Police officers walked off the job in this major city after what the Democrats just did

Police in America are under siege.

Rioters are attacking them in the streets and Democrats want to defund their departments.

And now police officers walked off the job in this major city after what the Democrats just did.

Fulton Country Democrat District Attorney Paul Howard, Jr. – who is under investigation and facing a hotly contested runoff in the Democrat primary for District Attorney – outraged millions of Americans for charging officer Garrett Rolfe with murder in the shooting of Rayshard Brooks.

Rolfe and another officer responded to a call where Brooks was asleep in his car at a Wendy’s drive-thru.

During the course of a routine DUI stop, Brooks became violent and attacked the two officers stealing a taser.

Rolfe allegedly shot Brooks twice after Rolfe claimed Brooks fired the taser at him.

Former officer Rolfe now faces a possible death penalty and his fellow Atlanta police officers were fed up Democrats and Black Lives Matter smearing them as killers and began to walk off the job.

Atlanta’s CBS affiliate reported:

Several Atlanta Police officers have reportedly walked off the job at precincts across the city. The claim comes hours after charges were filed against ex officer Garrett Rolfe and Officer Devin Brosnan in the Rayshard Brooks’ case.

The buzz of patrol officers staging walkouts and refusing to answer calls from Precincts 3,5,6 and others began circulating social Wednesday evening. CBS46 confirmed the walkout through sources at 8:30 p.m.

The Atlanta Police Department responded by playing word games claiming it wasn’t a walkout, but was instead more officers called out sick and refused to come in.

The police maintain law and order while keeping communities safe.

If Democrats and Black Lives Matter continue to treat cops as the enemy more police will walk off the job and leave America’s cities in anarchy.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Who will the people when they need help. I suggest they call the Mayor ,Govenor or Pelosi.

  2. I think people in general have no idea what police officers face every day. There is a very good reason why you are supposed to follow an officer’s instructions. Officers have no idea how someone is going to react in any given situation. They have to make split second life and death decisions every day. When faced with a situation, they don’t have time to stand there and debate the situation. Imagine approaching a vehicle. They don’t know the person, they don’t know if they have a gun or some other kind of weapon. So when the officer approaches, you keep your hands in sight and follow instructions for everyone’s safety. Common sense. I think these stupid mayors, governors, etc.should ride along with police and experience what they do.
    I can understand what the police deal with. I definitely support them . Of course there will be bad apples, same as any other profession. They need a system of checks and balances to weed out the bad ones. We do need the national guard, our own military if necessary to put an end to all this nonsense.

  3. the cop was doing his job whether he was black or white. What it is it’s black leverage you don’t have to listen to Cops. And you can shoot and kill people and get away with it if you’re a black person and cops can’t even do their jobs. Welcome to the Wild West that’s what it’ll be without law. I seen the video in the cop was doing his job and yes the black man did shooting taser at him I’ve seen it he fired twice hitting one of the officers what do you mean alleged or claimed it’s right on the damn video

  4. No matter what you say that black lives matter the black lives matter is a racist group of people and the reason I said that is because all that is talked about is the blacks not one word is mention about any other race so that makes (THEM) a RASES group so with that being said how can they said anything about the KKK

  5. The way I heard it is that when you call 911 you will be transferred to an automated system where you will state: please list your need. Do you need a doctor? Mental illness? Drug related? Etc. so now you have a family member having a seizure on the floor and you have to make a diagnosis. A cop would know who to call, how to medically assist the patient. As if you are capable enough to do anything but cry if your baby is not breathing or if you’re mother is turning blue. Now THAT is stupidity. But then that’s Biden’s solution. I taught my kids to dial 911 at 3 and we’ve all heard stories of kids calling 911 and saving lives. Now they have to learn to diagnose?

  6. I now all lives matter I’m curious to know why is it that only pictures taken when police are arresting a certain race and never seen when Other races. Are arrested, can somebody explain this, I would like to know, thank you .

  7. I now all lives matter I’m curious to know why is it that only pictures taken when police are arresting a certain race and never seen when Other races. Are arrested, can somebody explain this, I would like to know, thank you .

  8. There is no reason to risk your lives to protect and serve those who will not support you but attack you viciously instead. Go ahead and walk. Let them deal with it.

  9. good for the cops in atlanta i would have walked off too the mayor too racist for the cops to work with .cops there don’t have any support good for you guys.

  10. I do not blame the police for walking out. The politicians in these cities where rioters have free reign and do not support their police are guilty of failing to uphold the law. Time to bring in the troops and clean up the trash and arrest governors and mayors who have handed over their cities to the rioters.

