This politician’s defense of gun rights is going viral

After the tragedy in Parkland, the gun-grabbers and their anti-gun pals in the media hoped to shred the Second Amendment.

CNN led the charge with their emotional attacks on the Second Amendment, practically suggesting every gun owner has blood on their hands.

Well one Delegate in the Virginia General Assembly had enough, and his defense of gun rights is going viral for good reason!

Gun-grabbers are notorious for suggesting politicians are bought and paid for by the Gun Lobby.

But Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas (R-Culpepper) had enough of liberals comparing gun owners to Nazis and segregationists.

And he challenged the assertions of anti-gun liberals by saying what many Americans are thinking — that the same argument could be made with more validity to those supported by Planned Parenthood.

Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly were furious.

A number of them walked out during the speech.

Others accused Freitas of “racism” for reminding the Assembly of the history of the Democrat and Republican parties.

Freitas argued on Fox & Friends that while he didn’t believe his speech was offensive, there are many people who seek to use “offense” as a way of shutting down debate and silencing speech.

Watch the viral video below or here if Facebook decides it’s “offensive” and removes it:

What do you think about Nick Freitas’ defense of the Second Amendment?

Are Democrats just feigning “offense” to silence the debate?

Should more politicians who took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution take a strong stance in defense of the Second Amendment?

Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!



  1. The term RACISM has been so misused that it has no meaning except for those who use
    it have no other claim for their opinion. The only people who routinely use this
    term are left wing snowflakes who have a limited source of any other claims. I
    completely ignore these people, I have no interest in propaganda.


  3. Food for thought/or facts to chew on! The Feds were apprised of this possible Attempt at shooting up a school, info was passed down to local officials who totally ignored the situation several times/OR/maintained an attitude,heaven forbid,to play politics & let it play out for reasons which are quite obvious when a political party platform is to CRUSH our country values & obliterate a VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENT which is ‘The UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION’!!! Think about this very seriously, as an individual who respects ‘Constitutional Freedom’

  4. Mr. Freitas deserves a standing applause for his display of reason and courage by defending commonsense and the use of the 2nd amend…it is s shout out to the US Constitution and it’s reasonable power and the willingness of US citizens to show their faith in the keel of the US gov by, for and of the people still rings loud and clear…We the People must make sure this lesson is taught in all schools to remind us all, the US Constitution and the rule of law will have your back as long as American law is repaired and maintained according to the Founders ideals of inalienable rights…..MAGA…….America for Americans…….

  5. i’m voting for this guy i just really hope he means what he’s saying and does not flip when he gets in like it seems most all of them do.

  6. Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas (R-Culpepper) Laid it Out Hot & Heavy Like it is Nick is going right to the Top and without a Teleprompter or looking at Notes the Muslim Mutt would not have finished a sentence. Those Democrats from the Seditionist Party can Walk Out and keep on Walking like Forrest Gump they will not be missed…!!!

  7. >Kudos Delegate Freitas.
    >Virginia IS in ‘Deep’ ie MS 13, in ‘various places’.
    > Let the ‘New Wave’ WALK IN & Dems ‘walk-0ut IN
    Pure ‘Stinging Guilt’.
    > Delegate Freitas ‘touched’ upon PlannedPHood, i think, i ‘hope’
    he ‘knows the ‘Real Truth’.

  8. I don’t live in Virginia but I am sending this guy campaign money. Lets all put some money where our mouth is and let him have an avalanche of money. Even if it is just $10.00 lets all send him something and maybe other sane politicians will get the message and stand up for what the LEGAL Americans want.

  9. This guy needs to run for president of the US- what an amazing, articulate and to the point speech!! We need more guys like this on our side-amazing!!!

  10. About time someone had the Cajones to stand up to the Wussified anti gunners who don’t have a clue. Due to a lack of historical background, they don’t know that progressive gun confiscation was how Adolf Hitler accomplished his total control over Europe and started WWII……

      • Nunyer and et al,
        . . . . It is not that they don’t care or know. It is what they want so that these communists can take over the country just like Hitler and Stalin did in Germany and Russia.
        American: Love It or Leave It!
        GOD Bless and GOD Helps us,

  11. Very powerful, convincing and articulate. The GOP must be proud of this Virginian AR-15 against the Dems constant unfriendly fire.

