Paul Ryan instantly regretted stabbing Trump in the back on illegal immigration

Donald Trump rocked Washington when he said he would end birthright citizenship through an executive order.

Pro-amnesty politicians like Paul Ryan sprung into action to undermine the President.

But then Ryan instantly regretted stabbing Trump in the back.

Ryan raced to the liberal media to proclaim birthright citizenship was a constitutional right.

He claimed the children of illegal aliens had a right to American citizenship.

CNN reports:

House Speaker Paul Ryan told a Kentucky radio station on Tuesday that “you cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order,” remarks that come after President Donald Trump said that he has thought about trying to do just that.

“You obviously cannot do that,” Ryan told WVLK when asked by an interviewer about the President’s recent comments and where he stands on “an executive order ending birthright citizenship.”

Ryan went on to say, “As a conservative, I’m a believer in following the plain text of the Constitution and I think in this case the 14th Amendment is pretty clear.”

Trump fired back and shut down Ryan by noting the pro-amnesty Speaker hurt the GOP cause by sucking up the liberal media.

Trump is correct. The 14th amendment grants citizenship to those under the jurisdiction of the United States.

Illegal aliens are under the jurisdiction of the country they came from.

Therefore, their children cannot be granted birthright citizenship.

Trump is also correct in saying that Ryan would be better served in advancing Trump’s immigration agenda if the Republicans want to keep the majority.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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