What Paul Ryan just called for will make you sick

In the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy, politicians predictably began calling for more gun control.

Yet with Republicans controlling the House, Senate, and White House, passage of new legislation would seem unlikely.

That’s what makes Paul Ryan’s latest comments so stomach churning.

At a news conference, Paul Ryan called for a “regulatory fix” to ban bump stocks, opening the flood gates for future gun control measures.

While the facts still aren’t known about what the Las Vegas gunman was using, reports indicate some of his weapons were equipped with bump stocks.

At least one member of Congress, and Chair of the Second Amendment Caucus wasn’t having it.

Thomas Massie went on a tweet storm in the days after the shooting expressing his disbelief that Republican colleagues would be embracing new gun control measures.

Massie pointed out the proposed ban would likely lead to more gun control.

He strongly condemned the NRA’s backing for the plan now being promoted by Ryan, saying:

“I think it’s a horrible idea, to ask the ATF to contort existing law. I think it sets a bad precedent. We’re asking the Trump ATF to be stricter on gun owners than the Obama ATF.”

The Washington Examiner continued quoting Massie:

But he also warned that the ATF shouldn’t be given the political task of finding a way around the Gun Control Act or the National Firearms Act. Massie said those laws hold that an illegal automatic weapon is one that discharges more than one round with a single pull of the trigger, and that bump stocks — or what he calls “bump fire stocks” — still require one trigger pull for each round discharged.

That means, Massie said, that under the plain reading of the law, bump stocks shouldn’t be prohibited, even though they do allow more rapid firing. The ATF decided that in 2010, and the decision shouldn’t be revisited, he said.

“I trusted they did the right thing, and I think it demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of how a government is supposed to work,” he said of the NRA’s idea to reopen the regulations.

“I don’t think you can read a ban on bump fire stocks into existing law,” he added.

He then slammed his colleagues for failing to implement Trump policies, but acting quickly on gun control.

What do you think?

Does Rep. Massie have a point that a bump stock ban is a slippery slope toward more gun control?

Will it encourage Democrat Presidents to go further than President Obama’s unconstitutional regulatory overreach on guns?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Unfortunately, the courageous balls that you refer to are OWNED by the “progressives”, NOT by the conservatives!

  2. You’re absolutely correct. It’s not the gun. Guns don’t indiscriminately fire themselves. A person has to pull the trigger. There are enough gun laws on the books. They need to be enforced first and the consequences need to be harsh, no more plea deals and light sentences by liberal judges and DA’s.
    The liberals are trying to disarm the citizens in preparation of controlling us and instigating communism. Never let them take your guns!!!

  3. The only problem with your plan is the liberal judges giving out light sentences and the DA making plea deals.
    Other than that it is a good idea.

  4. Replace all the RINOS vote them out they are holding up our agenda if they don’t want to back Trump vote them all out!!!
    Enough of this crap

  5. I believe the second amendment was made to guarantee our right to own and carry out weapons.
    We must be aware that those who wish to limit our rights are the same ones who wish to rule over our country and our lives. Leave our weapons alone.

  6. MR Ryan, you obviously are not paying attention! The anti-gun laws explode into being every time a gun crime is committed! There are an unknown number of anti-gun laws on the books. I would like to ask you a few questions about them! 1) How many federal anti-gun laws are there on the books? 2) How many of these are UNFUNDED AND UNENFORCED? 3) How many have exceptions for politicians and their donors? I doubt that you have any answers to any of the above. I also am sure that you don’t know that places like Chicago with strict gun laws have the highest violent crime rates. You want to lower crime rates repeal anti-gun laws. Private property owners have a right to declare their property a “gun Free Zone”, and they should have to identify themselves as the author of the “gun free zone”. If there is a shooting in their gun free zone the author of the zone should be held criminally and civilly responsible for any and all damages!

  7. We had a deterrent to crimes, we killed, killers, but the democrats thought that was inhumane! Now, they want to take our guns, so the world would be all fluffy!

  8. You are an idiot! That guard makes $10.00 per hour, some billionaire with a dual-citizenship, stops by, offers that guard $10,000.00 to do nothing, you get it? Live in the real world!

