Pope Francis made a jaw-dropping change to the Catholic Church that crossed one big line

Pope Francis is the most controversial head of the Catholic Church in recent memory.

Under his direction, the Catholic Church forged a new direction.

But Pope Francis made a jaw-dropping change to the Catholic Church that crossed one big line.

The biggest change Pope Francis made since assuming his role as Pontiff was pushing the Church to become another left-wing activist organization.

Pope Francis put fighting so-called “climate change” and pushing for open borders as his top priority.

Over the weekend Pope Francis continued down this path by making ending “climate change” the focus for World Day of Prayer.

Breitbart reports:

Human beings have caused “a climate emergency that gravely threatens nature and life itself,” Pope Francis said Sunday before urging “drastic measures” to fight global warming.

In his Message for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, the pope adopted the apocalyptic language encouraged by climate alarmists to frighten people into taking action.

“Too many of us act like tyrants with regard to creation,” he declared. “Let us make an effort to change and to adopt more simple and respectful lifestyles!”

“Now is the time to abandon our dependence on fossil fuels and move, quickly and decisively, towards forms of clean energy and a sustainable and circular economy. Let us also learn to listen to indigenous peoples, whose age-old wisdom can teach us how to live in a better relationship with the environment,” he said.

Instead of praying for the most vulnerable or lost to find salvation through Christ, Pope Francis sounded like a fake news anchor on CNN or MSNBC.

This decision offended millions of Catholics around the world that look to the Pope to set an example on spreading God’s word.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. It’s the flavor of the day. Obama and the libs started talks about taxing the church and wouldn’t you know it, the Pope became a liberal. He didn’t want that big honeypot from the US being taxed so he’s willing to conform the Gospel to the world. Many use the bible as a tool likening it to bigotry to chastise children of christ but when the ground rules were set thousands of years before MSM and the Non Observant Jews who run our country tried to make us feel all guilty inside. The plan is simple and the Pope cant handle it because of politics or ignorance. You can’t tell me that the politics didn’t get in the way of the Catholic church sometime and appoint the wrong person. If that’s the case then who was Pope during WWII and how did the Vatican stay untouched being it was at ground zero? I say the Pope needs to tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

    • The Pope has a right to his opinion. He is not saying anything that we have to believe it is just his political opinion. The Pope is a Jesuit and is following what his order does. The Jesuits have been kicked out of several countries including Mexico for being active in politics. They have been told in the past by the church not to engage in politics but unfortunately, that is not his way. He will continue to do his thing as he has always done. Most of the scientists that he listens to believe in man-made climate change and apparently so does he but he should not be dealing with political issues.

  2. One of the tenets of the Catholic Church is that the Pope is God’s representative on Earth and is infallible. The problem is this Pope is making this Catholic think just the opposite. He is the most political Pope I have ever seen and I would prefer he look towards saving souls and handling the curse of the Catholic Church, sexual predator priests.

    • I totally agree with you. I am not sure he is not the anti-Christ. I have never seen a pope in my life time that is so political. I am 79 hears old and have seen a number of popes. I truly believe this man is evil. The bible warns us about false prophets and I believe we just met him.

    • Open the Vatican to illegals and I’ll believe you! You are the most liberal pope in my time!! I’m done with the church! I’ll find a real church of GOD!! Go to h—-👹👹

      • This pope is not the Catholic Religion. To abandon the Church because of him would be to abandon your faith. He is not Infallible when he speaks of matters other than religion, rather he exhibits his ignorance. He is a political pope. I also think he is ignorant of the ways of the church. Unfortunately, he will cost the church. Hopefully, the College of Cardinals will review their mistakes.

  3. This old fool has moved over to the dark side by adopting the crazy theories of the radical left. Why would anyone join or remain in a church that promotes an evil doctrine.

    • If this self righteous Pope was really a man of God he would be telling people the Truth. Climate change is not man induced. It’s God induced and is described in the Bible as birth pains,the beginning of the end. Wake up people,God is slowly removing His protection from the earth. Mass shootings,earthquakes wars and rumors of war,signs in the heavens,hurricanes, all of which become MORE INTENSE EACH DAY.Everyone knows, or feels that something’s about to happen even the unbelievers. We need to start calling all this what it, although many will be deceived.

      • Amen to the above writing. God is in control. He doesn’t cause the terrible things that are happening but HE warned us of these things as the people move away from God and we get closer to HIS second coming, Satan will get more intense and the POPE should warn his people and tell them the TRUTH instead of being Satan’s mouthpiece.

        • Hanny, you’re right. Most people forget or never knew that satan is a created being,he was a cherub which is the highest order of angels everything he does is against God or God’s people. Just as there is a Holy Trinity there is also, or will be,an unholy trinity. Father, Son,and Holy Spirit; satan,antichrist, and false prophet. I believe this Pope may very well be the false prophet. Many my words, you will hear more talk of “oneness” and everyone worshipping the same god. You will also hear more from him on aliens.You can read a very accurate description of the catholic church in the book of Revelation 17th & 18th chapters. Any Catholics reading this, please do what God tells you in Rev. 18:4

      • Agree with your post.

        We are in the end times to come. Everything is getting setup. Will be glad when the Rapture of Believers in Christ Jesus is taken home.

    • He is THE FALSE PROPHET. People like him helped me leave Catholic church. He is going to burn. Next he will allow gays to openly be priest and allow Gays to marry in church.

  4. I gave up on ALL religions because their main goal is to raise money, not save souls! Few people realize that this pope was the bishop whose job was to investigate pedophilia charges against priests. Instead they got swept under the rug, something the Catholic Church has been very good at doing. Secondly, this “leader” of the Church berates Americans for not giving enough money to the Church. Meanwhile the Church is sitting on millions of dollars in art and other valuable assets while so many parochial grade schools and High Schools are closing due to lack of funds. I’m not familiar with the financial setups of other Christian religions but it seems to me they are all failing their congregations! In my mind all God and Jesus, (one and the same person) want from us is to love one another. It’s the same theme time after time in the Bible. True, there have been many instances of “smiting”, but it also seems as though it was called for!

    • I am glad that he sees the reality of how we are wrecking our climate. it is not all human activity that causes it, but for sure adds to it. He has often prayed for the poor, so that is not needed all the time. I like the open borders idea because I hate what the Trump Admin. is doing tot the children at the border who suffer horrifically !

      • There would be no children at the border “who suffer horrifically” as you put it if they did not come in by breaking the laws of the United States of America. Are you
        so simple minded to not realize this? These children are brought in by adults that are breaking the law over and over. Time to put an end to this subterfuge.

      • You are an idiot just like the pope . We can’t take care of our own let alone all these illegals , oh wait a minute they’ll be taken care of with everything including better health care and meds that we have to pay for. That’s the only reason they come here is for all the freebies use your head.

      • to Els Pol.Let’s say EX: IFF You are picked up
        For Anything At All, In Car/elsewhere &&& Have a child
        W/you, You ARE immediately ‘separated’ ! ___
        Has Nothing To Do W/border. Comprende’ ?

      • Els, have you even considered the ramifications of “open borders”? Do you honestly believe that we can take care of the entire world? You may be for open borders now but when it starts lowering your standard of living I’m sure your opinion would change, but by then it would be too late. The “horrific” treatment of children at the border is,in reality, the best living conditions they’ve ever had. You obviously still believe the main stream media is truthful. WAKE UP!!

  5. I have always been a Catholic until this man who to me lacks a lot of spirituality became Pope. Now I guess I am an Episcopalian because there is no way I can believe in the infallibility of this Pope.

