This poll about Trump’s State of the Union silenced the liberal media

Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address and the media reaction was predictable.

Liberal outlets tried to lie about the speech in order to poison the public reaction.

But this poll shut down the liberal critics for good.

ABC News led the charge with analysts lying about Trump’s optimistic and uplifting speech by calling it “sad” and “gloomy.”

Newsbusters reports:

“To match their vicious pre-State of the Union address coverage, ABC lost its mind following President Trump’s first such address, slinging mud at the President for delivering a “divisive,” “gloomy,” and “sad speech” that did nothing to “unify” the country and instead “stok[ed]…racial tensions.”

Chief anchor and former Clinton administration official George Stephanopoulos started by telling chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl that Trump “did not unify that chamber” while Karl swooned that he’s“never seen anything like it” with “Democrats…basically run[ning] for the exits.”

The speech was only distressing for liberals because with the economy booming and ISIS on the run, Trump was able to tout an historic record of accomplishments.

Trump racked up victories despite a media and deep state campaign to sabotage his Presidency.

The viewers who tuned in ignored the media spin and gave the speech rave reviews.

CBS found that 75% of those who watched approved of Trump’s address.

The media can try to distort the truth with dishonest coverage, but the American people lived the reality of Donald Trump’s first year in office.

His speech was a true State of the Union.

It was not a laundry list of government programs or pork barrel spending.

Trump described the facts of how well the economy is performing and America’s success in foreign affairs.

And the nearly 45 million Americans who tuned in liked what they heard.

Did you approve of Trump’s State of the Union?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. I will PRAY for my PRESIDENT every day And vice President
    I ask GOD TO PUT PSALM 91 over them .

  2. Finally, good is good again and bad is bad. For too long a time good has been called bad and bad good. God bless President Trump.

  3. I watched Trumps SOTU speech and all I have to say is “Bravo”. He nailed it! The speech was the best SOTU speech I have witnessed in my 80 years. It was a synopsis of the accomplishments he has made in the past year. Amazing to say the least. I switched to CNN immediately after the speech ended and I couldn not believe my ears. You would have thought it was a disaster. Gloom and doom is al you heard. Not a good word to be heard. It was so gratifying to see the Dems and libs squirming like worms in the mud. ……..”AMERICANS ARE DREAMERS, TOO.”

  4. > Instead of watching SB (Stewpid Bowl) I will watch a replay
    of POTUS ‘State of the Union’ Address… (probably just to watch
    Pelosi/dems in Dismay …All of them have been ‘outed’ for ALL to see… wow.

  5. I am retired Sergeant First Class and I agree with MSGT Taylor totally. Democrats are just a bunch of little CRY BABIES!!!!

  6. AMEN GINNY – It really is a lot of BS. He has done more for this country and our way of life than any President since Reagan.

  7. Agree that the speech was one of the best of all time. Unfortunately I don’t think anyone will take Pelosi’s job from her in the elections. Remember we are talking about Californicate!!!! Maybe we need to put a wall up around California and then they could become part of Mexico!

  8. And, of course, if Trump limits himself to the actions that a President can take according to the Constitution it will take an even longer time to right the Ship of State. Emperor Obama wasn’t constrained by what the Constitution says he can do, so the damage done was pleasing only to the DEEP STATE.

  9. I watched President Trump’s State of the Union address too. It was great. I switched between watching my favorite weekly show, ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, to watch President Trump’s speech, and glad I did. I think he did a great job, and it is another reason why he won the election. He included ALL Americans, and solutions to the DACA issue, and was very optimistic and he looked very Presidential and the strong leader that he is. Of course the Democrats acted like the immature brats they are, by pouting and acting childish, they don’t care about America, just themselves. That is why they are the unpopular ones now. Of course the liberal MSM twists the spin about any Conservative President, but we know the truth and the truth is Conservative Presidents are ALWAYS for all Americans, and not just the ones that make them look good. Optimism and hopefulness and tribute to God as in “In God We Trust”, always is the high road Conservatives take. Conservatives choose the high road in optimism and hope and that drives the Liberals and Democrats crazy. They are only for doom and gloom…. No wonder they have pinched faces all the time…. Optimists always survive and succeed, Pessimists never succeed and doom themselves.

