Paul Ryan is about to make an announcement no one saw coming

Speculation has been swirling around Paul Ryan.

Will he remain loyal to Donald Trump?

Now word has leaked out that he is on the verge of an announcement no one saw coming.

Conservatives have always been wary of Speaker Ryan.

The pro-amnesty establishment Ryan never fully endorsed Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

And after the infamous Access Hollywood tape leaked he abandoned then-candidate Trump.

Now he may be about to commit his worst betrayal yet.

Word has leaked out that Ryan plans to retire at the end of 2018.

But before he retires, he plans to negotiate a massive amnesty package with Democrats as well as a budget busting spending bill.

Politico reports:

“And yet speculation is building that, Ryan, even fresh off his tax-reform triumph, might not be able to leave on his own terms. He now faces a massive pileup of cannot-fail bills in January and February. It’s an outrageous legislative lift: Congress must, in the coming weeks, fund the government, raise the debt ceiling, modify spending caps, address the continuation of health care subsidies, shell out additional funds for disaster relief and deal with the millions of undocumented young immigrants whose protected status has been thrown into limbo. It represents the most menacing stretch of Ryan’s speakership—one that will almost certainly require him to break promises made to his conference and give significant concessions to Democrats in exchange for their votes. To meet key deadlines, he’ll have to approve sizable spending increases and legal status for minors who came to the U.S. illegally—two things that could raise the ire of the GOP base and embolden his conservative rivals on Capitol Hill. There is no great outcome available, Ryan has conceded to some trusted associates—only survival. “Win the day. Win the next day. And then win the week,” Ryan has been preaching to his leadership team.”

Ryan won the votes to become Speaker in 2015 in part because he promised not to bring an immigration bill to the floor unless it had the support of the majority of the conference.

In his final days as Speaker, Ryan is preparing to break that word and ram a massive amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants through Congress.


  1. What really pisses me off about that slime is he originally ran as a TEA Party Conservative and I sent him campaign contributions. When his true colors came out I demanded my money back numerous times. I can demand it till the cows come home because he’ll never return those contributions. Hell, the hildabeast would enter a convent before that rino slime would live up to the principles he campaigned on to get elected.

  2. After all the words are spoken, after all the moves have been made it ALWAYS comes down to one important message…..GET OUT AN VOTE WHEN YOU HAVE THE CHANCE…WE CANNOT STAND ON THE SIDELINE ANYMORE AND HOPE FOR THE OUTCOME WE WANT. MAKE IT HAPPEN. MAGA….GO Mr. President…You are exactly what America needs right now..

    He should be on the list of politicians being hung for being a TRAITOR.

  4. Fortunately, RINO Ryan has a conservative primary challenger, Paul Nehlen. While you may not vote in his district, your checkbook can. Please donate to Nehlen for congress, PO Box 796, Williams Bay WI 53191. Lets get lyin Ryan out of office.

  5. What does President Trump need Congress for anyway? Look what he has accomplished without Congress. Actually Congress hasn’t done anything but belly-ache and cry they now they have to work hard for their inflated salaries and they don’t like it…. Too Bad! Working hard is good for the soul, those in Congress who have souls that is. And these so-called women who cry harassment…. They are all the ones who are bitter because Hillary didn’t win, and instead of an incompetent empty headed bitter female, a strong capable and very smart man won. Now these women who speak out of fake harassment are really just the bitter women because Hillary lost….and that yes, there are men, in this case white men too, who are actually smarter than women. Get over it you ‘nasty women’ you get what you deserve when you lie about things. Didn’t life teach you that? Oh, but it is okay for women to harass men….

    Aren’t these women harassing President Trump every day right now? The Liberals are harassing President Trump illegally every day! So are all the mainstream media left-biased networks! When will they be held accountable for their harassment!?

    When ‘nasty women’ get together about something, there is ALWAYS an ulterior motive… I lived through it in High School! You know, clickes? They are still rampant in society but worse when it is in politics! More harmful and more criminal. Actually they should be called mobs of liars!