  6. Hey, Papa, stay out of politics. YOU have enough problems within the Church to take care of. I give him two more years before the terrorists take him down. They failed in the Philippines, and he is their target. How come he’s not speaking about political conditions in Italy? The topless shows on television. The obscene advertising posters on lamplights. The homeless people sleeping on the steps of buildings and on the river. What are you doing with all of the illegals outside of Vatican City? Better watchah youah stepah!

  7. This Pope is a disgrace. Thank goodness I am no longer a practicing Catholic! It’s this kind of political B.S. and promoting untruths by the church Leaders that make my head spin. Francis’ views on climate change are as unfounded as his liberal views on Gay relationships and open borders. Casting the Bible aside for his own popularism and reaching out to the ultra-Left, he has caused a direct decline in the attendance of the Catholic Church!

    • In total agreement. Saw thru this false prophet when he first took the pulpit and made as shocking a statement as ever spoken by anyone, much less the so-called “spiritual leader of the Catholic Church.” He spoke to the Vatican crowd in Spanish and rebuffed the teachings of Jesus Christ! He told the crowd that Catholics should only follow the “Church” and that “HE is the Church!” By the look on the faces of many there, this was as shocking a statement as ever spoken by any Pope. Jorge Bergoglio has consistently shown himself to be nothing but a political puppet. #NotMyPope

    • He should die and take the American pope with him i.e. TIMOTHY DOLAN from NYC born in St Louis Missouri. EVIL Racketeer deserves punishment.

    • The Pope’s comments about ‘man’s influence’ on climate change do not have to be believed by Catholics, as he is outside his authority as Pope. The authority granted him as Pope by the Holy Spirit and Our Lord ONLY extends to matters of Faith, Doctrine or Morals, which do not cover climate change. On this subject, according to the Catechism of The Catholic Church, Catholics can ignore him without fear of sinning, as he is stating only his opinion as a man, not as the Pope of The Catholic Church. Not everything the Pope says is binding on Catholics. This is one of those instances.NASA has recently come out and finally admitted that, back in 1958, they knew climate change was due to the changes in Earth’s Orbit around the Sun and It’s Axial Tilt, NOT in anything Mankind has done. They kept silent, letting the enviro-wackos go crazy all this time.Check it out!

      • David,what I find interesting is that the Pope is not even telling you the truth, which doesn’t surprise me at all. I guess I just really understand Catholics. You say you love God, and I believe in most cases, that’s true. However you let some man tell you what to believe. I just don’t understand how you can let your eternal home be determined by what someone else tells you. Let me ask you this; do you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you died right now you would be with Jesus? If you can’t say an emphatic yes to that question, you’re probably not going to be with Him. Your righteousness (right standing with God)has absolutely nothing to do with a priest much less a Pope. All born again Christian’s are righteous in God’s eyes, more so than any self righteous priest or Pope. If you are really concerned about where you’ll spend eternity pick up a Bible and believe what it says because it is the Truth, unlike what you’ve been taught. Does standing in church make you a Christian, or confessing to a priest, or saying “hail Marys”? Just about as much as me standing in the garage makes me a car. Jesus Himself describes the Catholic church in the book of Revelation chapters 17 & 18. Read the description for yourself. He calls it mysterious Babylon and the whore of Babylon. Jesus says “come out of her my people” Rev 18:4. Are you truly one of God’s people? Only you can and will have to answer that question. Jesus isn’t going to ask your priest or Pope about you, you and you alone are responsible for your relationship with God.

    • Right there with you. Really was excited to have this Pope
      Until his true colors where shown. I appreciate your summary which is right on. Sandra

  8. One thing we can ascertain about Francis, that is nothing he is doing is faith-inspired by faith in God, it’s all political at the human level.

      • The pope is a joke. Some say that the apostle Peter was the first pope. Not so. I’ve read all about Peter including his two written sermons and I found no references to the seven sacraments or praying to Mary. His message was to pray directly to Jesus Christ. The Catholic so called church started many years after Peter. In the early days they burned people for not taking the Catholic faith. Sounds like a cult to me. Kind of similar to Islam. Just like the Mormans used to kill people for not converting. Us southern baptists never did those things.

        • Maybe you didn’t, but you certainly did your share of HARM! Southern Baptists have had a hard time trying to be “SAVED.”They have been some of the most racist, homophobic, xenophobic, conservative people in the world. The KKK was/is full of them! They literally threw us (African-American students), out(bodily) from worshipping at First Baptist in Atlanta GA in 1962.

          • Henry 1962 was a long time ago. We don’t do things like that today. We believe that we are all God’s creation. You want to play race card? We’ll here goes. I was attacked and ran out of a park by so called African Americans because I’m white. And you don’t see white people calling for dead cops. And I can go on. You need to get over yourselves.

          • Henry Marion Steele
            The KKK was wholly Democrat Liberal not Conservative, it was the Southern Democrat party that went out and killed & tortured the the Black Man.
            Please do your research.

      • That’s for sure especially among his own priests ,bishops and cardinals . I’m catholic and he is by far the worst pope ever. I think he may be the anti- Christ.

      • That’s for sure especially among his own priests ,bishops and cardinals . I’m catholic and he is by far the worst pope ever. I think he may be the anti- Christ.

      • Your right, Pope Francis was appointed to Preach, Save souls and increase the Catholic population, and never have involved himself in politics.
        Pope Francis wants open Border and to let every Immigrant, including Criminals and Terrorist into all the countries. Pope Francis should eliminate all the Walls and High gates that protect him including eliminating all his security people, so he can let every immigrant move into the Vatican.
        I am a Roman Catholic and will never respect or be a follower of Pope Francis.

    • If you will study Revelation, you will see he is the anti-Christ. With his statements, it is obvious he does not believe the Bible. But then the Catholics re-wrote the Bible so I guess that would explain his not knowing what Jesus said. That fire from heaven that God is going to rain down on Satan and all his followers sure will be a just reward for this anti-Christ.

  9. Climate has been changing ever since God said ‘let there be light’. It should come as no surprise to Catholics that this pope thinks he can forgive himself. We will see how that works as he roasts in hell.

  10. Francis entertains the notion that t.f he is a jackoff on all trades in this case Climatology and Meteorology, I think he should just keep his Communist ideology to himself.

    • The Pope is not Jesus. He is not God. When he said that the god of Islam was the same god as Jehovah it proved to me that the Pope doesn’t know who the true and living God is indeed. He would also know that the Word of God states that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof so the Lord is in charge of what happens to the earth. Mankind cannot make changes to change the climate. They can stop a great deal of pollution and that is true but as far as managing the cooling and warming of the earth they cannot….that is pride talking and deceit for if people can be controlled with fear they will obey anyone that says they can be saved….Jesus is our Savior. So the Pope is way wrong and cannot be trusted. Not being mean, just being honest.

      • Liberalism is of the evil one. Abortion in 3rd trimester? The evil one. Open borders? The evil one. Climate change transfer of America’s wealth, thereby weakening God’s blessed country? The evil one. This Pope? The evil one. Support liberalism? You support Satan’s plan to weaken the nations. Those with God’s Spirit can discern this truth.

      • Genesis 8:22 says: English Standard Version
        While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

          • Pope Francis is the False Prophet. The Pope is preparing the way for the Anti-Christ that is to come soon.

            Satan likes to copy God Almighty.

            God: John the Baptist came and prepare the way for Jesus Christ.

            Satan: Pope Francis (False Prophet) came and prepare the way for the Anti-Christ that is already in the World.

