People are outraged over this gory depiction of President Trump

Rep. Maxine Waters opened Pandora’s box when she incited The Resistance to harass and intimidate members of the Trump administration.

Now the radical left has taken a dark turn.

And people are outraged after an art gallery in Portland displayed this gory image of President Trump in their window.

The One Grand Gallery in Portland, Oregon is hosting a showing called, “F*** you Mr. President.”

In it, they openly fantasize about a gruesome assisination of President Trump.

Many Americans were outraged by the depiction, which was originally displayed in the windows facing the street, meaning everyone who passed, including children were exposed to the gory image and “F*** Trump” caption.

The Washington Times reported the graphic was removed from the window and moved inside the gallery after an angry outcry on social media.

Breitbart reporter John Nolte noted:

In the era of Trump, this kind of wishful thinking surrounding the grisly assassination of the president is nothing new, unfortunately. As Breitbart News has documented, the same establishment media that spent a week hounding a rodeo clown for wearing an Obama mask has devolved into open apologists — if not advocates — for violence against Trump and his supporters.

Last summer, CNN’s parent company, Time-Warner, was a sponsor of a play depicting the bloody assassination of the president. CNN’s Chris Cillizza has tweeted out video of Trump in crosshairs, and in the lead up to Trump’s inauguration, CNN openly fantasized about Trump’s assassination.

What are your thoughts?

Is this sort of behavior the “new normal” for the radical left suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. The DEMS/RINOS will get their just rewards when their run for politician is struck down by their own ignorance……

  2. I don’t remember seeing an pictures relating to Obama. I do not support garbage similar to the Trump picture about anyone including Obama who I am convinced has done great damage to the us especially in working diligently to bring muslims into our country. Basically muslims do not try to be a part of our culture.

  3. Americans do not commit such abhorrent acts against the President of the United States of America. These people should have their citizenship revoked and they should be treated as illegal aliens because they are not Americans.

  4. This is sedition and should be treated as such. Throw them in jail or better yet get them out of my country. This goes way beyond free speech. Can you imagine if someone would heave put a picture of Obama being hung by the neck what kind of reaction we would have seen. Rioting in the streets.

  5. I had to deal with Bamaloo and the wicked witch Michele for 8 awful years of lies and traitors.
    TRUMPET 2020 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. I understand the gallery closed it’s doors June 17th, Johne Simpson. Think they were afraid for their safety, talk about a plan of action that backfired ! That disgusting atrocity cost those folks everything. I think that was a tad expensive for a Trump hater to make a dismal point.

  7. No wonder why our country is in such a mess. Close that gallery down and arrest everyone involved,that is displaying a death threat to the US PRESIDENT.that used to be a federal felony. No wonder why no one takes the US serious look what we allow to happen in our streets

  8. You are right Jeff! Never saw any of these pics. It must be the left working their evil as only they can.

  9. To make reference to the potus in this manner is extremely disgusting, it shows that the liberals in this country are pathetic, violent losers!

  10. I think that the outrageous displays of HATRED for our President is a reflection of their evil inner being eating them up! Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks evil from an evil man’s heart and good from a good man’s heart!

  11. Excuse me, Mr. Michael, but exactly what kind of leftist are you???? You think there’s nothing wrong with allowing a CHILD to see such gruesomeness?????? What about the nightmares those children have after seeing such a nasty thing!!!! You are entitled to your opinion, but TRY to have SOME compassion for our little children!!!!

  12. This was political activism under the guise of ART, freedom of speech allows this, BUT it should have been a ‘CHOICE’ to see it or not, it should not have been blatantly displayed on the street…and yes, it was also a threat to the President and should have been dealt with by the Secret Service, which I’m guessing had something to do with the exhibit no longer being available…

  13. Bongo65, Oh, your comment is so true. We just grimaced a waited for those eight years to end, didn’t we?

  14. michael, And, I understand the art gallery is now closed. They ruined their business and were afraid for their safety. Their unpatriotic disgusting display probably has cost them everything. I am sure they wish they had conducted themselves with more class.

  15. michael, You are wrong on so many fronts! You should be ashamed of yourself. You statement is unpatriotic and unamerican no matter WHO is President. I won’t bother trying to
    reason with you and explain it to you.

  16. never, the display was freedom of speech, and it displayed a moron that should be displayed that way!!

  17. You know, I have been on the internet since 1993 and have truthfully never seen any of these pictures. Perhaps they are set-ups used to divide races or just to anger and deceive people. I am being quite truthful when I tell you this. What websites have such hate? I bet most people have never seen this ugly stuff at all. Most people, regardless of Politics, would never sell themselves to such filth.

  18. Also Maxine Waters, who heads a resistance to our president and calls for people to harass his followers. Doesn’t that call for jail time? She sits in her government office, collects a paycheck and is trying to get our president impeached.

  19. The ignorance and immaturity of the left is always on display.
    There were many great Americans who totally disagreed with Obama and the left.
    I didn’t see this level of hatred displayed.

  20. Yes, in prison. In past times, these people would be in prison or better yet Executed for treason against America and our President

  21. Yes, in prison. In past times, these people would be in prison or better yet Executed for treason against America and our President

  22. I don’t believe the Gallery is open any longer. They moved out June 17th – their web site is no longer available and I think all the outcry scared them!

  23. Why is the shop owner, & all those related to the depiction not in prison? They’ve committed a crime: death threat, defamation of character, & a number of other counts. Why’s the average person nailed for insignificant things, yet these horrendous crimes go unpunished? We, as Americans, have GOT to demand this kind of hatred’s got to stop.

  24. I completely agree with you, Rex. Dem’s and Lib’s are living in complete denial of the truth, and refuse to see the fact’s. You can not get them to do any research because it would go against their narrative.

  25. There was a day in a past that I remember well when language as we see it now would have ostracized the person from decent society for a long, long time. It’s time that the American people showed their disdain for such public crudity! It’s likely that the person whom created this evil and the person or persons whom proudly showed it has a cesspool for a brain!

  26. I’m afraid it never happened, my friend. The only people making comments like that wear the Democrat Label. Don’t get me wrong, Obama was even a worse president than Jimmy Carter! Nobody squacked when he made his private deals with Puttin. No one squacked even when Hillary sold twenty percent of our uranium to Putin. No one said a word about Bill Clinton getting half a million dollars for a thirty minute speech in the Russian Parlament in English, but he was paid half a million dollars for doing it. You Liberals are proving the adage that you don’t know the truth from an outright lie! Live with it!

