This poll about Trump’s State of the Union silenced the liberal media

Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address and the media reaction was predictable.

Liberal outlets tried to lie about the speech in order to poison the public reaction.

But this poll shut down the liberal critics for good.

ABC News led the charge with analysts lying about Trump’s optimistic and uplifting speech by calling it “sad” and “gloomy.”

Newsbusters reports:

“To match their vicious pre-State of the Union address coverage, ABC lost its mind following President Trump’s first such address, slinging mud at the President for delivering a “divisive,” “gloomy,” and “sad speech” that did nothing to “unify” the country and instead “stok[ed]…racial tensions.”

Chief anchor and former Clinton administration official George Stephanopoulos started by telling chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl that Trump “did not unify that chamber” while Karl swooned that he’s“never seen anything like it” with “Democrats…basically run[ning] for the exits.”

The speech was only distressing for liberals because with the economy booming and ISIS on the run, Trump was able to tout an historic record of accomplishments.

Trump racked up victories despite a media and deep state campaign to sabotage his Presidency.

The viewers who tuned in ignored the media spin and gave the speech rave reviews.

CBS found that 75% of those who watched approved of Trump’s address.

The media can try to distort the truth with dishonest coverage, but the American people lived the reality of Donald Trump’s first year in office.

His speech was a true State of the Union.

It was not a laundry list of government programs or pork barrel spending.

Trump described the facts of how well the economy is performing and America’s success in foreign affairs.

And the nearly 45 million Americans who tuned in liked what they heard.

Did you approve of Trump’s State of the Union?

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