Oprah’s challenge to Trump was finished after these photographs surfaced

Oprah Winfrey lit the media world on fire with her speech at the Golden Globes.

Democrats and political pundits swooned over the idea of her taking on President Trump in 2020.

But her challenge went up in flames when these photographs surfaced.

Oprah used her speech at the Golden Globes to attack the Hollywood rape culture that swallowed up the careers of liberals like Harvey Weinstein and many other celebrities, politicians and media figures.

She also attacked Trump by praising the liberal media and their biased posture toward the President.

But it was her “girl power” remarks that had visions of President Oprah dancing in liberals heads.

There was just one problem.

Oprah had been photographed over the years having a grand old time with Harvey Weinstein.

Not only was Oprah in Weinstein’s company, she was kissing him on the check and cozying up to the disgraced mogul.

Did she know?

Many critics believe that given her celebrity status and proximity to Weinstein it would have been impossible for her not to have known.

Her hypocritical attitude toward Weinstein – cuddling up to him when it was convenient and speaking out when his boorish behavior became impossible to defend – could seriously harm her Presidential prospects.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Re: ‘shitholes’ (If potus really said that)

    Dear ‘dick’ Durbin: > Please REFER to Ted Kennedy & 1965 …Said the Same as DJT …
    Ahem .

    • “THE DICK” Durbin (D-IL) has a rep and a rap sheet for lying and otherwise misquoting others with embellishment and great flair. No SURPRISE…

  2. ALS0 _ w/ all the shithole ‘stuff’ (which Haitians agree w/( about Clinton Foundation ( & taking All $$$ for Rebuilding, etc)
    P0TUS Took ALL ‘eyes’ 0FF Annual Presidential Medical Xam/+Iranian Deal/ + a Really Bad 0ffer in Immi Bill AFTER Thurs Televised meeting…P0TUS Totally ‘KN0WS’ what up ___
    >>> he Certainly has ‘a Way’ … L0L_& R0FL __ ( not ‘funny’ Really, Buttt Quite Effecive. i must say ___

    • If Trump ALLEGEDLY referred to certain foreign countries as “sh*tholes”, he’s only channeling what WE have already said and thought! But NOBODY is talking about OBAMA who referred to LIBYA as a “sh*t show”! BIASED FAKE NEWS MSM!

  3. Well, i guess P0TUS redirected msm 0FF oprah /w the latest … 0u, he gave msm something for the entire wkend !!! + 0pened door More re
    Clinton foundation in Haiti … bye – all (pj etc) thought our dialogue was way better than some venues ( of which i do not participate)…& learned about Subud cult/ should i say it ? ‘orca’cult – Thnx ! C U on Next renewdright.com whatever . ♥’s
    Just Remember the Cartoon (when it comes out, heretofore, at the appropriate time = “Beach that Whale” E0S. (end of story)

    • Lots o’ RenewedRight.com blogs, MIzee! Pelosi, Sarah Huckabee Sanders vs Acosta, our military rules of engagement, immigration, DACA, blah blah. Catch you on the flip! 💕AZpj no

      • I Know – SH Sanders IS Unbelieveable &&& IN ‘Control’
        >>> & she is only in mid 30 yrs …whew_ & a ‘wowza’ .
        >>>Probably – ‘The BEST Press Sec. US has Ever had.
        * Sanders vs. orca = Haha HAAAAAA. (nikki ? hmmm. )
        ~ ‘i’ 0nly respond to V< few sites ie. N0 Sign-in/password…
        N0 FB, tweety.twitty.twatty whatever. Nope_ haha haaaa

  4. > Site does not want to post this : let’s see if it shows up___
    ( geez -‘who’ is looking 0r is it AI bot ???
    Scroll to dmlstl post & my reply.

  5. Oprah is hardly qualified to run for POTUS. Her speech at the Globes was about one subject: sexual harassment, and it was hypocritical because she befriended Harvey Weinstei for decades and now that he has fallen from grace she goes out and attacks what he stood for. Since that is not the only problem facing our nation, how do her dumb Hollywood friends think that makes her presidential material? They also showered their praises on the imposter Obama so their opinions are worthless and dangerous to we the people. Trump for 2020!!! Despite all the obstacles and distractions facing him, he is fulfilling his campaign promises and his agenda. Nothing short of amazing. He has accomplished more in less than one year than Bill Clinton, George Bush and Obama combined.