  6. If ryan wants to give all American citizens a great holiday present he should retire right now ! If ryan has another six months to make the repubs look disoriented, weak, and devided, the 2017 mid term elections will be a total disaeter for the repubs. Go now paul, go paul go.

  7. Can’t the house vote him out as speaker an elected someone who isn’t a RINO and will support Tramp and what he needs to due to make America Great Again.

  8. If ryan wants to give all American citizens a great holiday present he should retire right now ! If ryan has another six months to make the repubs look disoriented, weak, and devided, the 2017 mid term elections will be a total disaeter for the repubs. Go now paul, go paul go.

  9. Ryan should give all american citizens a great Christmas/ holiday present and resign NOW! If he has another six months to further make the repubs look weak + ineffective the mid terms will be a disaster for us. Go now paul, go paul go!

  10. This is no surprise — he has been a snake for years. For 8 years I thought he was only 3 feet tall until obama left office and he finally got off his knees. Him and his buddy mcconnell gave obozo and the demoTRASH party anything and everything they wanted. President trump will find a way to shut him and all his obama style plans down.

  11. The little trailer should not resign the American people should have an angry for what he’s done to this country and how he is when against the American people via Donald Trump which is our representative of this country! Trump wants to make America great and has proven it in his fight against the underworld, what is Ryan ever done but drag this country down the drain for his own personal Wealth and power.

  12. However you can get him out of there before the new year – do it! He, and all the other RINOs are TRAITORS – when is anyone going to see that – Now Hillary is going to appear on TV on the Steve Harvey’s show on Monday — next she will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel — what a hag = don’t even want to give her the benefit of calling her a woman!

  13. Lying Ryan the stinking RINO should turn himself in at GITMO – Cuba and admit he is a freekin traitor to the USA.

  14. Guess he’s on the road to being another millionaire lobbyist. God-fearing men of integrity are an endangered species.

  15. Well he can’t really do much alone and that’s how he needs to be if he tries going against what the people voted for, NO AMNESTY or he needs to be alone. He can’t pass anything ALONE. We’re watching the Republicans as well as the Democrats.

  16. Why in the heck don’t these republican politicians do what is best for Americans and this country why should we give people citizenship when they don’t deserve it I would understand if a damn democrat was speaker that’s the only way they can be voted in office is by illegals and felons.But just because you don’t like the people’s president you would screw hard working Americans?

  17. NO Amnesty
    All DACA illegal young people. They have lived on the backs of all Americans.. Their parents are illegal, or they came here alone.. IF YOU HAVE TO LET THEM STAY…NO CITIZENSHIP EVER, NO COLLEGE GRANTS, NO WELFARE, FOOD STAMPS…they are now and always illegals… got free education on the American people…STOP MIGRATION of others… They got free education on our backs.. Most families refuse to even speak the ENGLISH. Allow them to return to their countries and return LEGALLY as others have… BUILD THE WALL… Ryan has done nothing to support the President…

  18. Trust is something that is earned and once lost may never be obtainable again. Ryan has lost that trust and so will anyone who allies themselves with him.

  19. It will be a tough job till more swamp critters are removed. Republicans may hold majority but Rino’s and Democrats will block many issues. Amnesty I think will need a 2/3 vote if trump vetoes. So they can blame Trump instead of Congress because they have avoided this issue for many years. Like so many things, avoid or how can I sell it with forked tongue.

  20. He’s not about to give up his sinecure. However, should the little RINO follow the leftist program outlined in Politicon’s agenda (above), he’s toast. The only question is whether he’ll walk out or be dragged .

  21. Does he actually have the power to do that??!!! Seems like it would have to be someone who has a little more power, like the president. And even though a lot of Dumbocraps and RINOs have been fighting, and will continue to fight, any attempt to rein in the illegals, it seems to me that the one who SHOULD have the last word is Donald Trump.

  22. Ryan has been told by many to resign.
    NOW he has to be told AGAIN that we say NO AMNESTY!

    The other idiot, McConnell has to go too!

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