This piece of paper will reveal the truth about Russian collusion in 2016

The Fusion GPS Trump-Russia collusion dossier is at the heart of the Mueller investigation.

Are the allegations of collusion it contains true?

One piece of paper could unravel that mystery and reveal the explosive truth.

A disturbing aspect of the story surrounding the dossier was how it ended up in former FBI Director Jim Comey’s hands.

Senator John McCain sent a trusted aide to London to pick up a copy.

David Kramer – a former State Department official – was the man McCain dispatched to retrieve the controversial document.

Kramer has been subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee in order to uncover who the source of the dossier was.

The Daily Caller reports:

“The House Intelligence Committee has issued a subpoena for an associate of Arizona Sen. John McCain’s who revealed last week that he knows the names of the Russian sources used in former British spy Christopher Steele’s infamous dossier.

A congressional source tells The Daily Caller that California Rep. Devin Nunes issued the subpoena on Wednesday for David J. Kramer, a former State Department official.

Kramer refused to divulge the names of Steele’s sources during a Dec. 19 interview with the panel, the source says.”

The central allegation of the dossier – that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia – has never been verified.

If the House Committee can determine the sources of the dossier, the credibility of the allegations can finally be put to rest.

Were the allegations of collusion fake news and misinformation?

The lack of evidence of collusion suggests that was the case.

Nailing down who was behind the allegations will be the final piece of evidence to answer that question for sure.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


  1. It has not been proven the DNC was hacked by the Russians. Debbie Wasserman Schultz will not give the server to be examined. They believe, that is why Seth Rich was murdered. A hit job from Schultz. Maybe you should stop watching so much fake news. #MAGA

  2. I think you were sold a bill of goods about Hillary. She wants this country covered with communism. Just like Obama. Government rules everything. You are just angry that political correctness does not rule the day. You can not get your free stuff. Obama phone. Free college. Free medical. I will not pay for your humpty dumpty ass. Free speach goes both ways you commie. I bet you support the facist group Anti-fa.

  3. Those that elected Trump were sold a bill of false information that they believed. He is a selfish fraud he is unable to take any sort of information about his mess ups. He is a bully and a threat to our democracy.

  4. Just look @ all of the scandals that are coming out on Obama’s watch;; the biggest bunch of gangsters that ever got in control of this country. Hillary would have finished it’s destruction!!!

  5. McCain has long out lived the worth of his salt….I think he will die with a lack of respect because it’s what he gave us while he served…..

  6. The Barry Sotero regime, the money of the Clinton’s and G. Soros, the collusion of the RINO’s, the aid of the msm cover-ups and the elements of a true try to ruin this country, it’s freedom, wealth and security is a left wing story of attempted deprivation that will never be forgotten, the subversive deeds and illegal criminal acts will have a burning effect, a lesson of infamy equal to any treasonous act this country has ever experienced…..MAGA…America for Americans….

  7. What she meant, and CLEARLY it went way over your head, was that the so-called facts presented, and still presented, by mainstream media is bull and so when a conservative offers truth, people like you would think of it as alternate because YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

  8. Nunes has been trying to get evidence on those acting AGAINST President Trump. He’s not going against Trump, he wants to find proof it is a fake dossier.

  9. Kook
    Trusting the Fake News in Chief is a bad mistake. His first day in office, his voice Kelly Anne said we would have to get used to and accept ALTERNATIVE FACTS. we were told to accept non-facts by a Trump voice box.

    Trump seldom adheres to facts. He calls the truth Fake News and yet you believe the ALTERNATIVE FACTS as the truth and not lies.

    Do not believe me? Read ALL the news not just your favorite. It might make you more effective and smarter. Your choice.

  10. Anyone really trust Nunez??? His actions affected his reputation. His behavior revealed his lack of fairness and the trust of people in his district. Find someone other than Nunez to support.