    • Amen to that Mary Ann, I was so disappointed when Tom Hanks said some unkind things about the greatest President we ever had..Plus some other actors that followed suit..I ill never pay to see any of their movies again..they are TRAITORS. Trump is not a Politician, and he wants to make America Great Again, well he certainly is doing an AWESOME JOB so far, not like the previous Presidents you mentioned..The worst President is Obama..Don’t know how the so called Hollywood celebrities cannot see with their own eyes is beyond me. The coward way that Obama bowed down to our enemies..OMG.The trillions of dollars he put America in debt..What did he ever accomplish while being a President? Obamacare? Which is laughable..He lied to the American people saying we can keep our same Doctors..Well we all know that was a LIE. The Uranium deal along with the Clintons and others in Obama’s cabinet..sold to RUSSIA Who does that.Traitors that’s who.and yet so many Americans and IGNORANT CELEBRITIES turn their heads to those FACTS.I can go on and on..but you get the jest of it…so good job girl..Keep up the good work…

      • I loved a lot of the Hollywood stars…now I won’t spend a dime to see their movies…theuy can all just go to hell, especially Maryl Streep, Tom Hanks, George Clooney.

  6. This is all VERY serious, Marty, but…as with ALL bad things…a little humor infused helps to wrap the head around an otherwise unconscionable predicament.

      • And here’s grins…posted yesterday 1/10/2018. QUOTE…

        Obama and Clinton used the White House as a launching pad into the liberal millionaires club.

        Net worth BEFORE holding public office:
        Trump $4.5B Obama $3M Clinton $500K

        CURRENT net worth:
        Trump DOWN TO $3.5B Obama UP TO $40M Clinton UP TO $100M

        You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook! UNQUOTE

        And just WAIT until the FEC does in Clinton for violating campaign finance laws by laundering MILLIONS from the Hollywood Elite. Robbed from Peter to pay Paul, she did, but the proverbial Maytag got over-loaded…no rinse cycle…DIRTY MONEY to the 🎵tune🎵 of $80M.

        • ‘WE’ need to ‘squelch’ any talk of ‘o’ Anyway we can, no matter how ugly…Don’t need msm press 0r otherwise, shoving ‘her down our ‘eye balls’ foe the next 3 yrs !!! Need concentrate on Good & P0TUS . & yes PJ, some comments are blocked . just happened Again . hah haaaa – i hope ‘they’ got an ‘eyeful’… it was respectful … let’s see if this gets thru –

  7. > where is oprah ??? Harvey say: oh honey save me… vid clip in Scottsdale AZ.
    Harvey Weinstein ( wearing a dirty grey tee) slapped in the face by fellow diner. look it up- 60 sec. @ tmz .

  8. in MI . tried 3x w/comment & a no go … let’s see if this goes thru. uh – maybe orca don’t like me . Tuff – ‘forks’ no stickee
    in rubber … haaa.

  9. For everyone calling this “hypocrisy”, shame, shame, shame! It is NEVER hypocrisy when demonrats do it! When demonrats say one thing and do another it’s because they are simply not being “judgemental”; they are only exercising their “moral relativism”. Imagine if she were a Conservative and had done that. The resulting outrage from the left would feel like a 9+ quake in the heart of blah-la-land. But being it’s Ophra, hey, com’on. It’s relativism and the left owns it.

    • Oprah for President…OMG!!! The left wing social club idiots are all on Crack apparently. If it wasn’t for Trump working so dam hard to drain the stinking swamp we would all be doomed!

  10. What we have here is a general consensus…and a failure to KISS ASS! #OprahOver #ObamaOver #LeftOver…leftovers! get it?!😂😂😂 TRUMP! MAGA! AMERICA FIRST! Top THAT, zee, with your delightful hilarity!


  12. Her appeal maybe a mile wide, but it’s only an inch deep. Don’t think for a minute that Granny Pants, Biden, Cuomo and others are going to ‘rollover’ this time like they did for POTUS Barry. The prospect of this ‘O’ joining forces with Moochie Obama are laughable. These two detest each other. Ya, Oprah supported Barry but after a few WH visits she became conspicuously absent from the scene. Barry’s Angel’s, Moochie, Val and Susie, made sure of that. Remember, there’s only one queen in a hive.

    • To dlmstl > Did you ‘know’ Biden is ‘openly’ pedo w/ little girls? .
      & thinks no one knows or can see ___
      I saw a vid clip where AG Sessions uh ‘patted’? his (Bidens)hands down getting ready to ‘touch’ little girl … ‘they know’ ___
      > V. Ugly ‘Infested’ topic …

  13. She is a racist, just like Obama is. She plays the game just to fit in and get money. She knew Weinstein’s was and is a pervert. The people in media and entertainment only care about getting their share of the money.

