Peter Doocy just got vindicated for exposing this major Joe Biden scandal

Fox News Channel White House correspondent Peter Doocy is one of the few reporters that actually asks real questions to Karine Jean-Pierre.

That doesn’t win Doocy any friends in the press corps.

But Peter Doocy just got vindicated for exposing this major Joe Biden scandal.

Media finally reports on Biden’s cognitive decline 

It took Joe Biden’s appalling debate performance, but the media is finally reporting on Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

A 3,000-word New York Times story carried the headline “Biden’s Lapses Are Said to Be Increasingly Common and Worrisome.”

The crew on Fox & Friends discussed the story in the context of the media sticking their heads in the sand and ignoring the obvious until it was no longer tenable to do so.

Brian Kilmeade told fellow co-host Steve Doocy that The Times report about Biden’s aides growing worried about his cognitive and physical decline vindicated the work of his son Peter Doocy, as Peter – along with fellow Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich – was the only one who would ask real questions of the administration about Biden’s condition.

“They told us this thing was worse and [Trump] was in business with [Russian President] Vladimir Putin, here to throw the country to Russia. Then it turns out not to be true. They move on. They have their trophies and go. Now they are finding out all these things we have been reporting on [about Biden]. [Fox News journalist] Jacqui Heinrich and your son [Fox News journalist Peter Doocy] asking these questions but isolated,” Kilmeade stated.

What The Times story said about Biden 

As bad as Biden looked at the debate, his preparation was even more impaired because of his mental state.

The Times reported that a trip to Italy for the G-7 took so much out of Biden that he needed to cancel two full days of debate prep so he could rest at his beach house in Delaware.

“Mr. Biden was drained enough from the back-to-back trips to Europe that his team cut his planned debate preparation by two days so he could rest at his house in Rehoboth Beach, Del., before joining advisers at Camp David for rehearsals,” The Times report read.

Biden was so out of it he needed to nap in the middle of the day and couldn’t start work on debate preparations until 11AM.

“The preparations, which took place over six days, never started before 11 a.m. and Mr. Biden was given time for an afternoon nap each day, according to a person familiar with the process,” The Times also reported.

The Times also finally admitted what conservatives already knew, which is that Biden is a shell of his former self and that the administration has to release corrected transcripts to cover up for his cognitive slip ups.

“Mr. Biden is not the same today as he was even when he took office 3½ years ago. The White House regularly releases corrected transcripts of his remarks, in which he frequently mixes up places, people or dates. The administration did so in the days after the debate, when Mr. Biden mixed up the countries of France and Italy when talking about war veterans at an East Hampton fund-raiser,” The Times report read.

The press didn’t want to report this story precisely because conservative media had covered it from the start.

Doing so would add legitimacy to reporting from conservative outlets and hurt Joe Biden politically.

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