Pete Buttigieg said something about God that will leave you speechless

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the hottest name in the Democrat Party.

The 37 year-old homosexual is surging in the polls and raking in big money.

But Buttigieg just said something about God that will leave you speechless.

Buttigieg makes his biography – a veteran, a Rhodes Scholar, and can speak multiple languages – the centerpiece of his campaign.

He is much like Barack Obama in this regard.

Buttigieg also makes his claims of being a Christian part of his story as well.

He tells Democrats that his ability to talk about his faith will allow him to win over Trump supporters.

In a CNN town hall, a female voter who claimed to be bisexual asked Buttigieg about his faith and if he was willing to change the fact that the overwhelming majority of Evangelical Christians vote Republican.

Buttigieg said he would and stated that “God has no political party.”

Breitbart reports Buttigieg responding:

So, as you know, it can be challenging to be a person of faith, who is also a member of the LGBT community. And yet to me, the core of faith is regard for one another and part of how God’s love is experienced according to my faith and tradition, is in the way that we support one another, and in particular, support the lest among us. […] Frankly, it couldn’t be more radically different than what I see certainly in this White House, where there is a lot of chest-thumping and self-aggrandizing, not to mention abusive behavior, but also political agenda that seems to always be revolving around that idea that somehow it’s too easy for poor people in this country. It’s just so different from what I get when I read scripture. I get that one of the things about scripture is different people see different things in it But, at the very least we should be able to establish that God does not have a political party.

What Buttigieg failed to address is how he will appeal to Christians when he does not share their values.

He supports abortion up until the moment of birth and he supports homosexual marriage.

Buttigieg will run into the same problem other Democrats have when trying to win over Christian voters, namely that you can’t claim to be a candidate for Christians if you aren’t for their values.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.