    • Oprah lit the world on fire with her speech at the Globes??? Meryl Streep says now she has no choice but to run. Two hypocrites. Now they stand for women’s rights yet ignored the misdeeds of Meryl’s “god” Harvey for decades. Now that it’s politically expedient they condemn him. Not to mention if Oprah decides to run, all the skeletons will come out of her closet and prove to be very embarrassing for her. Why don’t you two epitomes of hypocricy just fade away and take Hillary with you.

  14. If this is all the Democrats have for 2020, Looks like President Donald J Trump will be reelected for his second term, Love you Mr. President!

  15. One of many problems with this country right now is celebreties and their big mouths, thinking they have any right at all to tell us what to do. By the way President Trump has been doing a good job, better in one year than anything Obama did. Wait, did Obama do anything good????

  16. Oprah is a barf bag. She often disgusted me. She is a spiritual guide to millions of white liberals. When Obama came to her show, the world watched her giving Obama her blessing.

    I almost never watched her show. It amazed me how gullible her followers can be. They practically ate every her word. She’s a god to them. Disgusting.

  17. Poor wretched women – looking for “love” in all the wrong places. And I’m not talking about Oprah. This is much bigger than her. With few exceptions, women have no idea where they are heading. I wouldn’t want to be a woman for all the tea in China. I’m in the enviable position of not having to bother with women. I’m retired and most importantly, married to the most amazing woman I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. She’s incredibly bright, extremely principled, very grounded, loving, and I’m blessed to have her for my wife. Who needs anything else?

    • hmmm – i like to ‘spar’ terry. More ‘men?’ want to be women than the reverse … & glad you are happily married__ a Beautiful thang, but
      you know what? i ♥ Men , but sooo glad i am not a man … lol. &
      ps. yes, i am one of the “few exceptions” in your spiel …

  18. As far as I am cconcerned Oprah fas been over rated her entire career. Her commemts about race have been offensive. If she ran for office I would work hard to see that she was not a winner. She and Obama make me sick!

    • Yes,…. didn’t she say something to the effect of “Old White Need To Die”??? Black Racists are the worst racists the world has ever known and we’re talking about the American Black Race. They are the most ungrateful breed on this planet and they have it better in America than in any other country in the world. Yet they still want to cause trouble in all aspects of daily life in America?

    • Hey, zzTOPS! You weren’t blocked! This site tells ME it “detects a repeat” ha! Just keep hitting SUBMIT! The ‘dossier’ is OUT on Oprah, er, Opee Orca…all those OOOs!😂 and it ain’t flattering! Our work was done FOR us…check your Google cards! FACTS NEWS! #OVER!

  19. she is deep into nwo and a top player thats why she showing in those pics,loving up to that disgusting piece of trash,always thought she was a racist,,,,,real work of trash this my first comment about opral

  20. she is deep into nwo and a top player thats why she showing in those pics,loving up to that disgusting piece of trash,always thought she was a racist,,,,,real work of trash

  21. Another qualified democratic candidate, no doubt!!
    They swoon because she dislikes Donald Trump and of him as president.
    A community organizer, and now a talk show host, but at least she is Black. Just keeps getting more entertaining with them!

  22. You sport seem to have an inability to grasp what is going around you. You fail to realize or except the fact that the lady o has made it more than clear that she is a huge racist, I have seen her shut down by Will Smith on her own show with her racist remarks, not to mention her loose lip statement about killing a whole generation of whites. And you are correct about racist remarks practice what you preach, news flash it is not a age thing , its a who you choose to be thing , and having all the money in the world and being a black woman with tons of success does not meen you are a good person and she by no meens is a good person. Good luck in that little world you live in.

    • The mere fact that she has all the money she’ll ever need, means the only thing left is POWER!..The U.S. presidency would give her whatever else she needs. Unsure about her “racism”, but, if she ran, I would like specifics about her “likes and dislikes” as it pertains to the electorate’s well being.

      • Apparently john, U have have N0T viewed recent (X-treme r
        Racism)clips… & US P0TUS
        will ‘not Ever Give’ whatever she needs(?) what Does she need? .. & i say this w/respect ….

        • I can think of a few things she could use, but that would not be acceptable here. If she were to run for president, she would need a whole lot more in body guards than just the Secret Service agents. It is possible she could win. The MSM would gloss over the facts such as the pictures shown in this article, because she is black, and a liberal. So, indiscretions on her part would disappear.

