Paul Ryan went behind closed doors and made a stunning prediction about the 2020 election

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was never one of Donald Trump’s allies.

Ryan undermined Trump as a candidate and then again on multiple occasions once Trump was President.

Now Paul Ryan went behind closed doors and made a stunning prediction about the 2020 election.

Paul Ryan recently spoke at a closed door event for the company Solamere where Ryan predicted President Trump would lose re-election because voters who disliked both Trump and Biden were breaking strongly for Biden.

The New York Times reported:

According to a partial transcript of the comments, shared by a person close to him, the usually tight-lipped Mr. Ryan said Mr. Trump was losing key voting blocs across the Midwest and in Arizona, a Republican-leaning state that Mr. Ryan described as “presently trending against us.”

While Mr. Ryan did not criticize Mr. Trump’s handling of the outbreak, he said the president could not win re-election this year if he continued losing badly to Mr. Biden among suburban voters who were wary of both candidates but currently favor Mr. Biden.

“Biden is winning over Trump in this category of voters 70 to 30,” Mr. Ryan said, “and if that sticks, he cannot win states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.”

Many Trump supporters suspect Ryan is hoping Joe Biden wins the election.

That way Ryan and his pro-amnesty allies in the establishment can try and reassert control over the Republican Party.

Paul Ryan and the establishment would rather see the President lose because a Trump victory would cement the control over the GOP by the conservative and anti-establishment forces that powered Trump to the nomination in 2016.

They wouldn’t mind being in the minority for an election cycle or two because the wheel is always turning in American politics and they figure a temporary exile would be preferable to Donald Trump remaking the GOP as a populist conservative party that opposes the donor class priorities of open borders, free trade, and endless wars in the Middle East.

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