  27. All those wishing evil on others will face JUDGMENT DAY with ALMIGHTY GOD. We need to let God deal with them!!! However, this is such bad/evil behavior shown/demonstrated in front of little children along with other innocent persons. They make up a totally sick generation when they show their hate and display hateful actions!!!

  28. It is when it is an open threat against the president. That is a federal felony, no matter who is in office or how much he is loved or hated.

  29. How in the world did you come up with that, Angela? President Trump hasn’t committed treason! The man loves America and the people. He didn’t have to give up his comfy lifestyle to run and win the presidency, the hardest, most thankless job on the planet, just to be belittled, threatened, and humiliated on a minute by minute basis. Libs and Dems hate him because the Democrats in office said you should. Libs and Dems walk around like little robots doing exactly what your party says to do, you can’t think for yourselves, and you have to get your talking points from those Dem morons in office. You all scream tolerance, but you are the most intolerant people in the world with maybe the exception of radicalized muslims. No president, no, not even President Obama, faced this kind of hate and backlash that President Trump has had to deal with. This crap is unprecedented in our history. Look, Clinton lost the presidency fair and square and all of you on the left are having enormous hissy fits over it. I find it completely disturbing that you would rather see America fall than give the President a fair shake, just like the right gave President Obama his shot. We may not have liked it, but you didn’t see us rioting, protesting, dressing up like vaginas, refusing service, and oh man, I could go on and on. You had your chance, you lost, now you need to suck it up and deal with it like rational people. After all, President Obama is quoted as saying, “elections have consequences.”

  30. The Secret Service should be investigating this threat of beheading of President Trump and arrest those responsible for this very disturbing murderous act on public display.


  32. Never once did I see any such thing as you describe of Obama. The worse thing I very saw was big ears.

  33. I totally disagree the actions like this even on the other side. We can disagree without violence however when it ramps up to this level then it is criminal and should carry all consequences of such.

  34. I Steveur with a name like that there is no need to ask you to explain so go back to the planet you came and get HELL out of AMERICA (MAGA)

    ell out of

  35. Michael YOU should be deported back to where you came from and the rest of your non-American sicko friends. Maybe the military can give you all a free ride on a Test Rocket to outer space!!! You don’t belong on this plane!!!

  36. Rite,
    “I don’t remember anyone carrying around “Obama’s head, with all the audience laughing in glee” &&& Additional V. Vulgar photos.

    >>>&&& IF, there were photos of ‘o’ akin to POTUS DJT, The LeftWing Media ‘blocked’ them. What is going on is a ‘rot-gut’ pysche’, Way Beyond
    1st Amend. & the type of ‘mindset’ to ruin societies. Not good.

  37. Rite,
    “I don’t remember anyone carrying around “Obama’s head, with all the audience laughing in glee” &&& Additional V. Vulgar photos.

    >>>&&& IF, there were photos of ‘o’ akin to POTUS DJT, The LeftWing Media ‘blocked’ them. What is going on is a ‘rot-gut’ pysche’, Way Beyond
    1st Amend. & the type of ‘mindset’ to ruin societies. Not good.

  38. These people are seriously mentally defective and should be institutionalized for society’s protection. This isn’t protest, it is sickness.

  39. You Republicans can sure dish it out but you can’t take it. You considered it great humor when you were giving Obama all that barf. Don’t even try to tell the rest of us you didn’t read any of it.

  40. there is no such thing as treason when people are commenting on one of the biggest losers in history!!

  41. They are getting away with TREASON which in the past called for the death penalty.

    1 : the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family
    2 : the betrayal of a trust : treachery

    Definition of traitor
    1 : one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty
    2 : one who commits treason

  42. Frank, of course they need to be locked up for life because they are TRAITORS COMMITTING TREASON. Anyone who thinks they are good Americans is a fool. They are Satan’s Servants doing his bidding.

  43. John, I hate to tell you this, but you NEED TO HEAR IT. I never saw a pic or drawing of Obama being beheaded or hanged or burned at the stake or effigies you mention….ergo there is no comparison between his and Trump’s voters. EVERYONE sees the stupid pics the left LOVES of beheading President Trump. Additionally, Obama was a disgusting excuse for President or for humanity and he did a LOT OF DAMAGE, whereas Trump is bringing back some sanity, which the LEFT despises.
    As to “higher”…the left has NO IDEA OF WHAT HIGHER IS, THEY ONLY KNOW DEGRADATION AND HATRED AND JEALOUSY….THEY BARELY QUALIFY AS HUMANS THESE DAYS. It was NEVER LIKE IT HAS BECOME UNTIL OBAMA ENTERED THE SCENE AND ALL THE SKELETONS EXITED THEIR CLOSETS AND TRIED AND ARE CURRENTLY TRYING TO OVERTHROW OUR COUNTRY……THIS IS CALLED TREASON AND THEY ARE TRAITORS. If you want to stay with the degraded idiots, that is your choice, but if you were my son, I’d do everything I could think of to change your mind because I would want a son with some values and the left has NO VALUES and they are PROUD of it. No republican ever shot at Obama. No republican ever called from day one for his impeachment although he certainly earned one. No republican can conceivably compare to any leftoid, primarily because we are high and THEY are deeply LOW, actually the lowest scum the planet has ever known, and getting worse by the day.

  44. When I was a kid you did not say anything bad about any president.. If you did someone would tell you how the cow ate the cabbage. And you would not do it again…

  45. the dems are pushing violence against republicans ,I think its time to give it to them ,they wont compromise on anything , just eliminate them period and see how they like violence then

  46. Please people be charitable and understanding. Their New York Pravda (aka Times) predicted Hillary’s win with the remarkable precision as 98.8% sure. And totally unexpectedly we the deplorables showed up and sent the old Marxist hag to pasture.

  47. These people are just plain SICK! They should be committed for at least the balance of President Trump’s term of office, plus twenty years life.