          • IF Dems/libs have Nothing more than opee orca ,on a platform for US Pres. in 2020, well then, it is a G-Send & landslide for P0TUS, if he wants to do it…
            > this KrAAp is just unbelieveable ( for Real ppl. ) wow.

  23. Birds of a feather flock together. An old saying. New application here.
    Hypocrites one and all!!!!!!!!!! They make me ill,,,,,,

    • She was great when she gave everyone in the audience a FREE car, but forgot to tell them that owed thousands of dollars in taxes on the car. You don’t remember that? Very convenient

      • I was going to bring that up but kept reading comments before I did and low and behold, you had posted it. You are absolutely correct. The cars were provided by GM. They didn’t cost the Oprah a penny. In order to keep the car, they had to pay thousands in taxes. Oprah is a SCAM and ALWAYS has been. If she had any decency whatsoever, she would have paid the taxes on those cars. She’s racist, tight, greedy and a total hypocrite and a piece of whale sh*t ! ! !

    • Oprah could not live around normal people . She likes living with a fellow, she wouldn’t merry. Or perhaps , other way around, he would NOT merry her. So, that answers why she is and adulteress. Roll model for young people. Hang out with Harvey and stick her Harvey’s ear.

  24. Having worked with Oprah and spent a lot of time in meetings with her; I would never vote for her. Oprah is not what she tries to appear to be. Oprah is all about Oprah and cares for no one but herself. Talk about a fake person.

    • I kinda suspected so much. The consummate narcissist cultivates adoration but those who know it from intimate encounters knows different. No surprise, her affection for one impostor president who shares the same affliction.

  25. orca windbag only cares about her self and her money , what people see in her is beyond me , she’s a feminist , racist, with a big mouth ,like hillary try and find her accomplishments , it’s all about her , she’s a tight wad that doesn’t nothing for anyone unless she can make some money off of it

  26. Just another hypocrite democrat! She gave such a moving speech for women who have been ignored, as a sexual assault victim herself! Oprah is an actress, she went to the church Obama attended with that crazy black pastor who chanted “God damn America” they just can’t make this stuff up! There isn’t one, good Democrat!

  27. Actually to keep things straight – she is NOT “kissing him on the cheek” she is sucking his ear lobe! Look at the other one not in her mouth and you will see they are distinct.

    • Whatever she was doing, it is disgusting! This guy got a lot of people pissed off, but he is Hollywood, and by 2020, he will be back in their good graces! That’s what they do, The are manipulaters! The DNC is a criminal organization and they will only get worse! These people sold their souls for wealth, and they better live it up now, because they will spend eternity in hell.

  28. 0 -M- G > such ‘fodder’ __
    > 0prah – you ‘should’ be Ashamed of yourself. Period_
    & i don’t care How Many $ bucks you have amassed under
    ‘biggee Umbrella ‘ … ‘Emotional fodder’ …
    > Hey Harvey – like that ‘hot chocolatte’ ??? haha & GAK_
    > hey, MR. Kim U like hot chocolate? i better stop now. lol

      • > Yeah rite – ya haaaaamaa… ♥
        > oh geez – i gotta ‘Stop’ !!!

        BTW: AM N0T Racist – don’t care if human is
        Purple w/ pink polka dots = JUST Be Real, rite .

          • uh-oh, you mean i said “purple” Unwittingly? . 0ops.
            >See – the sub-conscious mind knows. (good,bad,ugly -it’s
            all in there), in the ‘VeryWhere’ Don’t care if ‘humanos’ are Pink w/ Green polka dots, Just have your brains straight & N0T influenced by for EX. AI(Artificial Intelligence in the subliminal). 0u Keep Your Soul – Anywaaay You can … ps. WiFi = baaad, bad bad, buttt V. Convenient… ‘I’ AM Still Real ___ haha.

    • You don’t get to the top without using other people. Some get stepped on others give a hand up. Oprah knows how to climb the ladder. Lots of skeletons in her closet.

  29. Oprah has no more business being president than Hillary or Michelle. She has too many personal issues worse than Trump. At least he’s real and trying to fix our free country by limiting who is allowed in. Throughout history every country wants America to take our freedom and Oprah likes to give things away for popularity. Our deficit was paid by another country and until re rely on all Americans alone we’ll never be free. It’s time Americans took our country back for whatever future our families have years to come. We even took America from our native Indians who knew more than we and forced them in a world they were trying to protect our freedom from.

