Pope Francis admitted to something that raised eyebrows across the world

Pope Francis has not been a quiet Pope.

He has regularly courted controversy.

In response, he admitted to one thing that had Christians scratching their heads.

Pope Francis has come under withering criticism.

Critics multiplied after he published the Joy of Love, which called for those who are divorced to be able to receive Holy Communion.

Traditional Catholics were horrified at the attack on the sanctity of marriage.

Communion is a Holy Sacrament where the receiver must be in a state of grace.

Those who willfully break up marriages and cause a divorce are not considered to be in a state of grace unless their marriage has been annulled.

If the marriage has not been annulled they are considered to have committed adultery which is a mortal sin.

That makes them ineligible for communion.

Pope Francis changed all that.

He responded to his critics by claiming he does not read websites which label him a heretic.

Breitbart reports:

“In his conversation with his brother Jesuits during his recent visit to South America, Francis said that not every difficulty in life should be considered a “resistance,” noting that discernment is needed to separate true opposition from mere misunderstandings.

“It is easy to say that there is resistance and not to realize that in that push-back there can also be a shred of truth,” he said. “This also helps me to relativize many things that, at first, seem like resistance, but in reality are just a reaction arising from a misunderstanding.”

“But when I realize that there is real resistance, of course, I’m sorry,” he said.

“I’m even sorrier when somebody enlists in a campaign of resistance. And unfortunately, I see this, too,” he said.

“I cannot deny that these resistances exist. I see them and I know them,” the pope said. “There are doctrinal resistances. For my mental health I do not read the websites of this so-called ‘resistance.’ I know who they are, I know the groups, but I do not read them, simply for my mental health. When there is something very serious, people inform me so that I know. It is displeasing, but we must move on.”

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