  9. “We The People,” do have rights, and yes we have the right to keep, and bear,arms but our Forefathers didn’t plan on us turning into cowards! Having rights, doesn’t mean keeping rights,
    We, weren’t guaranteed anything! Sometimes the other people, want to take away our rights, more than we are willing to do to keep our rights! You have just bought a shiny, new automobile, they didn’t give you a guarantee that nobody would take it from you, sometimes you have to defend the things you want to keep! We have gotten lazy, and spoiled, we have become passivists! That’s when you let your guard down, and you lose things! So, WAKE-UP!!

  10. Ryan show that he is a scumbag while the elections were going on. What did people expecting from that rattler? When people will grasp the truth that the swamp or DC sewer is comprise of both party’s? Just ask your self: How are you going to drain the swamp putting same faces into the same positions that were looting America for decades? Does it takes decades to realize that to achieve the change it requires to put new people in?????

  11. Ryan show that he is a scumbag while the elections were going on. What did people expecting from that rattler? When people will grasp the truth that the swamp or DC sewer is comprise of both party’s? Just ask your self: How are you going to drain the swamp putting same faces into the same positions that were looting America for decades? Does it takes decades to realize that to achieve the change it requires to put new people in?????

  12. Once a camel gets his nose under the tent, the tent is not yours anymore; he’ll take over the entire tent. Do not trust liars like Ryan or for that matter, any politician until HE proves himself worthy of trust. Ryan is a self-serving, backstabbing RINO. Get him out!

  13. when will people ever learn that it does not take a gun to kill people . Cain did not kill Able with a gun. Man has a free will and can choose to act in a humane way or in a way which choose to take another life. Think of it this way when the courts promoted abortion they opened the flood gates to life born or unborn being of no value . God n warns us that if we take the un borns life we will pay a price . We have seen mass killings due to our own sinful nature. The gun is not the killer man is . Abortion robs God of His creation and mass killings robs us of those we love. Is there a difference are we better than God . It seems we think so. This violence is due to our own willful behavior in our nation against God . Making more gun laws is not going to stop the killing, until we stop taking un born innocents we will see this situation increase dramatically .


  15. Exactly the reason the M-16 was modified to additionally have Burst mode which fires 3 rounds per trigger pull. Aside from the cost of ammunition using Full Auto, the powers to be in the Pentagon determined that most rounds after the first three in Full Auto mode were wasted. Don’t be fooled by what you see in the movies. In the last 28 years…if my memory is correct… there have been but 2 incidents using some form of fully automatic weapon which includes the LV tragedy. The Media uses semi-automatic and automatic interchangeably because the don’t know any better. You only see criminals in the movies using automatic weapons.

  16. Cut the Gun Control rubbish. either regulatory or legislative. Think that is direct enough for our “congress critters”, all of whom swore an oath to “uphold, support and defend the constitution”? I would hope that it is.

  17. Several of your statements are misleading or totally false. A civilian has the right to defend himself or anyone he/she cares about if he/she feels they are in imminent danger of great bodily harm and/or death whether they are in their home or not. Firing on anyone in any other circumstance is not allowed. If the burglar can be persuaded to wait for the police to come and take him/her into custody or flees voluntarily, all is well. A prosecutor can disagree with the shooters assessment that he/she was under threat of great bodily harm and/or death and then the matter goes to court.
    By the way, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, the “Bill of Rights” we’re required by the founding fathers to explicitly enumerate what the federal government could never, ever do to it’s citizenry because they feared what the governments they fled in Europe did (and do).
    The left wants to abolish the second amendment above all because it allows the citizenry a method of defending themselves against the removal of the other nine.

  18. If you have ever seen Vietnam era footage you would have seen soldiers using AUTOMATIC weapons spraying the jungle foliage on the minute chance that some of those bullets would hit the enemy. If a well-trained sniper had been the shooter in Las Vegas, even limited by a SEMI-AUTOMATIC weapon, many more would have died, simply because he could see what he was shooting at and was trained to hit what he was shooting at. The actual shooter was not, apparently, a trained sniper, so he elected to spray as many bullets as possible in as little time as possible so that his tightly packed field of targets had little time to disburse. That is why there were so many wounded compared to the number killed. Assuming that you consider yourself a “normal” person and found yourself in a situation where you were being attacked by a gang, how many bullets do you think you would need to stop the attack assuming, of course, that you actually HAD a weapon to defend yourself with AND that under that amount of stress your firing accuracy was as high as the average law enforcement officer which is way less than 100%?

  19. Imagine if the British were successful in banning firearms prior to 1776. There effectively would have been no Revolutionary war and we would not be the magnificent USA regardless of our imperfections. Well, maybe we would have beaten the British with bows and arrows. There were no baseball bats back then. Pun intended.

