Phil Robertson had one warning about Joe Biden that every American needs to hear

Phil Robertson became a hero to millions of Americans with his starring role on the hit A&E series Duck Dynasty.

Now Robertson is taking the message of faith and family to the campaign trail.

And Phil Robertson had one warning about Joe Biden that every American needs to hear.

Millions of Americans became fans of Robertson for the pro-family and pro-faith message on Duck Dynasty.

Now Robertson warned Americans in an interview with Breitbart that those two values are under assault and on the ballot this November.

Robertson blasted Democrats for embracing the Marxist Black Lives Matter riots to burn churches, attack Jesus, and get rid of Trump.

“[Democrats] come along and say, ‘No, we want to make America hate again, and we’re going to show you how.’ [They] form a satanic mob with filthy minds, filthy mouths. The f-word is sprayed on everything they touch. They riot, they loot, they burn. They say get rid of Jesus, get rid of the church, burn the churches, get rid of Trump, disarm the people, get rid of law enforcement, get rid of any historical monument, get rid of anything wherever anybody ever made a mistake, zero forgiveness for everybody that’s sinned — like they don’t — and you just look at them and they say, ‘Trust us. We will make America hate again,’” Robertson stated.

Robertson added that electing Joe Biden would usher in “hell on earth” as the radical policies Biden represents would undo America’s standing as a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values.

“If the United States of America votes for that dude and votes him in, they deserve what they get, and we’re fixing to have hell on earth. That’s exactly what’s going to happen with Joe Biden. Hell on earth is coming if they vote for him, if we’re that far down,” Robertson added.

Leftist and Never-Trump pundits consistently mock evangelical Christians for standing by Trump.

But as Robertson pointed out, Trump promotes their policy agenda whereas Joe Biden wants to attack their values and ban their faith.

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