A picture of Bill Clinton and two women raised eyebrows everywhere

Bill Clinton can’t help but get himself in trouble.

He was photographed eying two women on the streets.

But there was something about his appearance that had everyone rolling their eyes.

Barstool Sports – a popular website – circulated a photo of Clinton staring at two blonde women as he stood on the street.

But there was another detail about the photo that made it go viral.

Clinton’s fly was down.

The Daily Caller reports:

“A viral photo obtained by Barstool Sports is circulating the internet Friday and it’s not exactly flattering for former President Bill Clinton.

The entire photo is pretty suspect. Let’s break it down. First things first, Clinton seems to be aimlessly wandering around some random building. He doesn’t appear to be accompanied by anybody and he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. At least he doesn’t seem to be in much of a rush. Which doesn’t excuse the next part of this breakdown. His fly is completely down and his belt is off center. Not to mention, his lilac shirt is questionably tight and he’s looking even more bloated than usual.

But what really brings the entire photograph to a point is the fact that he’s unapologetically, unabashedly, un-remorsefully, 110% blatantly checking out two unsuspecting girls passing by.”

What do you think of this picture?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Very good question , if it were Trump instead!! Wow
    The media would be in going nuts & allmtrying too get
    The headlines for them 1st!!Clintion is a sex pervert
    I wouldn’t trust him with Mt daughter or friend!A real sick
    Guy into sex Any kind &’any time!!

  2. I hate to say it because I am not a Clinton, either Clinton, fan but he is looking down to the ground or shoes not at the women and one woman is carrying a child. I couldn’t tell if his zipper is down but he doesn’t seem to be standing in a way to show his open zipper. He seems to have a man in back of him who is talking to someone at an angle to both Clinton and the man in back of Clinton. Clinton looks as if he is an old man figuring out how to turn his body to walk away, a stance my Father took all the time due to knees and hips that don’t work like they use to. And I am not defending Clinton because I can’t read his mind but his body language is familiar to me due to the body language of my Father as he got older and older and trouble maneuvering his hip and legs.

  3. Joe Leslie…. rape is not “wanting” his man parts in them… let’s get the facts straight.

  4. Jus’ trollin’ (can’t do anything else, no more)
    trollin’ , trollin’ , trollin’ down the avenoo!

  5. Agree and at least with Mr. Trumps accusers he didn’t do his cavorting while in the white house like trashy Clinton dod.

  6. You are one sick puppy. Clinton raped, sodomized, and put cigars in Monicas vagina. And you still take up for him. You liberals make me sick!!!!

  7. JOSEPH……………..I magnified it several times and also did not see his fly down. It appears that his eyes are looking at the ground. Good eye Joe.

  8. I must not be looking at the same picture that you are! I don’t see an open fly on his trousers and his eyes are looking down at the sidewalk. The two girls in the picture seem to be photo shopped in. One thing that former President Bill Clinton has over President trump is that he never had to pay to get sex. The women were plenty enough willing to have his man thing in their lady parts!

  9. The only news now days we have only about sex and who sleeps with whom and who look at women. We are fed up to hear “sex “and “sex ” and nothing else happening in whole world. All reporters should land in mental hospitals.

  10. Geesh…Have you EVER seen a picture of her where she WAS pretty enough to have sex with????

    Somehow, Web Hubble and Huma Abedin “made it”, but I’ll bet Slick Willy’s been shutoff for years. I wonder who got the gonorrhea first.

  11. Ah, that’s just the Horny Hick letting his one-eyed, Arkansas, trouser mouse get some fresh air. It also looks like Bubba is showing signs of Dunlop’s Disease, as when your belly’s dun – lapped over your belt! Otherwise, he looks pretty good. The Chappaqua ‘Energizer Bunny’ has done a good job keeping his battery ‘charged’.
    “KnoWhutIMean, Vern?’.!!!!

  12. And to describe communist/progressive not only shouldn’t people confuse such affiliations with “liberalism” but they should stop with the term “Democrat”. Today’s Democrats are not what one used to be when JFK was the party leader…..

