Police just dropped the hammer on Antifa and destroyed their biggest dream

Antifa believes this is their moment.

And in many ways, they are right, considering that many places refuse to stop their violence.

But that is all changing after police dropped the hammer to destroy their biggest dream.

Following the death of George Floyd, Antifa jumped at the chance to foment violence.

They wasted no time and destroyed cities, attacked innocent Americans, and even killed multiple people, including retired Police Captain David Dorn in St. Louis.

And amid the chaos, they took their biggest stand in Seattle.

They formed what was initially known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), which later changed to Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP).

To do this they took over multiple city blocks, including a police station, and refused to allow any police inside.

Naturally, chaos and violence happened very quickly, with multiple different shootings resulting in two people dying.

After it formed, left-wing politicians lined up to excuse their lawlessness.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan even denied that any violence was occurring, calling the area a “street festival,” and arguing that it was going to be the “Summer of Love” in Seattle.

But that “Summer of Love” was very short-lived, considering that in recent days, the police finally shut down the area following a class action lawsuit filed by business-owners and residents in the area.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best made clear that they shut down the area due to the violent lawlessness occurring.

“Our job is to support peaceful demonstrations but what has happened on these streets over the last few weeks is lawless and it’s brutal and bottom line it is simply unacceptable,” Best told reporters.

Since its inception, President Donald Trump has offered to assist in shutting it down.

He said that he was just waiting for a call from Seattle’s Mayor, and he would use the full force of the government to ensure law and order.

And President Trump has done more to console victims of the violence in the area than any official in Seattle.

Trump called the father of 19-year-old Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr., who was killed in the CHOP.

“Incredibly, Donald Trump called me,” said 50-year-old Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr. “The President of the United States called me today. He gave his condolences, and me, I’m not a political guy. I told him, ‘Nobody likes you.’ I’m real. Donald Trump called me and he didn’t have to call me.”

Thankfully, this disaster is over.

But there is no telling what Antifa will do next.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any developments in this ongoing story.



  2. Love all the comments Agree 100% I
    Pray Trump has an unbelievable re-election
    So all know how many of us love this Country

  3. The BLAME for antifa and all the other Fringe groups lie squarely at the feet of these hoods PARENTS! This would not be happening at all if they had been told NO, AT LEAST ONCE IN THEY’RE MISERABLE LITTLE LIVES! THIS IS THE “PARTICIPATION TROPHY GENERATION” at its best!

  4. AJM unfortunately some people are willing to be bullied by hood rats. They are afraid of the consequences. It’s not politically correct to buck the system when it involves darkies.

  5. I never see water cannons at these protests some or most of those scumbags could use a bath….also where are the German Shepard dogs trained to combat riots? They would think twice if there were a few dozen present to tear up their worthless ass………..Stop giving in to these PUNKS….

  6. the riots and monument removal is led by white trash that has never worked and never will.as long as they can get a few bucks from soros ,steyer and other billionaire liberal democrats they will continue to walk the streets without masks,spread the virus and keep decent people from working.it’s sad to say but the only thing they will understand is for a mental patient step into a crowd and open up with a machine gun.

  7. The lawsuit should serve notice that the people of Seattle have had enough from their failing politicians. A successful Recall Election and the installment of elected officians who are not afraid of the mob would stop the violence and destruction.

  8. The residents and shop owners need to take a class action lawsuit out against the state to make them pay for the damage, instead of making the insurance companies pay for it. They should quit paying property taxes too until this is resolved.

  9. No matter what president has to fight way too hard. Those idiot Democrats are useless .and dangerous. The only one they care about is themselves. Plosie stays home in her big mansion ( with) security paid for by us. And does what she does best NOTHING BUT CAUSE TROUBLE.They sit home and all the essential workers get their raises taken away. As govener Cuomo gives himself a 63% raise. All these Blue is accomplished is more racism. They are racist. I’m hoping Trump wins because if Biden wins heaven help us. Trump has the strength to get us out of most of this message. At least he gets things done.