    • What I want is for those Democraps to go up to a criminal and tell them they are going to take their firearm away. Please let me know because I want to video tape this. Please let me know when and where. I want tp see if you stuped enough to act upon your ignorance. You better wear armor, because you may end up shot by thr gun you are trying to remove from this person.

      • OH, please let me know when this show is coming
        I will most certainly make every attempt to be there.
        I ‘ll bet that Demo. Will just disarm him, by putting his finger
        Into the gun barrel.

  12. Democrats are Democrats. This will never change. They will keep pushing and pushing. It never ends. Republicans/Conservatives must be ever vigilant.

  13. Nick is running for the US Senate to replace comrade Tim Kaine. Nick has my vote and my support. I did not spend 26 Plus years of my life in miserable faraway places fighting God hating communists to allow the home grown variety to nullify our Constitution and control my life. The 2nd Amendment is the Amendment that protects all of our God given rights. That is why the last 4 words in the 2nd Amendment are “shall not be infringed”.

  14. Democrats feign intelligence every time they open their mouths! Everything is offensive to them if it doesn’t kiss their rears and quiver whenever they breathe! These liberals are not fully functioning humans and should not be given any attention as they are mentally unstable. If you want more proof just look at their video presence. They are all losers!

    • Agree Democrats are a bunch of losers.
      I remember what Carlton Heston said when he served as President of the NRA at his retirement he was presented with an antique firearm.
      Heston said if they want my guns they’ll have to take them from my cold dead hands.

  15. The demarats need to start looking in at them self when they start to call others Nazis, isn’t this how Hitler come into power by taking guns away so the people had no way of fighting back, and he was a racist because he didn’t like Jews, and dem. don’t like the poor having kids so the support abortion

  16. This gentleman is the first politician I’ve heard really get down to the nuts and bolts of the gun issue. More politicians need to have a copy of this mans speech and make reference to it before they open their mouths.
    Delaware, you should be very proud of this elected official and consider what it might take to get him to go to Washington to represent you.

  17. It was great that it was brought out who is really bought and paid for as in Planned Parenthood !! He nailed it and more politicians need to do the same. NRA is for our 2A and for the people !!!

    • Especially when their party was made up of the true racists. The Republicans freed the slaves with no votes from Democrats.

  18. So happy to see it going viral, being put up on sites, someone sent it to me a few days ago, I put it out for all my contacts, they put it out for theirs, all of us were posting it all over the sites on the net, somebody is out there listening Thank God.

  19. This politician’s defense of gun rights
    CNN led the charge with their emotional attacks on the Second Amendment, practically suggesting every gun owner has blood on their hands.
    Who’s the ones with actual Blood on their hands, those supporting Planned Parenthood real Blood on their Hands,Killing Babies .

    • That’s right! Anyone supporting planned Parenthood has blood on their hands. Little innocent children that die horrifically! I can’t believe this is going on and the democrats are pretending to care about children!! They are the communist Democratic Party. The FBI and the Sheriff should have stopped this but that wouldn’t have been what the demoncrats wanted. We need more politicians like Freitas. Pray for us!

  20. WOW! Can we get HIM in Congress??? He just nailed it exactly, including WHY any rational debate is virtually impossible!

  21. Bout time some one stood up for the majority.
    Those liberal communist kill more people with Roe-vs Wade than all the gun shots in the world.
    Those aborted people are actually murdered.

  22. I am sick to DEATH of these rampant accusations of RACISM! For God’s SAKE…shut your f*cking liberal MOUTHS and get a f*cking LIFE! Our Constitution is here to STAY!

  23. He is the man. The great defender of the Second Amendment. We all need to pay attention to politics. Texas Democrats are trying to make a dent in their red state dominance.

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