  10. Air (heavy chem trails) & Water Have Changed, A Lot, Water just covered up a bit better & really hate saying this …
    > So cut John some slack re Air/Water … Bad rap re Air/Water
    IS Totally True -perhaps some just haven’t realized it yet …

  11. >Kennedy: ” it’s not what your country can do for you, it IS What YOU Can Do for Your Country” … then Add

    >POTUS DJT : ” Americans Are Dreamers too ” … (words from a Limbaugh caller several months ago & those Words traveled ! )

  12. Damn John, don’t know where you live, but air and water haven’t changed, fuel prices are lower everywhere, health cost are from the Obama crap, and the wetbacks will get what they deserve, everything, cannot be done in the blink of an eye,

  13. Yes, it was a brilliant well delivered speech, and I think after Pelosi’s actions on camera, you will not see her get elected again. SCHAMER, well, he’s from NY

  14. They got played like a fine tuned fiddle. Now Trump has them right where he wants them. If they don’t vote for it and they have also said that they don’t like his bill he has them right where he wants them. They are dammed if they don’t. They can’t win either way. If they don’t vote for it the DACAS will see that it was all lies from the Dems and if they don’t then they have to explain why they was not for it.

  15. The SOTU address was hope filled, encouraging, down to earth , compassionate, factual, and gave a picture of America at large. I had hoped that everyone’s response could have been a mending time of the fractures incurred by twisting lies that have been believed. Hopefully, this will happen with time and reality kicks in.

  16. When you listen to our President you can tell he loves this country and it’s people and sincerely wants us to succeed. Something we haven’t had in a long time, especially in the last eight years.

  17. Rome wasn’t built in a day. he has done some amazing things in the time he has had and if the dems and some republicans will leave him alone he will do much more. the best thing we can do is vote those idiots out and get someone that is behind him. I guess you have forgotten the last eight years already.

    , JOHN..i;M GLAD YOU VOTED FOR TRUMP, THOUGH.Don’t expect him to be a magician, he’ll get it done but it takes time to right the wrongs he’s not responsible for. I DID NOT POST THIS PREVIOUSLY!!

    , JOHN..i;M GLAD YOU VOTED FOR TRUMP, THOUGH.Don’t expect him to be a magician, he’ll get it done but it takes time to right the wrongs he’s not responsible for.

  20. Well, i agree w/john re Dirtier Air (heavy chem trails) & bad water. I quit city water 0ver 30 yrs ago. Now there is drug residues that are not filtered … i have seen different residue colors over the yrs… the latest is kinda pinkish …i don’t live in slum neighborhood…

  21. People are starting to wise up to the democrats. They don’t care about anything but Power. They want to keep us down andu under their control and dependency.they way they can put more control and regulations on us. Trump has done more for this country than at least the last 3 presidents combined even with everything the democrats have done to keep him down. We are now seeing for the first time the democratic true colors and it’s not pretty. If the people of this country wants this country back we have to vote this November to push all those democrats that have given him troubles so he can finish the job he started and even some of the republicans also. I love my country and this is actually I have been really proud of it for many many years. I believe Trump will come down to be one of the greatest President of all time. His SOTU speech was one of the greatest speeches I have heard since Kennedy.

  22. John, if Hillary had become president, your problems would be a helluva lot more than that!! It takes a bit of time to root out the illegals and deport them. Are you sending any information on them to the proper authorities to report suspected illegals? I didn’t think so.

  23. The Presidents’ use of tweets allows us the opportunity to read what he actually says and thinks. There is no opportunity to twist his words. He says what he means, and means what he says. We have become accustomed to politicians who say one thing, then do another, that many people have trouble recognizing the truth.
    I believe his use of Twitter is a good thing, allowing us unfiltered access to his thoughts.



    COME ON 2018 AND 2020………YA HOO…!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Watching the left lose their minds is the most intertaining thing on TV. The more the media lies, the stronger Trumps base becomes. No contest in 2020…Trump.

  27. libTARD demoRAT party=insane anti-American communist useful idiots,intolerance,MURDER=RAPE=ANTI-1ST.AND 2ND.AMENDMENT=looting=burning the MF down=abortion=kkk=slavery=muslim terrorists=high taxes=stupidity=poverty=fixed elections=illegitimate kids=baby killers=crack heads=welfare=illegal aliens=homosexuality=beastiality=Pedophilia,LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  28. demoRAT party=abortion=kkk=slavery=muslim terrorists=high taxes=poverty=fixed elections,LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  29. Best speech speech delivered very well content wasterrific Shwoed the demos for whom they are Now if we could just get rid of madam pelosi ans Chuck Schumar

  30. Definitely best speech in my lifetime. My dog fell asleep, but she didn’t get the comedy of the left. Before this, I thought JFK made a great speech. Even if I wasn’t before, I’m 100% behind President Trump now.