  11. Good job couldn’t said it better myself except for better lying criminals maybe I added that but good job

  12. One issue you speak of, has merit , but of course not accurate coming from a liberal. The collusion proof you speak of comes from your camp and is smeared all over, your teams lying faces! Keep watching, when the s___ hits the fan you can be sure Odumbo and the beast will be standing on top of the pile!

  13. Keep dreaming Kyle because the noose is getting closer to 0bama’s neck. In case you don’t know a little about the law, illegally gained evidence taints any that comes after it. And the key to that is the wiretaps were illegally gotten.

  14. He is as crooked as the rest of the liberal democrats. He needs to be tried for cover ups and lying. If he found guilty. Jail Time. He’s no different then anyone else. If he dies in there. SO BE IT.

  15. Axel You say there are financial reports. If there are reports there should be a tax return that was submitted no later than mid-October. If already in audit, DT excuse, the IRS must not believe anything he submits. IRS trusted you Axel more than your hero DT.

  16. You need more explanation. What you wroteHayred makes no sense. No charges no specifics evidence against DT is more detailed.

    No details to prove your point indicates it may be FAKE NEWS

  17. Kotoc,

    Afraid of the truth? Or is it only FOX is true. Many disagree with you. Maybe you should watch both MSNBC and FOX.

    GOP is now the party of trump

    What is your position on opiates. Is GOP and trump helping to solve it. Proof?

  18. Because the smoke linked to trump does not go away

    Tump did write a note for JR on the return flight from Europe in June. He was trying to keep JR out of trouble when he visited with Russians lin summer 2016. What is it obstruction, conspiracy or collusion. Something did happen you want to ignore.

  19. Your level of intelligence (or lack thereof) is plainly evident, thus negating anything you say. Your comment will be taken as seriously as the scribbling of a kindergarten-age child who got angry and is now having a tantrum.

  20. It’ll be interesting to see how all this shakes out, Mueller’s conclusion, and all that may and should be investigated of any and all criminals in D.C., past and present, aka the swamp.

  21. there will never be a settle america like all of you trump sockers thinking that he is godsen disguised big time the biggest clown thi contry ever seen. you can cry baby all you want the proof remaind trump is not fit and have the notions that he is the mythy savior but some thing is brewing and its not going to be in is faver

  22. “ … It’s DT spending all of his time trying to figure out how …”

    If I were him, I would do the same. Why? Look at the power of liberal media, Hollywood, major corporations , billionaires, and many more that are after him. For example, Trump said he is going to put up the wall and everybody went after him. That’s it. It is the conservative agenda that he’s trying to fulfill it.

    Trump said he is going to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He mentioned that he recognize Jerusalem as the capital. Politically, it could be a disaster for the next election. Even the UN are known for its hostility toward Israel, but Trump had Nikki Haley rebuking them.

    Every liberal are after him. Even you wanting to see him go down, you would say anything against him. Why can’t you simply look at Hillary? Uranium deal? Hmm? Obama and his Hezbollah scandal?

    Didn’t Hillary stole the DNC nomination? Yeah, don’t forget that liberal media don’t want to talk about it. Isn’t that make sense to you?

  23. Not guilty of what?

    Collusion isn’t illegal, so I don’t care if DT or HRC colluded.

    It’s DT spending all of his time trying to figure out how to fire people who are investigating him. He is guilty of obstruction, money laundering, sexual assault, emoluments clause, witnesses tampering, and assisting in helping hack our elections.

    This is what Mueller is investigating and why DT wants him gone. Do some research on his banking in NY, and Cypress. That will explain why Wilbur Ross is his Commerce Secretary.

    DT has had 4 people arrested and more will come. Now that he’s claimed Flynn a liar, even though he bragged about him constantly, Flynn will provide all the info needed to prove DT is, and always has been dirty.

    That’s why I can’t move on, I want answers, and every American should.

  24. He claims he’s divested from his businesses, but Eric Trump just told Forbes in an interview that he continues to give his Dad updates and Trump still has access to the financial reports and decisions.

    All Trump knows how to do is lie, right to everyone’s face.