  20. I don’t own any guns, nor do I feel a need to. However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in the 2nd Amendment right for others to own them.


  21. Might I add…how many dollars have been spent by Hollywood on trashy movies and how many dollars donated by Hollywood to the Democratic Party that have brought the moral standards of this country down along with the dumbing down of America. Many of the comments for this thread confirm your hypothesis/theory as well as my addition.

  22. don’t discount that this whole Las Vegas shooting could well be another false flag operation just to get more restrictive laws on the books to take away more of our rights, not saying it is but there is always that possibility,there is certainly no motive for the shooter to be found unless he was a patsy like oswald claimed to be , don’t put it past the deep state to run a false flag operation they don’t care how many people die, remember obamas administration moto never let a good crisis go to waste.

  23. Maybe YOU don’t want one or “NEED” one but the Second Amendment says I can own one if I want. “The RIGHT of the PEOPLE to KEEP and BEAR ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!

  24. You are wrong, the bump stock saved lives! How many rounds missed? Anyone with a scope can put over thirty rounds a minute center mass at the shooters range firing one round at a time, so do the math, how long was he firing? How many did he kill? How many would he have killed one round at a time? Thankfully he was using a very ineffective tool. He had a pilots license, a plane crash would have increased the death toll a hundred times ,he had explosives which could have also left more dead. The real problem is the decline of morals in or country. If we would put half the energy people waste on silly protests,gun control and useless politicians toward elevating our moral standards and thus our fellow humans ,many of our biggest problems would cease to exist.

  25. James – – – you are over looking a particular segment of our population. In black ghettos (Chicago, Detroit, etc etc) having guns and other weapons to use by blacks to kill other blacks is NEVER addressed by BLM, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton etc etc. That is simply because it is an imbedded part of their jungle culture. Therefore I ask you this. Should blacks be punished just for celebraqting their culture?

  26. Patricia, sorry to burst your bubble but the 2nd amendment is NOT and was never meant to be about about “self protection” against a criminal (that is a God given right anyway) or about hunting. It was enacted so if (God forbid) a Dictatorship ever came here in the US, “we the people” would be able to have arms and be able to fight against it (unlike Communist China or similar countries where they can do to the people as they wish) and they are unable to fight back.

  27. There is ONE kind of “gun control” i would support 100%. A federal law requiring that a minimum of ONE armed and trained security be assigned to any facility declaring to be gun free. That minimum of ONE armed security per each FIVE hours the facility is open to customers and/or visitors. That would result in double coverage for short periods during each shift.

  28. Looking backward to the Declaration of Independence statement that when government becomes abusive of those (our unalienable) rights (of which self-defense is one) it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. Governments are not abolished without the necessary tools of resistance (e.g. arms). As to putting on a uniform and joining the military in order to “learn the proper use of a weapon” I already did that when I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1967 and went to Vietnam and I stand as ready to protect the Constitution and my personal God-given rights against all enemies foreign and domestic today as I was then. Put that in your bong and smoke it!

  29. Hey Miss Vikki, are you saying politicians are corrupt or don’t really know what they are doing or really don’t care about anything but votes or only care about filling their pockets?
    On the other hand…you can’t just blame the politicians…BECAUSE they are voted into office. Look at what was voted into office(1600 Penn. Ave,) in 2008.

  30. Nor does it say that we should not have machine guns. Study of the words and discussions of the founders indicates that their intent was that The People should have the ability and arms necessary to resist a tyrannical government. That certainly would require that the arms available to citizens should be equivalent to those available to the government (USSC “construction” not withstanding). As Jefferson warned,, the courts can render the entire Constitution meaningless through willful “construction”.

  31. Check with the FBI and CIA, they had probably been warned about this or they instigated it in order to stir up trouble just like they did with the 9/11 incident, Oklahoma Bombing and everything that has caused a lot of TROUBLE for our Country!There are several books out there that confirm this fact!

  32. We have laws on the books that address many of the issues confronted today that are meaningless because they are not enforced.
    We have immigration laws on the books that aren’t enforced.
    We have cities and states that have become Sanctuaries by defying the law.
    We have cities, states and even countries that have outlawed firearms or have strict gun laws…to no avail. Chicago is the perfect example. Criminals prevail while the innocent are persecuted.
    Common sense is lacking in many cases…BUT then, who defines common sense?

