One world leader made a prediction about Trump that left Barack Obama fuming

Barack Obama spent eight years betraying America.

But one sellout stood above all the rest.

One world leader made a prediction about Donald Trump and the Iran deal that is sure to leave Obama fuming.

Donald Trump campaigned on pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal.

He took the first step last fall when he decertified the agreement.

Now Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is privately predicting Trump will pull the United States out of the deal in May.

Axios reports:

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his security cabinet his assessment is that President Trump will most likely withdraw the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal in May, according to two ministers who attended the meeting.

The backdrop: Netanyahu was briefing the security cabinet Sunday on his meeting with Trump earlier this month. He said Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and Chief of Staff John Kelly had all been present for the discussion on Iran.

According to the two ministers, Netanyahu said in Sunday’s meeting:

“I think Trump is very close to withdrawing from the Iran deal. The meeting was very important. Trump spoke in front of all the most senior members of his administration and told me that if the nuclear deal would not change significantly the U.S. will withdraw.”

The prime minister’s office did not dispute this account but refrained from commenting on it.”

Obama’s Iran deal was a horrific betrayal of America.

Not only did Obama shovel palates full of cash to the one of the world’s leading state sponsors of terror, but his appeasement agreement will put Iran on a glide path to acquiring a nuclear weapon.

But, thanks to Donald Trump that all looks to be changing.

Do you agree that Donald Trump should withdraw from Obama’s Iran deal?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Tell Iran that the right thing to do would be to return those palletes of money. That ought to frost their curds.

  2. Chuck, I believe it was $400 million in cash sent to Iran on pallets, not 7 billion. The $400 million was added to the $1.4 billion already sent, for a total of $1.7 billion. Barack had absolutely no right to do that without a bill drafted by the Executive Branch, forwarded to the House of Representatives, and if passed by the house, sent to the Senate, and only if passed by both parts of the legislative branch, returned to the president for signature. I believe that Barack simply made a call to the Secretary of the Treasure, (remember he said he has his pen and his phone, and that he did not need the Congress). I wrote a letter to all members of the House asking them to stand up, face the white house, and state “Mr. President, in all due respect, you do not have the right to do that, if you desire transfer of US taxpayer dollars to Iran, you must follow the rules established by our Constitution.” Of course, that never happened. We still have a very weak Congress.

  3. Yes I agree with our President. Who cares about Obama fuming, he sold out the USA and gave them our money as if it was his own money to give. He is a traitor and a thief something his girls will have to live down as they grow older and are attached to all the EVIL he left behind along with all the money he used for personal gains and things he took when he left the WH that weren’t his to take, he is a thief of the WORST kind. I hope the DEVIL will take him into his house as he is pre EVIL.


  5. I think it is fair to say that whether they like it or not that most people, some instantly and others after being hit over the head with a hammer, understand that black or not obama has not been a good thing for the United States. Aside from his picadillos, golfing, drug use, false flags, false wife and daughters.illegal birth certificate – nope, unchanged!
    Now we look at Trump and Putin! Both men have egos bigger than the universe. Both have charge of very large countries. Putin means business, he is brash, purposeful, smart, determined, realistic, respect strength but will take exactly what he can get away with if needed. He is sly like a fox and lays in wait for the weak and unsuspecting.
    Trump and Putin share many traits. They love deeply, Trump is wise, he plots, plans and prepares. His brain never shuts off, always looking for ingress and egress, bluffs with the best, he is used to nice elaborate things, his speech is long winded on occasion but he know exactly what he is saying, why. and who, and how. The similarities between Trump and Putin leave us with two determined wise, sly leaders who are determined to do the best for their countries against all comers.
    Having said that, they both realize that two back to back are stronger than the entire world. While they do not have to be the best of friends they can establish a good working relationship, watching out for one another, discussing problems and reaching accord, and in general strengthening both countries and their people.
    The clear and present danger to the world at this time are the dims and the limp wristed double minded republicans who stand for nothing yet manage to fall for everything. They are like treasonous rats now who are hurredly running too and fro making sure there are no tidbits of truth left and they can clean up, buy Park Place and Boardwalk because they have no foes left to keep them living the high life they think they deservre ~*~

  6. I still want to know where Obummer got the 7 BILLION dollars he sent to Iran on palates in an airplane. Were these billions paid for by us citizen/taxpayers? What made Obummer think he had the right to take this huge amount of American wealth to one of the most evil and vicious countries in the world for the use by their Imams and other leaders?

