The parents of this MS-13 victim had a message for Democrats

Elizabeth Alvarado and Robert Mickens, the parents of a teenage girl murdered by MS-13, were invited by Trump to his State of the Union Address.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid mocked Trump for bringing awareness to the threat MS-13 poses by saying that only Fox News viewers have heard of them.

But Mr. Mickens slammed Democrats regarding their response to Trump’s call-to-action.

Elizabeth Alvarado and Robert Mickens were interviewed recently by Laura Ingraham about what it was like to have Trump console them during his State of the Union.

“Tonight everyone in this Chamber is praying for you. Everyone in America is grieving for you,” Trump said to them. “And 320 million hearts are breaking for you. We cannot imagine the depth of your sorrow, but we can make sure that other families never have to endure this pain.”

Trump shared their story with the nation:

“Here tonight are two fathers and two mothers: Evelyn Rodriguez, Freddy Cuevas, Elizabeth Alvarado, and Robert Mickens,” he said. Their two teenage daughters — Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens — were close friends on Long Island. But in September 2016, on the eve of Nisa’s 16th Birthday, neither of them came home. These two precious girls were brutally murdered while walking together in their hometown. Six members of the savage gang MS-13 have been charged with Kayla and Nisa’s murders. Many of these gang members took advantage of glaring loopholes in our laws to enter the country as unaccompanied alien minors ‑- and wound up in Kayla and Nisa’s high school.”

But Mr. Mickens was struck by the way Democrats reacted to Trump’s statement.

“Well, I thought it was very disrespectful for the simple fact the Democrats who were there that did not stand up, they were African-Americans. So that hurts me a lot to show they did not have the respect or to honor what just happened to our lives and to Americans’ lives. It’s not right, you know. Regardless of how they feel about the president, they should show the respect because I would show them the respect if that was their loved one.”


Many Democrats did not stand up or applaud to honor this family because of pure partisanship.

Of Joy Reid’s comments, Elizabeth Alvarado simply said, “I have no words.”

“No words.”

What are your thoughts on the message Mr. Mickens had for Democrats?

What are your thoughts on Joy Reid downplaying the threat posed by MS-13?

Sound off in the comments below.



  1. By refusing to honor the loss of these parents, and acknowledge the lawlessness of the M-13 gang. The Deamoncrats align themselves with lawlessness and failure to fulfill their mission to make laws and support their enforcement.

  2. Repeat: Sandra Lee Smith
    FEBRUARY 4, 2018 AT 2:42 PM
    Even the act of swearing your soul to Satan is “because you CAN do so” and get away with it. Fact is, if you simply reject Yhwh God, you have as good as done so anyway, so no special “swearing” is necessary. And they DO it because they CAN, in the sense that no one has yet had the moxi to STOP them from doing it!

    FEBRUARY 5, 2018 AT 9:21 PM
    AG Sessions …

    FEBRUARY 5, 2018 AT 9:24 PM
    re 4000 MS13 0ut. (re 10,000 or so they say) Suspect they are going Gitmo per Pres. DJT new 0rder… read it.

    • Well, until they reach their final destination, that’ll do nicely, although I really wouldn’t wish them even on the Marines at Gitmo.

  3. democrats have no heart and are not in tune with the pulse of America, Gangs have no place in this country, so round them up and deport them to all those south of the border countries where they all seem to come from, if they pulled this crap in their home country they would be thrown in prison and left to rot

  4. I just can’t understand how these ingrated SOBs continue to get elected into office over and over. Is there really that many Americans running around with their heads so far up their asses that they can’t see whats happening in this country right before their own eyes! Lord, please help these people and this country!!!


    • Problem re Sanger WAS – she wasn’t De-capitated To Cut the Cord…
      Burn Margaret BURN … & Hillary studied Sanger’s doctrine …GAKmo.