  32. That is actually happening. The president is using tweets to keep the public informed. Not enough people listen to the radio anymore and the liberal media only twists everything he says and misquotes him.

  33. You must be brainwashed by the liberal media. Air and water dirtier? That’s a dead giveaway. You’ve been listening and absorbing BS too long to not have been voting dimocrat all along.

  34. The Democrats are “OWNED” by the Unions, Mafia, and Mr. George Soros, who spent BILLIONS trying to get Hillary elected. You union members should know that the unions gave $1.7 BILLION of your “Dues” to the liberals to get Hillary elected.
    We are now up to 33 “Right2Work” states, wake up union members!

  35. I noticed that too. How they just sat there frowning. Well, let them wallow in their own stupidity and gloom, and this time it’s THEY who now have to “suck it up.” We had to endure eight long years of the corrupt Obama administration, and now that we’re actually able to HAVE “hope”, and we’re seeing a GOOD “change”, we’re the ones celebrating! Let ’em suck on those sour grapes all they want. I hope they like the taste.

  36. Next opportunity to get rid of the next batch of ‘dumbocraps’; the June mid term elections, and after that the november elections, keep ‘cleaning house’

  37. I remember the Pearl Harbor attack. It took a week (was to be 2 weeks!) before we could see the films in our home town theater. FDR did Fireside talks via radio every week. My family was glued to the Radio every time. Would Tweets be the modern equivalence of those talks? Faster return answers back and forth a good thing? Different times are against us these days. I retired from the US Army after a total of 41 years which included 5 years and 9 months of AD. Rest was various reserve status time. I got to go TDY to Guam in 1958. and Germany in 1995-1997 in support of the Bosnia Operation Joint Endeavor. I started on my 17th BD in 1956 and retired on my 58th BD in 1997. Whew, what a big change during that time and nearly as much change since 1997. HELP!! Love your Veteran!

  38. ABC “Sad and Gloomy”. Read ABC to be telling us, the speech was so good and we hate Trump so bad, that it made us feel sad and gloomy.

  39. I respect the office of President and certainly have a love and respect for President Trump. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shummer made fools of themselves and Democrats should be ashamed of them. The Black caucus must be for illegal shenanagans instead of the prosperity and jobs that our President is providing them ( a definite way to have pride in themselves and their communities). I saw no racial or gender bias during this SOTU adddress as in previous presidential addresses. The rubuttal of Mr, Kennedy was so off message that it sounded like old reterick instead of an answer to what President Trump has gotten started with and without help from any Democrate, The leaders of the dem party might take a lesson in how to get things DONE from President Trump. Instead of trying to impeach an extremely effective President, maybe they should be cleaning their own house….Starting with Soros and Clintons and a few others.

  40. For the first time since President Reagan I watch the whole speech. President Trump spoke direct to the American people, and the democrats couldn’t handle it. I thank the democrats should have got a little more time on camera, so the people can see grown people acting like pre-school brats. The only thing missing from the democrats was pacifiers.

  41. Not only did the Democrats display their contempt for improvements that better regular Americans lives, in there rebuttal presentation Joe Kennedy said for Democrats the only real “Dreamers” speak Spanish.

  42. The Dems reacted the way we all expected them to during the SOTU, and I’m with you, everyone needs to remember their actions come November.

  43. I am grateful for the conduct of the Democrat members of the government; they have successfully driven my Democratic friends and relatives out of the party to join the independents and the Republicans

  44. This SOTU Speech I thought was very good and it said a lot about how the Democrats sulking, bowed heads, even making faces,etc…. while all others Cheered, Clapped hands, etc…. We even seen Pelosi STOP another Democrat from praising the President…. The only thing that can be said as Gloomy, Sad or whatever, is the Democrats themselves….. Otherwise there surely wasn’t anything that remotely came close to being Gloomy, Sad or otherwise…..
    When it comes down to it, you can say that the Democrats created their own Gloom, Sadness and whatever else…..

  45. Well, just in case anyone is wondering what a HUGE influence the media can be, has anyone noticed how liberal Yahoo! is in their articles? You talk about Trump bashing and Hollywood idol worship, Yahoo! is a MAJOR online network … and they make me sick too! Just think of the millions of people here in the U.S. that are influenced by them??