  48. Obama got what he deserved, as we see the corruption in his administration that is becoming public, how could it not include him, the fbi said he wanted updates, so he is just as dirty as the rest of the corrupt

  49. I agree and every single gel one of them should go to prison! This is not freedom of speech! If nothing happens to any of them then if the dumbocrats ever win the W.H. again we must do the same to them! Fairs fair!

  50. They should be housed on the island of “Alcatraz” or “Gitmo” with Nancy Pee Maxine Aquanut. There’s a few shark who would feast off their carcasses! Give them all free rooms & fatten them up for the Thanksgiving day feast November 2018 after the primary victory for the “deplorable” candidates!

  51. How can these people regardless of political persuasion get by with criminal harassment and much worse. This makes these people who do this is criminals.

  52. I agree! It is like the Zombie apocalypse. I just tried to post that it was like the gates of Hell opened and the demons are running loose! They wouldn’t post it!! Years ago anybody displaying that kind of offensive garbage would have been arrested for threatening a sitting President!!

  53. You, Diane, are obviously smoking a ton of marijuana to be spewing your crap. Nobody treated Obama bad at all. As a matter of fact, everyone treated the Kenyan with too damn much deference simply because they were afraid he would pull the race card, which he often did. Obama was the worst thing to happen to America since the Civil War! He touted transparency but was the epitome of secrecy. Crap is still being dug up on the foreigner. At least President Trump says what he means and means what he says, unlike doubletalker Obama. Yes, you are definitely high little robot. Run back to the left and get your next talking point robot!

  54. You know, all of that zombie apocalypse stuff wasn’t my cup of tea and I really don’t like anything dealing with zombies. But after seeing the ongoing leftist stupidity and craziness, I now believe that they are the zombies we need to fear.

  55. Howard as a liberal you have admitted to being mentally ill Why not comit yourself to a loony bin?

  56. Ok. We have a sick liberal joining the discussion. Trump stands up and refuses to be bullied. What’s wrong with that?

  57. don’t worry, they will have 8 years of President Trump, so they will have time to pack their bags, and check them twice to make sure they don’t leave anything behind.

  58. This is bad for the tax payers because these people are nuts and we need more pscheatric wards for them. Maxine Waters needs to be visited by the men in the white coats and institutionalized, she’s nuts.

  59. Id like to know what America has come to when we allow this kind of violent display of a sitting President?(no matter who is in office) needs to be arrest made or it will continue. The weirdos who do things like this are the same kind who get triggered when they’re called by the “wrong pronouns” very disappointing what our country has become

  60. Just shows how disgusting the leftists are. There is no bottom to how low and corrupt they are. Most of them have no message but hate Trump and open borders for all. That includes gang member animals, drug dealers, terrorists, murderers, rapists,thieves,and leeches. As long as they will vote democrat the elitists do not care what happens to the American citizens. They are protected by armed guards and enclaves like fortresses. Hey demolosers, what happens when all these animals out number you and your guards? What happens when there is no money or food for them? You won’t have taxpayers any more as these animals will kill just for fun. What happens when the national debt is so high and those who you are in debt to come calling? I don’t believe you think beyond today. There is no future the way you are going.

  61. You might get dumped on for calling the people who vote democrat deplorable. That is what Hillary called the Trump supports. I happen to be a Trump Deplorable and proud of it.

  62. President Trump has done more for the USA since he has been in office, than the last 3 or 4 presidents put together. If everyone would stop jumping up and down about what he does, and wait to see the results of what he has done, they would be greatly surprised that so far everything he has done has turned out for the best. If you don’t like President Trump, I am sure you can leave the USA and don’t worry about coming back. We won’t miss you in the least.

  63. Same here, only I left when I heard Obie say “Spread the wealth” more than once. that said a lot about just what he was. Marxist Commie.

  64. That’s right Clint…IP addresses don’t keep you safe and or private. You think you’re half azz trying to sound like you’re able to locate someone? LMMFAO
    Pfffttttt….I dare you try tracking me down…..I do have eyes in the back of my head with eyes all over… waiting for you libby goons to make stupid threatening move. Try it…bring it.
    Conservatives haven’t even took the gloves off yet. You libTards on the other hand are bare knuckles now. .not scary either. Just stupid as all get out.

  65. I was a democrat for nearly 40 yrs till I saw what Obama, what Hillary Clinton did AND then I ran out to the other side

  66. Diane,
    The media DROOLED & SLOBBERED all over that Empty Suit of a RACIST DRIVEN BLACK PRESIDENT THAT I REGRETTABLY VOTED FOR. He sealed every fk’n record about himself. Left nothing for anyone to analyze.
    You’re a sleazy libtard.
    You want a civil war? You & your cohorts are going to get your clocks cleaned. Make no mistake.

  67. Hey Clint, ppl like you is why I carry….you’ve been tainted. .
    I find it sick and hilarious how you libbys end up flipping your wigs and hanging yourselves in hotel rooms where you’ll be found almost immediately.
    You’ve got your tit for tat aligned wrong and that’s the early stage of suicide….
    RIP Mr. Clint Miserable Twisted
    Don’t bite off more than you can chew….

  68. Old Man, i’m with you. I drive a nice new coupe with an elongated sticker on back window that says MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN & a little Trump 2020 on side window. My MAGA sticker went on my car before Trump won. I now legally carry a .38 Smith & Wesson snub nose w/hollowpoints…should I ever have to protect myself I want to make sure 1 shot does the trick… Ive since bought a couple other weapons and ive got them loaded with plenty of ammo & magazines..Terrible we have to live like this now but I am not joking around with these sick liberals. Luckily I live in Trump territory but libtoils are around…

  69. The Secret Service should be called in for what this guy is doing. What a disgrace and he should pay the price as a dangerous person inciting killing Trump

  70. Obami was never really mistreated, only you cry-babies can find a way to sooth your lying eyes and hurt fake feelings over NOTHING. I remember well because I thought he deserved much more in the way of attacks over his lies, deceit, degrading of truth tellers opposed to his ideas. He spent countless hours and days degrading opposite views of his own, which were quite literally without the substance of worth.

  71. I grew up and worked in the Portland area and was always a Democ. but changed when Trump ran for Pres. I have always liked him since I was very young. He was a good person and loves our country. The evil that is happening in Oregon is a disgrace to America. The evil Democ. need to take responsibility for what is happening ,Watters should be arrested for inciting violence. I live in Az and hope that McCain dissappears and also Flake they are evil too. Respect our President, he is trying so hard to do what is right.