  6. It is a sad day in this great country when evil wins again by taking the lives of our children, parents, brothers and sisters, friends. But what’s is twice s sad, is when people, show all of us, that the do not care, simply because our president is someone they hate. Once again politicians have shown all of us that they don’t care about you, me, anybody unless you think as evil as they do. And to tell you the truth, I honestly don’t think they would care if it was their own flesh and blood. That’s how evil works. If you voted for any of these anti american, anti lifers is, please, don’t allow them to remain in their positions. If you voted Democrat, ok, just get a more caring, loving person in that seat. Because if they remain, you are giving them crate blanc with all of our lives. We all may have different political alliances, but first and foremost, we are people who love and care. We also happen to be children of God. The world was, and will all be better, if we love each other as God loves us and sent his son Jesus Christ to show us how to act with each other. May Fathers love always be in our hearts, to do the right thing. I hope we will all pray for these family’s in their time of grief. All of you are the best. Peace✌️♥️🙏

  7. The leaders of the democratic party are simply self serving lying communist slugs who are trying desperately to bring down our president Donald Trump and our country.

    • John Soroka,
      It saddens me that the Democrats have been bitten by the same hatred and contagious bitterness that Barak Obama had for all things American, especially the right to life of the defenseless, innocent unborn child. He vetoed the only bipartisan bill passed by COTUS to defund Planned Parenthood back in April, 2016. He betrayed his own Black race whom are murdered by Planned Parenthood at the rate of 35% and the Latinos at 27%. So, PP murders 62% of two minorities. Something is wrong with that picture when you find more PP clinics in Latino and Black neighborhoods.

  8. I can’t imagine outliving my daughters/grandchildren! It’s very obvious these illiterate,stupid,ignorant deceptive “Dummocraps” were evicted from the conveyor belt as they were being assembled when they passed the “Heart” dept.!!
    I was a level 3 Navy Seal in Vietnam for (4) years. I learned maturity/diciplines&empathies in life from it. I believe there is none of the same for these “Maggots” that showed no respect for these parents! That’s why I call all of them,”DUMMOCRAPS”!!
    I send my prayers/sympathies to them & pray that time will ease the pain somewhat.
    Very cordially,
    Marty/Miriam Gannon,AKA “M&M’S we melt in your heart,not in your hands

  9. Never expect the lying liberals to respect anything that goes against their corrupt agenda. They are now starting to fell what millions of hard working,tax paying,law biding Americans have felt and lived for years. The loss of their power.


  11. Keep the promise, deport ALL illegals regardless of how they got here; if they are dreamers, let them get back where they originated and dream up a way to make it better!

    • I did NOT join the Marine Corps to fight for the right of illegals to overrun our borders and do whatever they wished, receive more benefits than any US born in this once great nation because the of left-wing, bleeding heart liberals. If they are in this country ILLEGALLY, get that? ILLEGALLY, then they obviously have No respect for the laws of this land, and are aided by those wishing to overthrow the US government and totally ruin what US veterans fought so hard for. We are doomed, if we do not stand up, fight and overturn this idiotic “communistic” mentality. Most are not here in the USA to make it better. They are here to get their grubby, grabbing hands on anything they can, to ruin this country as much as they can and are aided by the liberal media. We must take back this country and deport ALL ILLEGALS. And hold those who would break laws to aide those law breakers totally accountable. Punish those who violate the law, especially though violence, with swift, maximum Justice. Those “gang bangers” must pay with their lives. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of all those who have been affected my these low-life, scum-sucking monsters.

      • Louis, I think you’d make a great Senator or Speaker of the House. You’d be a very good voice for those of us who are sick and tired of the Liberals with NO morals, ethics, honesty or sense of responsibility take over our country.

      • First off, Thank You for your service to our Great Country Mr. Gutierrez. I agree whole heartedly with you. These people do not respect our laws or us as Americans. I will not be quiet until every last one of the ILLEGALS are deported and our borders are secured. We, the American Tax Payers are sick and tired of supporting all of these ILLEGALS.