  7. To pick on some one because they are unable to express them selves, (spelling) when whats at stake, is ignorant in it’s self. You truly don’t get it. Just by your comment shows you lack the understanding. You must be brain washed as well. Later

  8. I fervently wish that those tasked with writing and publishing news articles, would learn how to SPELL things correctly. Look up the word ‘PALATES’ (of cash). It’s not even CLOSE to ‘PALLETS’ (of cash)! The educational system in this nation needs a serious UPGRADE! there should be NO TROPHIES for participation!

  9. Ditto. How long do we have to wait? That would be a great holiday!!!after that happens ship all those immigrants back where they came from including obama and his transector wife…..

  10. Let’s see now: it wasn’t a Treaty, it wasn’t an executive agreement. It wasn’t signed by any Iranians, the Iranian Parliament didn’t approve it, and it easn’t Even signed by Barack Obama. How is it a “deal”? It’s nothing more than a personal love note from past President Obama to the Iranian regime. So, how can anyone who has read the US Constitution be upset?
    I’m glad this whatever has been left in the ash heap and the crooked Obama Administration is no longer here to penalize the American people. Thank you Donald J. Trump !

  11. Yes. It just makes no sense.It’s like a bribe or something you just don’t do that with terrorist. The stronger nation should not try to make an enemy of the state stronger, especially when one of our greatest allies,Israel is so close geographically to Iran.

  12. The great obama and his demo-rat minions are exemplified in a couple of ways a great many years ago
    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BC.

    Plato (348 BC) tells us – If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.

    Worthless politicians are elected by citizens who can’t be bothered to vote.
    (That would be from me; not that many year ago.)

  13. There is overwhelming work to do!

    But get to it Mr. President and John Bolton.
    Keep your backs together, you both are in more dangerous chairs than was President Kennedy!

  14. We’ll have to find happiness in Trump pulling out. Putting the true criminals in prison will more than likely be our wishful thinking and nothing else. I’ve always had faith in justice but after Obama, the Clintons and all of their cronies, it became clear that if you sell your soul and have enough cash, you can get away with doing anything you want.

  15. Totally agree. There are a lot more politicians that should Johnson n them in prison for treason.

  16. When the hell is someone going to do something about these TREASONIST people Starting with the CLINTONS and their TREASONIST URANIUM DEALS with RUSSIA and Obama with his TREASONIST DEAL with IRAN. They all need to be brought up on charges and found guilty of TREASON and then EXECUTED..

  17. We should absolutely pul out of that deal. It was and is bad for America!!! Arrest Obama for putting the US in this position, he is a traitor and should spend the rest of his life in Fort Leavenworth along with the Clinton’s and Soros.

  18. The only allegiance Obama ever made was to the Muslims. He made no bones about it. “I will stand with the Muslims.” The Democrats went to vote for him droves! WHY? Now President Trump is standing up for America and Americans! But the Liberals are denigrating him all day everyday. Those people will be singing another tune when Muslims take over our country. There will be no Christians to ridicule, We will die before we worship allah, and go to Our Father in Heaven. Atheists, they will be Muslims or dead.

  19. Go Trump! Get the hellout of that traitor Obama’s deal w/Iran. What an absurd thing to do. we also need to send Soros to The Cuban located /American prison permanently

  20. Gotrump! Get the hellout of that traitor Obama’s gift to Iran. What an absurd thing to do. we also need to send Soros to The Cuban located /American prison permanently

  21. CAN’t wait to see the Obama’s next to Hillary SWINGING FROM THE TREES WE HAVE PICKED OUT.
    had enough of them WASTING OXYGEN..
    IT WILL HAPPEN. And maybe sooner than they think.

  22. Obama, is a TRAITOR and should be Executed for his Treasonnist Crimes Against AMERICA. So should the MURDERING TREASONIST KILLARY Clinton. ThosE two are also THE BUTCHERS OF BENGHAZI.L ALWAYS HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THOSE MURDERS.

  23. Obama did try to indirectly help Iran to build the nuclear bombs so It can blow off Israel from the World map as declared before by the former president of Iran. Remember Obama’s father is Indonesian Islam.

  24. Obama’s top advisor said: “I am a Iranian by birth and of my Islamic faith. I am also an American and I seek to help change America to be a more Islamic country. My faith guides me and I feel like it is going well in the transition of using freedom of religion in America against itself.” Valerie Jarrett – 1977

  25. How can anyone? The persecuted citizens of Venezuela can readily call the Venezuelan President a traitor, just as the President he replaced was also a traitor to Venezuela and its Constitution. If utilizing false background, vote fraud, preference to Iran and its Muslim madness over the interests of the United States isn’t traitorous, then you are beyond comprehension. Obama concealed his Muslim beliefs,which would preclude him taking an oath to the U.S.Constitution. Unfortunately, the U.S.A. hasn’t had much experience with Presidents who were traitorous, but Obama fits the title of “traitor.”
    His real identity and beliefs were protected with secrecy by the Democratic Political Party.