  25. Don’t worry. Trump has a fleet of good advisors that can tell him what he can do legally. Just chill. (smh)

  26. How will Trump make us #1? The UK won’t let him in the country, the UN is alienating us, and the world does not respect us. If you’re referring to making HIS America #1, you may be right. The tax bill shows us where he wants to be, he could care less about anyone else.

    So how is he making us better?

  27. Trump is NOT guilty. Move on. Why can’t you just stick with Hillary’s involvement in Russian collusion situation? The evidence are riddled all over her … big time. Gee, you would die for her, aren’t you? Disgusted.

  28. you’re blowing smoke out of your a$$ ,you & I both know the truth . PRESIDENT TRUMP will make this nation #1 again , but you weepers all keep crying about blame , you & every body else that our President is making AMERICA great again !!!!!!! M.A.G.A. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Now Marco Rubio just admitted that they made a mistake by giving companies with the tax bill.

    He said “you’re going to see multinationals buy back shares to drive up the pric.” “That isn’t going to create dramatic economic growth.”

    Thanks Captain Obvious.

  30. Trump has lied more in the past few days, than any other admin.

    He claimed he’s signed more legislation than any other President, untrue and he’s done the least in history.

    He just said he’s more bills than any other president, again untrue, he’s sign the fewest than any president in the last 70 years.

    He is handing everyone BS everyday and his fans believe it…amazing. which is a Pulitzer Prize winning fact-check media outlet, and non-partisan, just awarded Trump over every other politician, with “Liar of the Year”.

    It’s time for him to go!

  31. No Bruce,

    You think DT can send a letter firing Mueller like he did Comey, he can’t. He nominated Rosenstein himself, and in a hearing Rosenstein said he saw no reason to fire Mueller.

    So DT would have to fire Rosenstein, then appoint and get approved, a new DAG, then convince him to fire Mueller.

    But it wouldn’t be the first time DT is going against the constitution.

  32. Benghazi alone cost over 30 million, and over 17 months according to the Fiscal Times. If you add up all of the investigations the GOP has spent investigating it’s well ove 100 million.
    All of these numbers are verifiable, just need to look it up.

  33. You are arguing against yourself. On one hand you say Trump cannot fire Mueller, then you say he can by firing Rosenstein and the the new Deputy AG fire Mueller. The path still leads to Trump able to fire Mueller. WOW!

  34. Once again, you’re wrong. Trump can fire Mueller as evidenced by the warnings by Democrats not to. The Democrats warned not to fire Mueller over the holidays. Trump, being President can fire anyone in his Cabinet. It’s called the Separation of Powers, or else his Cabinet and even Mueller could lead the country. WOW!

  35. So the whole GOP is innocent? Devin Nunes’ campaign paid for the Dossier. The GOP knows DT is guilty, but now they’ll be implicated for covering it up.

  36. I think if Obama would have done anything? It would have been pounced on by everyone as trying to attack Trump. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  37. Not sure where you’re getting your info, but he can’t fire anyone he wants to. He cannot fire Mueller, only Rosenstein can. He cannot fire state officials, so the New York AG will review his bank statements. Firing Comey was for not dropping the Russia investigation, which he admitted on TV, which is obstruction.

    He has had multiple people leave his admin (not normal), and FOUR people arrested. That’s no proof?! There are still arrests to come, and yes, DT is guilty, it’s why he hasn’t done any press conferences, he doesn’t have any answers.

  38. Pay no attention to Kyle… he’s nothing more than a troll with a bunch of bullsh** to throw around. He lost credibility a LONG time ago.

  39. I believe there is evidence of Russia hacking the DNC in which Obama did nothing during his tenure. The DNC refused to turn over this evidence to the FBI. Again Russia and the Democrats.

  40. Really??? Have another sip of the cool aid!!!!!!! After you finish that why don’t you post some numbers to back up your ridiculous statement.

  41. It has been proven that Russia hacked the election. Collusion is the least of DT’s worries. He keeps saying “no collusion, no collusion”, just shows how stupid he is. He’s been trying to intimidate witnesses with his tweets, and he’s guilty of obstruction. So yes, maybe he doesn’t think he colluded, but that’s not what will send him to jail. The AG in New York will be the one to find him guilty, and he can’t fire or pardon anyone in the State.