      • They are filled with rancor. All that was needed to show their true selves and hatred for America was the election of Donald Trump. A man that loves this country and the foundation of our fore-fathers. LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

    • It is the governments of these so called Immigrant countries that is the problem; not the immigrants. The foreigners come here because their governments chase them out of their country. How do the governments do this? By offering no education; no medical help; no jobs; no housing; no law except for the elites there; literally nothing. It is their governments (ruling class) that is the enemy of this country; not the lowly peasant who can’t even spell his or her name. We should be giving their ruling classes an ultimatum, either clean up your act or we will clean it up for you and it won’t be pretty!

      • And just who is responsible for allowing those gov’ts to stay in power in those nations? THE PEOPLE IN THEM! If they don’t care enough to clean up their homelands and demand better of their gov’t there, why should we allow them to come here and make the SAME mess of our nation? Because that is PRECISELY what they are doing!

  12. My heart aches for the families of these daughters who were murdered by this despicable gang.

    But there are also HEROES in this story: We all owe the working men and women in this country a DEEP debt of gratitude for putting Donald Trump into the WH.

    My personal note of thanks goes to EACH of you who voted (as we did) for Mr Trump. I appreciate you all and wish you well.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  13. We should use the same rule for those un-American Polutocrats and MS-13. Shoot first, ask questions later. There is no honor amongst theives!

  14. Mrs. Alvarado and Mr. Mickens were far too diplomatic in their responses, but they are both absolutely correct; the mentally deranged democrats do NOT have any respect, for anyone, or anything, other than themselves and their own greedy, lustful desires. They care nothing for the rule of law, this great nation, nor the people in it.

    • my heart aches for these parents but having lived in NJ I recall about 12 years ago several black teens who were standing in a local school yard in Newark discussing their future plans were attacked and killed by ms 13 gang members with machetes. I believe 5 were attacked and only 1 survived and wish this horrible story had gotten more national coverage also.

      • I can’t believe the Democrats just sat there no smiles, no clapping, no heart for those two young girls that was murdered. It’s really bothering me because how can people be that way so hateful and evil. All because their candidate for President lost! They have no heart or concious. That is very sick and dangerous. I didn’t like Obama so did many people but we respect him because he was the President. What really worries me is the bad example the Democrats are showing our kids and the younger generation. They are the ones dividing our country and showing people it’s ok to hate and be racist. It’s ok to be angry and whine if you don’t get what you want. It’s been over a yr and the liberals, demos still whining like little children. It’s disgusting to see. Most of them have lost their minds. Ms Pelosi I wish u could have seen your self. It wasn’t a pretty site. You were so angry and your tongue was moving all over inside your mouth. I hope you got a chance to see your self it was gross! None of you deserve to be in Congress, Senate etc. you all need to grow up. I hope and pray when Nov comes all the Democrats lose the election. That would be the best thing for us the people and our country! Reality is you all don’t care about we the people or our country. It’s all about what u all want to please your selves. I’m so thankful that God is in control. U all don’t have the power or control that u all want! God had put me Trump as our President. He will remain as our President until the good Lord removes him. Not man! No matter what u all try to get Trump out it won’t work. Look at what u all tried already it just back fired on u all. In a way I feel sorry for u all because your all so miserable. You all don’t know what Love is! You all need to call upon the name of the Lord. You don’t have to live the way u all are. But we all make our own choices and sometimes we pay for the choices we make. God gave us all our own free will.✝️🙏

  15. THE ‘Infiltration’ per ‘o’ et al of MS13 Is N0T to be Taken Lightly …
    > Far Beyond ‘drugs’ per se … 0ccult Ritual / Gross Mutilation/
    Drinking Blood & More___ POTUS ‘knows’ … just so ya know.

    • ps. the Middle-East de-capitators D0 E’thing that MS13 does, Except
      they Do NOT ‘Drink’ Blood … VERY UGLY Luciferian Subject matter &
      btw PPH (planned P’Hood ‘knows’ re the blood deal & more …Enough.

