Over 1,000,000 fraudulent ballots were discovered in these four states

The integrity of the 2020 election is one of the biggest scandals in American history.

Polls show overwhelming numbers of Republicans do not believe the outcome was legitimate.

And now over 1,000,000 fraudulent ballots were discovered in these four states.

The Amistad Project has been collecting sworn affidavits – given under penalty of perjury – about how the 2020 election was conducted and votes were counted in key states that supposedly went for Joe Biden over Donald Trump.

Their findings were shocking.

The National Pulse reported “the Amistad Project has gathered whistleblowers and sworn declarations revealing over one million potentially fraudulent swing-state ballots, including completed ballots getting shipped across state lines, postal service workers being told to prioritize Biden mail, and officials tampering with Dominion systems to prevent an audit.”

The affidavits described “photographs of individuals improperly accessing voting machines and a detailed eyewitness account of the breaking of sealed boxes of ballot jump drives and commingling of those jump drives with others.”

The Amistad Project put forth more evidence to back up their allegations of voter fraud.

“Details include potentially hundreds of thousands of completed absentee ballots being transported across three state lines, and a trailer filled with ballots disappearing in Pennsylvania,” the Amistad Project reported.

Affidavits and evidence are piling up.

There are just too many allegations to dismiss these claims as “conspiracy theories.”

One reason it’s so important that President Trump argue this case all the way to the Supreme Court is so Republican voters can have faith that their elected officials will fight to expose fraud.

That will prevent rank and file Republicans from giving up hope that their vote doesn’t count because the Democrats are scheming to rig the election anyway.

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