Police officers walked off the job in this major city after what the Democrats just did

Police in America are under siege.

Rioters are attacking them in the streets and Democrats want to defund their departments.

And now police officers walked off the job in this major city after what the Democrats just did.

Fulton Country Democrat District Attorney Paul Howard, Jr. – who is under investigation and facing a hotly contested runoff in the Democrat primary for District Attorney – outraged millions of Americans for charging officer Garrett Rolfe with murder in the shooting of Rayshard Brooks.

Rolfe and another officer responded to a call where Brooks was asleep in his car at a Wendy’s drive-thru.

During the course of a routine DUI stop, Brooks became violent and attacked the two officers stealing a taser.

Rolfe allegedly shot Brooks twice after Rolfe claimed Brooks fired the taser at him.

Former officer Rolfe now faces a possible death penalty and his fellow Atlanta police officers were fed up Democrats and Black Lives Matter smearing them as killers and began to walk off the job.

Atlanta’s CBS affiliate reported:

Several Atlanta Police officers have reportedly walked off the job at precincts across the city. The claim comes hours after charges were filed against ex officer Garrett Rolfe and Officer Devin Brosnan in the Rayshard Brooks’ case.

The buzz of patrol officers staging walkouts and refusing to answer calls from Precincts 3,5,6 and others began circulating social Wednesday evening. CBS46 confirmed the walkout through sources at 8:30 p.m.

The Atlanta Police Department responded by playing word games claiming it wasn’t a walkout, but was instead more officers called out sick and refused to come in.

The police maintain law and order while keeping communities safe.

If Democrats and Black Lives Matter continue to treat cops as the enemy more police will walk off the job and leave America’s cities in anarchy.

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