      • I cannot imagine the sorrow of losing a child, but to lose a child to that kind of violence is beyond comprehension? The fact that our elected officials could sit there with blank expressions and hearts filled with hate when President Trump was talking about these families tremendous loss is despicable! I pray that these corrupt self serving individuals get what they have coming! MAGA

      • The older generation are democrats. They just don’t see that their party is no more and a liberal plague has spread to take control. My dad is 86 and a Democrat but he is no liberal. But he is starting to see the darkness coming from his party. He doesn’t have the plague.

  16. So much hate today and I blame that on liberals. All they do is call us Republicans racist. Before Obama got in to office America did have problems but not all this hate. Yes there are people that are racist black and white people. And that is true but now the liberals are tearing us apart. Look at the schools and universities. Taking down the statues, removing books from schools, not standing for the National Anthem, Antifa. My husband and I are both Veterans. Both of our sons were in Iraq. Our youngest son did 2 tours and they had friends that died. I have respect for the soldiers, police officers, fire fighters and when I stand for the National Anthem and my hand goes over my heart and tears fall from my face it is for them…it is for my sons friend that got blew up into little pieces and for the police officers and the fire fighters that have died. Remember 911? I stand for our country.
    The MS13 needs to be taken out of this Country. I cried so much watching those parents sitting there. I have been blessed by God in my life. I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren and they are all fine. But I have lost a niece and nephew they were murdered. Parents don’t have closure. I don’t know who started that but closure is a myth! May God be with all families that have lost children. It hurts forever. And shame on the liberals not standing for those parents and the others. And if Trump doesn’t take all of the DACA recipients and illegals out of this Country we will be stuck with these liberals again. And build the wall. America is a great Country. And I would shout it to the world. If you don’t like America leave, please. Call or e-mail the representatives, not just from your state, e-mail the President and tell all of them no more we had enough get rid of illegals and no amnesty for DACA recipients tell them to get rid of sanctuary cities and build the wall. Maybe WE need to go to Washington and march! Thank God for Donald Trump! Thank God for smart people like us.

    • Here here I couldn’t have said my it better myself we need to stand with the president and take our country back from the Liberals before they ruin it completely we will you become a third world country

    • God Bless your heart, and may The LORD wrap His Holy Arms around you with His peace, love and comfort. I agree also with you in thanking God for President Trump, and pray daily for protection and guidance for President Trump.

  17. I have to comment on the absolutely stupid and disgusting show the assholes put on at SOTU, however, it will prove to be the best advertisement for voting Republican. Thanks dip-shits!
    As for their ongoing agenda is concerned, isn’t aiding and abetting felons a felony itself? If so, as they say in the Old West, head ’em up and move ‘me OUT.
    PS Pelosi’s mouth proved that all dems play the Switch Game,,,,one finger in their ass and one in their mouth, then switch! Heehee

    • Good one. I finally got a laugh, because after reading this article all I can do is cry. the democraps respect no one, just themselves. Hopefully millions of people who voted for them will read this article and see what despicable trash they are.

  18. The Democrats were really wrong, those parents suffered the most tragic event in their lives. Children are suppose to bury their parents.!!!!

  19. Democrats are the cancer of this nation. They worship power, money, and sin. They are incapable of leading this country anywhere but down the toilet.

  20. There have always been idiots like those leading the liberal agenda. The sad thing is they’ve now learned how to breed & import others like them.Since true history isn’t taught anymore, only we older ones know of similar brainwashing by terrible leaders like Joseph Stalin & Adolphus Hitler to get control of the people. They tell the followers a bag of crap is horse apples & they all want some & ignore the smell.

