Pete Buttigieg is feeling the heat after news of this shocking scandal just broke

Pete Buttigieg is not ready for the primetime of national politics.

He’s crumbling under the spotlight.

And Pete Buttigieg is feeling the heat after news of this shocking scandal just broke.

The corporate-controlled media’s fawning coverage propelled Pete Buttigieg from being the former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, to a Democratic Presidential contender.

Buttigieg conveniently dropped out of the Primary just in time to help Joe Biden win the Democratic nomination.

His reward for helping Biden was heading up the Department of Transportation.

Since Buttigieg got the job, he’s been in over his head.

He disappeared in the middle of an unprecedented supply chain crisis for paternity leave with his husband.

Now he’s got a brewing scandal to deal with from his days as Mayor of South Bend.

The Daily Mail dropped a bombshell report that could point to Buttigieg being involved in a “pay-for-play” scandal as Mayor.

They found that large donors to his Mayoral campaign were routinely awarded city contracts.

His campaign committee received in excess of $250,000 in contributions from donors who he later awarded $33 million in contracts from the city.

During his stint as Mayor, 23 companies that contributed to his campaign were awarded city contracts, including two companies that were given contracts the same day they made their donations.

Executives at American Structurepoint donated $35,850 to his Mayoral campaigns.

In 2012, Buttigieg appointed an executive from American Structurepoint to head South Bend’s Department of Public Works.

Afterwards, the company was rewarded with hundreds of thousands of dollars in city contracts.

Watchdog groups told the Daily Mail that handing out government contracts to campaign donors is ethically concerning.

“I’m stunned if it is true that South Bend Indiana doesn’t have laws on the books that prohibit this. At the federal level, this would be entirely illegal. A federal contractor cannot make a contribution to a candidate, because of the obvious conflict of interest,” remarked Scott Greytak of Transparency International.

After his suspicious behavior handing out public works projects as Mayor, Buttigieg is now in charge of doling out the cash for Biden’s trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.

David Williams, President of Taxpayers Protection Alliance, said, “this really doesn’t bode well for the Secretary of Transportation when he has access to almost $1.2 trillion in infrastructure money.”

This ethically-challenged behavior could throw a monkey wrench in Buttigieg’s political ambitions.

With Joe Biden’s mental decline and his Presidency a train wreck, Democrats are rumored to be looking for a way out in 2024.

Kamala Harris is such a disaster that Democrats aren’t sold on her for the role.

Buttigieg has been using the infrastructure bill to boost his profile, especially in early primary states like New Hampshire.

He’s considered a likely contender for 2024 if Biden doesn’t run.

A pay-for-play scandal could trip up those plans.

One thing that’s certain is Mayor Pete isn’t ready for the stage of national politics.

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