  11. I Antifa comes to my streets they will die ! I may help them die ! Or I may just watch them die ! But they will not burn and loot !!! UNDERSTAND ???? There will be no autonomous zone ,but maybe a kill zone !
    And I guarantee that I will not be alone !!

  12. Shut down all 911 calls in cities where cops are being threatened with defunding. Then any calls that come from blacks and or democrats get refused. Maybe that way dems will wake up with no police protection.

  13. You can’t blame the police for walking out or resigning.
    What is going on in this country is ridiculous. Police are under siege.
    From two sides. Politicians and the criminal element.
    The frequent flyers have to get their keisters tickled with a feather nowadays. The politicians have demanded this.
    Criminal types with rap sheets longer than your arm with violent behavior against both citizenry, and the police. They break the law with impunity. The courts have revolving doors that encourage violent criminal activity.
    When the police can’t or won’t protect the politicians things will change.

  14. Robert…dems burned Atlanta in the Civil War? Really? Gen. Sherman’s Commander-in-Chief, Pres. Lincoln, was a Republican. And as much as I dislike Gen. Sherman, his March to the Sea was necessary to win the war

  15. satan’s reign has begun and the dems are his greatest allies. There will be only total hate and chaos if the dems are not stopped. We will no longer have a country. Thank God that Jesus will come and take control and send them all where they belong. But in the meantime we need to take our country back if we are to survive

  16. Why dont we require police officers to take and pass a lie detector test every 6 months. We would lose 50% of our police force after the first test but we could rebuild from there. The FBI does it. Fail..IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION until passed.

  17. It’s time for we Deplorables” to get on our high horses, and return normalcy to this chaotic
    Society! The National Guard was called to service often when I was a child residing in
    New England! They know how to restore order “quickly a”! Just take the guns away from the street gangs & shelter them in Guantanamo Bay until they serve their time at hard labor with bread & water! Deduct their fines from their Prison/jail paychecks.
    Teach them about world history & no degree programs! It’s ok to step back in time! Our stable
    Society needs Peace & Justice for promulgating Law & Order!

  18. Mo, yes, that is the goal of the left, a complete takeover/NWO. They are in satan’s army and do his evil bidding. But Jesus will come and sort everything out and He will be the ultimate ruler. And you left out Mexico

  19. Every Police Call should be answered with a K9 Unit. No one is going to outrun the Patrol dog, and nothing takes a bite out of crime faster than an Attack Trained German Shepherd, Doberman Pincher, or Belgian Malinois.

  20. Atlanta P.D. Needs to just fulough at half wages, cancel permit and NICs Requirements…. and let The do be done…. after a week the folks can vote whether they want Police or not, Ohhh yeah and fire services, go away too, along with Insurance….

  21. Atlanta is a jungle, run by the jungle. The police NEED to walk off. Let these jungle cities self destruct. Mr. Trump can help by directing federal agencies by exec order cut off the welfare, food stamps, student loans, municipal assistance, etc. to those deadbeat cities…and show the jungle inhabitants ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!!

  22. I’ve seen a video of the key segment of the encounter.
    You can clearly see the perp turn sideways and fire some sort of pistol shaped weapon back over his shoulder at the officers. It is clearly visible that some sort of propellant charge was going off so the claims that the perp had taken an already used and inert taser from the officer are thoroughly debunked.

  23. I believe that every police dept in every liberal run city should walk off the job and let these politicians police their cities until some one pees in their ear and give these politicians a new set of brains

  24. Wait until all the retailers start closing down. What store will want to be in an area without supplies. It’s unfortunate for the law abiding citizens and the elderly who need them. But maybe this is a wake up call to stop voting democrat if the want a change. Will that be racist too?

  25. Let them reap what they sow. When everyone starts to see what the democrats are doing because it’s affecting their safety then this too is going to backfire on them. It’s a disgrace that this guy resisted arrest then stole his taser then ran and turn and shot at the officer. He has a right to protect himself. That guy was very sedate when talking so it’s not like he didn’t know what was going on because of his inebriation. If the cops are being asked to not protect themselveslves then the democrat cities can kill one another. Who will they blame then?!

  26. I am a retired Police Officer and I think you guys in cities like Atlanta should not walk off the job. Just go out and protect certain people that cant protect themselves.draw your pay. You cant trust your prosecutors just let Atlanta pay for it till they come to their senses. If things get tough start a thing for funding but do not use gofund me. You will be surprised how much support you will get. We must fight fire with fire. Old people that are tired of this crap and being trampled need to go into stores and start stealing anything they can use. They cant keep you in jail and let them pay for your medications and needs Make sure any worthwhile property or money is handled where they cant get to it. Lets get with it old folks.