  21. the people will never know most any of this,untill either start new tv and radio stations across our great land from east coast all way to our now glowing pacific ocean in the west or arrest all involved for their treasonous acts against we the people with there fake,lies discrete,propaganda bias so called news and take over the networks of deep state ,nwo and all that needs to be done is have president tell the american people and the world all this crap they been doing ….thats all… would take to start a serious movement to end nwo and deepstate and start putting all in jail with no way to start any more problems

  22. It’s a shame the stance that the Democratic Party takes when something bad like this happens, it just goes to show the cold thought of ignorance and how out of touch they are with the public and the areas they represent. They’ve been in power to long and have to be removed. Term Limits should be set. 10 years max.

    • I’ve thought a 12 year lifetime cap for all levels of gov’t in public service, appointed or elected would be fair; they can divide it up however they like, but NO MORE than 12 years’ total in any 1 person’s lifetime. And no lifetime pensions for any of them; they pay into their own IRAs or SSA like all the rest of us.


      • Sandra, I agree with you whole heartedly. But I’d like to add something to your comment. Those who are ELECTED to public service that do not already have term limits (senators and representatives), should be limited to two terms and NO MORE! That would be the best way to drain the swamp! If Presidents, Governors, Mayors, etc already have two term limits, then why the hell should these ELITES be allowed to have more? They have lifetime health care and a gold card at that, they have pensions that bring in more then we could ever hope to imagine to have and they become too big for OUR OWN GOOD! There is NO REASON why a Sen or Rep stay in there for 20, 30, 40 or 50 plus years! THAT IS WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY! Similar to pro sports and semi pro. I’d much rather watch a semi pro team, they play harder. And if we did have term limits, they’d be much more effective.

        • My problem with that is that it still allows for “career pols”; I want to END the possibility of that happening; by allowing ONLY a total of 12 yrs in public service per person in his lifetime that drains ALL the swamps, instead of allowing them to move from 1 to the next.

          • I whole heartedly agree. Career politicians were never supposed to be. Our forefathers hoped we would’ve gotten the point when the said presidents could only serve 2 terms. I know the politicians would disagree with me, but the longer you stay in office, the more they can figure out ways to take more of tax payers money, and to hold on to power. They always say we need people with more experience. That’s a load of garbage. None of our founding fathers weren’t that knowledgeable about politics and so they learned to listen to their constituents and moved forward. Nowadays politicians will look at us when we speak and on the inside will say, you can say what you want, but I’m still going to do what I want to do. So yes Sandra I am with you all the way in term limits. These folks have got to go! Have a great day!😁

          • The fact is our forefathers didn’t address the issue of Presidential terms except that they were to be 4 years. The 2 term limit happened after FDR, and in the late ’40s of the last century. Until then, no POTUS had even tried to serve more than 2 terms; so there was no need to address it. But it became an obvious necessity after FDR, just as we clearly see that terms of other offices also need to be limited now; but we need to limit more than individual office terms; we need to end, once and for all, the idea of politics as a career, and that can only be done by limiting how much of his life any 1 individual can spend in elected or appointed offices, which would include Federal judges, as well as others.

        • Generally, there are no term limits except on POTUS, and in a few states’ their governors, but even there it’s only limited to 2 consecutive terms; they can run again after a lapse of a term in between, as in CA. And we only have term limits on POTUS since after FDR did his stint. That was passed and signed under Truman, I believe, but it might have been Ike. NEVER before in our history had anyone attempted to run more than 2 terms, for POTUS. And the majority of members of Congress hadn’t made careers of it either until recent decades. Hence, now is when we have the need to deal with this; and I don’t want them still making careers by moving from level to level, slot to slot; therefore a maximum 12 year cap for an individual’s lifetime.

  23. what do you expect , the democrats are the same kind of trash as ms13 , just look how they supported the riots and protests the other year over the killing of drug dealers and criminals , i don’t care what color you are , if your dealing drugs or robing stores and braking into homes you deserve to be shot , do something stupid like run away from a cop you deserve to get shot , if you didn’t commit a crime you have nothing to worry about

  24. The same as always! They are enemies of our country all because they will not give up the open border policies of the despicable, anti-American who opened Pandora’s box. Letting any and all people from Mexico to the terrorists from the middle east walk into our country without so much as a question. All for the simple reason of getting a new source of votes for their dead party. The would kill their own kind for a vote. These losers have turned to violence against any and all American citizens to try and bring their dead forever so called party.

