Paul Ryan’s latest scheme to undermine Trump will make your blood boil

Outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan is one of the leading champions of amnesty in Congress.

Ryan – whose loyalty is to donors and illegal aliens, not the American people – is set to stab Donald Trump in the back.

And who he is colluding with to undermine the President will make your blood boil.

A handful of renegade Republicans are teaming up with Democrats on a discharge petition to force a vote on amnesty.

If their petition gets 218 signatures, Nancy Pelosi will effectively become the Speaker of the House for this vote.

And these anti-American Republicans are scheming to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who have invaded the nation and driven down the wages for actual American workers.

Instead of squashing this rebellion, Ryan is colluding with the insurgents to hash out an amnesty bill they can vote for.

Breitbart reports:

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday he hopes to quickly write up an amnesty bill and get it passed through the House.

“The next step is putting pen to paper so we can start getting legislation to the floor,” Ryan told reporters shortly after he held a Thursday-morning meeting with the GOP caucus to push for a wage-cutting amnesty.

Ryan suggested he would try to rush the bill to the floor. “Time is of the essence if we want to have a legislative process that we can control,” he said, referring to the group of 23 GOP legislators who threaten to use the discharge-petition process on June 25 to let Democrats pass their own amnesty.

The bill would reportedly provide amnesty to at least 1.4 million illegals, and it does not include a cap to prevent fraud or subsequent waves of migrants hoping to join the next wave of amnesty.

Donald Trump won the White House promising to crack down on illegal immigration and build a border wall.

Instead of working with the President on his pro-American agenda, Ryan and his co-conspirators are proving their allegiance is not to this nation’s citizens.