  46. Amen !! How is it that ppl can’t a knowledege what is really going on?? The great improvements are. So abvious !!!For lete sake they need to behave like adults…also show respect for what is fight & good !Thank you President Trump for caring about & loving America & her people !! Gid Bless you as well as your family !!!!mary

  47. President Trump:
    When I was a child, I listened to President Franklin Roosevelt’s “fireside chats” via radio. Throughout his presidency, he kept the people informed. I believe these presentations encouraged all Americans during World War II.

    Like those times we still have struggles, some of which potentially could be more significant than the struggle we had then.

    Would similar periodical reports to Americans be useful today?

  48. This was a great state of the union, i hope everyone who watched noticed how the left handled themselves as re-election is coming up. And with all the great accomplishments this year brought through our great President and his administration, there was nothing sad or gloomy about it, it was exciting and promising for a great future.

  49. Fantastic speech- very Presidential!
    The Donald played the Dems (Dims) like a violin in the speech. He knew full well they would sulk like a bunch of spoiled brats who had their candy taken away. The rest of America saw what they are all about.God bless America and the President.


  51. Pres Trump is here through Divine Intervention.His SOTU was priceless,watching the left sit there and pout was entertaining and,oh so telling.Drain the swamp!!!Release the memo!!!God bless Pres Trump and the US!!!

  52. I know God had to be looking out for US when he chose Donald Trump to become out president. He continues to guide him in his decisions and I pray for our President every day to be guided by other good people who also love God and our country.

  53. When I first read ” Art Of The Deal ” by Donald Trump ( when it first came out),
    I thought. my God,this guy is a genius. Never did I think at that time that Donald
    J. Trump would ever consider running for President. Ladies and gentlemen..we have a
    GENIUS as our President. Please tell me who writes the scripts for all those hateful people that spread hate and lies every day.
    like Morning Joe, and the rest of the stupid actors and actresses.

  54. God bless you Mr.President for being here for us. Without you, this country would definitely have gone down with Hillary. This country is coming back thanks to you and thank you for giving us hope to go on. I wish you great success in the coming years.

  55. They are incapable. WE must thropw out all of the losers, and keep them out. FOREVER. That is OUR duty as voters.

  56. Excellent SOTU speech! Mr President, hats off to you sir. We can only look forward to more of his excellent performance= A+

  57. Speech was great,right on point and positive. Didn’t expect a positive reaction by libs, they are out to oppose everything Trump does.

  58. Americans are starting to recognize how incompetent the democrats and their fake news media really are. Corrupt to the core.

  59. I couldn’t agree with you more…President Trump is a self made man. When he laid it out straight that “In God We Trust” is the motto of our great land…I jumped up and shouted at the TV: “You tell em’ Donald!” His plans for immigration reform are so very long overdue, his knowledge of what to do from a business standpoint to bring American businesses home to our shores where they belong has proved invaluable and one of the main reasons I voted for him and finally, his selfless approach and confirmation of his commitment to the American people he serves. God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America.

  60. Americans are Dreamers too! He did a good job and no matter what he said the crazies on the left would find fault and lie about what he is saying. God Bless President Trump and America.

  61. Trump’s speech is the first one I personally have watched in 8 years. Obama was the first half-black President, so it’s understandable that his first speech drew more viewers than Trump’s first speech, but Americans quickly grew tired of Obama’s lies, America-bashing and his egocentric self-serving remarks, no matter how eloquently they were delivered. Obama had a knack all right; a knack for lies and deception.

  62. We loved it! Hope he keeps dismissing members that he thinks are not beneficial to him or our country. He’ll get it right soon. Listen to him,!

  63. Let them DO what they decide.We need to go our way and CRUSH them like heavy machine do to build the road

  64. Well stated! Could not agree more. Love our President and hate the lying media. The dems or demons showed their view of America with their ignorant actions.

  65. It seems to me we are to blame for letting the liberals get elected in the first place if more people would exercise their right to vote instead of being complacent and not voicing the will of the people we would never had such a mess that the swamp is Trump is draining the swamp but the democrats are hindering him at every turn come on sheepol wake up and get out the vote

  66. I am so glad I voted for this President. He is draining the swamp he inherited. His speech was well delivered in true statesmen style.
    He took responsibility for its content. I am both pleased with the economic progress President Trump has made in his 1st year and am convinced that the State of the Union will continue to gain strength and show the world that we have a President who delivers on his campaign promises to make America great again…

  67. The American people rose up and elected Trump President in spite of the election rigging of Hillary Clinton and liberal Democrats. While the lying liberals blew smoke all year and got their FIB to try to steal the office of President from Trump, HE was attending to his job. He conducted the business of bout country so well that when his speech was over the lying liberals were flabbergasted. Their exhibition of unprofessionalism during and after the speech was summers up nicely by the drilling lame comments by the Democrats future leadership. It is apparent that not only have the liberals lost they have not the movie or knowledge to recover. I guess being crooked sums them up, criminals all. Trump prevails.