  25. Yes, Obama’s army. That’s why millions,and millions rounds of ammo was purchased during the last year. Why does post office need 5,000,000 rounds; FAA, USDA,and many other government agencies. Thanks to President Trump they slow down Obama’s army. If they had got the illegals into the states from middle east, in numbers they wanted, and with the stock pile of bullets, and guns by the summer 2018 or 2019 there would be good chance of civil war. MAGA

  26. Yes, Obama’s army. That’s why millions,and millions rounds of ammo was purchased during the last year. Why does post office need 5,000,000 rounds; FAA, USDA,and many other government agencies. Thanks to President Trump they slow down Obama’s army. If they had got the illegals into the states from middle east, in numbers they wanted, and with the stock pile of bullets, and guns by the summer 2018 or 2019 there would be good chance of civil war. MAGA

    • Merion, it’s because they lie so much the uninformed believe them. Just as the uninformed believed Hitler, and look what happened to Germany! Even to today, Germany has never regained their own self respect! Remember, Goebles said, “If you tell a big enough lie, enough times, people will believe you.” The other point would be all the freebies they give out to those who just don’t want to work or contribute to the health of this country. Ozzie Meyers once said, “Money talks…bullshit walks.” They also play, very well indeed, Divide and Conquer!

  27. The democrats put in a fake President and all they will do is everything they can to cover that up for they are the main one’s to lead and cover up the coup that they were trying to do because they did not get hillary to keep their ISIS movement to this country to but us under the united Nations control. They were building a war fund with FEMA under the fraud of flood insurance which FEMA is still running that fraud on the American people.

  28. hopefully all the nation see the dems for what they are….. anti american scumbag pos’s that ONLY care about personal gain and political power

  29. In addition to being the most ill-informed journalist on the planet
    She is also the most cold-hearted.
    I guess she only listens to any law enforcement news
    When a police officer is slain, which of course to her is good
    MS13 has tens of thousands of members in the US and they are one of the most evil and dangerous gangs in the US

    • There are places in the cities and towns where they have total control. She should be put in prison with M 13 so she can see how many there are in the prisons and what they will do to her

  30. Democratic policies have not worked as intended if they meant to eliminate poverty and other featites of LBJ Great Society. Independent people need to keep on being independent, and not wish for being taken care by the government. The party of Harry Truman has disappeared. The party used to be Center left, the GOP was Center right. Now they have moved far away from those positions in which comprise was possible. Study history and you will see the progressive of this. It’s too bad as neither party is peopled by angels.

      • Well, voting LEFT will NEVER bring that back; the last bunch were a PERFECT example of your definition of “truth and decorum”! Truth only passed the lips by Freudian slips and decorum is a word with which neither is in the least acquainted! And those were the “best” you had to offer. You’d do better to vote for the DONKEY!

          • Donkeys don’t pretend they’re something they’re not, at least. My late grandfather, who was a dyed in the wool Dem all his life, would have voted for the donkey, had the Dems run one, even a century ago, rather than anyone else.

      • And you ran Hillary, the biggest liar and criminal for your candidate!!!! You liberal scumbags are full of hate and 2020 is going to be a conservative windfall because of your failed platform.

      • Decorum was gone with o and m. She looked like a train wreck and he was a liar and hypocrite. Both are the number one racists out there. Ob and mooch should have been evicted be a se of the garbage they littered our wh with!

      • Obama was and still is a traitor to our nation. So are the Clinton’s. The whole Democratic party should be sent to Iran where they could spew their garbage! I am sure they would be”rewarded”!

