This poll will strike fear into the hearts of establishment Republicans

Judge Roy Moore steamrolled over Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s handpicked candidate in the Alabama Republican U.S. Senate primary to replace Jeff Sessions.

Swamp Creatures like Karl Rove quickly proclaimed he’d go on to cost the GOP a safe seat.

But one new poll completely destroys their narrative and is sure to keep Mitch McConnell up at night.

A new poll of the Alabama Senate race found that Roy Moore is 14 points up on his Democrat opponent, 56% to 39%.

But that’s not all…

Breitbart reports:

The Axis Research poll shows the race is looking “less and less competitive” and gives Moore a 17-point lead over Democratic challenger Doug Jones.

“Not only is nearly half of the electorate (49%) DEFINITELY voting for Roy Moore, the data shows Moore has united the Republican Party following the Republican primary and the Republican run-off, and earns strong support throughout the conservative coalition,” the memo says.

It notes that Moore has a stronger lead over Jones than shown for the generic Republican against a generic Democrat — suggesting that Moore is doing better than would be expected for a more conventional Republican candidate.

Those numbers found that voters only preferred a “generic Republican” to a “generic Democrat” by a margin of 53% to 41%.

Meaning not only has Moore unified Alabama Republicans, he’s actually strengthening their coalition.

You can be sure these aren’t the results Mitch McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund expected to find when they examined the race.

And the polling memo goes on to note:

Voters in Alabama remained focused on two things, which also drove preferences and vote behavior in the 2016 elections: moral values and changing Washington. The prioritization of these two areas also continues to drive high marks for President Trump. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of Alabama voters approve of the job President Trump is doing, with 45% giving his job performance STRONG approval.

That Alabama voters’ focus on “changing Washington” has the entire Republican establishment on edge.

And that’s a good thing for our country.

Should Mitch McConnell be replaced as the Senate Majority Leader? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. 2 term no bonuses, the founders did not plan on this. It was a second job not one that was to make you rich off of “we the people “.

  2. Given that the last election showed the pollsters to be pretty much all liars, I suspect that Moore’s true position is actually stronger, and the generic Republican is actually weaker than the pollsters dare admit.

  3. You have the name wrong!
    NO, just plain old Commiecrats!

    That is what they really are!

    And just like the people who cant or wont, call radical muslims what they really are, there wont be any relief until people start using their correct names.

    Call them what they actually are and own them!

  4. The old saying is, “In with the new and out with the old!” I feel this saying speaks for itself as far as how I feel about old Mitchie!

  5. Throw him out. He is a big part of the problem. No backbone and major goal is getting reelected so he gets richer.

  6. KATHLEEN for me PARASITES is a better label for the unwanted illegals who demand “squatters’ rights” to settle in and suck up handouts paid for by working Americans and given to them by establishment members of the Congress.

  7. I agree with the petition to put term limits on the ballot for an ammendment to the constitution. I also think that another change is needed to add a recall to the ballot for removing senators when they are not doing their duty and are violating their commitments to the voters. Let me know I’ll help.

  8. Yes Thomas. The Donald is bringing very needed change BACK TO the Constitutional government intended by the Founders. The foreign student imposter who illegally occupied the White House — let’s call it the Black House for his eight years — thought he could rip this great nation from its Constitutional foundation with a “pen and a phone”. He discovered We the People rejected tyranny in 1776. His Muslim/Marxist/Alinsky worship is not accepted by We the People.

  9. I agree McCain really needs to be voted out. It won’t be soon enough. He acts like a turncoat in the way he votes with the Dems.

  10. Thank you James. I fully concur with your statement. That establishment crowd needs to leave Washington preferably tarred and feathered on their way out. Get the USA back to greatness the Founders and Lincoln envisioned, a Nation of the people, by the people and for the people–not of an elite faction.

  11. Yes McConnell is exactly whats wrong with our government today. This Rino Liberal swamp creature not only should be replaced as majority leader. McConnell should be removed from office. He is a total descrace to conservatives and the Republican party. Same as Paul Ryan and many many others. The do NOT represent “WE THE PEOPLE” or true American values. DRAIN THE ENTIRE DC SWAMP.

  12. Where are the real Republicans? And how come they can’t recognize McConnell as the Democrat among them? He’s a total failure and doesn’t represent conservative values.

  13. They need no more than two terms for years best and no parks, and all laws they make they have to apply to them also they are not above the law as the constitution says we are all equal under the law.