  10. Do black lives matter? Then why are blacks killing their own? And why are they killing children? Check out the latest news from Atlanta and Chicago. Don’t take them seriously folks because It’s all noise. As long as they act like hood rats they should be treated like hood rats. I can understand the frustration of the police when they have to put up with people who act like animals. We are living under mob rule and the commiecrats are enabling it.

  11. Do you mind telling me and your readers just what the point of this article is??? Give me a break,…why do you conduct yourselves this way with this kind of whatever you want to call it,….other than misleading

  12. People of Seattle, request a town meeting and vote for Mayor Durkins resignation .She needs to go along with all the political leaders condoning violence in the name of “protesting”. these politicians who condone or watch the violence and do nothing are just as guilty, And there needs to be stiff penalties for those who perpetrate the violence in the name of peace, PEOPLE WAKE UP! OR THIS WILL SPREAD LIKE A CANCER

  13. Kenneth Barr it’s been enough for a long time. It’s time for the good people to stop this sh&t if the laws aren’t applied. The time is now.

  14. why are we talking about this the Democrat party has declared war on the rest of the USA, again, all of these group are the Democrat party, the last five election these same people have done the same damn thing, when will it be enough?

  15. Praying daily that the coronavirus will get participants in the destructive mobs of Antifa, BLM, SPLC, and other similar organizations with terminal results. Same with Nancy Pelosi and her thugs in Congress…

  16. Lock & load America, time to protect & defend your family, home and businesses when city officials obstructing our police!! There are many more good than bad police and we must have City, State & Federal leaders to make decisions to protect We The People!!! Vote the Weak Corrupt Politicians Out of Office!!! Vote Straight GOP (Except Rinos) November 2020!!!

  17. This article is JOKE!!! Just HOW did “police drops hammer on Antifa “,,, they make few arrests and out of jail same day!! This article is a Circus Joke!!

  18. Antifa is controlling BLM. Stupid young white elitist millennials leading blacks around by the nose. They are both going down big time. America will not stand for their lawlessness any longer…

  19. Renewed right, you just blocked my latest comments. These were my best ever! You people suck the big one. GFY


  21. It’s all about safety, period. I don’t care where you live, I don’t care where you are going, Disney, a local restaurant, a store, anything, we want safety. This Seattle Major is either a Communist, or she has dementia. People of Seattle, vote the crazy lady out next election. he doesn’t know how to run a big time city like Seattle. She doesn’t provide a safe place for the citizens who pay taxes, which pay her salary. And by the way, there are many people of all skin colors, nationalities,religions, that like President Trump because he wants to protect all of us. And, oh, by the way, if you don’t want a safe place to live, then go to a Communist country. Even the CCP wouldn’t have put up with what CHOP in Seattle. They would have wipe out all of those people.

  22. Democrats are once again placing the blame of their own treason on others blm and Antifa , all three regimes are nothing more than treasonous murderers!! All who support them are as guilty of murder arson, vandalism and treason ! They all must be indicted for this treasonous coo for thats what it is and that’s what they have done! Hollywood and the media must be chastised from America for good!

  23. A Short Rope and A Long Drop , is just what these Marxist paid thugs are in of having dished out for punishment , for crimes against our country’s Liberty . A long with the Marxist thats paying for their Sins , he should Dangle right beside tbem also . Wishful thinking , right !

  24. The Only reason Mayor Durkan of Seattle ended the summer of love, was due to the mob got to her mansion… She didn’t do anything when Young kids were killed at the summer of love…this DEMOCRATIC Mayor should resign or be fire… SEATTLE WAKE UP THE LEFT DOESN’T CARE ABOUT US.

  25. ALMA ENGLE- SOROS is walking around instead of in jail because he is living in a country that does not extradite. Israel wants him as bad as we do. And his home country of Hungary refuses to allow him to even set foot there. He is an EVIL EVIL MAN. He IS Satan.

  26. Sir when are the Kenite’s mayors etc going 2 have a dead brain to step down and move to Iran??

  27. Dennis…OK, I’ll bite. What did you tell us the first week??
    Maybe tell us again to start a plan of action. I am FED UP!
    My husband is out buying a gun and we are going to take shooting lessons. All of our friends have already gone to the range & started theirs.

