Paul Ryan’s amnesty sell out is even worse than anyone imagined

Speaker Paul Ryan won’t give up on his goal of ramming amnesty through Congress.

Ryan is obsessed with paying off his donors and securing a “legacy” achievement.

Now Ryan is desperate to pass an amnesty bill and it’s an even bigger sell out than anyone could imagine.

Paul Ryan’s amnesty bill is on the ropes.

The Speaker tried to negotiate a “compromise” bill that allowed for amnesty and provided a fig leaf of cover to claim it upheld Donald Trump’s four pillars of immigration reform – cutting legal immigration, ending chain migration and the diversity lottery, and funding the border wall.

But Ryan’s bill doesn’t truly fulfill those four promises and supplies even more immigration than anyone thought.

Ryan’s legislation allows for 1.35 million “guest workers” to provide low wage labor for the agriculture and food services industries.

Breitbart reports:

House Speaker Paul Ryan has added a huge cheap-labor visa-worker program to his stalled amnesty bill in the hope of getting support from agriculture-district GOP legislators before the scheduled Wednesday vote.

The bill would allow food-sector employers to keep a population of up to 1.35 million “H-2C” guest-workers working on farms and in the food-processing industry. The law would allow employers to bring in 450,000 workers per year, under three-year visas, who would largely replace the existing population of roughly 1 million illegal immigrants — and also force wages down for many Americans and legal immigrants.

The offer of cheap visa-workers is intended to pressure GOP legislators in rural districts — including many of the GOP members in the House Freedom Caucus — to vote for Ryan’s amnesty. The extra workers are also sought by many GOP members who signed the discharge-petition amnesty push, even though the cheap foreign workers would damage the wages and livelihoods of their constituents.

Despite Ryan twisting arms and adding sweeteners to buy off farm-state Republicans, his amnesty bill is poised to suffer a massive defeat.