan was a fraud> He and his stooges made Ketchup a vegetable for the school lunch program! Reagan stole from Social Security to fund his war against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Reagan and Colonel Oliver North had the CIA smuggle cocaine into the USA to help finance the war against the Sandinistas. He and Ollie North sold weapons to Iran (remember Ayatollah Khomeini and his Islamic Revolution in Iran)to get the money he and North used to fund the cocaine deals for the CIA!

  70. Well, Creepy Uncle Joe is at it again with his feeling up all of the Women and children. This pervert wants back into the White House but there is just one problem his fellow running matte Islamic Pervert and chief Barack Obama and Hillary the Baby Eater are not in the White House any longer. There is a real American Man in the White House now and he does not like all of the things that went on in the last Administration and the White House. May God Bless President Trump and his great Administration.

  71. Dan Tyree: I believe in having a professional well-trained police serve, so having a gun would become unnecessary – like in many other western countries, such as Canada which has a much lower crime rate. I believe in global warming – the scientific evidence is there and parts of the north are witnessing it. I believe it is important for the US to get along with its traditional friends and allies and not cozy up to the likes of Putin (a ruthless dictator who invades countries and kills his opposition) and Kim Jong-Um whose citizens are wretchedly poor and severely repressed. Accusing the press of being “the enemy of the people” is very divisive and fosters hatred – a President should try to bring society together. Yes, Hillary would have done a better job, as she had more knowledge, diplomatic skills and experience – but that is now water under the bridge. We need to see whom the Democrats choose as their Presidential candidate.Hope you will find my views helpful – and not resort to name calling.

  72. Richard you don’t discuss issues. You only slam Trump. I could express the promises he’s kept, more people working ect. It would do no good. Tell us whom you would rather have in the whitehouse. And why. Issues? Let’s see what you got. Also our gun rights are safe with him. Which I will never surrender no matter who’s in charge.

  73. Dan Tyree: No, I would not want you to ever to stoop, bow and kiss my ass. Unlike you, I believe in the dignity of all people – even of those who hold contrary views from mine.

  74. Thanks Richard. You can’t change me and I can’t change you. The only discussion you want is for us patriots to stoop and bow and kiss your ass.

  75. Dan Tyree: You obviously did not learn any manners. Clearly your education was very limited and you don’t know how to hold respectful discussions. So, I will not dignify you with bothering to respond to you any more.

  76. Interesting comments from Richard, though perhaps he may want to remember who stood by the idiot who was having sex in the oval office….what a waste and one of the many reasons she lost in the run for Office…Delusion seems to be running rampant in some sectors…Communist Sectors….as always…Richard may want to go look in a mirror.

    President Trump on the other hand has the perseverance to do what he told the American People he would do, and he is not some sissie freak who has no idea who he is.

  77. Debi: I am glad that I pissed you off – as you are insulting which goes to prove that I have been effective. You cannot argue effectively. You claim that you went to college – but you obviously lack common sense and the education was wasted on you. As well, you obviously never learned any manners to hold a respectful intelligent discussion.

  78. Dan Tyree: You need to learn how to argue your point of view – and not make insulting inaccurate comments. Obviously you were not brought up properly, are a form of low-life and educating manners to you would be a massive undertaking – probably unsuccessful – as you are most likely incapable of being educated.

  79. Debi: Please see my earlier comment to you – and do seek psychiatric help to help you get some common sense and cure your delusions about Trump and your willingness to believe the right-wing fake news about Biden and the Democrats.

  80. Debi: You are the one that is being delusional. You select the “facts” that you want which are exaggerations, misrepresentations and falsehoods – yet other facts that are staring in your face you choose to ignore. Trump is a serial abuser of women, a liar and an adulterer who is on his third marriage. You bring up irrelevant facts, such as talking about Bill Clinton while you totally excuse Trump’s insulting statements and behavior about women. You don’t need to grow up – but see a psychiatrist to help you develop some common sense judgement.

    LIKE A
    MAN //// THAT
    GIRLS //// PURE PERV!!!
    he loves to drip his creepy
    old clear skin on to the backs of

    Stockton, California

  82. This is supposed to be a place to discuss the issues, and voice various opinions. Seems like many of you just want to insult each other, and it’s just NO FUN for me anymore. Bye guys!

  83. My point exactly Debi! I am a STAUNCH REPUBLICAN, but I still believe that America is the greatest country in the world, and that is BECAUSE of our freedom to think for ourselves! Read much? YES, I DO, but you can’t resist the urge to insult me, simply because I missed a posting. Sorry, I’m not biting! I refuse to stoop to that level!

  84. One name…Monica Lewinsky. One Oval Office…one disgusting pervert…I only pray all President’s after Bill the sexual deviate f***ed on the desk…had it disinfected.