      • You Dems would not know the truth if it ran over you with a locomotive… and even then you would claim it was something totally different…I say enough of your lies and the treasonous president you put in place and “covered for” for over eight years…and you still are covering for…

        You all need to get your heads out of your butts because if you don’t you will start suffocating during future elections —
        Oh, but then again…that would be a really good thing — so…keep up your lies and shenanigans — it will be the best possible outcome for this great country and it will contribute tremendously to the MAGA movement!!! Please accept my genuine heartfelt “Thanks” for your idiotic efforts to that end!

  31. Democrats don’t care about minorities. They just care about staying in office. Things don’t get better for minorities with democrats in office because they wouldn’t have anything to run on if things were good. They are the party of keeping people needy.

  32. Goes to show you the democrats don`t give a damn about the people of our country. These scum bags only care about their pockets getting full.

  33. My heart hurts, aches for the parents who lost their precious little girls. I know if I was my children or any of my grandbabies there would know place on God’s green earth for any one of those MS-13 to hide.Life is to short for scum of the earth to let these trashy scumbags live. Know parent should ever ever bury a child, before their own time to leave this world.May God bless and give them peace for the hate and evil these killers did to their precious children.

      • Democrats are shameless and utterly repugnant. Not showing empathy to the tragedy these families suffered betrays the Democrats’ racist and anti-American sentiments. The Democrats are not a party for America but its twisted bigotry, subversive and ceaseless endeavor to turn this nation into the Banana Republic, they so desire.

        • two thumbs up.. I watch politics now that I have time.. There is a reason the DNC is functionally bankrupt they basically owe more than they have in the bank to pay bills.. The party as a group are DE FACTO bankrupt in their politics.. They are racists.. they are all the nasty things that Hillary accused half of America of being.. but it turns out it is just about anyone who stands up and claims the mantra of their beliefs

  34. I recently went to a college basketball game, and, just before the National Anthem, I spotted a young female who still had her hat on. I said for her to take (her hat ) off, what was she, a Democrat?

  35. MS 13 is a group which acts as the terrorist arm of the drug cartels.
    At present they mostly restrict themselves to murdering minorities. I have personally seen them riding with the heroin supplier for a drug house that not so long ago was operating not far from here.
    I’m not talking inner city here, this is out in the country. When we would walk our dogs we would find the little heroin bags and paraphenalia. There were 15-25 cars an hour passing my farmhouse. When the drug house shut down, the traffic dropped to less than 1 per hour.
    The head man was not too hard to spot. He was Hispanic, drove a large black pick-up and had his bodyguards, sporting MS 13 tattoos, with him.
    It won’t be long before they stop discriminating. They won’t just be a black and hispanic problem anymore.
    It should have mattered long before now.
    No MS 13 member’s death should ever be investigated.

    • If there was ever a time to bring in the National Guard with FMJ and fixed bayonets, it is now! I and many others are tired of how these illegals are ALLOWED to stay and continue to their felonious acts as if is their rights as citizens. They are not, and even if they were, It is time to make an example of them and show the American people that this kind of behavior will NOT be allowed to remain here. You can willingly or in a body bag! We won’t ask twice!

    • LOL. Anytime you want to compare the crime/murder rate % of American citizens to that of immigrants who haven’t become citizens yet, please let me know, because it is so lopsided it’s not even funny. But I’ll tell you what… you will never see Trump come out immediately, if at all, if the crime/murder was by a white person. Remember Charlittesville? “There were good people on BOTH sides”. LOL. Here’s a clue… If you march with evil people, you are evil.

      • Alan Jaffe go back to the rock you crawled out from. All you ever do is spew your Democratic BS. You try to present yourself like a smart person but when you open your mouth you show all you are a dumb as dirt. Get a life and stop your BS.


    • Don’t know where you live… i have seen raw footage of MS13, Yes drugs, but far beyond ‘that’ > lika ‘blood Rituals’ & More …
      > from what i understand, AG Sessions et al has managed to removed re 4000 or so – too many more in N. Va /Long Island & West … (anyway, Don’t Rag re AG Sessions ) POTUS KNOWS What they do ie
      Mutilations/ blood & Waaay past drugs. bye.