  68. Most of the Democrats were not legally elected. That is why they are terrified of voter ID. I elections were limited to legal voters, and the counts were kept honest. Most of the liberal clown show would never get elected again. Trow in term limits and we could attain an honest representitive government again.

  69. Loved listening to the positive words of our president and his pointing out some in the crowd who had harsh life experiences and others who were accorded the status of being heroes. That’s our true America. It is my prayer that the hatred and negativity that was evident will take a very different turn in the days to come as many will have the blinders torn away. That all will realize what they can contribute as yet in this life if they give God right of way in their lives and turn to be blessings in their sphere of life.


  71. Paul T. LOVED your comment! The “hidden place” was perfect. I’m laughing down here in Costa Rica! We kick Nicas (Nicaraguans)out regularly. No problema tampoco!

  72. Opinion in America, between liberals and conservatives, is becoming increasingly polarised and, with its fake news, the media are happy to accentuate this polarisation, despite its detrimental effect on American society.

  73. President Trumps message was right on….Too bad that the Democrats acted like children…..Term limits are in order….Many of them have been in Congress too long….President Trump is a smart man and knows what to do to Make Our Country Great Again.


  75. The reason the left wing idiots do not like the poll results is because – the CBS poll does not represent what Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore said.

  76. President Trump is the best thing that’s happened to the USA in many years, it’s about time the Democrats were shut up and put in a hidden place (like a grave) what a bunch of morons, “We the people” are just plain sick and tired of the democrats PERIOD! They make me want to throw up!

  77. The democrats were very dismayed by the arrests and deportations of so many MS-13 gang members.
    We have to remember that democrats must always see or create a crisis so that they can control their sheep with false promises.
    The reduction of MS-13 lessens the voter numbers for democrats.

  78. Yea right, and they said in the polls that h clinton would win by 90 percent too , hahahahhahahahhahahahha, the real poll was most likely 90 percent. When are the fake poll people going to understand we the people do not go by polls any more.

  79. The Dems who just sat there will pay a big price for acting so stupidly. You bet their constituents saw what they were doing and they were a complete embarrassment to the states they represent.

    You can bet their displeasure will be registered at the polls this coming November and hopefully they and a bunch of Rinos will go the way of the Dems into oblivion.

  80. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream, too! But liberals today ignore his core message. “Color” and “race” are the primary drivers of their leftist agenda…and their struggle to maintain their party’s relevance in the face of Republican and President Trump’s successes. The content of a person’s character is no longer the primary consideration for Democrats. They want open borders, amnesty and a path to citizenship for everyone here illegally, chain migration and the Visa lottery…and it’s solely so they can “restock” their diminishing voter base.

  81. The Dim-Dems don’t dare acknowledge ANY Trump/Republican successes. If they did, their obstructionist, “Gruberized” base would go ballistic.

  82. The greatest take-away…AMERICANS DREAM, TOO! While the ‘coached’ UNwelcome DREAMers guests of the UN-American DemocRATS did as THEY were told…SAY NOTHING DO NOTHING! And they followed orders from their puppetmasters.

  83. Trump’s SOTU…********** out of a possible *****!!! His colors…????????RED WHITE & BLUE????????! While the dourpussies of the sourpussy DemocRATS sulked and scorned…THEIR colors?…the Great Masters of The Renaissance never even used ’em!

  84. If the guy delivering that speech was a black Liberal, saying those exact words, they would have clapped their hands raw and been on their feet the entire time! The sad fact is, they just don’t like a Republican in the White House. In their eyes, EVERYTHING he says or does is wrong, even if he’s making improvements… they just don’t see it because they’re STUPID!!!!

  85. Watched it. Loved it. Noticed who remained in their seats and refused to clap during the most uplifting parts, too.
    Hope their constituents did, too.
    Hope it affects their vote.

  86. Anyone who could call it “sad” or “gloomy” is just still sucking those sour grapes because Hil-LIAR-y didn’t win. There’s just no way a Libtard will be happy with a Republican in the White House, no matter how good he is for the country.

  87. I thoroughly enjoyed the State of the Union address… it was uplifting, not sad or gloomy… how can anyone see it as bad?? They’re just still sucking those sour grapes, that’s all. Leftists will never be happy with a Republican in the White House, no matter HOW good he is.

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