What Paul Ryan just called for will make you sick

In the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy, politicians predictably began calling for more gun control.

Yet with Republicans controlling the House, Senate, and White House, passage of new legislation would seem unlikely.

That’s what makes Paul Ryan’s latest comments so stomach churning.

At a news conference, Paul Ryan called for a “regulatory fix” to ban bump stocks, opening the flood gates for future gun control measures.

While the facts still aren’t known about what the Las Vegas gunman was using, reports indicate some of his weapons were equipped with bump stocks.

At least one member of Congress, and Chair of the Second Amendment Caucus wasn’t having it.

Thomas Massie went on a tweet storm in the days after the shooting expressing his disbelief that Republican colleagues would be embracing new gun control measures.

Massie pointed out the proposed ban would likely lead to more gun control.

He strongly condemned the NRA’s backing for the plan now being promoted by Ryan, saying:

“I think it’s a horrible idea, to ask the ATF to contort existing law. I think it sets a bad precedent. We’re asking the Trump ATF to be stricter on gun owners than the Obama ATF.”

The Washington Examiner continued quoting Massie:

But he also warned that the ATF shouldn’t be given the political task of finding a way around the Gun Control Act or the National Firearms Act. Massie said those laws hold that an illegal automatic weapon is one that discharges more than one round with a single pull of the trigger, and that bump stocks — or what he calls “bump fire stocks” — still require one trigger pull for each round discharged.

That means, Massie said, that under the plain reading of the law, bump stocks shouldn’t be prohibited, even though they do allow more rapid firing. The ATF decided that in 2010, and the decision shouldn’t be revisited, he said.

“I trusted they did the right thing, and I think it demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of how a government is supposed to work,” he said of the NRA’s idea to reopen the regulations.

“I don’t think you can read a ban on bump fire stocks into existing law,” he added.

He then slammed his colleagues for failing to implement Trump policies, but acting quickly on gun control.

What do you think?

Does Rep. Massie have a point that a bump stock ban is a slippery slope toward more gun control?

Will it encourage Democrat Presidents to go further than President Obama’s unconstitutional regulatory overreach on guns?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. Unfortunately, the courageous balls that you refer to are OWNED by the “progressives”, NOT by the conservatives!

  2. You’re absolutely correct. It’s not the gun. Guns don’t indiscriminately fire themselves. A person has to pull the trigger. There are enough gun laws on the books. They need to be enforced first and the consequences need to be harsh, no more plea deals and light sentences by liberal judges and DA’s.
    The liberals are trying to disarm the citizens in preparation of controlling us and instigating communism. Never let them take your guns!!!

  3. The only problem with your plan is the liberal judges giving out light sentences and the DA making plea deals.
    Other than that it is a good idea.

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