  72. These people are stupid, evil, angry, uneducated, deplorables! And, they are the ones who vote for Democraps.

  73. You are absolutely right, Don. They have COMPLETELY lost their minds! They have become delusional in their quest to rid themselves of Trump. I smell mental wards on the horizon. Don’t you find it funny how the ignore the majority and call us the crazy ones? I say a rat smells his own hole first.


  75. Old Man, We appreciate your military service and we may have to call on you again. Please Lord, I hope not but there is not a doubt on which side the military and vets would serve. Thank you for being a proud deplorable.

  76. Hey Butchy #1, Please don’t ever die! Even though there are 9 gillion folks who are locked and loaded just like you, we would miss you so much and, not feel or be nearly as safe!

  77. What the Portland Gallery did was TREASON and should be held accountable for their ACTION!! Brat: You are so right if the left people don’t like America pack your bags, we won’t miss your lying ass at all!

  78. It certainly is normal for the left. Imagine this being done to Obama??? The Dems. are truly crazed and they are so far gone they simply do not see that they are exposed for who they are. People who are mentally healthy do not behave this way.

  79. You have got that back to front. Trump doesn’t spew hate, he just calls people out and for good reason. The left blames him for them losing the election. It had NOTHING to do with this president, it was the failure all around of Obama and the disgust that most decent people had for HRC. Pres. Trump is unafraid to speak the TRUTH, something that the Dems. no absolutely nothing about.

  80. I know exactly how you feel. We are surrounded by evil and it is getting shriller every day. God Bless you and God Bless America.

  81. This proves to me what kind of people become democrates. Democrates should not be allowed in public,and not in any part of government.

  82. Is there any way to block them? I don’t mind a fair debate or exchange of opinion by when you just offer insults and nothing else, I can’t waste any time on your posts.



  85. You haven’t provided anything of proof or value. It’s obvious you are just trollling Trump supporters.

  86. Obama never showed respect for our country causing us to lose our standing in the world. At least Trump is changing that, even though his methods are at timed questionable. Guess the little snowflakes have to go find their own little quiet space to cry but support this yup of crap?

  87. Again, I guess that was also true of Hillary Clinton and Obama. Both were in Putin’s back pocket if anyone was.

  88. Until the Maxine Waters and many other politicians like her are are held responsible in inciting this kind of crap It Will Only Get Worse. They all should be arrested, Sued and Kicked Out Of Office!!!

  89. I just wanted to add that a person who made a video on the internet that was “anti-Muslim” was accused of causing the Benghazi debacle by President Obama and Hillary which was a lie, but HE was not allowed to freely speak on the internet but was imprisoned as a scapegoat and to punish him for daring to speak against the Muslims. Supposedly, the uprising in Benghazi was caused by his video….NOT. What about HIS freedom of speech?

  90. The stage from this kind of hate was planted the eight years ago. It has finally reared its ugly head. The democrats, and the left are harvesting what was planted. If they get control again my twenty years in the military was a complete waste. Now I have to be on my guard to walk the streets, because I wear a MAGA hat, I wear T-shirts with the American flag, and I believe in free speech.

  91. Guess you must have missed all the examples of Obama hanged in effigy, huh?

    They’re easy to find via Google. Have fun!

  92. If potus was a dem, this pos “artist” would already be in jail. Think the guy that make the comic that started Bengazi. But with old man Keebler as AG, well…

  93. Whatabout, yes, “WHATABOUT?”, since leftists never answer this question, Obama whispering to Medvedev on a “hot mic” to tell Vladimir Putin that he would be more “flexible” after his re-election? What about Hillary approving uranium so he got a HUGE donation to the Clinton Foundation? What about THEIR sucking up to Putin? How did they benefit our country? Sounds like YOU were the sucker born yesterday.

  94. As much crap as Trump has shoveled on anyone who disagrees with him at all, I can’t say I’m shocked. He incites hatred. This is simple karma, tit for tat.

  95. If anyone had dared to post anything, anywhere, in anyways even close to this depicting Obama, the leftys would have lost their collective minds over it. We would still be hearing about it.

  96. We have Sessions, the Keebler Elf as acting AG. He will never do his job. He’s been fed too many doses of Nyquil.

  97. Don. If they harm one hair on his head, their blood will flow like rivers. They will not touch him as long as we stand strong.

  98. Perhaps since the courts seem to allow a reaction to name calling and being called out of name, one might want to step inside for a moment with this very sick, brain-dead moron.

  99. first is senseless polarization based on lack of understanding – thenh there is constant outrage over nothing – then there are statements without direction so it can be applicable to anybody (above) – then shooting the bad guys – then all people as revenge – chaos ,collapse of any order ,loaf of bread costs billion dollars – currency is moved around in wheel barrels – people latter eat their dead children and neighbors – bodies are starving ,wild emotions die down – massacres of the “guilty ones” are daily occurence – the dark angels are overfeed with loosh and human suffering – most people pray for Messiah to other then Creation itself – then he shows up “by popular demand” – worshipers choke the “nonbelievers” for greater glory of the Lord Inc. – the “chosen slaves ” die as well without ever understanding – but now we still have our Constitution and soul somewhere inside waiting to show us the difference between knowing and being.

  100. Janice, she should be given a one way ticket to the country she loves and parrots, greater than the US, CUBA and her beloved heroes the Castro(‘s)standing, Raul.

  101. When did this country become so radical and why are they allowed to promote such violence against the president of the USA. On the other hand, thanks because now more Republicans will get out and vote for Trump. (which we always do anyway)
    Also, if they are that unhappy with our president let them move to Iran and see how long they will last if they spew such hatred to the leaders there.

  102. I was in Portland in 1985 but not back since. It was very nice then. Our bus driver (city bus driver, not tour guide), told us about the city as we rode around. And it was the city of roses and still is. But sadly, a lot of the “beautiful roses” have died out and are replaced by poisonous “weeds”.

  103. Not only that, but he probably was one of those screaming the loudest about President Trump keeping families apart at the border as “child abuse”!! How is slapping your garbage in a window where CHILDREN can see it, NOT “child abuse”?? Hypocrites, ALL. Put your stupid drawing inside at least, not exposed to CHILDREN!!! Anyone of 18 can decide for themselves, but hopefully, do not consider such “freedom of speech” as ART.

