Paul Ryan Plotting Biggest Betrayal Yet


Paul Ryan is plotting his biggest betrayal yet.

The establishment expects that if Hilary Clinton wins the White House, amnesty will be the number one issue on the agenda.

And for years, Paul Ryan has parroted the open-borders, pro-amnesty, globalist line.

Now, with just days left before the election, elites in both parties are laying the groundwork for a major push to ram amnesty through Congress in early 2017.

With polls showing Hillary Clinton holding a mid-single digit lead over Donald Trump establishment-aligned pundits and politicians are dreaming up ways to resurrect immigration reform.

Amnesty failed in 2014 after House Republicans refused to bring the Gang of Eight bill up for a vote after it passed the Senate.

Republicans then campaigned all fall against Obama’s amnesty bill and won one of the greatest landslide victories in the history of midterm elections.

But the donor class never stopped thirsting for an amnesty bill to flood America with cheap labor to drive down wages.

So now Paul Ryan and leading Democrats may be hatching a plot to pass an amnesty bill in early 2017.

Pundits – and many establishment Republicans – will blame Trump’s loss on his strong stands on ending illegal immigration and building a wall along our Southern border that is paid for by Mexico.

They will claim – as they did after Mitt Romeny’s loss in 2012 – that amnesty is a silver bullet to winning more Latino votes.

But the numbers showed that Mitt Romney would have needed to win 71% of the Hispanic vote to win the election.

Immigration did not cost the GOP the election in 2012.

But reports are already surfacing floating potential pathways to passing an amnesty bill.

The Washington Post reports on how Ryan and Clinton could team up to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants:

“Clinton also would seek to work immediately on an overhaul of immigration law, an issue that Ryan has advocated but that has become anathema in parts of the Republican conference. It is possible that a Trump loss in November could shift political winds in the GOP, creating momentum for Ryan to consider starting discussions.

“It’s got to be done in stages and pieces, not some big, massive bill that ends up collapsing under its own weight,” Ryan said at the Economic Club about the prospect of an immigration pact next year.”

Many critics believe Ryan is working to undermine Trump’s campaign because it would be easier for him to work on the globalist agenda of mass amnesty and open borders with Hillary than with Trump.

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