Paul Ryan is betraying Donald Trump in the worst way possible

When Donald Trump won the White House, conservatives believed that the Republican Congress would swiftly pass his agenda.

But one month into his term and the GOP congress has yet to take action on Trump’s big ticket items.

And many are wondering just why Paul Ryan is betraying Donald Trump.

Trump campaigned on three core policies – repealing Obamacare, securing the border by building a wall along the Southern border that Mexico would pay for, and tax reform.

So far, Republicans in Congress have refused to lift a finger to move on any of these priorities.

And it’s beginning to frustrate Trump supporters who expected Republicans to take action.

Instead, they are seeing leadership in Congress betray the President they voted for.

Their attitude was summed up by conservative media personality Matt Drudge who tweeted that Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should be sued for fraud.

Writing in The Observer, Brian Darling notes the various ways Congressional Republicans are falling short of their promises:

“Conservatives, including The Heritage Foundation, are pushing Congress to use this measure as the basis for reconciliation this year, yet moderate senators Lamar Alexander, Bill Cassidy, and Susan Collins are pushing ideas that will save the core of Obamacare.

Now that Republicans have control of Congress, they seem to have lost focus. On February 16, The New York Times reported, “After moving to start rolling back the Affordable Care Act just days after President Trump was sworn in last month, Republican lawmakers and Mr. Trump have yet to deliver on any of the sweeping legislation they promised. Efforts to come up with a replacement for the healthcare law have been stymied by disagreements among Republicans about how to proceed. The same is true for a proposed overhaul of the tax code.”

The large infrastructure bill that both Democrats and Trump were eager to pursue has barely been mentioned, other than a general hearing to discuss well-documented needs for infrastructure improvements. Even a simple emergency spending bill that the Trump administration promised weeks ago—which was expected to include a proposal for his wall on the Mexican border—has not materialized, leaving appropriators idle.”

Darling warns that inaction could have serious consequences.

The midterm elections in 2018 will be a contest of base mobilization.

Democrats are engaged in full-throated resistance.

So their base will be energized to vote.

Will Republicans?

Darling cautions that unless Speaker Ryan and GOP leadership takes action on Trump’s agenda, the Democrats will be well positioned to win the next election:

“Republican leadership in the House and Senate are thwarting the Trump agenda with their gross incompetence. Drudge was spot on to accuse them of fraud, and Sen. Rand Paul is correct to team up with freedom loving members of the House and Senate to jump start the process of repealing Obamacare. At some point, establishment Republicans need to understand that if they continue to break promises to right-leaning Trump voters, they will hand over power to the Democrats.”


  1. THE republicians who have voted for years to not stop the horror of the torture of the Tennesee Walking Horse need to be advertise on internet look it up see the top REP.senator who got $750,000 Look up tenn walking horse abuse and speak up


  2. I concur with the statements made by all of you. Here is my perspective for what it’s worth. If we the people don’t take drastic action, we will not be able to avert a new civil war in this country. We have the right president and a lot of good people in Congress in addition to starting to clean up the courts. This is not enough though. We must either all unite together and let congress know the true consequences and also our willingness to physically take up arms for our country when necessary. Washington DC is not just a swamp, but it is a giant cess-pool filled with do-nothings who live like kings and waste our country in the process. We the people put them in their (with the help of illegals and other liberal crooks, and we can certainly take them out by whatever action is needed. Sometimes drastic steps are required to thwart those who wish to bring down this country and people. Wake up and load up!!

  3. Trump has been hit with now trying to weed out informers/workers for Obama. As this process effects the legislation he wants to put forth it slows down the process as does congress not approving the people he has asked to be approved for various offices. We have to realize many Republicans did not want nor expect to be working for/with Trump. Now their objectives have been compromised and they have to figure out how to get in step with Trump or be found out. Many have been fired and I’m sure they were not all democrats. Trey Gowdy has is hands more than full with the investigations that were on going and that have surfaced. I have confidence that Trump will overcome these obstacles but it will take longer than might be expected.

