Paul Ryan is about to make an announcement no one saw coming

Speculation has been swirling around Paul Ryan.

Will he remain loyal to Donald Trump?

Now word has leaked out that he is on the verge of an announcement no one saw coming.

Conservatives have always been wary of Speaker Ryan.

The pro-amnesty establishment Ryan never fully endorsed Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

And after the infamous Access Hollywood tape leaked he abandoned then-candidate Trump.

Now he may be about to commit his worst betrayal yet.

Word has leaked out that Ryan plans to retire at the end of 2018.

But before he retires, he plans to negotiate a massive amnesty package with Democrats as well as a budget busting spending bill.

Politico reports:

“And yet speculation is building that, Ryan, even fresh off his tax-reform triumph, might not be able to leave on his own terms. He now faces a massive pileup of cannot-fail bills in January and February. It’s an outrageous legislative lift: Congress must, in the coming weeks, fund the government, raise the debt ceiling, modify spending caps, address the continuation of health care subsidies, shell out additional funds for disaster relief and deal with the millions of undocumented young immigrants whose protected status has been thrown into limbo. It represents the most menacing stretch of Ryan’s speakership—one that will almost certainly require him to break promises made to his conference and give significant concessions to Democrats in exchange for their votes. To meet key deadlines, he’ll have to approve sizable spending increases and legal status for minors who came to the U.S. illegally—two things that could raise the ire of the GOP base and embolden his conservative rivals on Capitol Hill. There is no great outcome available, Ryan has conceded to some trusted associates—only survival. “Win the day. Win the next day. And then win the week,” Ryan has been preaching to his leadership team.”

Ryan won the votes to become Speaker in 2015 in part because he promised not to bring an immigration bill to the floor unless it had the support of the majority of the conference.

In his final days as Speaker, Ryan is preparing to break that word and ram a massive amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants through Congress.