This poll blows up the media’s biggest lie about Trump

The media is pushing a narrative that America is in turmoil over Donald Trump’s agenda.

The press is employing video of professional agitators at town halls as evidence of the massive opposition to Donald Trump’s agenda.

But a new poll shows that the media’s story is a lie.

A brand-new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found Americans overwhelmingly are hopeful and optimistic about the future.

60 percent of Americans have more hope and optimism about the future of America.

The media has been lying to Americans.

Citizens are not lighting their hair on fire because Donald Trump won the election and is implementing his agenda.

Trump’s election and early actions have actually increased the hope and optimism Americans feel about their future.

Breitbart reports:

“Sixty percent of adults feel “hopeful and optimistic” about the future of the country, a Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll released Sunday shows, while President Trump’s net approval rating is negative—for now.

When asked, “When you think about the future of the country, would you say that you are mainly hopeful and optimistic or mainly worried and pessimistic,” sixty percent of 1,000 adults surveyed from Feb. 18 t0 Feb. 22 said they were hopeful, not pessimistic. That’s a steady upward drift from 53 percent in August, and 56 percent in December. Pollsters note the margin of error is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points. Meanwhile, Trump himself fares slightly less well: 44 percent approve of the job he’s doing as president, while 48 percent disapprove.

The surge in optimism is driven in part by Trump voters’ enthusiasm, according to what pollster Bill McInturff told the Washington Examiner: “This is a strong number being driven by very high numbers among Trump voters who express optimism across a number of measures on the poll, including higher economic confidence.”

But other groups are feeling hopeful, too. Over half, or 52 percent, of Hispanics are hopeful about the future of America, not worried. So are 65 percent of whites. (Among blacks, only 36 percent feel optimistic.) Nearly all Republicans, or 87 percent, are hopeful about the future, as well as 56 percent of independents. And so are 37 percent of Democrats.

So, Trump has broad appeal with whites and Hispanics, along with a significant minority of Democrats—and a majority of independent voters. That’s solid enough of a coalition to sustain power and encourage a younger generation of Republican leaders, such as Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, to champion a populist, nationalist agenda.”

The poll also found that just four percent of Americans believe Obamacare is working well as it is currently constructed.

This also disputes the media narrative that Americans are up in arms over the prospect of the GOP repealing Obamacare.

Members of the left-wing press are paid protestors starting disruptions at town hall events as a substitute for the facts.

And the truth is Obamacare is failing and the American people are optimistic about the direction Donald Trump is taking the country.


  1. I am in completely agree with your comment and questions. I believe the Democrat party is all in on the “one World Order”, and are hell bent on taking the country in that direction. They aren’t interested in the people, they want the power.
    A while back I read a piece about the communist party in America. They have been around since the early nineteen hundreds and were always very vocal. Then a few years ago they just vanished. The author of the article pointed out that the agenda of the communist party was so aligned with the Democratic platform that they just all became Democrats. That way they reach their goals without the stigma of ramming communism down the throats of voters.

  2. and then they wonder why the [they the press]are shout off from the breifings
    bunch off babys [LIARS]
    go back to your MOMAS NIPPLES

  3. I totally echo most of above comments,specially re:very successfull ‘OBUMMER/ODUMBO”efforts to divide & destroy my U S OF A tht ,as a level 3 Navy Seal Idefended for () years!
    The “DUMMOCRAP’S will never accept “Killary Clitoriston”s defeat which is why “ODUMBO”: is setting up a phantom gov’t as vehicle to try to take Trump down!
    What a waste of negative effort as he’ll never be successful as my Trumpster” is a patriot & loves “r” country very much. I believe that “ODUMBO” is only(probaably last) president ever doing this contemptable/vicious act!
    Reagan once said,keep your mind on what you want & off stuff that you don’t want. Da’ “Gannini”

  4. the media has become useless—-full of lies–propaganda—left wing values an un-American—i see no reason to have these organizations licensed anymore—let’s do something about requiring them to earn their license by reporting the actual NEWS and stop the media from being the left wing of the democratic party

  5. “But a new poll shows that the media’s story is a lie.

    “A brand-new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found Americans overwhelmingly are hopeful and optimistic about the future.

    “60 percent of Americans have more hope and optimism about the future of America.

    “The media has been lying to Americans.”
    (Retrieved from the article)


    “The media has been lying to Americans.”

    The media, if we are being honest here, INCLUDES the Wall Street Journal, NBC, and—believe it or not— “The media…” is as generic and broad-brush a term as can be applied, and it encompasses all of these: print, television, and internet. The implication is clear that the author is engaging in communication focused on indicating only a segment of the media which their readership is happy to think badly about.

    In other words, bias confirmation.

    Honest journalism would not have said “the media has been lying to Americans.” It would have described more clearly and accurately the segment of the media engaged in the dishonest representation, and it would have provided reliable and verifiable evidence to substantiate its assertions.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not calling anyone foolish or stupid. I am not saying that anyone is lying. I am indicating a failure in ethical journalism that insults the intelligence of the reader and threatens the future of the country by misguiding government at its most fundamental level – the American voter.

  6. If the Liberal Dems don’t get off Trump’s back, file charges for obstruction and/ or slander wherever and whenever it occurs. It is an immature and very childish way to behave. I encourage Dems to distance themselves from this liberal party

  7. Make no mistake Obama did his job very well. His intention was to divide the USA, create distrust with our allies, destroy the budget,, get Iran nuclear capabilities and get as many muslims in there as he could. They are probably erecting statues of him all over the middle east.

  8. obama is the worst baby crying about KILLARY loosing the election
    if he was half the man that he is supposed to be he would leave this country to the president and keep playing GOLF and ride his GIRLY BYCICLE
    killary has allready said that HE WAS THE CAUSE THAT SHE LOST

  9. A lot of are NEWS is getting full of lies,and CNN is the worse. I don:t we don’t need news from CNN they still think Hillary,and Obama is GOOD they all NO GOOD AT ALL.Watch Hillary Video CNN YOU ALL ARE LIERS

  10. To the best of President Trump’s ability he is keeping his campaign promises, of course Congress need to help a lot as they make the laws and hold the purse strings. Why is the Left so irate regarding vetting refugees from Terrorists Countries and building a wall? The White House has a fence around it and a no fly zone, The Vatican has a wall and not everyone leaves their door and windows open 24/7 so what is so terrible protecting this Country and Citizens?????

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