Paul Ryan ordered Kevin McCarthy to do one thing that will leave you red with rage

Paul Ryan is part of the Republican Party establishment looking to wrest control of the GOP back from Donald Trump and his grassroots supporters.

Now Ryan is making no bones about the power play the Swamp is about to pull.

And Paul Ryan ordered Kevin McCarthy to do one thing that will leave you red with rage.

Kevin McCarthy is now the Speaker of the House.

And one of the big fights coming down the pike is the looming battle over raising the debt ceiling.

Joe Biden, the rest of the Democrat Party, the legacy media, and establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan all want to see a “clean” debt ceiling increase that adds trillions of dollars to the national debt.

In an interview with the left-wing website Semafor, Ryan suggested that McCarthy should be willing to risk a motion to vacate the Chair – which would end his Speakership – in order to fulfill the Swamp’s desire to pass a clean debt ceiling increase.

Ryan stated:

To truly be good at these jobs, you have to be willing to lose the jobs. And I think Kevin has gotten to the stage in life and career particularly now that he has this job that he understands these things…

…Yeah. I think now that he’s there, I think he understands there’s a limit to how far you can be pushed. That’s important, because if there is no limit, then people will just constantly push. Plus, he’s got 200 people on his side.

But at the end of the day, you have to be willing to lose the job if you want to be good at these jobs. And you have to make sure that people have expectations set according to what you’re able to accomplish and not something unachievable, which gets members, you know, with overly high expectations, and then they take it out on you when that doesn’t materialize.

Conservatives won concessions from McCarthy to cut spending by at least $130 million and to use the debt ceiling fight to stop Joe Biden’s socialist spending agenda.

Paul Ryan does not want this fight.

Ryan is fighting for Swamp business as usual.

And Ryan is demanding Kevin McCarthy be willing to sacrifice his job to defend the Swamp’s priorities.

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