      • That was an excellent reply and let’s face the facts Jesus said I did not come to change any word of the law that was given to Moses so the laws are still a law’s know you shouldn’t go out and stone your neighbor for adultery or kill anyone you’re supposed to enlighten their faults and lead them to Jesus and assist them in correcting themselves so aborting a child is an abomination being gay is An abomination I’m getting into politics is not a Pope’s position he should avoid this avoid accepting gays for what they are he should be telling them they are living the wrong life he shouldn’t be getting into politics because God appoints presidents and kings and queens just like what happened in The Bible. Nothing changes God’s perfect take it from a man who is died 5 times and was revived each and every time I won’t go into the details of what happened during the moments in minutes I was no longer alive but it was Earth shattering to me a change my life change my thought and made me believe stronger I believe out of all the religions and denominations out there the catholics for most points have it correct more so than any other denomination however you have bed priests you have a badd Pope now and we have a lot of people that don’t follow the laws the commandments and the way god and Christ watered it to be all I can tell you is I’ve read The Bible 6 times from cover to cover nonstop and more will be revealed if you do this

      • Climate change.does the Pope not believe in the bible.dies he nit believe christ will return and reign on earth for a 1000 years.how can he do that if climate change destroies earth.

  11. What is happening in the WORLD TODAY IS NOT JUST POLITICS? … It is actually a “HOLY WAR” … It is GOD VS’ALLAH … Simple as that. All we need to know now is who’s side is this Pope on? It appears the Pope is leaning toward the Islamic Belief’s? … The Catholic Church has taken their “MONEY”…..How much is 1500.00 Dollars (Per Person) X (2) Million Dollars(People) AND COUNTING. That is aprox. how much MONEY the Catholic Church received for accepting each Illegal Immigrant and Sponsoring them for up to 90 Days. Getting them on Public Assistance Etc. You May Thank OBAMA for this Deal.

  12. Does Pope Francis want modern people to go back to burning trees into charcoal for heating and cooking like many indigenous people? This worked well for a less populated world – not well today. Pope Francis has bought far too many leftist gimmick phrases and causes that actually make no sense outside the drive for more government control over the lives of everyone. Finally, Francis is a fool who is cutting his own throat in the long run. The policies he is advocating will end in disbanding the Church. Today’s governments are no friend of the Church.

  13. There is no climate emergency. It’s false fear instilled by demoncrats. Earth has taken care of herself for quite a long time. Seriously, don’t fall for this nonsense-!!!

    • Yes, our planet’s climate is changing. While polution is bad in some nations (much better in others), there is NO PROOF that humans have caused “climate change.” Slightly warmer weather means more food to fed the world’s increasing population. All plants require Carbon Dioxide to live and grow. Plants depend upon humans, animals, and fires to meet that need! Most Leftist ideas have control of all aspects of our lives as their central goal. They want bureaucrats to determine what we “need” to learn, eat, drive, live in, and defend our lives and property. Leftists are like Germany’s 1930’s NAZIs, using propaganda to convince us they will meet all our needs and keep us safe–if only we give them absolute power! If you believe that, you are either brainwashed or a fool.

    • Exactly it’s called WEATHER. Something is rotten in Denmark and it all started with Al Gore. Just another way to fleece the people.

  14. Did I hear President Trump tell him to go back where he came from or am I just dreaming?
    Venezuela is a nice place, he would fit right in with that government. There are a lot of poor folk in their flock to take care of.

    • UMM, this would be a typical Trump gaffe, telling the Pope to go back to Venezuela. He is from Argentina. Look, I am a HUGE Trump guy, but some of is tweets comments are not
      really thought out. Pope Francis I think is doing his best to get the world not to focus on the Pedophile nature of thousands of Catholic Priests worldwide, and the coverups of their gross crimes against children – One of the key reasons Pope Benedict was forced to retire.

    • RJK: Sorry, but you’re not fully informed, but not by much. Pope Francis is initially from Argentina, not Venezuela; however, bth are on the same South American continent. Unfortunately, his perspective has remained that of a PROVINCIAL PLACE, and he tries to influence the world according to the mentality of people from a developing country!

  15. Where is John Paul when we need him so much? This Pope is fake and most Catholics I know, myself included, do not follow his “words and actions” but we follow our hearts and consciences..I attend Mass weekly and will continue to do so and will never leave my church however I am limited in my faith when it comes to this Pope..he won’t last forever thank God.

  16. Hypocrisy knows no limits and that should be a wake up call for Children if Christ and titters to the Catholic Institute. No offense but the Vatican remained untouched by Hitler during WWII, so making a deal with the Devil seventy five years ago now he wants payback. If you leave your house unguarded like the Pope has, who’s taking care of the flock? The Church needs to know how to read the word and rightly divide because your not going to get it from this politician/ banker pope who worries about interest rates and tithe plates and contradicts Christ’s teachings. What’s next, is he going to agree with Muhammad and expect his virgins? He’s also become cool now since he’s of the illuminati especially since he is the CEO of the worlds richest bank with cash reserves. He’s as liberal as they come and he or anyone with half a brain knows the world needs barriers and policing or chaos begins. If the old Pope didn’t believe we need security and borders then he would send the Swiss Guard home.

  17. Climate change has happened many times over the millions of years. Before there were people, or very few. What happened? Did the dinosaurs fart? Maybe we should ask AOC. That little snot nose claims to have all the answers.

  18. What a shame we ended up with a Pope like this. He doesn’t want walls for the people’s protection, but yet he certainly has one for himself and continues to keep it. I’m not at all opposed to people coming in to the USA, but they need to come in legally and wait their turn like the laws were meant to be enforced. We need the wall to be able to screen all people coming in. Trump continues to support prolife to save babies and the unborn as well as total support for the Christian community and the catholic church, but yet I hear no praise from this Pope about that. So hypocritical! He so needs to stay out of politics.

    • I agree. If that black eye is he’s sporting in the photo is a new one, then we know why he’s making these statements. He’s been wearing his red shoes again!

    • I agree with you John completely in fact my Dad,his Dad n both my grandparents on my Mother’s side came to the USA legally n were all sponsored ,had a place to live n got NO hand-outs from government funding,NIL ! They all made their lives better n all contributed to this Country in many ways! And most importantly they didn’t disappear into this Country they were checked on as were they lived ,checked that they were working , my Dad had to let immigration know if he married to whom n how many children they had which was ten n he married an American women of Italian descent ,immigration kept records on all who immigrated to America no such thing as open borders n most of all they all had all their shots! What’s happening today is wrong n the system must be changed or completely improved for the protection of all American Citizens!

    • Also Pope Francis should try walking around the world like we do with no protection n see how he starts thinking about all what he speaks about,he got so much protecting plus he lives in highly protective place!he’s not bumping elbows with anyone ever!Its easy to come out with comments when your aren’t really living in the ever day world ,to me that speaking with what I call a forked tongue my dear Pope Francis!

  19. This old communist fool has done just what he has always done this is nothing new. but what would you expect from a man who wares a dress and wants to be called father? sounds kind of sick to me.

    • Get caught reading the bible in China, preaching in the streets of Russia, try to walk and talk the streets of the Middle East with the Muslim world, see if they listen to words of wisdom, peace, faith. Do think though, the Catholic, arguably Greek Orthodox, is the mother of churches, of all protestant faiths today. The Catholic church, thru centuries, carried for a purpose, spread a Christian message thru most the world as this world evolved from ancient ages of mass slaughters, thru dark ages, middle ages to the world today. Somewhere along the way a high point was reached, now all down hill to the time of Christ’s second coming. Forget the small stuff, World wars as never known to mankind is shortly upon all this world. Seems kind of senseless to argue so much of climate change, vehicle emissions, cow, horse, chicken or people gas. Don’t worry the small stuff, God has all in mind and has allowed this world to prepare it’s own course until He must intervene. Only in the time of Divine intervention and rule will there be peace, understanding, hope. Till then, the hope is in the eternities anyway.