  14. Yes the only way to completely drain the swamp and stop the demanding lib movement is to replace the old Republicans, starting with trying to tear our country apart

  15. Until we get rid of entrenched Republicans that has made the Republican and Democrats siblings the country will continue to go to hell. President Trump is the change agent and true Republicans need to support him

  16. I would agree and support 6 year term limits for both the congress and the senate. . .provided we take away their bonuses for being Speaker, Majority whip, minority whip, etc as they keep racking up “kills” against our tax dollars. . . 6 years in Senate, 6 years in the House, and a Max of 8 years as President. . .20 years MAX. . .and NO bonuses accrued. . .if you earn one bonus, you lose it before you can gain another. The way it is Now, I support 2 terms. . .1 term in Senate, an equal term in PRISON. . .one term in the House, and an equal term in PRISON. . .especially for the crooks infesting D.C. at this date and time.

  17. Took me a while in 2007-08 but I finally realized O’Really, Rover, the Krapper et al were NOT conservative and NOT to be trusted. Who-was-that-blonde and Bret Brier removed all doubts during the 2016 election cycle. I am now determined to support – finantialy and voting – for ONLY proven Constitutional conservatives. Unlike Ann, I do NOT believe it is better to have an establishment gop in office rather than lose to a demoncrap. Other than the words they used when caampaigning, the is NO difference between a demoncrap and an establishment gop.

  18. Yes we need a non-RINO to replace McConnell and just ignore the rantings of comrade Rove, another one world order commie.

  19. Karl Rove is part of the problem, the swamp, just like mcconnell, mcconnell needs to be replaced and rove needs to shut up and go away. These swamp dwellers will do and say anything to hold on, none can be trusted.

  20. Viva la Alabamans!! First in college football and now politics. And I’m stuck here in California where illegal-immigrant criminals are given sanctuary and a free ride on our social security system, among many other goodies.


  22. What we need to be demanding is that next national ballot , we the people get to vote on term limits for all Congress and senate jobs . Max two terms and you go home with out your pockets lined with special interest cash . We need to start a nation wide petition for this on the next ballot.

  23. I get sick of seeing the Bushes, and the Obama team of clowns always putting in their two cents on every subject we have . These losers didnt do the job when they were in office and now they want to tell Trump how to do it . From what I am seeing Trump does more for Americans than any of those other losers .

  24. People are sick and tired of do nothing polititcans in both parties . More important the GOP needs people like Corker ,Flacky , and McCain and McConnell out the door . They are do nothings because they have been bought off for years and dont want change . Time to drain the swamp and Collins in UMass
    needs to go too .

  25. Karl Rove is nothing but a cuckoo. All his charts showing this number and those numbers did not make a dam bit of sense. He is mentally disturbed. All the other turn-coat cowards republicans in bed with the democrats have a rude awakening.

  26. These politicians need to go and I mean NOW! The skeletons are falling out of the closets and they will find Weinstein and his Hollywood Bunny Ranch are just the beginning of the stench coming from the Deep Swamp.

  27. Mitch McConnell and all of the other establishment Republicans better watch out, they all have lied to the American People far too long. If they will not keep their promises or get behind President Trump’s agenda for which the People elected the man for, they just need to retire.

  28. Well, well, well. I have attempted twice to post my thoughts on this matter and neither of those posts show up here. This is the USA. Not supposed to be censored for opinions. What’s wrong? this site anti-truth stricken????

  29. Mitch McConnell needs to go. It is time for new leadership in the Republican Party. Get rid of him, the sooner the better. Amen!!!!!

  30. I demanded it of my senators the last time McConnell was up for a vote, but both supported him, including the so-called conservative Tom Cotton.

  31. The people voted to DRAIN THE SWAMP !!!
    Enough already f…the Fake news and crooks in DC. We spoke now please lets move on, start with the FBI and DOJ, if they wont enforce laws, remove them. The Clintons and Soterros, err Obamas, broke law after law, the dead bodies criss cross this nation. The crooked news will never tell the sheep about those who died at the hands of Clinton/ Obama…Heck they still want America to belive Barry ahhh Barack is a US citzen, which has been proven to be a lie. DRAIN THIS DAMN SWAMP…..

  32. When people discover they can no longer file class action suits against financial institutions who bilk them but are restricted to years of costly, individual arbitration the Republicans will be through.

  33. Mitch the RINO should be thrown to the curb as soon as possible before he puts too many democrats agendas through congress. He is a traitor like the other RINOS that need replaced. I think they will find McCain turned over the dossier to the democrats with Hillary, his buddy, funding some of it.

  34. McConnell should be out the door and put another MAN in who will stand up for the things that got DJT elected!

  35. Term limits is the best answer to improving our government. Republicans and Democrats in Congress should be gone after 12 years in their office automatically!!!

  36. Mitch McConnell is a spineless wimp that has been there much to long. He folds at the slightest confrontation and people like Pelosi run him over and sway him with the smallest effort.

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