  27. While America is being shredded internally by domestic terrorists, radical leftists and (literally) dim-witted Democrats, China, Russia, No. Korea and Iran are plotting against our country’s demise. Since when is a plea, a DEMAND, for law and order considered racist and privileged? Our rights and security are being taken away and it will be near impossible to take them back. Beware says I to thee. Trump 2020

  28. Those that are walking of the job need to leave. The gunslingers who spend more time at the gun range on days off rather than the YMCA to guide youth.


  30. Now if you or your family are home alone and a burglar, rapist, kidnapper, thief, or a person(s) come in your home and does what those people (listed) do to you or your family, please don’t call the police you will need to take care of it yourself because you don’t want the police anymore.

  31. Why is it that these black people in charge of the cities,DA,prosecutors etc are all ass backwards?thjs DA in Atlanta couldn’t run a hot dog stand.

  32. Several times I have watched the Rayshard Brooks shooting and what I see is a case of self defense. The pursuing officer DID NOT draw his weapon until Brooks turned, aimed the taser at the officer and fired it. Did anyone else see it that way or are my 79 year old eyes deceiving me?

  33. Next time someone attempts to carjack, home invasion, rape: call your Social Worker.

    Defund the police is instigated by morons, betrayers, commies, dysfunctional narcissistic celebrity elites.

  34. T is full of crap. Nine black men killed by police last year, NINE, 21 white men killed, where is “all these blacks being killed by police” located T? You do not know what YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT SO , STFU.
    If police officers walk off the job because they are not being supported by their own cities and mayors and DA’s, then the citizens who voted for these jerks will get what they asked for, chaos! Be careful folks, BLM and Antifa are not your friends and they will not be protecting you, they will be attacking you! I spent 27 years on the streets of Los Angeles, I know what I am talking about! If you don’t support your police you are going to lose everything you have and all that you hold dear….

  35. POLICE ARE HEROES! To suit up daily wearing a monster bullseye uniform to patrol, defend, and, assist, takes uncommon courage, faith, and, integrity. The recent physical and verbal abuse suffered by the Police is an embarrassment! They have been vilified by criminals who are protected by commie Governors and Mayors. Once the Police are gone, then Communist Chinese zombies will overtake the precincts. Divide, deceive, destabilize, conquer. Start learning Mandarin Chinese.

  36. I wish all police walk out there job and let see what happen, Go out and buy Gun. and Please let take away all security from the party that want to defund the police.

  37. it seems that the democruds love criminals terrorists both black men were drugged out criminals with lenthy rap sheets selling dope one terrorized a pregnant woman with a gun treatened to shoot her in the stomach the other one was on parole that why he ran he grabbed a taser. what would have happened if he grabbed the cops gun? The familys cryed where were they when these guys were drunk and high.they put ther own community at risk

  38. I hope all police officers walk off the job.It’s a degrace that these demon rats want to defund,and despand them. Let these terrorists run wild then civilians can shoot them. NO cops no laws, wild west days are here.

  39. If ever there were a time to form a well armed militia, as mentioned in the 2nd amendment, that time is NOW!

  40. Let’s play Europe and have a general strike by the police EVERYWHERE and teach these dumb SOBs a lesson they will never forget. And that would mean no guards for politicians except the Secret Service for the administration NOT including the ranking members of both national legislative houses. Teach the GOP to be a bit more forceful in protecting the police and the people they protect. And it would give people a taste of what Biden”administration” would be like.

  41. That’s what Atlanta deserves if the Govt there do not respect them and they protect the criminal and judge the innocent its time to teach them a lesson let the police walk off the job for about a month see what happens.

  42. This is a sad day. Theres good and bad in every aspect of life. But the police have no backing from the mayor’s or da. Let them sort out their mess. Then I hope the police protecting piglowsi and her squad all leave them without ant protection. They truly deserve to be left out to dry

  43. After everything has been investigated and researched the following will be obvious. Better and higher quality police officers are like anything in American society. “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR” WANT BETTER COPS? PAY THEM MORE! NOT DE-FUND THEM

  44. Loving people sleep soundly in their beds at night because rough men are willing to do violence on their behalf.

    Do not forget, your sense of safety and confidence stems from the rule of law.

