Oprah’s challenge to Trump was finished after these photographs surfaced

Oprah Winfrey lit the media world on fire with her speech at the Golden Globes.

Democrats and political pundits swooned over the idea of her taking on President Trump in 2020.

But her challenge went up in flames when these photographs surfaced.

Oprah used her speech at the Golden Globes to attack the Hollywood rape culture that swallowed up the careers of liberals like Harvey Weinstein and many other celebrities, politicians and media figures.

She also attacked Trump by praising the liberal media and their biased posture toward the President.

But it was her “girl power” remarks that had visions of President Oprah dancing in liberals heads.

There was just one problem.

Oprah had been photographed over the years having a grand old time with Harvey Weinstein.

Not only was Oprah in Weinstein’s company, she was kissing him on the check and cozying up to the disgraced mogul.

Did she know?

Many critics believe that given her celebrity status and proximity to Weinstein it would have been impossible for her not to have known.

Her hypocritical attitude toward Weinstein – cuddling up to him when it was convenient and speaking out when his boorish behavior became impossible to defend – could seriously harm her Presidential prospects.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. “THE DICK” Durbin (D-IL) has a rep and a rap sheet for lying and otherwise misquoting others with embellishment and great flair. No SURPRISE…

  2. If Trump ALLEGEDLY referred to certain foreign countries as “sh*tholes”, he’s only channeling what WE have already said and thought! But NOBODY is talking about OBAMA who referred to LIBYA as a “sh*t show”! BIASED FAKE NEWS MSM!

  3. I Know – SH Sanders IS Unbelieveable &&& IN ‘Control’
    >>> & she is only in mid 30 yrs …whew_ & a ‘wowza’ .
    >>>Probably – ‘The BEST Press Sec. US has Ever had.
    * Sanders vs. orca = Haha HAAAAAA. (nikki ? hmmm. )
    ~ ‘i’ 0nly respond to V< few sites ie. N0 Sign-in/password…
    N0 FB, tweety.twitty.twatty whatever. Nope_ haha haaaa

  4. Lots o’ RenewedRight.com blogs, MIzee! Pelosi, Sarah Huckabee Sanders vs Acosta, our military rules of engagement, immigration, DACA, blah blah. Catch you on the flip! ????AZpj no

  5. Well, i guess P0TUS redirected msm 0FF oprah /w the latest … 0u, he gave msm something for the entire wkend !!! + 0pened door More re
    Clinton foundation in Haiti … bye – all (pj etc) thought our dialogue was way better than some venues ( of which i do not participate)…& learned about Subud cult/ should i say it ? ‘orca’cult – Thnx ! C U on Next renewdright.com whatever . ♥’s
    Just Remember the Cartoon (when it comes out, heretofore, at the appropriate time = “Beach that Whale” E0S. (end of story)

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