  36. The demoncrats don’t have any respect for human life
    As long as they get votes. Planned Parenthood has killed millions of babies and they get young women to vote for them because the demoncrats and Supreme Court say that’s ok it’s
    A woman’s right. God didn’t give them that right! Disgusting!

      • Yes, the Horrible Margaret Sanger,& Hillary in her younger yrs supported Sanger …
        > Also PPH ‘recycles/ sells’ all parts… BTW: Cecil Richards stepping down from PPH.

        • Edit: Hillary Supported Margaret Sanger’s Doctrine … & ppl don’t know re this & when intro’d to them, they do N0T want to hear the TRUTH … ‘ Eyes Wide Shut’ …

  37. I just wish every Democrat in America would read this article and then note the comment section as well. There’s a lot of good ones here. The dishonor of these Democraps sticks out like a turd in a punchbowl, and it SHOWS right there in front of the entire nation. Don’t you just love it when they publicly make asses of themselves?

    • problem is they don’t give a s**t. They probably love the attention. I wish the public would let the police do what ever it takes to elimnate these mutts

  38. I do not understand the Dems disrespect, they are usually so devious, this is not a good political move which I am glad of, hope the U.S. voters vote them all out

  39. We don’t need to worry about Isis when we have low life scum called DEMS !! Yes, you stinking DEMOCRATS!! You know what’s worse than a democrat? More of them !! Lie,cheat uh& steal & those are the good points! I wonder how long it will be before dems welcome Isis with open arms, just as long as they vote for the dems!!

    • Have you been sleeping through the past several years??? WHO do you think a lot of those so called “refugees” are? They sure aren’t REFUGEES! They’re an army on the move.

  40. There are no words to describe the Disrespect shown by these Democrats….. It is DISPICABLE for them to be this way and they should be Repremanded for it….
    Example take away 2 weeks Salary from them…..or worse….
    Maybe next SOTU they might be more Respectful…..????

  41. Isn’t it a pity what the main stream journalism has come to. They don’t report on MS 13, a scourge to safety in America, but will report consistently on how many diet Pepsi’s or scoops of ice cream the president has. Now you know why such a low percentage of Americans have any faith in what they report. And they have the “balls” to call Fox fake news. They have become “Non News”!!! At least Fox reports the news!!

  42. MS-13 isn’t about “race” it’s about “institutionalized” violence in an organization that is global or at least hemispeheric. They infect at least all the Americas, with conscienceless HATE and VIOLENCE for no other reason than that they can. They’re nothing but another mob, without any of the “honor” the Mafia did exhibit. Killing is a pastime for them, and it doesn’t matter who you are. Their presence in the US needs to be recognized and dealt with properly now.

    • They Mutilate /drink blood in Ritualistic Sacrifice … They do what they do not “b/cuz they can “, but rather they swear their souls to Lucifer in Ritual & the body follows …

      • Even the act of swearing your soul to Satan is “because you CAN do so” and get away with it. Fact is, if you simply reject Yhwh God, you have as good as done so anyway, so no special “swearing” is necessary. And they DO it because they CAN, in the sense that no one has yet had the moxi to STOP them from doing it!

    • They aren’t mourning America; they’re mourning the agenda of hate and destruction that’s being stopped in its tracks, which they believed would make them masters of the world and Americans extinct, or their slaves if not dead. The fact is they HATE America and all she’s ever stood for in truth.

    • Oh yes! Mike where are they? How about on the south side of Chicago too! They are just terrorist ! They just want to get away with crime!

      • BLM movement only speaks up when black is shot by a white officer….silent about MS-13 murders of these innocent young girls

        • ALSO silent about the holocaust of unborn black babies and of black youths, in places like Chicago, at the hands of other black youths.

    • Blm only gets involved when it suits them. Because the perpetrators wernt white or police officers they wont respond. They’re the biggest racist ever.

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