  104. so Portland Oregon Sucks, what else is new? Chop them off when CA is released. Don’t need either state! They are a disgrace to our government & the human race

  105. Maxine, as honest as her phony hair used to cover evil, a flea on an elephants ass with intent to topple a great President. Set out some rodent bait for her.

  106. I believe to this day, with the prayers of his supporters, President Trump and his family have been spared. I pray the Lord will continue to protect them and him.

  107. I don’t remember anyone carrying around “Obama’s head, with all the audience laughing in glee. All I can say to you is, if you have so many lefties #walkaway running because of the blind hatred, I’d say your side has a big problem. There were no #walkways when the brown clown was actor in chief.

  108. AMEN, and Dittos. Its folks like you (and me) who elected him. Let us NEVER forsake him, for anything reported by the MSM. I know I won’t.

  109. Maxine is more concerned about herself and the money coming into her campaign, as you know she started her political career with almost nothing and today her net worth is close to $100 million, figure that one out when her salary is around $174K a year.

  110. The “ New Normal” was set by Trump, himself during the last administration. Do I have to remind you conservatives the way President Obama was treated? Trump will receive the same amount of respect that he showed our first black president. Nada, Nothing, Zilch.

  111. I totally agree with you, Rebecca! Respect the office, if not the man. Well, come to that, I would not shout out, as some Congressional intern did, a woman I believe, “F*** You, Trump”. Or to Obama.

  112. I agree how bad is this going to get before it ends…
    This owner should be in hand cuffs

  113. We allowed the left to kick God out of schools, jury rooms, and everywhere else in the USA. What makes you think he will do anything to help us out now? Do you really think we deserve His help? We did this. We allowed this. It’s all on us to fix it, and get back in His good graces.

  114. I would condemn them. I remember the clown mask at the rodeo, but personally have never seen gory pictures of Obama. It’s WRONG and DISRESPECTFUL of the office, if not the man. I cannot personally tolerate Hillary, but I would want to see a picture where her throat was being cut. It’s uncivilized.

  115. Well said, Ms. Sandsness. Thank you. The democrat party is simply a front for the communists. Everything they do emanates from their desire to make the USA a communist country. They have been working on this for at least 70 years, (I am 80) and they are furious that they got so close and now have a 4 or 8 year delay. Even the republicans are in bed with them, through their stupidity and cowardice. O well, we had a good run 1976, 2020. They will not allow our POTUS to be reelected. Either sanarchy or war will envelop our nation if he even runs again. God help us all.

  116. The hypocrisy of the left is stunning! When Sarah Palin put Arizona in the crosshairs, the left went gonzo. Especially, when Rep. Giffords was shot. They blamed the shooting on Mrs. Palin.

    Now they are advocating the assassination of President Trump. But that’s “ok” with the left. Crickets from the media in general about this. And they wonder why Trump calls them “the enemy of the state”? I don’t agree with him when he does, but nevertheless, they do beg the question, “are they the enemies of some of the people, including the President”?

  117. I would guess that there were a few of anti-Obama displays, but not as gory as anti-Trump displays and probably more hundreds of such displays against Trump. Now you realize that the liberals … are extremely vicious. How vicious? They have been encouraged to attack the conservatives everywhere at the restaurants, stores, private houses, etc.

    Howard, don’t do this as an excuse to cover the liberals’ attacks. Do you agree that Maxine Waters should resign? I hope so. She really went too far that will eventually result in murders.

  118. I didnt write the comment but I will tell you this.. it’s an outrage and it doesn’t matter what president it depicts.
    I was brought up in a country where if you didn’t like the president you still respect the Office.
    That America has obviously lost it’s mind.
    When are we going to come together as a country, because if we don’t… what kind of world are our children and grandchildren growing up in?

  119. This should be a crime and they should be prosecuted. I can not believe that anyone could treat the President Of The United States like this and anyone would think that it was ok. This has to be a very sick person and really evil inside. If this is the new normal in America then God help us all.

  120. Exactly, this is outrageous,the owners should be arrested and charged immediately.


  122. You creeps are all alike, professing the disgust and then having a private drink with like cronies guffawing the disgust and slapping each other in the back. You are disgustingly dishonest.

  123. I totally and completely agree with Carol, and add my own comments as follows. We are free because of the front-line military that, tho they are not under fire every day, they are exposed daily to the hazards that most Americans are not,,,,,They are in battle at the sound of alerts, and threats, and normal hard-working citizens are taken from the safety, security and normally calm everyday life to suddenly be exposed to dangers that most people cannot even imagine, and must respond immediately to everything from gunfire, bombings, raids, and everything related to the hazards of serving our America. Their lives after serving under duress, strife, exposure to ALL HAZARDS of UPRISINGS TO WARS are NEVER THE SAME as when they left the safety and serenity of their homes, cities, and everyday life! For those that have served, for those that have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep America Safe from that type of life, They should be remembered daily in our prayers and thanks to the almighty that we are safe in AMERICA!!! Many of those same veterans continue their devotion to duty by joining and serving our City Police, our Fire Departments, our many other areas that continue to keep us safe! Now we are faced with “THE OTHERS”, those that have never given a thought to what it takes to KEEP AMERICA SAFE, SECURE, and a place that is the ENVY of the rest of the world! For the “sake of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, we have been exposed to “ART” that has depicted JESUS in a bottle of URINE, an ignorant “SO-CALLED COMEDIANE” holding up a TOKEN OF HER INTELIGENCE,, we also must accept the uprising of the students on campuses that riot just for the chance to get their face on TV for 3 seconds,,,,Then must live the rest of their lives asking “WHY DID I DO THAT”? Every riot and civic disruption costs the cities, states, and Federal government tons of money,,,,and either the rioters don’t care, cuz a lot of them don’t work anyway, or their are too ignorant to understand that EVERY DOLLAR THAT IS NEEDED TO CLEAN UP AFTER THEM, comes out of their parents pockets, and every single working individual that pays taxes.