  13. This picture of Bill Clinton doesn’t surprise me a little bit. He has been, and always will be, a scumbag. I do believe he has a problem with being able to keep his pants on and that’s why his fly is open. At least his pants weren’t down around his knees as they were in the Oval Office!!!

  14. yee haw. Old slick willie at it again. Wants another bg from all them pretty women. hehehe Iguess Hitler Hillary is just to dam ugly to have sex with any more.

  15. Makes me wonder why sick Americans voted for him twice, just like Obama was. People want the beautiful people to be in view but I go for intelligence first, not looks.

  16. “It” probably wanted some fresh air. The gonorrhea and the closed zipper are most likely a real “turn-off” for “It.” “It’s” been unfettered it’s whole life and is in denial–trying to hang on to memories of past glory.

  17. Both Hill and Bill need cells in the federal pen. Bill needs to get over himself, he still believes he is a ladies man, and Hill believes she can still be president. Is this what their lives have become? Delusional.

  18. Goes without saying that Secret Service will always be near any past or present POTUS. I believe the author of this article is saying, friends and family are not around him. At any rate, he appears to be a mental case, who either forgot how to zip up his fly after a trip to the bathroom, or getting ready for a quickie, just like he did when he preyed on women in the WH and when he was Governor. The Clintons are the most evil and corrupt couple that ever entered into politics. He is about ready to meet his maker, by the looks of him, and I don’t envy him one bit. You can’t lie and squirm your way out of a shady life style with God.

  19. I noticed in the criticism of the picture that it stated he appeared to be unaccompanied. So who is the guy standing right behind him wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day? Secret Service maybe?

  20. I’m NOT a Clinton FAN…
    but if I was married to Hillary I may be out looking at pretty young girls too. Hrs to old and ugly to find anything else. No one in they right mind would get near him!!!

  21. Could be him but narrative is a bit off. There is a man with glasses, presumably a spook, off his left shoulder and a hand appears in upper right of the photo, likely another SS guy. So, it appears that he’s not really alone.

  22. Stanley you could be right! Clinton needed to put his head on another body because he had worn the other body out on Monica Lewinsky!

  23. He forgot to zip up after using the toilet, poor man is getting very old. Or maybe he was hopping those girls would draw his attention to his open fly….and I just wonder what Bill Clinton would reply to them

  24. The old rapist was in Chicago for his partner in crime Hillary’s speaking engagement. Well even as a dirty old man you can see the rapist side of him coming out, zip the fly Bill!!!

  25. I am not, and never have been fan of Bill or Hillary. Did not vote for either one. However, that photo looks like it is doctored. It looks like Bill’s head is put on top of another body.

  26. He was a failure as POTUS, he’s a failure as a husband, [not that it was anything but a business marriage, the same as Obama’s], but at least he can act like it was real, and he’s a failure as an American !!!

  27. A picture of Bill Clinton and two women raised eyebrows everywhere

    I WONDER !!! Was Hillary there, Asking if She could join in .

  28. I would gladly be one of the executioner’s in that firing squad. That’s sorry to say but libtards have had enough say. They need to go. Get out of this country. It wasn’t built on liberalism, which is a mental disease/disorder.

  29. Hildabeast could care less what Bubba does. You know they live a loveless marriage.
    I’ve never been a Clinton crime fan. I voted against Bubba back in the 90’s. I couldn’t believe he did what he did in the oval office. Even back then the main slime media allowed that adulterous behavior and crammed him down our throats. Makes me sick. Hillary makes me even sicker. She could die today and I wouldn’t shed a tear.
    She’s such a sore loser that she’s attacked every bone in Trump’s body. She got her a payback while in India tho. Broke her wrist and toe after smearing trump supporters. Haha. She falls constantly. Her big fat ass can’t manage to walk up or down stairs.

  30. Democraps never change. Always the same….pure scum. The idiots that vote this scum in should be put against a wall with these disgusting scum and let the firing squad end this democrap cult.

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