  20. This is what happens when you come from a communist country, what happen to all of that ice in the ice age .?there were no humans on the planet .As the left keep brain washing our kids K-12 about climate change and then they are finished with the liberal professors at the collages,Now the Pope. SHUT UP AND PRAY .this is why Catholics have loss faith in the Church along with the abuse of children

    • Heaven forbid the Pope isn’t a capitalist! The horror of following the teachings of Christ!!
      How dare he understand the truth of what the scientists are saying and encourage his followers to take better care of their home, the earth.
      Francis is the best thing to happen to the Catholic Church since Peter – proven by his caring for people more than your misguided political agenda.

      • Communism is not the teaching of Christ. Making Islam one with Christianity and being ready to baptize demons from space is also not Biblical. Communism is atheistic. The pagan NWO promoted by this Jesuit Pope intends to have a world without even the memory of the true teachings of Christ. Pope Francis has already come out against even the idea of a personal relationship with Christ. True Christianity involves the necessity of a personal relationship with Christ. Pope Francis is not even a Christian. If you were a born again Christian you would already know that much.

        Capitalism has raised more people out of poverty than any economic system ever tried. God favors Capitalism; not the current crony capitalism, but the reeal deal. The feudal system espoused by Pope Francis and intended by the NWO will make slaves of most people on earth on an even deeper level than they lived under feudalism because now they have the added ability to control much of your thinking and every aspect of your life. Look what they did to your mind.

        • When do we wake Up? Or is too late? He is not a pope ! He is unfortunately the devil in disguise. Should Catholics all over the world sit “mum” and let him walk all over us? Please is’nt it wrong to allow this demon to give the green light ? It is a sin if you do not pay thoughts and without any fear attack him for HE who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. Lord Jesus have mercy on us.

      • All you climate change ninnies need to read the NASA reports on this subject they have been studying this for more than 60 years, the short story of this is that MAN is not the problem and never has been, of course that doesn’t fit into the “progressive” {communist} agenda so the real scientist are ignored or ridiculed by the phonys like Al Gore and his lackeys and the lame stream media suck after them for their stores.

      • Obviously you rode the short bus to your special needs school. Most teachers are trained to stop children from banging their heads into the wall. So it’s obvious your brain damage occured in the pre school years.

      • Sounds like you need a new and improved adult diaper for looney liberals.
        Just wrap the diaper around your head and tuck the end back in. 
        This doesn’t cure anything, it just hides the symptoms of shit 4 brains.

      • Leanne Hildebrand> >Are you a clone of Uncle Joe Biden who said, “We will follow the truth, not the facts?”

        You have taken the bait of the Dark Side and accept the lie that climate change is truth, despite the fact that it is a

        You have been taking what the enemy is calling “SMART PILLS,” but they are actually serpent droppings after they have passed through Satan’s twisted system.

        The FACTS are only found in the Scripture as interpreted by the Holy Spirit, not in any man made church, religion, political system, or culture.

        The base line is “God is in control.”

      • Christ came, not to enslave all as your Communist ideals would, but to set people free, and though not political, was likely more Libertarian.

    • Big change he should make is allowing, more, requiring Priest, Nuns, to marry. The practice of celibacy? Seems a good idea, It is no secret that many priests have maintained relationships with women, more natural anyway, won’t mention other types, but perhaps the verse, Man is not meant to be alone means something more too. Replenish the earth type thing, that may solve tons of other issues for Catholics too.

      The Church was a thousand years old before it definitively took a stand in favor of celibacy in the twelfth century at the Second Lateran Council held in 1139, when a rule was approved forbidding priests to marry. In 1563, the Council of Trent reaffirmed the tradition of celibacy.

    • Communism and Our Lord Christ Jesus are not compatible. For one thing, one is all controlled by Satan while the other is GOD. The pope while being in the top position of the Catholic Church is in fact controlled by Satan. I know you smug protestants are saying I told you so. Well, get off your high horses. There are plenty Pastors, preachers and of course reverends (only Christ Jesus is to be reverend) that are indeed controlled by Satan. What with easter instead of Passover and rapture. Christianity (the love of Christ Jesus) well first off it is not a religion. Religion is man-made. Christianity is reality. We are ALL living it right now. Yes, even atheists and agnostics are leaving Christianity. Even the Pope and all the other self-made preachers and pastors, reverends. All in the same boat with Satan and all evil. I am so glad that people are finally coming to realize that K-12 public school and Catholic and parochial schools are just one big lie. There is only one way to make sure your children receive the truth, Home school them your selves. But what if all you have known are lies? Where do you find the truth? Well believe it or not. You find it in the one book you have been told your whole life is a lie, a fairy tale, a man-made fiction. The King James Bible, The Holy Word of GOD (Hebrew YHVH). But to do so you have to go way back to the basics of literature and the ability to read and to comprehend what you are reading. You must read with understanding. You must first rightly divide the Word. You know, who, what, when, where and sometimes why. Book by book, chapter by chapter and verse by verse. Precept upon precept. You must throw out all your pre-conseaved ideas. All of theology. In essence ALL man-made bull shit. You must allow GOD and His Word to teach you. And along the way, IF you ask GOD. He will depart wisdom upon you. You’ll discover highs you never thaught you could achieve, and without any outside stemulants. You’ll descover emotions you never thaught you could have. And yes you will discover TRUTH. Give it a try. What have you got to loose? GOD bless all of you that have stayed this far. GOD bless TRUTH. GOD bless America. I pray that more and more parents discover your word FATHER. I pray that some day Satan will be hard if not impossible to find in America. I pray in Jesus Name AMEN

      • I should edit and re-edit my own work. I apologize to everyone for all the typo and spelling errors in this. It only shows that all of us are human and are prone to error. Though I have erred in words I have not erred in thought or content. I ask that you do not through it out because it does not meat some high standards.

    • The Cardinals long ago should have cried out to God and repented for lying and saying they heard from God and chose this Communist-Maxist pope who hates free market capitalism and hates walls (though he has a huge one around Vatican City), and borders, though he protects the border of Vatican City very rigorously.

      • Many people thought he may well be the false prophet of Revelation. I was one of them. He is a Marxist and a shill for one world government. He is also a serious hypocrite, and you know how Jesus felt about them.

        • just what we need another schill for AGENDA 21.live a simpler lifestyle. oh really. this comes from the guy living in the Vatican. THERE’S NO CLIMATE CHANGE CRISIS. EARTH HAS BEEN DOING THIS EVERY SO OFTEN FOR A LONG, LONG TIME. EARTH DID THIS LONG BEFORE PEOPLE. STICK TO SAVING SOULS YOU COMMIE.

  21. Have a question, in the Catholic church does God decided who well be Pope if not who does? Just a question not trying to demean just wanting to understand, if we call can lean to understand the way others believe, don’t have to agree, just understand, maybe we could all get a long better.

    • Twelve Cardinals get together and elect the pole, it is a lifetime position and all of them want it so that alone means that to be pope you have to be a first class politician, or “asshole” which is almost the same thing. but it doesn’t really have much to do with God or Christ.

    • If the communist Pope, influenced by Satan, tried to understand the United States instead of sticking it up Obozo’s butt … he doesn’t have to agree, just understand with his broken down mind, maybe we could all get along better.
      Maybe the Pope of Satan should remember:
      Heaven has a wall, pearly gates, and a strict immigration policy. HELL on the other hand has open borders, as he may find out on judgement day. God will translate the bible for him on judgement day.