  33. You are wrong, if you were being attacked by someone using this technology, you would damned well pray for the ability to protect your self and loved ones or you are a fool!

  34. I know what you mean. After all, passing a law against drugs worked out just fine, didn’t it?

    What these yahoos don’t realize is that CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY LAWS!! And they want to take away the guns from the legal citizens so they’d be defenseless against the ones who don’t obey the laws? Even if they closed up every gun store and trading post in the country, it wouldn’t stop the criminals from getting guns. It just shows how incredibly STUPID they are!!

  35. You have just proved that we need to have this new law. Why in the world would a SANE person want to shoot that many bullets at one time? All this ranting and raving over something like this is stupid. The only people that need weapons like this are those in the military. You would think the shooting in Las Vegas would have people wanting this “part” to transfix a weapon stopped, instead of screaming to allow them. So much vile hatred people have over something they know nothing about.

  36. Ryan is a fool, NO laws will change what happened or may happen in the future, criminals, terrorists and the insane to NOT obey laws, our best defense is to put more guns in the hands of law abiding people.

  37. The Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms to protect our homes. It does NOT say that we should have machine guns, or anything about converting a gun which would protect our homes. Most people with guns have NO IDEA of when and how to use a gun according to the law. If you think someone is in your home to commit burglary and you shoot him/her — you go to jail and if that person dies, it could be for a VERY long time. I am NOT against mentally sane people owning a gun to protect their homes, but there has to be some thought as to WHY would anyone NEED to have a weapon that could be used as a machine gun! If you are so gung ho to shoot many people in the name of protecting our country — put on a uniform and join the military where you can learn the PROPER use of a weapon (when, how and why). We have not even tackled the rights of unborn children yet. Let’s start there if you want to rant and rave about losing our rights in this country!

  38. Anti-gun liberals cannot tell us how any of the more than 20,000 restrictive gun laws in America have ever prevented a criminal from acting out his violent crime!

  39. Nancy Piglousey said it; give the gun grabbers an opening and they will do all they can to gut the Second Amendment.
    Gun control is not about guns, it’s about control, and if we allow them to have it, the Constitution is dead!

  40. The ONLY good thing that comes out of the many Chicago killings is that probably most of them are Gang related. Not many people, if any, care about dead drug dealers.

  41. If gun control worked, Chicago would be the safest town in the USA. Instead they just passed the 500 homicide mark for this year. In the past decade they have had consecutive string of 450 killing per year or more. Only thing gun control does is disarms the victims so they can be killed easier by the criminals.

  42. We do not need any new laws what we do need is a penalty so sever for the miss use of firearms that anyone with any since would not use them for criminal use for instance automatic death penalty for murder with a firearm no getting out of it even mental conditions and anyone who has left their job on mental issues not aloud to own a gun and that means no hunting this will do two things people will not scam the company they work for (its happening i can prove it) and it will keep mental ill people from owning guns legally anyone who has been found guilty of spouse or child abuse will not be allowed to own a gun legally and anyone breaking this law will serve the full time of 10 years in prison that will go a long way in stopping this gun abuse without changing gun contol bans on leal folks who want to own any kind of firearm

  43. the best way I think would put the bump fire on the same list as a suppressor, because neither one changes the workings of the gun only how load it is or how fast you can fire it. Time for term limits and get rid of all the swamp creatures thats been there more then 10 years.

  44. Bob, I surely do believe you mean LAWS that would be applied to Criminals
    ( murders, thieves, etc…) in which are stiff, swift and mandatory that anyone who wants to break the LAWS they will know to be incarcerated is not a place to be in…. We shouldn’t have to give Criminals a Cushy, Cozy, A/C, TV, soft bed, etc…. take away all of these Luxurys and then you might see a reduction of those in our Jails…..
    If you do the crime, expect to do the time in JAIL and do not expect to have any Luxurys…..

  45. Does RINO Ryan even have any idea what a “Bump Stock” is and what it actaully does? It DOES NOT convert a “semi-automatic” to an “automatic” machine gun! While the Las Vegas shootings sounded like a machine gun being fired, the facts are, the acoustics of the building created echos that make it sound like a more rapid firing weapon!

    Sadly, Ryan HAS NO CLUE, only reacting to the will of his “betters”, the Democrats!

    Ryan MUST BE DEFEATED in the coming election in Wisconsin!