  42. After 18 months of investigated by his enemies and no proof other than his legal rights to fire corrupt Comey,obstruction is a no go. Nice try but state all the evidence. Again, as President, Trump can fire whomever he so chooses and no evidence brought forth. Not one bit or else it would have been headlines for weeks. Nothing…now corruption seems to exist and we’ll see if someone finally goes to jail in D.C.

  43. Between Bill & Hillary, over 70 million was spent. Hillary was investigated for 17 months. DT is guilty, and as long as it takes to bring it all out.

  44. Well over $7 million, nearing $8 million and no end in sight. I would complain to my Representative in Congress but it’s Maxine Waters whose only fame besides residing outside her district in a $4 million dollar estate is to blather impeach 45. Her husband investigated for bank fraud during the housing crisis and my guess is she pulled some strings.

  45. Why, because the dossier is real, and true? Why does it matter who got it? The fact is that it’s true, and DT has been lying about it.

  46. We are past collusion. DT is now being investigated for obstruction, which his tweets has shown his guilt, money laundering, and tax evasion, which he’ll go to jail for.

  47. Good Lord, Hillary is not president, Trump is. DT is more of a low life and guilty of far worse crimes than any person in DC ever.

  48. After the collusion is proved to be a setup, all those involved should have to repay the government for the cost of Mueller’s witch hunt on the taxpayers dollar along with charges and penalties (perjury, sedition, treason to name a few)

  49. Why is McCain allowed to stay in the senate? He is a traitor and he is sick beyond help. Why isn’t congress kicking him out for dirrelection of duty

  50. The sources are the DNC and Hillary with their concocted farce to help sabotage the new administration. They should all be in jail along with the great pretender Obama!

  51. Who gave John McCain the authority to send someone to London to obtain a fake dossier? And did we taxpayers fund the trip. Surely McCain did not. Maybe at one time he as a hero and maybe not; however, he has become a traitor and should retire and take care of his health.

  52. John McCain, Hero, Patriot. TRAITOR, GUILTY OF TREATY, ONE OF THE CONSPIRATORS along with Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Lynch, Rice, Holder, the Clintons, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Strozk, Page, McCabe, Ohr and his wife, Yates, the Podestas, Waserman Schultz….. did I miss any….. probably Romney, Bush. I hope McCain makes his peace w/ God and has an epiphanny and turns everyone in including himself. This CONSPIRACY warrants the Death Penalty for some… Comey, Strozk, McCabe, Page. Pres Trump needs to fire Sessions and put an outside as AG…. Rudy Guiliani. Sessions is fumbling around probably because he knows this conspiracy goes right to McCain and Obama. JUSTICE FOR ALL.

  53. I just hope they will FINALLY put that whole stupid “collusion” accusation to rest when they see PROOF with their very own eyes, and hear it with their very own ears. I’m getting tired of this dragging on and on and on…

  54. No, no, no, not John McCain! Why him? He’s the most dangerous RINO that hates the ground that Trump walks on. Trey Gowdy should have sent his.

    Pissed off!

  55. Kramer must be arrested for not answering questions. This is out of hand and must be forced to answer and given a lie detector test. Enough of the crap and wasting taxpayer money. IF the FBI will not end this someone must…..too much time and money wasted as they play their games!

  56. Harsh prison sentences are necessary – none of these country club prisons where they are confined to a military base , provided a house and driver – where they are free to golf and write their memoirs.

  57. Collusion? It looks more like people trying to look over every thing and cover tracks. Why is questionable characters involved at all? McCain the most trusted name, news worthy. LMAO

  58. For all the seemingly apparent crimes committed in many different cases, jail time is necessary to ensure a repeat of illicit behavior not occur and bring confidence to citizens that no one is above the law, including Obama who was in charge and the buck stops with him. So far, nobody goes to jail in D.C.

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