    • I believe in the end it is GOD that chooses. GOD is always in charge. Some say He works in mysterious ways. I think GOD’s ways are quite evident to those that look. I believe Pope Francis is here for us to see the error of our ways. I do hope we can learn and that we can return to loving and following GOD.

      • I believe in the end God gives us the freedom to choose …
        Make the choice to believe in Jesus Christ and receive everlasting life in heaven. Make any other choice and spend eternity in hell.
        He also gives us the choice of our leaders, these choices also have consequences.
        The choice of a satanic Pope was not made by God, but by man.

    • The College of Cardinals, guided by The Holy Spirit, in a secret conclave, vote on who will be Pope by a simple Majority. They have to stay locked up in the chapel, where their needs are met, and meet every day, until they have a majority vote for one candidate. This candidate then has to agree to accept the office as Pope. If he doesn’t, which has happened, then they start over with a new vote.If he does, then they elect him as Pope and it is announced to the World.

    • Please don’t leave–what other church would you go to? Christ promised us that His Church will prevail against the gates of hell, even until the end of time. Yes, it is run by imperfect human beings, Popes included, but that doesn’t mean we should abandon Her just because things are difficult. We need to pray, pray, pray, particularly Our Lady’s Rosary.

        • You are absolutely correct. After being a member of the Catholic Church for 38 years I left in 2016. The Holy Spirit worked within me, and God opened my eyes. It is amazing what I have learned since leaving the Church. Catholics are not encouraged to read the Bible; therefore, they are unaware of the Bible readings. For many, all they know is the teachings of the Church which are false.

          • Hi Dorothy. You are correct when you say Catholics aren’t encouraged to read the Bible. My current and ex-wife were both raised in the Catholic church. My mother-in-law was always trying to convert me. Neither of my wives have any knowledge of the Bible and don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ. My father-in-law was a 4th degree KofC. He used to go play poker at the KofC hall and get drunk with the priest. What kind of Christianity is that? I try every week to get my wife to go to church with me and accept Jesus as her savior, but haven’t been successful so far.

      • Anne, there are billions of living persons today in this world, and perhaps trillions over the course of the life of this world. All languages, cultures, governments; of educational, of environmental, laws with differences, CAN ALL ABIDE, UNDERSTAND THE SAME? Can all live, practice, advance the same. Yet there is 1 God, 1 purpose of mankind– to prove thru faith, our own worth, strength and desires of the soul to abide by a higher law we may be given to understand and live. If all debate one theology over another, one law, one rule for all it is not possible to equate. Think there is 1 God, Father of all that judges all the same? Live by what you know, believe, understand and by that faith eternally a final judgement will be given according to circumstances and ability. There are bigger things to worry of in this world then climate change, etc. But as Judea-Christians thru this world, let there be unity of a degree to uplift until all are able to grow, live, learn a greater law and love.

      • Anne…ALL churches that preach the Bible are Christ’s church!!!! The Catholic Church does NOT have an exclusive relationship with Him. ALL who come to Jesus and repent and accept Him as their Savior will be saved and spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Have YOU accepted Him as the Lord of your life? He is there for ALL who come to Him.

    • Unless you open the gate to the Vatican then I will agree with you and in the meantime,
      take care of the Church, crucify those priests sexually abusing children. Get that? I am
      catholic but I do not agree with you 90% of the time. Do not be political.

    • Your priest have become political pawns and have left their first love. God has said what he will do to the church that has done this

  22. This Peronista Argentinian…the Catholic Church was the number one enemy of Communists, now, with this asshole Communist pope, we are losing Catholics. Fire this, the so-called pope never should have been put in that position. He does not represent or stand for Christians around the world do not stand for freedom. He needs to be run out of the Catholic Church…ASAP!!

    • I agree I was brought up Catholic and I got to church every Saturday but I have to say I do not like this Pope and bet gave thought he was a very bad choice he needs to go.

  23. Yep. That’s false pope francis for you. I have heard him blaspheme God one too many times. Don’t listen to this fake with the fake news he spews. Come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and repent for your sins. That is the most important decision you will ever make. This world will pass away but God will restore the heavens and earth back to its original form in the days of Adam and Eve. Don’t have a relationship with this world. Start a relationship with a One true Almighty God! God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Trinity!

      • The Pope needs to read the last book in the Bible, Revelation. It CLEARLY states at the end of the age the world will see earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, all the many things we are experiencing in the environment. Has he never read the Bible?????

  24. RedMan, you offer no substance. Just hog wash. The Pope is out of line. His job is to preach the word of god and to guide his flock in prayer. Not to get involved in politics, global warming etc. He needs to focus on gods word and what god wants. Not what he wants. I take my message straight to god. Not the pope. I seek gods help and advice in every matter of my life. Not the pope. Seek God and you will find our answer. Amen

    • I absolutely agree, the catholie faithful are disappointed in this Pope interfering in politics, he should be preaching the Word of God. He is dividing the church.

      • Excuse me, but are either of you two Catholic or thoroughly know the religion? I was raised Catholic and took 12 years of Theology. While I chose to leave the RC Church, what is MORE about the sanctity of life than the millions, if not BILLIONS who could die from the severe changes in climate? The world’s scientists present legions of evidence every month to verify this change, which is happening at a more alarming rate than ever. Since most of the populated cities are near the coastlines, a rise on ocean water could cause massive deahs, sicknesses and catastrophes. Trumpers are like the flat earth fools of Columbus days – – you continue to drink the Kool Aid falsehoods despite the tons of evidence to the contrary. Future generations will suffer greatly because of the DENIERS, and their ignorance or just plain, GREED.

        • I may not like some of the things Trump had done, and like some of the things he has, that being said I trust the Democrats less and less and less and less everyday, they may push for a more pro active stance on climate change but I don’t trust them on anything else. They care nothing about our constitutional rights, they think criminals well obey all their gun laws, they want to let people brake our imagination laws and reward them for it, they have done little to nothing over the last 3 years except to try to take Trump down.I have asked myself this on many occasions, “are politicians brain dead, stupid, bother or what?

        • I see you’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid. It’s all propaganda to fleece taxpayers of their money. Do a little research and stop buying the left wing BS.

          Shanan Peters, a geologist at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, “wanted to know what would happen to the atmosphere if you burned down not just the Amazon, but every forest on Earth, every blade of grass, every moss and lichen-spackled patch of rock, all the flowers and bees, all the orchids and hummingbirds, all the phytoplankton, zooplankton, whales, starfish, bacteria, giraffes, hyraxes, coatimundis, oarfish, albatrosses, mushrooms, placozoans—all of it, besides the humans.”

          Peters found that if that happened, “the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere dropped from 20.9 percent to 20.4 percent. CO2 rose from 400 parts per million to 900 — less, even, than it does in the worst-case scenarios for fossil-fuel emissions by 2100. By burning every living thing on Earth.”

          “Virtually no change,” Peters concluded. “Generations of humans would live out their lives, breathing the air around them, probably struggling to find food, but not worried about their next breath.”

        • Good God (the real one)! You’re as full of crap as a Christmas turkey Dr. Dumbass. Climate change has always and will always happen whether humans exist or not. This has been verified many times by “real” scientists and all the BS climate alarmists have been predicting for the last 40 years HASN’T HAPPENED. Hell, if their idiotic predictions were true we’d all be dead already. I do believe you’re a Catholic. As I said before- mentally ill morons.