    Our PRESIDENT is not perfect, far from it, but he has done more in two years than ANY PRESIDENT SINCE REAGAN!!!!! He is tireless in his pursuit of Bettering America, his desire to DRAIN THE SWAMP has been proceeding nicely, tho not as rapidly as WE want it to, His programs are working, and more americans are working than EVER! He makes tweets that are not to everyone’s liking, and some could surely by toned down, but it must be admitted that they are effective. We are a better informed public because of tweets, and NO-ONE can deny that. People are now tramping all over the mis-statement made yesterday, and the Democraps will beat this to death, hoping that it will turn people away from the Republican Party, and over to their party, but they do not seem to realize that all of the negatives that they have been spewing have totally worked backwards and they are no longer a threat to ANY PARTY ANY LONGER!!! Their negative actions will cost them so many seats this November, that they will be licking their wounds forever! I CAN HARDLY WAIT!! SCHIFF, SCHUMER, PELOSI, MUELLER, AND RIOT-ROUSER WATERS,,,MARK MY WORDS as a premonition.

  124. We don’t need hate we need less maybe nothing of the Maxine Waters. She loves to stir the pot and walk away. She is a criminal and a crook and there will be no turning back for her with all she has put this country through. Her days will be spent in only one place cause I know God would not punish all his followers. God Bless America.

  125. And you base all of these unfounded accusations on what? Oh, that’s right. You don’t need a foundation for your argument. You’re a liberal and therefore rational thought and facts elude you. Be seeing you on the streets Bobby Wuff…

  126. Truth and Justice You Said what has been on my mind the last few days. Thank God there are people out there who cannot only think clearly but have some common sense. Sad that we have so many who claim to be on the right who are also deranged severely, they seem to pander to the wind such as Romney and others to say nothing about John Mc.

  127. As a liberal, the picture is disgusting and has no place anywhere.

    Now try to go back to the epithets and gory pictures we saw of Obama and tell me you found those disgusting too.

  128. Yes it is but it means the idiots that believe he is actually helping this country are deranged not the people who want him gone.

  129. The depiction is an overt and outright threat of harm against the sitting President of the United States. Whomever is responsible should be charged with a violation of 18USC, Sec. 871 (a). Outward depictions of this nature expressing such vicious intentions against a President is simply felonious. Free speech is NOT limitless.

  130. If the Democratic party has been hijacked by communists then why it that your President is the one kissing Putin’s ass? If Putin took a hard turn while he was walking he would break your President’s neck because it is so far up Putin’s ass.

  131. A private person showing something like this would be vilified and possibly arrested. The gallery is no different.mThey should be closed down. The libtards in this country a rent taking an election loss that they assumed was rigg d in their favor, very hard. It is time to either act like adults or admit their abject stupidity. This is supposed to be America, not some third world country that OBAMA TRIED HIS BEST TO MAKE US.

  132. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people with such incredibly low values, morals, standards, sense of right and wrong, and mostly IQ’s way lower than their shoe size are actually able to establish, run, and succeed at operating a business.

  133. Absolutely James, I’m with you. Find the persons responsible for this & prosocute as such. This is getting out of hand with these libtards!

  134. A vote for Trump is a vote for Russia. Trump has ripped off more from Americans than any other President and is still doing it every day he is in office. You people won’t even smarten up after you are broke and destitute and living in gutters because he took all your money and gave it to his rich friends like he has been doing since he took office. PT Barnum was right when he said there is a sucker born every minute. And all you Trump supporters are the biggest stupidest suckers in this country.

  135. Absolutely James, I’m with you. Find the persons responsible for this & prosocute as such. This is getting out of hand with these libtards!

  136. The radical left, ie Demorat Party, is so close to their decades long dream of transforming this nation into a permanent single party RULED, nation. The election of Trump has delayed that goal, which is why they hate him so. If the Demorats do NOT regain control of Congress this November that hatred will only increase exponentially. They will stop at nothing! It will take divine intervention to prevent Trump’s assassination. That is who we are dealing with, folks! Any naive notion the left has any desire to put this nation ahead of their goals is beyond absurd.

  137. Just more proof to the american voter that the Left haters have gone completely Bonkers! Where is the out rage from the fake news media on the picture depicting President Trump with a right hand holding back his head by the hair & a butcher knife cutting into his throat with the artists/teriorists left hand!
    Throw the jerk bum in jail now!

  138. Absolutely disgusting! I will spread the word and myself nor any of my acquaintances will ever buy at this gallery!!!! I am from Portland and this is out of control. Saw it on the news last night and still cannot get the horrible image out of my head! Warped disgusting people! Forcing their sick beliefs on others! The man speaking for the business last night on the news, claims that it is his freedom of speech! How many times has the excuse come up lately? You have jeopardized that business’s reputation because you want to spreed your twisted thoughts! You are sick. Get help! He said on the News last night that if you did not agree with his sick image than you could look the other way, well guess what fool, we will not only look the other way and again, whenever your images or name appear, but we will also stop purchasing from the business that you display your gross images at! That’s called BUSINESS! And you and your 12 followers can go to your garage to look at your horrible images behind closed doors! Which is where they belong!
    This is not free speech when you imposed it on unexpecting innocent people, old & young alike, utilizing the public walkway, by posting it for all to HAVE TO see including children and persons who find this horribly disrespectful and disgusting. Now these people have that image in their heads forever and have to explain “why” to the children & elderly, why would someone draw this of our elected President of our United States?! This is what that business promotes? Not my desire to EVER see this “artist’s” “work” again anywhere! Bad business decision to rent to this tenant! If this is how you feel than you should leave forever. Thank goodness we are all not behind the person that you would have elected! You are seriously sick. You image is purely propaganda!

  139. How in the world is it legal to depict someone killing the POTUS? How is it legal to put the f-word on your windows? Sick as hell………….

  140. Ronald Reagan was not an outsider, however IMHO he wanted to be a patriot and Christian, but think the attempt on his life was to bring him into letting the shadow government continue running the federal government as every president since HST and before him had done (except for JFK who was assassinated for his effort to buck their plans).
    Actually President Trump, the outsider, is probably the greatest President we have had since JFK, who may have been a womanizer, but apparently smart enough to see what was going on and patriotic enough to try to change the direction we were headed in!