  4. The Snag as you put it which I heard today from Ted Poe is this Obamacare has now become an ENTITLEMENT and it will take time to unwind it. YOu can not leave people out in the cold regarding their INSURANCE without having somewhere to put them if you get rid of Obamainsurance plan. It is NOT HEALTHCARE but only INSURANCE CARE. UNDERSTAND THAT. IT was asked today why don’t we go back to the old system and get that going and then add “across state lines”, or what ever else which is really on the Insurance companies since this was all about INSURANCE PERIOD. It is now an entitlement and it can not be pulled that fast for you have to make sure that the people on it are not left in the cold if they are in the middle of a cancer treatment without INSURANCE COVERAGE for it will make them broke. See before Obamacare they had a terrible time getting coverage at all and now that they have it they do not want Obamacare (insurance) to go away. OBAMAINSURANCE IS GOING AWAY and something new will take care of them – like a high risk pool…Don’t really know but it will not go totally way until they have something to fall back into. This is the whole reason you are not seeing this go away so fast. It take planning and knowing the cost of things before they can get the new plan when they come up with it. More to come on this issue…

  5. It has not even been 100 days and people are wanted it to be done. NO ONE can do it in that short of time. Give them some time and they have a problem with Obamacare. They can take out a lot but now that it is here it is an entitlement and that takes longer to unwind for people who are on it need some type of healthcare so that people do not die inbetween these changes. Trust me I want it done as well, but you can’t kill people in the unwinding of an entitlement. I have heard today on the radio what the problem is they are facing and it is going to take time HOWEVER they are going to undue the individual mandate, the taxes and other things but they have to have somewhere where these people can do to to be taken care of esp. if they are in the middle of cancer care. You would want your close friends and relatives also to have care however this is INSURANCE NOT MEDICAL CARE understand this and you are half way there. Obama did not give us “medial care” he gave us insurance which was horrible, but again we can not pull the rug under the people who did it to pay for their bills so it will take time to UNWIND IT TOTALLY!

  6. Paul Ryan can’t be trusted . He just looks out for Paul Ryan and will stab anyone else in the back to get what he wants.
    Romney could have won when he ran for president with anyone, but Ryan, who continues to show his immaturity.

  7. I’m not defending them, and you may be right, Robert – perhaps in their heart-of-hearts they’re RINOs – but, unfortunately, they are the Republican Congressional Leadership with which we find ourselves at this moment in history, and the president has to work with. Why, for the love of it all, didn’t the House Republican Conference boot Paul Ryan out of the Speakership position when they had a chance to do so at the start of the session, I’ll never know.
    President Trump has to confront their challenge (if, indeed, it is that and not merely incompetence-which is possible and may, just as much, demonstrate their need to be replaced). He should take the initiative and meet with them directly, to determine what exactly the snag is and what, perhaps, he could do to get traction behind these major pieces of legislation which, to a large degree, are what gave Trump the mandate he has to govern. His rallies could, for example, have this very poignant purpose of appealing to the people to ‘contact their congressmen!’ in support of those three principle agenda items that ignited the movement in the first place.
    This is political follow-through, and is thee crucial nexus of the democratic process that, to a lesser or greater extent, must occur. A) You win elections based on a message/agenda B) You govern in accordance with that message/agenda by effectuating it into policy/laws. C) Not doing so not only weakens your side’s chances in elections/re-elections but also undermines its credibility vis-a-vis the electorate for possibly generation of voters (depending on how gross the disconnect is between A & B).

  8. Ryan and McConnell are Rinos and sold out to the democratic party. They are both shameless traitors and liars. They think the american people are to stupid to see what’s going on . But ther is an election coming and hopefully they will be gone.

  9. Well, it is readily apparent that Congress has yet to move its little finger.
    What do you suppose is really behind the foot dragging ? Think about it
    for just one minute. Congress passed a bill (both the House and the Senate)
    some two years ago tossing out Obamacare. That bill was vetoed by Obama.
    That very same bill could have been re-introduced a month ago, but it is nowhere
    in sight. So, what is the real story here, folks ? Could it be………..

  10. Paul Ryan can’t be trusted . He just looks out for Paul Ryan and will stab anyone else in the back to get what he wants.

  11. First I would say give these major issues some time. They are far reaching and deep. Who says changes are not in the works…certainly Obamacare, tax reform, infrastructure, the wall ALL take time. BUT, as was said in other comments…Republicans, get off your hands and get to work. And remember, there’s no “I” in TEAM. Not everyone is going to agree but then, work towards a solution. That’s your job!

  12. Selfish politicians, sacrificing the American people for their personal gain, infuriates me. Pres. Trump is holding up his end of the bargain. Get on board, Congress or else you’ll surely be fired. How do you like those potatoes??

  13. Paul Ryan should realize his future is at stake. If he doesn’t do his job and do what we elected for Trump, his career will be over. Period.

  14. Looks like we still have some FAKE Republicans still in office that need to be removed in 2018. I hope they get this message.

  15. What can the voters do to see these two do nothing leaders get out of the leadership and allow Patriots who want to lower taxes for all, plan a real affordable health insurances that the people can choose and use and not the Government’s choice. They have both houses and the Executive Branch what is their Problem–perhaps they love the status quo and can sit, talk. and meet–NO CHANGES — NO ACTION– JUST TALK AND SAY NOTHING

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