        • DR. JD I assume you are doing your part to make the world a better place in which to live in. This issue of “climate change” did not start with President Trump and won”t end anytime soon. Please preach to the Chinese, and Indian nations who burn enormous amounts of coal and other fossil fuels to satisfy their economic appetite. Bad mouthing Trump supporters as flat earth fools, only makes your comments more venomous. What are you doing??

          • Agreed will not be solved by one country so because we are such a greedy and dishonest and ignorant race of beings nothing will change. That is why Christ must return or there will be no one to save. But remember the economy must change the profit motive go and in order to change the current economic system must be burned root and branch.

        • The earths climate has been going though many drastic changes since its creation and long before man or animals ever shared this planet.

        • Dr JD, Most of the earth was covered by ice at one time and that happened long before humans walked this earth. So, who might we blame for it having melted and changed many aspects of this earth? Huh?

        • Sorry Dr. JD, the real issues of any religious leader is to point the way to eternity, not muddle in the mud of this world, truth varies in time, places, people. The issues today, climate or whatever, is more the earth irritated by corruption, filth of the souls upon it’s surface. Will go thru a cleansing too as Christ foretold, all in order time and sequence. Future generations need not worry of the climate as much as war, destruction, filth of mind and soul. There is NO ONE that knows all. 1 moment of eternity will prove more then all science, theologians, psychiatrist, etc. ever existing in this life, world. Worry more of the nuclear wars. All is coming soon, not worry so much of world more then spiritual. 1 world, 1 purpose, 1 God over all this earth. Different languages, customs, culture, knowledge, etc. yet 1 Father of all, surely truth goes to all as best allowed, able, capable. Live according to your faith, this world is not our final abode.

        • After 12 years of “Theology” I’m not surprised you can’t tell B.S. from fact. Learned a little latin in my day too. You fail to realise on this planet the prime mover unmoved is money. And there are those devils- often referred to as politicians- that will do anything to accumulate vast sums of it. Oh, and they lead others “astray”- like poor scientists looking for grants and prestige- with it. Your 12 years consisted of Black/White, good/evil, God/Devil and a binary logic approach. Now YOU ARE STUCK with it it would seem.

          But as long as you maintain that bias that EVERYONE/Thing that disagrees with your poor analysis of the data is WRONG you won’t get far out here in the real world.

          So here is your first newsflash: Competent Climatologists have long since debunked the whole “man made global warming” myth. Yeah man has screwed up a lot of things but this time he is innocent.Even that whole “97% of scientists agree” nonsense saw retractions years back. So quit falling for that same old “one valued logic” that cost you 12 years in the Seminary!

        • Oh how the mislead like to sound off, if your really interested in the climate change and what is the cause, then you need to start reading the NASA reports those people have been studying this for over 60 years.

      • POPE Francis has a 40ft tall wide wall around HIS residence. Leave the gate unlocked and let the murders and terrorists in!

  25. I am a strong catholic and have beeb a strong supporter of the Pope for 70 years. I am at a loss to know what Pope Francis is playing at. Since he came in he has been a disaster for the Catholic Community. He is supposed to be the Spiritual Leader of Catholics, not a far left politician. I will never change Religion, I am a Catholic for life, but I cannot support this Pope. I do pray for him. It was foretold that this would be the Last Pope, I hope not, but I hope he goes soon.

    • Liberalism is of the evil one. Abortion in 3rd trimester? The evil one. Open borders? The evil one. Climate change transfer of America’s wealth, thereby weakening God’s blessed country? The evil one. This Pope? The evil one. Support liberalism? You support Satan’s plan to weaken the nations. Those with God’s Spirit can discern this truth.

      • Have you ever thought that the day of the nation state is over it cannot exist in the age of connectedness and global problems. If you think global climate is not real ask the Midwest farmers who could not plant their crops. So if you are a climate change then as JD you are a science denier.

        • mj: The scientists I have read and heard on TV and radio say the problem with climate change is Mother Nature vs. computer software programs inventing climate change. Some of these scientist say the wrong information has many times had the wrong math put into the programs or software so as to agree with climate change. I am old enough to know there is a cycle to Mother Nature, seven years bad climate, seven years good climate. I always count the seven years so I know if a bad winter is coming. But I will admit it helps to check the fur thickening and interweaving in my horses and dogs and cats coats. Yup, works every time. Mother Nature again thinking of it’s own who can’t take care of themselves like humans can, you know don’t you climate changers, put a coat on.

          • Anna, it’s also known real scientists that so called “climate change” is regional. Every year there are dry regions and wet regions, warmer regions and cooler regions. Especially in the temperate zones they change from every year to several years. The sun has far more impact on climate than humans could ever manage to do. You’re right, climate change would happen even without human existence and it would be exactly the same.

      • Helga, that is what Satan wants you to do, to rationalize anything to take you away from the fullness of truth. Satan infiltrated the church from the inside and he has devoured souls like a lion. The Deposit of Faith exists by the Holy Spirit only in the Catholic Church. My sister, I could send you some things that will knock your socks off, and help strengthen you in your walk to eternity. God bless, you will be in my prayers. GregoryMary

      • I was raised Catholic and I had turned my back on the Church for many years for what I had heard by priests and nuns growing up, but when my husband, a true believer in God, said to me that the Church is not who God is, I realized that I was angry with those who did not have Him in their heart at all. I don’t need to feel guilty for not going to mass on Sunday because I can talk to God anywhere. If I need forgiveness or peace I can pray to Him for it. I don’t need to listen to a man in Rome who lives a lavish lifestyle. That was never God’s plan. Besides, the pope only cares about expanding their flock to continue the church’s strength and relevance.

    • Only when he speaks Ex-Cathedra (From the Chair). This man is going against Doctrine and Dogmatic teaching. Galileo was a Science problem. This is a Church Teaching problem. He’s Ipso Facto Excommunicated.

    • Daniel, the Pope is only infalible if he stays true to the Deposit of Faith, and yes on Faith and Morals, and only when he is excathedra in the Chair of Peter. He has never been while Pope to speak excathedra where the Holy Spirit speaks through him. But he like we have today many in the heirarchy who speak opinions, and that is just like you and I, we can resist and should resist as true Catholics any of their opinions that look to change Doctrine, because the Doctrines are Immutable, never to change the intent or meaning must always be the same as it always has been, because they were given by the Holy Spirit to keep us in the truth. He should be the main Shepherd and direct his efforts always on souls for eternity. He has spoken wrongly so many times when he brings his opinion into things. God be with you, GregoryMary

      • Since I do not wish to type out something the size of a baby Gutenberg Bible, just know that this primacy (and much later, infallibility) stuff started as early as 1054 AD. The Protestant Reformation aside, there were Catholics who were rejecting papal authority for a great many reasons– too many for typing here around the early to mid 18th century. This arose again more visibly via the See of Utrecht, which broke from Rome and is known as the Old Catholic Church. Anyone who’s interested shall have to look up the rest for oneself..

        Just my own two cents: Francis and his politics are probably making Karol Wojtyla,aka, Pope John Paul II, gyrate in his sepulchre, as he was an archenemy of all things Communist. And, the Catholic Church has historically been a thorn in the arse of Marxism everywhere. For non-Catholics: please note that the pope is just a bishop, the Bishop of the Holy See of Rome, but equal to the Bishop of any other holy see. Most will give him the honourific of “First Among Equals”, but that’s that.

    • That’s what gets me about you and these others here… always jump right to the juvenile attempts at humor.. is that because you actually have nothing to say? Can’t even conjure up a good point to make? It’s very telling that this group goes straight to hateful name-calling. That’s usually done as a last resort… not out of the gate.