    • I agree whole heartedly. Oprah is not role model material, and certainly not presidential material. She needs to tone her ego down and step off the pillar!

      • How about step off a bridge?? Better land on her fat ass!! If it lands on it,s head that poor old bridge would come tumbling down!!

    • I did the same exact thing..for Obama is a traitor, and she supported him with her money..I do not understand why the Democrats or Demorats don’t see what I see..all the things he did to our country..he accomplished what he wanted..giving Iran millions of dollars who does that..he along with the clintons and other traitors gave our uranium to Russia..Who in their right mind would do that? Obama lied to the American people to push his Obamacare and said you can keep your own Doctor..we know that turned out to be a LIE.. the bowing down to our enemies…who does that? A Traitor that’s who..he is the worst President we ever had in History…Trump in less than a year did more for our country than Obuma did in his 8 yrs..But many people do not know this because our FAKE MEDIA, Liberals, Demorats all says it is LIES and the ignorant people who do not educate themselves believe them..So sick and Tired of IDIOTS..

    • She lost me in the late 80s, early 90s when she became so condescending and superior to just about everyone. I saw right through her and knew she was a phony then. I’ve never been into the exploitation of the troubled and that’s just what she did as she climbed to the top. If you’re sincere in helping others, you don’t exploit their hardships for any amount of money. If one has the need to buy others in order to gain acceptance, you don’t have a true friend or companion, you’ve merely gained another insincere puppet to follow you around. Who wouldn’t sit in an audience when it’s likely to get expensive gifts? The worst part about that was she led people to believe she paid for those gifts, and then we find out she had other donors foot that bill every time.

  30. I do not agree at all with your premise. Oprah Winfrey has accomplished a lot in many different areas and has a strong voting base, as demonstrated the other evening at the Golden Globes. I have been photographed with all sorts of people over a 60-year career, but, as I am sure is the case with Oprah, I am not responsible for the private lives of those I may have been photographed with. Further, President Trump’s recorded statements on his own personal life don’t leave much room below for ANYONE I can think of. Who else would dream of building a big wall while not insuring the health of our children?

    • It is not Pres. Trump’s responsibility to ensure the health of”our” children. Its moms and dads! Pres. Trump’s constitutional duty is to “protect and defend” the citizens of this country. Read your constitution soon

    • Robert Freeman you are A Ass,building important to keep illegals and bad people from coming into U.S. It is your duty to take care of your child’s health and medical not the government

    • While I respect your right to your opinion, if you don’t understand the importance of securing our borders then you are part of the problem, not the solution. The wall on our Southern border is essential to our security.

    • First of all Oprah has shown more than once her racist side. Will Smith even put her in her place on her own show, and lets not forget her comment about killing a whole generation of whites, so tell me how someone like her with a broken moral compass would or could do anything positive for this country. Also since when is it the responsibly of the government to take care of our medical needs, wake up dumb ass!

    • Robert, how can we help our legal children when we’re spending billions on illegals and refugees. We have to stop the inflow first otherwise we’re fighting influx that is making a problem in the first place. It has to be stopped somewhere and that is building the wall.

    • About 200,000,000 would agree on building a wall.
      About 100 would agree with Oprah.
      I do not comprehend your explanation of not insuring the health of our children.

    • Have you been photographed sticking your tongue in a known rapist’s ears? This woman oprah did so for her ambition, knowing who and what Weinstein is. This woman climbed the ladder of success whose rungs are the souls of millions of gullible, deluded libs, Sadly YOU are among them.

      Inform yourself of the power of narcissism and the spell of the Personality Cult that has consumed you! You were an obama voter and will be an oprah voter, too, but for the sense of newly awakened Americans who will see to it this woman’s sick, dangerous affliction will never darken the White House.

  31. Opra is a windbag. As for Harvey Weinstein, in plain English, he is a POS who should long since have been flushed. Concerning the rest of these ovrivileged Hollywood types, readers are free to draw their own conclusions.

  32. Just another Hollyweird lib hypocrite….please remember this is the same woman that said the only way to get racial equality “is for all white people to die”!!!!
    Yep, just what we need: another racist black supremecist!!!!(or however yous spell it)

    • She evicted her own ex-stepmother when she divorced Oprah’s father. The divorce was due to the father brandishing guns at her and him cheating on her with prostitutes. When the step mom wouldn’t sign a confidentiality agreement Oprah had her evicted. What does this say? If she treats family this way how will she treat the American public?