  46. WITHOUT a bump stock and using a SEMI-Auto rifle, I could easily fire a 30 rd. clip in 15 seconds, and that’s not even going fast. If I held the forearm tight and moved it back and forth quickly so my finger hits the trigger faster, I could probably do it in 10 seconds, would that few seconds have mattered much in Las Vegas? Instead of 59 people, maybe he would have got 49 or 39, that’s still a lot dead, using a perfectly LEGAL firearm. So banning the bump stock won’t matter much in the scheme of things.

  47. Problems are never where they appear. It’s only a result caused by the problem. Guns are not the problem taday it’s the mental state of mind caused by someting we need to identify and address. Think about it, what different now then 50 years ago? “Drugs”

  48. Ryan is a self-serving JERK..He should be removed immediately from any position of leadership in the Congress of the United States.

  49. Our country doesn’t need any new gun laws. We already have enough on the books, just learn how to enforce what we have. Anything new would only be to appease the libs and then like all the rest of the laws, nothing would be enforced.

  50. Wasn’t there a Song Titled ” FOOLS RUSH IN ” ???? If I am not mistaken, I believe there was…. Well this reminds me of all the individuals who want Gun Control, as they Rush to try have more Gun Control and for some before anyone hardly knew of what was going on, right away they are hollering for Gun Control….. Doesn’t it remind you of FOOLS RUSHING to seek this, it sure does to me….. People that want Gun Control are FOOLS, cause if they had any Common Sense, they wouldn’t be speaking about Gun Control…. Gun Control solves absolutely NOTHING, it only makes matters WORSE….. These FOOLS need to go elsewhere where they might be welcomed….. If you cannot accept our LAWS and our GOD given right to keep and bear arms, then LEAVE, we’ll even help you to leave…. If this is unacceptable for you, then SHUT THE HELL UP ! FOOLISH DUMB IDIOTS as is with all Liberals or more commonly called Democrats, ( OOOPS, Demorats )

  51. NO MORE GUN CONTROL….so to keep America safe and to make America Great again we need to have a law banning liberals and islamic terrorist from owning or using firearms.
    As usual when someone goes crazy and kills people with guns, it’s time for more gun control. But when their own Domestic Terrorists Groups such as Antifa, BLM and others riot, start fires, Loot and attack people who disagree with them, well that’s their right to free speech being used. It’s always their “Do as I say and NOT as we do” mentality. I am still waiting on all of the Liberals who promised that if Trump was elected that they would move out of the Country to leave. We don’t need you to stay and screw up our Country any longer. Oh, that’s right they can’t have their armed guards and limo’s if they go somewhere where guns are not legal to have. We are sick and tired of the double standard shoved upon us by the Liberal Left Goons/Politicians.

  52. Has the ATF been certified as an apolitical creation of Congress? Congress has ceded so much of its authority to so many unelected departments that there is very little reason for Congress to continue to exist!

  53. I have no problem with implementing some kind of constraints on the “Bump Stock”. However, the words “Regulatory Fix” doesn’t sit easy with me. I feel that we “Must Know” every single detail of what the “Morons & Turncoats” within our Republican Party are considering even before they take a single step in doing “Anything” that is going to Invite the Leftist’s and Anti-Patriot Left into the Hen House. We already know how everytime we give them even One Inch they turn every inch into a Mile and then some, until LAWS and BILLS, Etc., are being stated “On The Books” to take away Our God Given Rights to Bare Arms and Protect ourselves and our Families. I know, and we would be as stupid as the Moron’s siding with the Left in this, that they mean to Take Away our Rights to bare arms, and to end up “Empowering & Preferring the Terrorist Groups and people here Illegally”. I refuse to BLINDLY TRUST anyone anymore. Been “Burned” way to often already, as the Entirety of America has already been, insufferably as well!


  55. Actually I expected nothing less from the RINO paul ryan. Anyone that thinks this “man” is a conservative is definitely mistaken. He is a road block for all conservative policies.

  56. Isn’t anything up for a vote anymore? Don’t WE the PEOPLE have a right to bear arms? Since when was THAT right revoked? Suddenly the kind of merchandise (it’s only a weapon if you use it for one) that America has been buying and trading for centuries is considered to be the source of aggression. Never mind the fact that it’s even MORE important these days for the common, law-abiding citizen to be able to defend themselves BECAUSE of all the “unsavory characters” being welcomed into the U.S. by them. Is this any way to run a country? Yes! Gun control will run this country straight into the grave!

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