    • It is called in literature, “ad hominem” attacks and are the lowest form of argument . . . would be like Trump would have nothing to say because he has funny, golden hair and an orange face. You make up names and like grade-schoolers, think they are so clever like
      “demoncrats” or “dumbocrats” – – which is just ridicule, because they have NOTHING else to say, no credible points to bring up. Rarely do I ever see a cogent argument with something to back it up. Trumpers do like Trump, ridicule even members of their own party, and often lace their statements by falsehoods and conspiratory, unsubstantiated propaganda. But to be FAIR, some on these posts do make good points and some have done a great job with their research. Calling someone “a fart” is the making of an undeveloped mind.

      • Take a look at GregoryMary’s post as an example of someone knowing their stuff. Some conservatives have always been thoughtful, but most of those are now called “RINOs” and disrespected in the party of the radical right.

        • Dr, There are also some of us who are “old fashioned Liberals” and are still reeling by how far left the Left has gone.

          Once upon a time *I* thought i was Centre Left, only to find that, by some manner of “dark arts”, that I’m now considered Centre Right by Progressives. I won’t call them “liberals” as that would be a misnomer.

          For me, being “Liberal” means using my own God-given brains and doing my own thinking. Ad hominem attacks usually happen when someone is so terribly frustrated that the thinking cap gets taken off. Or, it’s just to hurt others. Both isles in the political hall do it. It would be nice to see not everything dialled up to “11”.

          Many of us on “the Right” willing or by happenstance are simply over “it”:_X_ fill in the blank. Usually that “it” can in one way or another be traced to either Marxism or Cronie Capitalism.

        • RINO’s are the idiots on the left of the party that agree with the looney liberals. Like you, they support murdering babies, human trafficking, drug smugglers, and stopping cows from farting.

      • Well Doctor Dumbass is at it again. More “moral high ground” while doing the same thing you’re accusing others of doing. How very “DemonRATic” of you. I call it as I see it and I’ll never be “politically correct”. You communist perverts deserve every vile name applied to you. You consider yourselves to be more intelligent and better educated than us but your ignorant rhetoric says something entirely different. Mentally ill morons all of you.

          • Lot of difference. I am really educated and intelligent and can perceive the difference between right and utter stupidity. I’m not politically correct and I don’t hide behind a “holier than thou” attitude. I’m willing to get down and dirty and I own my crassness and vulgarity. I’ve been sick of “political correctness” for a long time now. It’s always been a shield for spineless cowards. We are what we are. It’s high time we grow some b-lls, admit it and live with it… And quit being a bunch of panty waist sniveling titmice.

  26. Catholic Teachings are not A way GOD SAYS TO DO. Catholic teachings are False Doctrine. Turn and stop praying to Mary ,She cannot forgive Sin only JESUS CAN AND WILL FORGIVE SIN. Even the Man in A Closet can’t forgive Sin. Get A Personal Relationship with GOD!!!!

    • We don’t worship Mary. We worship our church’s founder, Jesus Christ. Yep, I know it pains you non-Catholics to hear this, but Jesus founded the Catholic Church. Have a nice day.

        • Jim Tierney, I will stand with my brother Knight. Mary was conceived without Original Sin and never was tainted by sin, because she was given singular graces and was perfect in all the virtues by grace, just as Jesus is by HIS nature. The Trinity chose Mary from all eternity to be the one to carry Jesus in her womb, and it need to be a perfect womb where Satan was never to touch Mary like he has you and I and your mother and my mother. And because the Mary was perfect in her vertues, she has been the most humble of all creatures, and mentions humility in her Magnificat in Luke First Chapter, and the fact that all generations will call her blessed. And heres a question for you young man, would you allow Satan to touch your mother in any way if you had the power to keep that from happening? To Jesus through Mary, Dr. GregoryMary

          • Doc, well it’s nice to find someone who knows the Catholic doctrine, even though it’s a lie. If Mary was sinless she could have gone to the cross. Infallibility of the pope, idolatry, transubstanciacion, calling priests Father, purgatory,on and on, these are just a few of the unbiblical doctrines of your religion. Jesus has great disdain for religion as he called the greatest religious leaders of his time, vipers and whitewashed tombs. Religion is defined as the traditions of men. The true defination of religion, per the book of James, is visiting orphans and widows and keeping oneself uncontaminated from the world. Christianity is not religion but a personal relationship with Jesus. The Catholic church has many people who really have a heart for God, so what I’m about to say is not about individuals but addressed to the Catholic institution. I know you don’t read the Bible but if you would like to read about the Catholic church you can in the book of Revelation. You’ll find it accurately described (in the 17 & 18th chapters) as the whore of Babylon and mystery Babylon. I strongly recommend you need the warning of Rev 18:4 that God says “come out of her my people.”If you don’t know, deep in your heart, that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that when you die you will be in heaven, then you are not born again and won’t be. Catholicism is a doctrine of works, trying to get to heaven. Contrary to what you’ve been taught you can read and understand the Bible you don’t need a priest to do that for you. I will pray for you and hope you will seriously consider what I’ve said here as it is obvious that you have a heart for God.

      • You are right…..sort of. Christ did found the catholic (small c) church. Small ‘c’ catholic just means the universal Christian Church. All believers who trust in Christ alone for their salvation. Whatever their particular denomination. 🙂

        • LCMS, the Catholic Church was the only Church that Jesus founded, it is HIS Bride, and HE will not let the gates of hell prevail against her. All other churches were started by men. You believe in Christ alone, because you received this teaching from the Catholic Church, who put the Bible together as we have it today, if you are not Catholic, you have an Old Testament that was given to you by Anti-Christian Jews, reread that, who had some of the Rabis meet in Jamnia around 90 A.D. to take away from Christians if they could, and they ended up being successful with Martin Luther centuries later, a heretical priest opened a pandora’s box to help Satan take Christians away from the one truth Church. So now there are some 30,000+ denominations because of men wanting to be their own Pope and confuse people in the walk to eternity. To Jesus through Mary, Dr. GregoryMary

          • Where in Holy Scripture does it say that Christ founded the Roman Catholic church……nowhere. And no, Luther did not help Satan take Christians away from the one true church. He brought the Gospel out of the muddy waters the Church of Rome had drug it through. You are so sadly misled. We put our trust & God given faith in the work of Christ and thus in the Holy Scriptures. I believe most Roman Catholics trust in Christ for their salvation mostly, but unfortunately they also have erroneous beliefs about the Virgin Mary & other Saints that can & does cloud their eyes from seeing that Christ alone is their salvation.

          • LCMS, what man started your church, there is a listing a person can go through and see when it was started and by who, so what man or system to you hold to, who is your pope? Dr. GregoryMary

          • Speaking as a clergyman of “a” Catholic Church not under the papacy, you’re wrong re Fr Martin Luther. He had no interest in starting a new church, he just wanted to clean house on the existing one where corrupt and blatantly superstitious practices were being approved of to generate coin– the selling of Indulgences,for example, approved hucksters shaking people down for alleged pieces of the True Cross, etc. Fr Martin never abandoned Mother Mary; that was a later development due to interactions with Swiss Reformers like Zwingli.

            To the Catholic-haters that never bothered to crack a book on the subject like your forebears: BOTH the Eastern Orthodox/Byzantine Rite Catholics, and Western Rite Orthodox and independent Catholic Churches, such as the Old Catholic Church or US (me) high church Traditional Anglicans who consider ourselves Catholic: we venerate Mary; we pray to her as a friend and mother through Christ. We DO NOT WORSHIP HER NOR ANY OTHER SAINTS. God save us. If I had a few pennies or pence for every time this accusation comes up, I could donate my salary back to the church.

