Police made one arrest that had the media slamming the panic button about Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s lawless administration reached a new low.

Biden’s allies in the press know it’s bad news.

And police made one arrest that had the media slamming the panic button about Joe Biden.

Police arrest illegal alien for murder of University of Georgia college student

22-year-old University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley went out for a run on campus.

It was the last thing she ever did.

Following the discovery of her dead body, authorities arrested 26-year-old illegal alien José Antonio Ibarra for Laken’s murder.

Ibarra was only in the country because the Biden administration provided him safe passage into the country.

“Multiple DHS sources confirm the suspect in UGA student, Laken Riley’s murder—José Antonio Ibarra is here illegally from Venezuela. CBP documents show he crossed in September of 2022 into El Paso, Texas and was released due to lack of detention space,” Newsnation’s Ali Bradley reported.

“The 26 year old from Venezuela was arrested today by ICE-ERO Atlanta. He is being charged with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping, hindering a 911 call and concealing the death of another— According to UGA Police Chief Jeffrey L. Clark,” Bradley also reported.

Millions of Illegal Aliens in America is Joe Biden’s Goal

Detention facilities at the southern border face overcrowding because illegal aliens know Joe Biden wants to transport as many of them as possible into the country.

Since Joe Biden’s term began, his administration trafficked 7.2 million illegal aliens to communities across the United States.

Joe Biden rolled out the red carpet for Ibarra and the other 7.2 million illegal aliens because Joe Biden wants as many in the country as possible so when the day comes that Democrats ram amnesty through Congress they will create as many new voters as possible.

Media tries to cover up for Joe Biden 

Journalists instantly knew the facts of this case meant the blame for Riley’s death lay squarely at the feet of Joe Biden.

The press launched into spin mode to obscure the details of the case from the public.

Georgia is a swing state with 16 Electoral College votes.

Joe Biden only carried it by about 12,000 votes in 2020.

A story about Joe Biden letting a murderous illegal alien loose in the state resulting in the death of an innocent woman would likely be enough to tip the state to Trump.

That’s why a post on social media from the Atlanta Journal Constitution – Georgia’s largest paper – turned into another of the “Republicans pounce” genre where the left-wing press tries to instead make the story about Republican reaction as opposed to a Democrat scandal.

“Top Georgia Republicans quickly tied the killing of a student on the University of Georgia campus to President Joe Biden’s immigration policies, decrying what they see as lax border controls after a suspect from Venezuela was charged with murder,” the Journal Constitution posted on X.

The Journal Constitution’s post also left the general public uninformed about the details of the story by leaving out the fact that the murder suspect was an illegal alien.

It’s often said the media views its job as taking any given set of facts and twisting them into the most favorable presentation for Democrats.

This story is exhibit A to prove that charge.

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