    Sheepdog protect the flock from the wolves. When the sheep see a wolf they are so afraid that they freeze–they cannot move. The sheep do not like the sheepdog–he looks too much like the wolf. He has teeth, growls and snarles. But the sheepdog would never hurt the sheep he guards.

    The sheepdog lives for the day the wolves come out. The sheepdog is vicious with the wolves and would die before letting one hurt “his” sheep. The wolves are wary of the sheepdig–they know he is a fighter and defender of the sheep.

    Police are sheepdogs. Without the police the Las Vegas (MGM) shootings, the destruction in people’s lives from Maddoff or Enron would be far more common. Without police Dalhmer and the Unabomber would still be free to kill and to eat their prey. Without the police, peace is impossible.

    Defund the police? Make police officers off duty lives hell? Constantly fight them and verbally accost them? There is no law saying they must continue in service to the community. Recently over 600 NYPD have resigned. Hundreds of LAPD have expressed their desires by looking of other jobs. Atlanta PD has had so many officers fail to show up for work that APD is unable to handle all the 911 calls.

    Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it,

  45. Since the Police are not getting any support from the Gov. and mayors of the RADICAL cities, What I would like to see , is , just for starters , let the city of Atlanta and Seattle go for about 1 month WITHOUT thier Police force . Then , if they make it that long , lets’ see how quick they are CRYING to have them come back . Maybe that’s what it would take for the Police dept. to get back the RESPECT they deserve . Also, then with the people having support for the police , maybe the looters , stealers , and rioters of the WORTHLESS IDIOTS of BLM would just dissolve .

  46. I would like to donate to a go fund me for officer Garrett Rolfe, if that taser would have hit his face he could have died, I saw it flash. Stop or Half means just that. This guy was dangerous he took on two police officers stole their taser and ran, then pointed the taser at him and fired.

  47. If these idiot people would do what police tell them to do they wouldn’t get shot, all these people blaming police are all worthless idiots!

  48. So the police are refusing to work due to the liberals and liars slandering them and the rioters killing or injuring them!! What the crap do you expect you idiots in Atlanta??? If they quit then i say people arm yourselves against the looters, killers, and criminals and game on. If you get shot at defend yourself

  49. All lives matter and without the police all lives will be killed and who is to blame the DEMORATS

  50. I back those officers 1,000%! Brooks was doing everything he could to not go back to prison. He was on parole early because of covid19 and was back to his old tricks. And the mother of his kids needs her head examined. All those tears for a man that beat her children. Give me a break.

  51. So here’s the problem. If there weren’t plenty of cases of cops killing people completely unwarranted, there wouldn’t have to be major investigations when something like this happens.

  52. With no police on board, I guess it’s time to declare open season on all protesters. No bag limit.

  53. Each and every one of the protesters and rioters should be arrested and sent to Afghanastan, Iraq or one of the other countries that have alreday been devastated by similar means and be forced to live there for a minimum of at least one year before being allowed to come home; and only hen after they have passed a physcologcal evaluation to deem them fit .

  54. the real problem in america is the liberal news media spewing lies and creating chaos for a news story. there will come a day when journalist in the streets will be shot because when riots start they will not be safe since they are the ones that are responsible for police failing to show up to work. trump was right when he said the liberal media is the danger to this country. communism.

  55. Where police are under attack and getting no support from their management, they should walk out en masse’. Why should they risk their lives and the well being of their own families if they will not have the grateful support of their superiors?

  56. And so begins the final Chapter of the initiation of the NWO takeover of the Americas ( South America – USA – Canada )

    The scenario plays out as Worldwide confusion ( Pandemic ) coupled with underlying civil unrest ( BLM – ANTIFA ) fostered / sponsored by the global elite via their owned High Office officials WORLDWIDE and their owned media. ALL support the end game of a Worldwide submission to a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. There are NO political Partys here – just one Party operated by those that submit to the global elites decades old plans for domination.

  57. If you get rid of all the dems in all major cities the problems will start to go away. The DA Howard is the worst excuse for a prosecutor in the US. He needs to go and the officers exonerated.

  58. I don’t blame the cops one bit for walking off the jobyou getting mugged beat up your house set on fire people break into a steal everything call all the assholes riders and see if they will come in and protect you if you’re that stupid you get what you deserve

  59. …more police……..more pay……..more law……..more order…MORE TRUNP…

  60. One reason why NOT TO VOTE FOR A BLACK MAYOR OR DA! NEITHER quality for the job! There is NOT one black voter who can tell you anything good about why they VOTED FOR them! Except they were BLACK!