  28. We have communists and fascists leading this charge but the history of both groups towards blacks has not been one of appreciation. Don’t let Cullos, Garza, and Tomei fool you, Cullors and Graza claim to be “trained” Marxists. Name the last country controlled by Marxists that improve the state of the citizens. And don’t tell me Russia and prove you don’t know much history.

  29. Soros with the use of Antifa , blm and the liberal democrats would like to over throw our government , Soros is the 27th richest man in the world. Not on my watch Vietnam Vet Bluelivesmatter

  30. Pantyfa is the radical enforcement arm of the communists….BLM was formed to entice the negro to riot and loot to help pantyfa and have an excuse for doing it. They are both funded by the commiecrap party and rich jew’s. Throwing commercial grade fireworks is close to throwing hand grenades. They will escalate this to a point no one will except and then will be put down

  31. Ray, Yes God gave everyone a brain. But the left has denied God and does not use it. They have been brainwashed and have no clue of the truth. Antifa and BLM are terrorist organizations and they will indoctrinate all they can into their evil agenda

  32. All these idiots are commies, and traders !!!! We must take a stand up hold the law !!! These are people who hate freedom and the America way of life,and hate God and want government control I say they must die or our way of life will be gone and we will no longer be free !!!!Stand for Liberty or give me Death !!!! I will not bow to no commy!!!

  33. I understand that George Soros is funding much of the violent chaos in our nation. Why is he still walking around free? If he is continually inciting dangerous riots resulting in destruction of property, even murder of many people, including children, why is he not in prison? Aren’t there laws against inciting riots? Are all political leaders and law enforcement agencies afraid of Soros?

  34. Let’s be honest… it was shut down only because the mayor felt threatened personally. She didn’t give a damn about the taxpaying citizens and businesses in her city.. only the communist minority. Too bad they didn’t kill the mayor and entire city council instead of just a few kids.

  35. Freeze their grant funded finances due to terrorist activity! They will fade away without money and their to brass should be arrested and jailed.Any Members should be publicized on the news network,their secret society exposed!

  36. My only wish is when they do return to work,if they do work.. they show that same kind of energy…
    But as you and l know..To most of them work, Work is a scary four letter word..

  37. Ray: you have fascist teachers unions pushing communism and hate for country for many years. You have school kids that actually believe thecrap they are pushing..

  38. How do you brainwash an entire nation?

    How do you get people to start snitching on their neighbors if they aren’t social distancing?

    How do you convince people that it’s okay to violate their God-given rights?

    All it takes is five little words from our politicians…

    “It’s for the greater good.”

    “No, you can’t go to church on Easter, it’s for the greater good.”

    “No, gun shops need to be closed, it’s for the greater good.”

    “No, you can’t leave your house unless it’s for a reason I approve, it’s for the greater good.”



    Here’s a quote from the Kansas Attorney General, a politician who actually has his head on straight…

    “Today’s judicial ruling is a much-needed reminder that the Constitution is not under a stay-home order and the Bill of Rights cannot be quarantined.”

    “The Constitution protects our liberties especially during times of crisis, when history reveals governments too quick to sacrifice rights of the few to calm fears of the many.”

    Amen to that.

    I think far too many Americans forget that God gave all of us a brain and we should use it and not just blindly follow what some Governor tells us.

    You and I have our own ability to make judgements.

    And, as a clever sign said at one of the protests over the weekend, “Give me liberty or give me COVID-19.”

    Don’t sacrifice your freedoms…

    Don’t let the “sheeple masses” bully you into giving up your rights that our Founding Fathers and so many others risked everything for.

    Think for yourself.

    Take care of yourself.

    Question everything.

    Stay safe,

  39. All of this has nothing to do with “PROTESTS” This is nothing but another way for TEMPER TANTRUMS to be displayed over the 2016 election. And it’s going to happen AGAIN!

  40. There is more black Americans than these self made what ever you would call them. There are sitting back and asking what are these idiots doing. They don’t want a race war. They are decent people. They are not even going near you unless you threaten them in their homes or any where else.Did you tell your momma nor papa when you leave you may not come back? You never know when people like this are stupid!

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