People are outraged over this gory depiction of President Trump

Rep. Maxine Waters opened Pandora’s box when she incited The Resistance to harass and intimidate members of the Trump administration.

Now the radical left has taken a dark turn.

And people are outraged after an art gallery in Portland displayed this gory image of President Trump in their window.

The One Grand Gallery in Portland, Oregon is hosting a showing called, “F*** you Mr. President.”

In it, they openly fantasize about a gruesome assisination of President Trump.

Many Americans were outraged by the depiction, which was originally displayed in the windows facing the street, meaning everyone who passed, including children were exposed to the gory image and “F*** Trump” caption.

The Washington Times reported the graphic was removed from the window and moved inside the gallery after an angry outcry on social media.

Breitbart reporter John Nolte noted:

In the era of Trump, this kind of wishful thinking surrounding the grisly assassination of the president is nothing new, unfortunately. As Breitbart News has documented, the same establishment media that spent a week hounding a rodeo clown for wearing an Obama mask has devolved into open apologists — if not advocates — for violence against Trump and his supporters.

Last summer, CNN’s parent company, Time-Warner, was a sponsor of a play depicting the bloody assassination of the president. CNN’s Chris Cillizza has tweeted out video of Trump in crosshairs, and in the lead up to Trump’s inauguration, CNN openly fantasized about Trump’s assassination.

What are your thoughts?

Is this sort of behavior the “new normal” for the radical left suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



  1. The DEMS/RINOS will get their just rewards when their run for politician is struck down by their own ignorance……

  2. I don’t remember seeing an pictures relating to Obama. I do not support garbage similar to the Trump picture about anyone including Obama who I am convinced has done great damage to the us especially in working diligently to bring muslims into our country. Basically muslims do not try to be a part of our culture.

  3. Americans do not commit such abhorrent acts against the President of the United States of America. These people should have their citizenship revoked and they should be treated as illegal aliens because they are not Americans.

  4. This is sedition and should be treated as such. Throw them in jail or better yet get them out of my country. This goes way beyond free speech. Can you imagine if someone would heave put a picture of Obama being hung by the neck what kind of reaction we would have seen. Rioting in the streets.

  5. I had to deal with Bamaloo and the wicked witch Michele for 8 awful years of lies and traitors.
    TRUMPET 2020 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. I understand the gallery closed it’s doors June 17th, Johne Simpson. Think they were afraid for their safety, talk about a plan of action that backfired ! That disgusting atrocity cost those folks everything. I think that was a tad expensive for a Trump hater to make a dismal point.

  7. No wonder why our country is in such a mess. Close that gallery down and arrest everyone involved,that is displaying a death threat to the US PRESIDENT.that used to be a federal felony. No wonder why no one takes the US serious look what we allow to happen in our streets

  8. You are right Jeff! Never saw any of these pics. It must be the left working their evil as only they can.

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