Parents will be raising hell after Joe Biden made this awful decision for schools

Joe Biden is trying to fundamentally transform the country with his radical agenda.

Now he’s getting ready to upend school districts across the country. 

And parents will be raising hell after Joe Biden made this awful decision for schools.

Joe Biden shells out nearly $1 billion for electric school buses 

President Joe Biden is hell-bent on trying to electrify every form of transportation in the country to implement his socialist Green New Deal scheme.

His electric vehicle agenda has gotten the lion’s share of the attention.

But he’s been working on forcing every school district in the country to use electric school buses.

The 2021 bipartisan infrastructure – which passed because of RINOs like Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – created the Clean School Bus Rebate Program run by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to funnel money to school districts to buy electric school buses.

The EPA announced that it was awarding $900 million to school districts in 47 states and Washington, D.C to buy “clean” school buses – which will be 92% of the country’s fleet.

Teachers unions and their Democrat allies frequently complain that schools don’t have enough funding.

But there is more than enough money to fund Biden’s Green New Deal policy for schools thanks to Senate RINOs.

Funneling money into electric school buses comes as the nation’s schools deal with an illiteracy crisis after students suffered from learning loss due to school closures during the pandemic.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) found in testing that only 31% of eighth graders are reading at or above their grade level, a decline from 2019.

And the group’s testing found that a staggering two-thirds of fourth graders aren’t reading at their grade level.

Instead of dealing with a real crisis in government schools, Biden is worried about his Green New Deal agenda.

Biden’s electric school bus program plagued with problems

Showering school districts with money for electric school buses creates a whole new set of problems for them.

Biden mandated that all new school buses purchased by 2027 be electric and that all school fleets should be all-electric by 2035.

An EPA Inspector General report on Biden’s Clean School Bus Program found that electrifying school buses are going to be plagued with problems.

School districts have to build charging stations that require major upgrades to the local electrical grid to be able to draw enough power to recharge their batteries.

“Increased power supply demands could delay electric school bus deployment,” the EPA Inspector General report states. “We identified concerns with delays related to the infrastructure needed to support the bus charger manufacturers and the increased demand on utilities.”

Electric school buses also experience greatly reduced range in cold weather, which will make it impossible to complete some routes in rural school districts.

There have also been multiple instances of electric buses used for public transportation catching on fire because of their lithium-ion batteries.

Now-bankrupt electric bus maker Proterra – which Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm previously worked for – saw several cities abandon their buses for public transportation because of fires.

Electric school buses are the latest green boondoggle for the Biden administration.

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