  26. Once a muslim, always a muslim, he amidts it in his book. Everything obama created MUST BE REVERSED! And Clinton is no exception…LOCK HER UP!!!


  28. Why don’t you move to a country more suited to your insanity. Try Russia or maybe Iran. What about Yemen you would fit right in but don’t think for one minute you would be able to spread your S@#TTY way of thinking there …..ooops they would be head you to be sure.

  29. OBAMA was a lieutenant in the CLINTON MACHINE. No the Clintons is up top pulling the strings. G. Soros is. When HRC threw the election the thugs who wanted to be the single provider of all healthcare, including who got care and who didn’t, YES, who lived and who didn’t. Why? George Soros wanted world domination. It can still happen. HOW you ask? Impeach Trump and let a Clinton crony get in. Who? Chelsea!

  30. But how is it that so many Americans were so dumb to believe him? They sold our country down the drain…. they should leave the USA…go to some muslim or communist country…..

  31. Obummer is a traitor to the USA you idiotic nincompoop!. This worthless black liberal POS almost drove us into third world status. He was was behind hillary 100 percentplus ’cause he knew he had a job to finish and she’d do it, and he used our tax dollars to do it!. So sick and tired of people defending the ‘dumbocraps’. Those who defend them and criticize President Trump are idiots pure and simple, have their heads up their whazoos and are sore loserr because they lost big time because the American people finally saw what was happening and decided to go in a different direction, pure and simple.two Two things incongruent to America: communism and islam! These two philosophies don’t belong here in a free sociaty!

  32. …And brought to the United States by that great association of thieves and liars, the U.S. Democratic Party. Yes, the same party that assisted in shaping a fake background & family for him, locked-away educational credits, bogus draft registrations..three from three states where he never lived, etc. Double the prior national debt accrued by the 43 prior Presidents before him, which he doubled in 8 years, weakened the entire U.S. military to the degree that we’re hardly stronger than we were before the Pearl Harbor sneak attack on Dec.7,1941. And, an administration of ineptitude which included Hillary Clinton as Sec. of State, and John Kerry, Obama’s prime “negotiator” who would sell out this nation to gain any kind of recognition.

  33. America will be great again when the traitors are convicted and in multiple cases either sent to Guantanamo Bay or HUNG IN THE MALL.

  34. Love that President Trump is driving the stake into the heart of the heart of the Iranian Deal…now let the snake squirm for his traitorous moves, to defeat the USA. obama does suck.

  35. Believing anything that Obama, Iran, or any Muslim says is idiocy. Muslims practice taquia (sp)… the practice of lying to non-Muslims if it advances the cause of Islam. This is doctrine in the Koran and supported by the life of Mohammed in the Hadith. We’d better understand this and arm ourselves with the truth about Islam, or they will breed themselves into dominance and , using our own laws, vote themselves into power and install Sharia law here…then even “Allah” won’t help us! And we will have deserved it!

  36. This deal is proof that Obama is a traitor and a Muslim . . . the worst President in the history of America!!!

  37. Look in the mirror, Buddy, for the real crazy one.

    You’re no real American, you’re a Communist Traitor who is the
    real BS-er!!!

  38. It doesn’t matter what we do now. Iran will — or does — have nukes, thanks to President Zero.

  39. without a even a simple thank you
    i thank you my president i didNOT even
    regognise that MALADO SINCE DAY ONE
    AS MY PRES i knew he was a CON MAN FROM AFRICA
    george soros PUPPET MAN

  40. i agree with don mr president
    pull out of the iran deal
    they just take our money and we get NOTHING IN RETURN
    they are using us as SUCKERS
    thank you
    keep up the good work
    from a proud DEPLORABLE
    DAN D

  41. I sent Tillerson the following TWEET:

    Tillerson: I’m 75, IQ 156. Potus fought so hard for your nomination, you fought his agenda at every oppor & called him moron. He fired you. Here’s my most fair & intelligent question? — WHO’S THE MORON NOW ???????????????????????

  42. pull out of the deal mr. trump. this was put together by an amateur that didn’t know what he was doing. this is definitely a security problem for us and the rest of the world. Get out!

  43. The problem about Trey is that he has recently announced that he will not run for reelection, and wants to return to Greenville, SC area to open a private practice and be more available to his family.
    I agree that he would be a perfect choice for an A.G., or for that matter any other high ranking federal position including Speaker of House.