  33. she should run easy win for trump that all the demashit have trump wood have fun with her cult lady bad health lot of dirt on her that for sure

  34. ‘Member years ago when Oprah had liposuction and dumped the full garbage bags on-stage?! Cast too wide a net. Sucked out gray matter and any moral turpitude…along with all the FAT! Cecil B. DeMille award for a lifetime of PHONY!

  35. ‘Member years ago when Oprah had liposuction and dumped the full garbage bags on-stage?! Cast too wide a net. Sucked out gray matter and any moral turpitude…along with all the FAT! Are we having fun yet?! Oprah deserves all the blowback after her self-righteous Holier-than-Thou hypocritical mic time at THE Globes. Cecil B. DeMille award for a lifetime of PHONY!

  36. Isn’t there a saying about how you are perceived by the company you keep? Well, there’s also another one: Birds of a feather flock together. These two are both in the same liberal cesspool never ceasing their grousing that Trump won the election, even though Hillary spent megabucks and cheated in every way she could to win… but I digress… anyway, Oprah never DID have a speck of charm or ladylike behavior. She’s down and dirty like most ghetto trash.

    • Ghetto trash. Really.? All of y’all with these racist comments are hilarious. Now Lady. O is ghetto trash. This country is never move forward until you and all your generation with your radical views is die and gone. that the best thing. bout time. Soon your prehistoric views and YOU WILL BE NOTHING BUT A STATUE IN A MUSEUM

      • > puh-leeze – lady o ? come on. No lady o &&& we ARE N0T Racist.
        > Color doesn’t matter – Just Know < what a Real Lady IS, please.

      • Try writing with proper vernacular and maybe you will be taken as a valid conversationalist with valid ideas. Explain why we’re radicals. We want honest government officials not ones who are making millions on being in office.

      • You can put lipstick on a pig, dress it in evening gowns and tuxes, but “ghetto’ is something you can’t hide. It follows you to the ends of the Earth.

        You can take oprah out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ‘ghetto’ out of oprah.

      • Hey Nate! There is NO one more racist than a ghetto black!
        Lest you think that I am admitting to being a racist, please know that I know some good solid Americans who are of the black race, and some of them are even my friends.
        BTW, why don’t you google to find out how many of those evil white men DIED so that your race could be freed from slavery? I speak of the Union soldiers in the (un Civil War).

  37. I thought she was finished when her own father said he would not vote for her. Many people are not aware of a small cult called SUBUD. If you have never heard of it you should look it up. The woman who certified Barry – whoever the hell he really is – Hawaiian birth certificate – Loretta Fuddy – was a member of this little cult. So was Barry’s momma – Stanley Ann Dunham. This cult originated in Indonesia and has it’s U.S. headquarters in Chicago. OPRAH WINFREY teaches SUBUD and George Soros funds SUBUD. That sure is an awful lot of coincidence and should really be investigated – maybe we can find out who Barry really is and all the people who helped perpetrate this scam should be locked up at the very least.

    • Spot on Mike! Not many people know this, and not enough would believe it. Nor the fact that Oprah is involved with the Deep State. Consequently, her agenda is pure evil.
      In addition to locking up all the people who promote SUBUD, they should face a firing squad.

        • reply to myself & Any0ne else … grasping Ashkenazi jew /muslim Will burn some brain cells – but once u know<, then
          U have some 'real Truth' … ♥ all.

      • You are so right Hawk..His stepfater adopted Obama..so how is it that Obama who is not a citizen became our President..so many skeletons in Obamas closet.But money talks with the help of George Soros, Obama and his crooked friends helped him win the Presdency..Money buys every thing..

  38. After the damage that obambam caused, with his thuggish attitude, people might think twice before putting another Afro-American in the White House.

    • I would totally vote for a black person . Such as condalisa rice, Larry Elder ,Ben Carson and many more . There color means nothing to me!!! As Martin Luther King said it’s about character NOTcolor!! So I wish black people would stop thinking that every single black person must be supported regardless of there character or lack there of just because they are black!!!

      • 0u – yikesmeister … Former madam Rice displayed ‘her True self’
        endorsing the ‘o’bomb … & Don’t tell Me that she didn’t KNOW
        + More what i & E’0ne else ‘knew’ at that Time … 0u.

  39. Not a woman of substance…not Oprah. Plays on whatever winning team is at bat. Good riddance from the DC scene. Stick to what she does best…like Ellen…freebies.

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