  85. Now Dick…are you getting your panties in a wad? Like the silky feel of them, do you? Yes, I can see you supporting Joe Biden…he’s what you’d like to grow up to be. Not to worry, there are tons of other Democrat sex deviates you can mentor from. The field is huge…pick one. Until you can PROVE the President has behaved inappropriately you need to learn to sthu…as a Democrat you can assure yourself they are a pedophile in waiting. I am waiting for the day some Dad punches Joe Biden and flattens him for inappropriate touching of juveniles. You do know pedophiles cannot be cured, right? As a Democrat you simply do not have the brain power to discern trash talk from the actual touching that Biden is guilty of, has been guilty of for YEARS! I won’t waste my time with you any longer, your delusion is complete.

  86. Again you poor clueless liberals miss the point! Joe Biden serves…he cannot behave like a sex deviate AND serve. What Trump said BEFORE winning the Presidency is just talk…Joe Biden has served for years and done things in Office that have made females, young and old uncomfortable. When or if Trump does such things while serving then you have the right to condemn him…until then…sthu. Trump never grabbed those pussies dimwit, Biden has grabbed, sniffed like a pervert and still makes young girls uncomfortable. Your comment is just what it was supposed to be…based on hate. Grow up and pretend you aren’t really brain dead with a DNR on file…BTW, you sound upset which means it is a great day!!!! Biden has learned very well from Bill Clinton…Fornicator in Chief.

  87. Kudos to you, Richard! Although I don’t agree with anything you say, I commend you on your ability to express an opinion without using vulgarity and personal attacks! It’s all about civility! Viva la difference!

  88. I will say though, I think it’s gone way too far! I don’t believe Biden did anything that should disqualify him from running for president. But unfortunately, it’s a sign of the times!

  89. Chronology, Richard. The “pussy grabbing” was BEFORE Kavanaugh! What the Dems did to Kavanaugh changed everything!

  90. Mark Hopkins: You are into name calling – that is because you are low-life that is uneducated and can not make a decent credible argument. I will no longer dignify you with any replies, until you learn some manners and behave like a civilized person.

  91. Hey DICK, again, watch the video. He never said he did, he said you could. Go back to your sewage hole moron. All you commiecRATS know how to do is lie about conservatives and cover up the truth about your commie comrads.

  92. Hey Dick, President Trump said you “could” grab them by the pussy, he never said he did. Which says it’s just as much the female’s fault as the male’s in that scenario, unlike creepy uncle Joe, who gropes without permission and is a closet pedophile. Crawl back to your mom’s basement DICK, you’re on the wrong thread.

  93. Preacher man: Satan – who is Satan? Please clarify. Trump who has no compassion for the poor and immigrants who disparages women “pussy grabbing”, is divorced and had extra-marital affairs? Or are you referring to Trump’s friend, Putin, who interfered in US elections, invades countries and violates human rights? Or are you referring to Trump’s other friend, Kim Jung-Um who is corrupt, has turned his country into a huge prison camp and has threatened the US with destruction?

  94. Sue Keener: It has never been proved that Bill Clinton raped women. However, Trump did admit to pussy-grabbing, had extra-marital affairs and had his lawyer pay hush money to a pron star. But, I know, you will always give Trump a pass – while believing unproven rumors about Clinton or other Democrats. Double-standards are typical of many Trump supporters.

  95. Jack- RI I don’t follow your logic. Ids it fine for the “pussy-grabber” not to be affected by the me too movement, but not for Bidden.

  96. The rebellious nigga’goes, chicanes, and horsey-walruses (Occasional cotex-ladies)all want YOUNG BLOOD, not spilled Biden sour milk. I can’t blame them; but they’re as trustworthy as poison in a tube fed to a rat in your basement. Sick Dem-rats are in trouble, and Pelosi is about to be liquidated, since she can’t control them.

  97. If Joe Bite me is the best that the Democrook party has to offer then Donald Trump has a total walkover to win the 20/20 election a landslide that Reagan could only dream of in his victory over Walter Mondope.

  98. Creepy Uncle Joe keeps adding to his legacy as a pervert. His wife needs to step forward and speak up. That would put an end to his public life so, he never gets another chance to touch women and young girls again…

  99. Very simple Richard. Two words…..Brett Kavanaugh! The Dems inspired the “new too” movement, now they’re stuck with it!

  100. Why would this ruin Bidden’s election chances? Trump talked about “pussy grabbing” and that did not ruin his election chances. His base gave him a pass about his numerous shortcomings, divorces and affairs. Why would the Democratic base not give Bidden a pass regarding his shortcomings?

  101. Biden is ONLY at the top of the Dem’s list NOW because he hasn’t announced yet! And with new accusations coming forward, I doubt very seriously that he ever will! I put the odds at 75/25, against it!

  102. Some people are more affectionate than others…
    As much as I do not care for Biden, until he is without any doubt convicted of Sexual misconduct will just say don’t waste your time trying to read into it!

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