  141. I am so disgusted with these people! Do they really think this will cause “normal” Americans to switch their vote? We didn’t vote for Hillary because she is a crook of the highest order who has been ripping off the American people, along with her Master Barack for 8 years, not counting all she and Slick Willy stole when he was in the WH! President Trump is far from perfect, but a guy who made his money (didn’t steal it like Hill and Bill), should be able to get America prosperous again – and he is! Yes, he makes mistakes, he mis-speaks at times, I wish he wouldn’t tweet so much, but he’s going to do it his way, and as long as my tax bill goes down, as long as American businesses start to thrive again, as long as he cleans the crooks out of the DOJ, etc., as long as he putts a stop to the illegals that cause crime and cost us money, as long as he respects our police forces, as long as he works to keep America safe instead of selling us out to the crooks running the Middle East, Trump will have my vote!

  142. A very well put truth. Kudos to you for not labeling the image as art, a word that has lost meaning starting from the very late Twentieth Century and continuing into the Twenty-first.

  143. how can they get away with this sort of thing. if hey would have put a picture like that of that america hating, muslim loving, treasonous,racist piece of crap we had to endure for 8 years they would have been arrested and thrown in jail without a trial for life at that.

  144. This garbage is unacceptable in any civilized society and the people responsible are mentally sick by any reasonable measure. As I understand things, what is being promulgated is the assassination of the president and that is a crime. I suggest that we all contact Attorney General Sessions and the Attorney General of Oregon and demand that appropriate charges be filed. We should not take “no” for an answer from either!

  145. I do not understand how the Left thinks this is even acceptable. We all need to come out and Vote in November and vote them all out of office, Beginning with Maxine Waters.
    Let our voice be heard, This is not acceptable.

  146. My cousin said a number of years ago that “The Democrat Party has become a gang of Bolshevik revolutionaries.” At the time I sort of laughed under my breath thinking that was somewhat radical thinking. Since that time I have paid much more attention to what the Democrats are promoting as heir agenda. I am now totally convinced more each passing day that he was absolutely correct. Many have said that the Democrat Party has been hijacked by the far left (Communist) and they are correct. If you study the history of the Bolshevik Revolution and almost all subsequent communist revolutions, you will see almost identical behavior followed by unimaginable violence and murder of the opposition (Conservatives). If there was ever a time to be prepared to defend ourselves and our Constitutional Government it is now. Every true American Patriot should arm themselves and their families to the teeth in order to prevent such a revolution on American soil. This does not mean to begin shooting and killing, but to be prepared and ready to stand and fight for our freedoms as immortalized by Patrick Henry, “GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH”


  148. Many Christians think we are in the final days. However, things will get much worse as this crude depiction of the killing of anyone communicates, let alone the President of our country.

  149. All these scumbag who are protesting against the President need to be fun out of OUR country !! Bunch of whinning Libturd asswipe ‘,s !!

  150. These “artists” are “followers”! They COULDN’T LEAD if their life depended on it! They’re looking for approval, ANY approval will do, just so they don’t have to THINK! The ONLY thing they can offer is a “negative” expression of their limited intelligence as displayed by their “kindergarten” scribbles! LOL!

  151. Maxine Watters should be in jail for inciting violence. She made things in our country so much worse.’ I have been voting for decades and have never seen such hate between parties.
    I don’t understand it. Usually. An election is over and everyone works together for the good of the country.
    I know there are a few issues from this election like all the corruption that was hidden, traitor obama giving our country to the New World order, and the Dems wanted open borders to again ,ruin our country. However, our leaders still still should go back to WORKING together for the good of our country. We should be fighting enemies outside our countries not ememies within.

  152. Not necessarily – the criminally insane who are sane enough to try to cover up their treason as Obama, Hillary & Bill, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Mueller, Rosenstein, Sessions, McCain, Schumer, Schiff, Brennan, Clapper, Susan Rice and all the other CIA, FBI and DOJ agents who are involved in the ongoing HIGH TREASON against President Trump and this nation, are sane enough to be prosecuted to the fullest for their crimes, including crimes against humanity and those crimes like the false flag events like OKC and 9/11/2001 have no statute of limitations.

  153. I want the left to keep it up and double down. They wanna hang themselves for Nov.? I say give ’em all the rope they need!They’re so MFing stupid, they actually think this will get them new votes, LOL.

  154. This is sick and disgusting. Only a depraved individual would have an excuse to create and/or display such a vulgar and violent image. I suggest that the people involved check out their humanity…even animals do not harbor such a degree of depravity and derangement with reality.

  155. Do any of these idiots realize what will happen to them if some idiot did kill Trump.They think they are mad, just let some thing happen to our President and they will find out what mad people do. That is stupid to wish for any President to be assassinated.He was elected by the American people and he will be there until God removes him.

  156. The Snowflakes with $200,000 liberal arts degrees have time on their hands while sitting down in their mothers basements. The reality is the hatred they feel for a system that did not provide an education that would get them a job. Is manifested in a hatred of Trump thru their artwork. Just like Hillary, they blame everyone but themselves for the decisions they have made.

  157. If you do this to Obama, Clinton or anyone of them, the Gallery would be in flames and their owners shamed in every news outlet and probably arrested.

  158. Aptly describes most of the one world global government, aka the new world order and deep state establishment traitors – but perhaps you should have added “and insane”!

  159. The left are led around with rings in their noses by none other than Satan. So say they are mentally ill is wrong they make the choice to act the way they do because they are selfish and belong to a cult. Whenever the left accuses The President or his followers if you pay attention, you will find they are the quilty ones. So next time they make accusations check back in their history to find the truth.

  160. JFK was screwing Marilyn Monroe & 18 other bimbos, the Mafia helped him get elected then he turned on them, this didn’t help him live a long life, why was he the best?

  161. Without a second thought. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, and she has gone far beyond that.

  162. AMEN to that FACT……..DEMS/RINOS show their corruption and mean streaks by that action….They are slitting their own throats………

    Can’t wait to vote and get those DEMS/RINOS out of politics………

  163. The store next to it need to put one of Obama in there window,,,, hanging by the neck with his eyes popping out of his head,,,, turn about fair play

  164. These depictions are not freedom of speech. They are TREASONOUS and should be punished.

  165. Maxine Waters should be arrested and put in jail for 20 years. She is a disgrace to our American way of life.

    President Trump is doing an outstanding job. Just look at all that he has completed, taxes, economy, etc.