  62. The leaders of tjiz city are cowards. Tjet need to grow a set of balls and all of them go in the area with every cop they can find and take every one of them to jail. Can’t let trash like this take over your city. If they dont, every one of them needs to be replaced! ⁰

  63. If you want to see how self policing is working take a close look at the small section of Seattle is working. These clowns are just the tip of an iceberg but so far the Democrats have made all the rest of us into the Titanic. The police are the life boats and they are fast becoming broken. Wake up America and take a close look around and quit drinking the kool aid. This is my first from this page so how do you want me to slow down?

  64. My Thoughts Exactly Dan Tyree…. lets see 3 9mm pistols 3000 rounds…
    …………………………………….1 .357 revolver 1000 rounds.
    …………………………………….1 .38 Revolver 2000 rounds.
    …………………………………….1 .45LC revolver 1000rounds.
    …………………………………….1 .45 m 1911A1 1000rounds.
    …………………………………….1 1858 Remington 500 balls 2#powder 600 #11 caps………………………….1 1861 Colt 500 balls 1# powder 600 #11 caps…………………………….. Well Dan Looks like I am short a pound of ffg powder, But I guess the 17 assorted rifles in .223, 5.56 nato, 7.62 nato, .44-40, .45 LC, .30-06, .50 BMG, .45-70 Govt., .30-40 Krag, will have to carry the Load. *LMAO

  65. The fools don’t realize that living like the people in the mad max movie after the nuclear holocaust won’t be so glamorous. Roving gangs that would turn into warring tribes. That reminds me I have to check my Ammo supply. People need to learn survival skills. If the police is no longer around your only help is your wits.

  66. Sherman buried down Atlanta to win the war and free a people he had little regard for. Now the people he had little regard for will eventually turn the city into a slum that will only be worth burning down…

  67. ” You are posting too quickly please slow down” hmmm, I Only posted once, and you blocked it…. I claim you are Censoring…

  68. All of the police in Atlanta and the cities where the thugs are taking to the streets should go on strike. And then let the commiecrats deal with the zoos.

  69. All police officers nationwide should take off work on the same day and not do anything at all about what is going on. Let the sick vile dems take care of their own crimes and maybe they will see how ignorant they are, but I doubt it. Meanwhile, the rest of us can handle anything that comes our way. We have common sense and the second amendment on our side

  70. Atlanta – start a Go Fund Me for legal services for your officers, l will surely contribute! The big question is “ WHY DID HE RESIST AND RUN “ did he have any warrants, there has to be a reason why he ran. By the way the Blue Flu sometimes takes a long time to get over.

  71. Seems the Democrats have the backs of criminals and not the police. Any police that protect politicians that don’t have their back should call out sick. No more protection let the criminals protect them.

  72. I think a rotating 50% sick rate each day for all cities cutting budgets for one year might make a point. For Atlanta, 75% each day until officer gets a fair trial, which includes a grand jury indictment.

    If I were a police officer, I’d be looking at starting a security firm. Sooner or later people living in $mega million gated communities will start getting worried about their security.

  73. Could we arm the police with shotguns with rock salt shells?
    It won’t kill the criminals but it will hurt like hell, and leave scars that they can look at for the rest of their lives as a reminder that crime doesn’t pay.

  74. All cops should go on strike ,This spoiled,soft country needs a wake up call!It’ll give them something Else to worry about besides every black thug that gets shot once in a blue moon!

  75. What do people not Understand! If you as a Policeman were being spat upon, bottles thrown at you what would you DO? Police should all walk away from their job! Let the stupid Governor and Mayor’s face all of this on their own! Maybe, just maybe the Policition would have their eyes OPEN! Without the Police you have CHAOS!

  76. The only good part of this is Demscum states are the only states suffering when this is all over! They will expect tax payers to rebuild their self inflicted nonsense! All of America must refuse and leave these treasonous democrats and their states just as the democrats have made them a cesspool of inhuman s**t

  77. The City of Atlanta can send out Social Workers to handle the calls or they can send out the Fire Department, or Street Sweepers, or Garbage Collectors!

  78. Democrats demonize police, and the result will be less police.
    Less police means more crime. More crime means more black lives taken.
    Does BLM care? Do democrats care about black lives? No to both questions.

  79. They burned Atlanta in the civil war by Demorats and now they want to burn it again. Don’t let them. Get rid of all the Demorats running that city. Take youe city back and keep it.

  80. That ARMED Citizen Uprising that I’ve been predicting for a long time is about to happen. This country is going off the deep end

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