Pete Buttigieg got hit with a reality check from the last place he ever expected

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is one of the political hacks Joe Biden loaded up his cabinet with.

But America’s paying the price as Biden prizes ideological loyalty over competence.

And now Pete Buttigieg got hit with a reality check from the last place he ever expected.

Buttigieg confronted over failure of Joe Biden’s electric vehicle push 

Joe Biden wants to ban gas-powered cars as part of the Green New Deal.

Biden’s imposing new tailpipe admission standards that will force Americans to buy electric vehicles by 2030.

But as intensely as the socialist ideologues inside the Biden administration push Americans to buy Bidenmobiles, the push is equally intense in their rejection of this scheme.

CBS’ Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan confronted Secretary Buttigieg about Donald Trump’s attacks on the Bidenmobile mandates.

“I want to ask you about something that we hear quite a lot about on the campaign trail and that is electric cars, electric vehicles. Donald Trump repeatedly talks about President Biden’s decision to force the industry towards making 56% of car batteries electric by 2032, 13% hybrid,” Brennan began before adding of Trump that “he’s not wrong on the purchasing.”

“Oh, he’s wrong,” Buttigieg replied.

Normally members of the media take an answer like that from a Democrat as their cue to move.

Brennan pressed forward and confronted Buttigieg with facts to back up Trump’s claim.

“He’s not. Of the 4 million vehicles purchased, 269,000 electric vehicles were sold in the U.S. market. It’s up like 2%,” Brennan shot back.

“And every single year more Americans buy EVs than the year before. This is really important —” Buttigieg stated.

“But why aren’t we seeing it move more quickly —” Brennan tried to ask before Buttigieg jumped to claim that once the administration built a network of charging stations across America, the demand for Bidenmobiles would pick up.

Brennan confronted Buttigieg with the fact that the administration has built only 7 or 8 charging stations, despite Congress spending $7.5 billion on this scheme in 2021.

Bidenmobiles are a political loser

Buttigieg tried to claim the only reason Trump attacked the Bidenmobile mandate was because he’s in the pocket of Big Oil.

“[Trump] would be happy to see Americans trapped with dirty and expensive fuels. The reality — and I know he’s made a lot of promises to the oil and gas CEOs about some of the favors that he believes his administration will deliver for them —” Buttigieg declared.

Brennan rejected that claim, noting there was more at work here.

“But it obviously is resonating for him because he wouldn’t bring it up so frequently if there wasn’t some anxiety that he’s tapping into,” Brennan shot back.

The Bidenmobile mandate could put as many as one million autoworkers out of a job.

That’s because Communist China manufactures Bidenmobiles.

So it’s not surprising that polls show Trump leading Biden in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, the three Rust Belt manufacturing hubs.

*Renewed Right Official Polling*

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