Pete Buttigieg wants Americans to think he’s keeping them safe but his plan is really to strip them of their freedoms

Pete Buttigieg is just another power-hungry member of the Biden regime.

It’s no secret he got the job of Department of Transportation Secretary because he gracefully bowed out of the 2020 Presidential race and let Joe Biden advance.

And now Pete Buttigieg wants Americans to think he’s keeping them safe but his plan is really to strip them of their freedoms.

During a recent episode of the Ingraham Angle, host Laura Ingraham warned viewers of Buttigieg’s diabolical plan to control where and how often they drive.

“The climate change crazies that control the Biden agenda were never happier than in the spring of 2020: Businesses shuttered, people stopped commuting and they started ordering DoorDash while binge-watching their days away. But now that people are slowly getting back to the office, even in Blue states, they want to make permanent the new normal feeling of the pandemic glory days by making private vehicle ownership increasingly difficult for average Americans,” Ingraham said.

How is someone like Buttigieg going to do this?

According to Ingraham, he’s wrapping the entire plan up in a neat package and saying it will reduce traffic accidents and fatalities.

Federal transportation agencies used misleading numbers when reporting traffic deaths year-to-year in 2021, saying that traffic safety must be improved as Pete Buttigieg has laid out.

Ingraham says the government will be keeping tabs on your driving habits and where you’re going each day.

“They’ll be able to keep tabs on you, even limiting how far you drive, if necessary, in emergencies, even redirecting your route to a safer destination or have been far easier than trying to tow those big rigs and Ottawa,” Ingraham said.

Buttigieg, along with numerous other climate-change zealots, are pushing for electric cars to be mandatory.

They say it’s for the environment, but many on the Right believe it’s just so they can keep Americans from driving too far since electric vehicles can’t go nearly the distance of a gas-powered car.

The Left doesn’t want Americans being able to travel wherever they please.

Buttigieg says his goal is zero traffic fatalities, which is even more insane than Australia’s attempt at zero COVID cases.

Ingraham also stated that Biden and Buttigieg actually like the rising fuel costs because it hurts the lower and middle classes, as it’s too expensive to drive much further than the office these days.

Again, just another plan by the Biden regime to take total control of the American people.

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