  166. There is nothing normal about the left-wing. They, just do not how to behave like adults should behave.

    When the left will start working with President Trump and his administration and his whole staff, then that we be normal for every left-wing CONGRESSMAN & CONGRESSWOMAN PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All the left-wing knows to do, is obstruct everything that President Trump and his whole staff and administration are trying to do. President Trump, his whole staff, his administration, and the BORDER PATROL, are trying to clean-up OBAMA’s mess that he left behind for President Trump and his administration!!

    Give President Trump some DAMN CREDIT! I trust President Trump better than I ever did Obama, during the miserable 8 years in office.

  167. Awww, these poor dears probably had their pacifiers taken away from them when they were infants, and they’ve been bawling ever since.

  168. I agree with everything you said!! I hope the democrats wake up soon to what a good job DJT is doing for this country! Some have already!!!

  169. Censure and impeach waters she is a racist crook and a traitor to the American people.

  170. People are just plain EVIL. I guess they don’t know that GOD is watching. They will have their day before God & will have to answer for what they do.

  171. I agree Sawdust! I don’t care who is President they should not be threatened with physical harm. If a few of these liberal loon commies would have to face some serious jail time they might keep their mouths shut.

  172. I think, no, I know that those advocating the killing of the President, any President, should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And yes it is against the law to plot the assassination of a President just like you can’t tell FIRE in a crowded theater. NOT PROJECTED SPEECH UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT!!!

  173. What has been displayed in that “art” gallery in Portland is thoroughly disgusting, disrespectful to the office of the POTUS and totally UN-AMERICAN…… when will all this stop !!!!!

  174. Truth and Justice…………………… well said……. IF ONLY…………… so lets all chip in and help MAGA…………

  175. Our duly elected, Make America Great Again, President Donald Trump is the greatest President we have had in too many years. We have to go back to Ronald Reagan to find an acceptable President at the head of our Country prior to President Donald Trump. I am surprised that we have so few in the “democratic party” that support America. We are so passed the time in which politicians are acceptable in leadership positions. Give your support to the best President we have had since Ronald Reagan. Support our President Donald Trump!

  176. Typical violent liberal!
    The Washington Examiner did a survey of prisoners in jails and prisons and found that 73% identified as Democrat. (I’d say it’s closer to 90%.) So if we could get rid of liberals, we could eliminate 73 to 90% of all crimes!
    Incarcerating facilities are demanding more resources for mental health treatment, which proves that liberalism is a mental illness.
    They certainly can’t think beyond their noses. It’s all emotional without a hint of logic!

  177. The article asks, “Is this sort of behavior the ‘new normal’ for the radical left?” The answer is no. It’s not the “new normal,” it’s just normal behavior for the left.

  178. Barbara Cook, You are correct. Maxine Waters is a race baiting criminal thug! She should be held accountable both legally and under the law. She should be removed from office before she gets someone hurt or killed. She is danger to the Country and an embarrassment as a Congresswoman.

  179. I am amazed and appalled at the level of depraved deranged spectacles of themselves the commie liberals are displaying. These obvious low classed, whatever they are, look down on the people who were sick and tired of the direction of our Country and voted for the person we felt could take us back to a prosperous time of freedom with a transparent government as our forefathers intended. These unintelligent people have never been able to understand they don’t have to like DJT but they need to respect the office of the President. We deplorables did that and it was the only way we got through the eight years of BHO. Had we done to Obama what they are doing to POTUS all the Dems hair would have been on fire. There is no respect even between citizens anymore, the nation is in a sad sorry state. If the liberals would only check stats and see the job, economy, GNP, etc. growth and lower taxes, oh there is too much to list here and think for themselves instead of what is being spoon fed to them, maybe they could put up with POTUS for his eight years. He is not going away and will serve two terms, working his heart out for YOU as he is for us. Check out what I have asked you to and you will be a lot happier. The last thing we need is another violet civil war. PLEASE!!!

  180. President Donald Trump list of best thing that ever happened to this dam country I can’t believe educated people want to go that far and try to take him down.
    it it’s not going to happen trump isn’t going anywhere you’ll see. Hes gonna get voted in for Another term you creeps

  181. The people on “the Left” have lost their nut-job minds!!! Their hatred for Donald Trump and his supporters has reached a level like nothing we have seen before! Showing their evil intentions, for everyone to see, will only work against them. Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t want to be associated with people like this, let alone put them in office to carry out their evil fantasies! I literally find my stomach churning at any mention of them and the evil deeds they are proposing!! As part of the “Lord’s Prayer” suggests, please Lord, “Deliver us from Evil,” AMEN!!

  182. This aggressive attitude is exactly the reason the Progressives need to be put down. They promote violence and it’s going to bite them in the derriere.

  183. Maxine Waters should be arrested and prosecuted for support for her followers to harass President Trump’s staff and administration.

    Maxine Waters should be held responsible for anybody or anyone that gets hurt or possibly killed from some of her supporters, because she instigated for this harassment, and it will be on her hands if somebody or someone gets killed. Representative Maxine Waters, will say that she had nothing to do with anybody or anyone getting hurt or possibly killed,however, if you go back to the video at her rally, you can hear her suggest to her supporters to harass and push back against President Trump’s staff and his administration wherever they may be.

    KNOW matter how much anyone or anybody that does not like the President, there is NO need of insighting any kind of harm to anybody or anyone.

    Children do not did not need to see that image in the window of President Trump being assassinated. If you remember, THAT IS WHAT GOT KATHY GRIFFITH IN TROUBLE WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  184. Oregon has been lost for a long time thanks to the liberal scumbags in Portland. I feel bad for the good people of Oregon, sensible people, who are held politically hostage to the filthy city of Portland.


  186. We want our children to stop being violent with one another and to learn in life we dont get things our way then so called adults behave this way. to show this kind of violence towards anyone is pathetically immature. If the President Of The United States is not who you want, but he is still running our country and deserves to be treated with decent attitudes, grow up, be good examples for the children watching.

  187. Get over yourself! We put with Obama for 8 Loooong years. At least President Trump has done things to improve the USA. If you don’tike what he has done for America, pack your bags and leave xo
    don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out and don’t come back. Oh that’s right all the Hollywood weirdos said they were leaving but didn’t go! Bunch of losers can’t even keep their word.

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