  44. Trey would make an excellent A.G. Sessions should have had Obama in handcuffs and behind bars because of his 30,000 armies of Islamic Muslims and probably made of Islamic Brotherhood terrorists, ready to take President TRUMP down because of the Demorats phony and fake News Russian connection to the POTUSA. The citizens of the USA demand to know what Obama’s FBI background check revealed that a federal Judge has kept under wraps since 2008 . Obama should be collecting his 400,000 USD pension from Saudi Arabia instead of from the USA Federal pension system. Barrack Hussein Obama,if in fact that’s his real name,He hated the USA and its citizens and tried to replace them with Illegal aliens and Muslims. It’s time to send them back with Obama’s pension money, while, he’s doing time in GITMO. President TRUMP in 2020.USA,USA,USA,USA

  45. I agree it’s time to pull out and send a message to Iran that we will no longer support their terrorist activities. We need to support our President in any way we can.

  46. Yes Trump should pull out of the deal with Iran. Obama made the deal with Iran because he wanted to make the U.S. just like Iran, with Islam as the only recognized religion.
    Obama is a fraud, non-citizen(still is a Indonesian citizen), murderer (23 dead special forces-SOP’s are no more than 6 on same aircraft), had muslim brotherhood members on staff in the White House. He needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  47. Obama is a traitor!!! Anyone with any sense can see the difference between a traitor and a legitimate American President Donald Trump!!!! We all owe a debt of gratitude to President Trump for standing up and taking on this monumental task!!!


  49. I’m behind anything Pres. Trump can do to undo the rediculous actions of Obama, which has made the US look bad to other countries as well as our own citizens. When you get right down to it, Obama is the one who should have been impeached and removed from office, before he gave our country away. Thank god for Pres. Trump’s impending action. This country should be proud of him!!

  50. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE TRUE LAW!!!!! Obama is and was a TRAITOR and he has a list of TREASONST CRIMES. He needs to be brought up of CHARGES of TREASON and EXECUTED.. He aided the enemy with Weapons Of Mass Destruction as far as I am concerned, he also Aided with Erick Holder (fast and Furious) the selling of weapons to the Mexican Cartel to kill Americans. So YES Obama needs to be PUBLICILY EXECUTED for the whole world to see that America does not put up with TREASONIST TRAITORS no matter who the HELL you are…

  51. YES, Totally agree With PRESIDENT TRUMP..Were very gratfull to have a man of Integrity after so many years of having career political whores in our OVAL OFFICE and total clean up of the past and present criminal politicians. time to swing open the gates of GUANTANAMO AND START FILLING IT UP . THEY HAVE TO GROW THERE OWN FOOD AND ANY THING THEY NEED THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR..ENOUGH OF USING THE AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS TO SUPPORT THE CRIMINALS…

  52. Obama did everything he could to level America with the the rest of the so called industrialized nations. Then his borderless one government world with Islam as the official religion would become possible. Hilliar would have finished it. The world was waiting, and we screwed it up by voting for Trump.

  53. Too bad we can’t jail former Presidents, but we can jail Hillary, Loretta Lynch, Peter
    Strauk James Comey and McCabe. Justice must be served!

  54. Obama hurt America every way possible. Libs. will never see that, to them he was equivalent to the next coming. Heaven help us if they get control of the House and Senate. Hopefully Conservatives don’t get complacent and they continue fighting to get more conservatives elected. Tuesdays election did not look good for that. We have to fight hard to help Trump accomplish what he started.

  55. It’s time to put the Indonesian imposter in jail and unseal all of those records he was so desperate to keep away from the American public.

  56. One world leader made a prediction about Trump that left Barack Obama fuming
    I Do agree that Donald Trump should withdraw from Obama’s Iran deal

  57. Too bad Trump can’t get the money back, no matter what sort of action he takes. If I wanted a President that financed Islamic terrorists, I would have voted for him/her.

  58. Obama was selling us out, 20% of our uranium to Russia, Billions to Iran, he crossed his own red line every time he drew one in the sand. In my opinion I think he was afraid they’d put him on their Hit List as a traitor to Islam.

  59. Yes I agree with Ed above Donald is different how he does things but the bottom line is he is getting the job done. Now if he would only Hire Trey Gowdy as his AG then we would see things getting done the right way.

  60. Obama was the wrong president to deal with this issue. Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s top advisor, is an Iranian.

    Like in the old days, the kings married their princess daughters to the foreign princes for the sake of peace.

    “ … there is no new thing under the sun. …”

  61. Absolutely agree. The so called deal should never have been made. Talk about collusion. Obama as did Clinton, sold out the U.S.. Clinton did it for campaign contributions and Obama because he’s a wuss and incompetent. The reason we have so many Snowflakes running around this country now is partly because we had a Snowflake for a president. Say all you want about The Donald…THE BOTTOM LINE is…He Get’s The Job Done and he’s only started.

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