          • You are WRONG!!!!!!!!!! The entire Bible is the TRUE word of God written through men. TRUTH!!!!! And ALL who come to Jesus and repent and accept Him as their Savior will be saved and spend eternity in Heaven. ALL churches which preach the Bible are true churches under God. The Catholic Church is not the only church Jesus recognizes. He is the head of ALL who follow Him. We are very fortunate that Jesus is our judge and not you.

    • He’s definitely an Anti-pope, but you’re following Luther and Calvin. They were Catholic Priests FYI. They became heretics. Francis falls in line with them, but is even worse.

    • Catholics have never believed Mary could forgive sin, we all Know only Jesus can. If you do not like Catholics fine, but be honest.

  27. Most white-folks are the same everywhere. No good, lying, inbreeds, gun worshipers, racist, love to kill for the thrill, and hate everybody, even other white-folks who smell like lice shampoo. Jes look at how they post on here. hahahahhahahahahhahah

    • Once again I ask what tribe you belong to or are you an Elizabeth Warren phony so-called red man? As a native American I want to know!

      • “It’s time for RedMan to STFU!”

        Not so long as he has a platform to speak from! It’s his claim to fame. Indeed, his ONLY one. Ignore him and he will go away. One way or another.

        • This Pope is,UNFORTUNATELY, a fool. (God forgive me). I find his interference into ,particularly, United States politics, exasperating!!! He basically is a communist and while that is unsettling enough,he needs to stick with what he was elected to. Lead the Catholic Church and it’s doctrines and keep your nose out of American politics. Your disrespect for our President and our country is a disgrace. I am surprised the Bishops did such a terrible job of choosing a Pope. You are a Catholic try to remember that when you OPEN YOUR MOUTH.

  28. Vegetarian writer Steven Rosen (Satyaraja dasa) explains:

    “…over the centuries, there has arisen two distinct schools of Christian thought. The Aristotelian-Thomistic school and the Augustinian-Franciscan school. The Aristotelian-Thomistic school has, as its fundamental basis, the premise that animals are here for our pleasure—they have no purpose of their own. We can eat them, torture them in laboratories—anything… Unfortunately, modern Christianity embraces this form of their religion.

    “The Augustinian-Franciscan school, however, teaches that we are all brothers and sisters under God’s Fatherhood. Based largely on the world view of St. Francis and being platonic in nature, this school fits in very neatly with the vegetarian perspective.”

    It is said that St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) bought two lambs from a butcher and gave them the coat on his back to keep them warm; and that he bought two fish from a fishwoman and threw them back into the water. He even paid to ransom lambs that were being taken to their death, recalling the gentle Lamb who willingly went to slaughter (Isaiah 53:7; John 1:29) to pay the ransom of sinners.

    “Be conscious, O man, of the wondrous state in which the Lord God has placed you,” instructed Francis in his Admonitions (4), “for He created and formed you to the image of His beloved Son —and (yet) all the creatures under heaven, each according to its nature, serve know, and obey their Creator better than you.” St. Francis felt a deep kinship with all creatures. He called them “brother,” and “sister,” knowing they came from the same Source as himself.

    Francis revealed his fraternal love for the animal world during Christmas time 1223: “If I ever have the opportunity to talk with the emperor,” he explained, “I’ll beg him, for the love of God and me, to enact a special law: no one is to capture or kill our sisters the larks or do them any harm. Furthermore, all mayors and lords of castles and towns are required to scatter wheat and other grain on the roads outside the walls so that our sisters the larks and other birds might have something to eat on so festive a day.

    “And on Christmas Eve, out of reverence for the Son of God, whom on that night the Virgin Mary placed in a manger between the ox and the ass, anyone having an ox or an ass is to feed it a generous portion of choice fodder. And, on Christmas Day, the rich are to give the poor the finest food in abundance.”

    Francis removed worms from a busy road and placed them on the roadside so they would not be crushed under human traffic. Once when he was sick and almost blind, mice ran over his table as he took his meals and over him while he slept. He regarded their disturbance as a “diabolical temptation,” which he met with patience and restraint, indicating his compassion towards other living creatures.

    St. Francis was once given a wild pheasant to eat, but he chose instead to keep it as a companion. On another occasion, he was given a fish, and on yet another, a waterfowl to eat, but he was moved by the natural beauty of these creatures and chose to set them free.

    “Dearly beloved!” said Francis beginning a sermon after a severe illness, “I have to confess to God and you that… I have eaten cakes made with lard.”

    The Catholic Encyclopedia comments on this incident as follows: “St. Francis’ gift of sympathy seems to have been wider even than St. Paul’s, for we find to evidence in the great Apostle of a love for nature or for animals…

    “Francis’ love of creatures was not simply the offspring of a soft sentimental disposition. It arose from that deep and abiding sense of the presence of God. To him all are from one Father and all are real kin…hence, his deep sense of personal responsibility towards fellow creatures: the loving friend of all God’s creatures.”

    Francis taught: “All things of creation are children of the Father and thus brothers of man… God wants us to help animals, if they need help. Every creature in distress has the same right to be protected.”

    According to Francis, a lack of mercy towards animals leads to a lack of mercy towards men: “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

    “One man’s meat is another man / woman / child’s hunger.”

    This slogan is part of the “Enough” campaign, with its aim of reducing meat consumption. The campaign highlights the waste of resources involved in feeding grain to animals:

    “Every minute eighteen children die from starvation, yet forty percent of the world’s grain is fed to animals for meat.”

    Vegetarianism for a trial period is advocated to “help the hungry, improve the environment” and “stop untold animal suffering.” Vegetarianism is also recommended on health grounds. This campaign actually has the support of organized religion.

    Ronald J. Sider of Evangelicals for Social Action, in his 1977 book, Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger, pointed out that 220 million Americans were eating enough food (largely because of the high consumption of grain fed to livestock) to feed over one billion people in the poorer countries.

    The realization that meat is an unnecessary luxury, resulting in inequities in the world food supply has prompted religious leaders in different Christian denominations to call on their members to abstain from meat on certain days of the week. Paul Moore, Jr., the Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of New York, made such an appeal in a November, 1974 pastoral letter calling for the observance of “meatless Wednesdays.”

    A similar appeal had previously been issued by Cardinal Cooke, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York. The Reverend Eugene Carson Blake, former head of the World Council of Churches and founder of Bread for the World, has encouraged everyone in his anti-hunger organization to abstain from eating meat on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

    “Is this not the fast I have chosen? To loosen the chains of wickedness, to undo the bonds of oppression, and to let the oppressed go free? Is it not to share thy bread with the hungry, sheltering the oppressed and the homeless? Clothing the naked when you see them, and not turning your back on your own.”

    —Isaiah 58:6-8

    “Honourable men may disagree honourably about some details of human treatment of the non-human,” wrote Stephen Clark in his 1977 book, The Moral Status of Animals, “but vegetarianism is now as necessary a pledge of moral devotion as was the refusal of emperor-worship in the early church.”

    According to Clark, eating animal flesh is “gluttony,” and “Those who still eat flesh when they could do otherwise have no claim to be serious moralists.”

    “Clark’s conclusion has real force and its power has yet to be sufficiently appreciated by fellow Christians,” says the Reverend Andrew Linzey, author of Christianity and the Rights of Animals. “Far from seeing the possibility of widespread vegetarianism as a threat to Old Testament norms, Christians should rather welcome the fact that the Spirit is enabling us to make decisions so that we may more properly conform to the original Genesis picture of living in peace with creation.”

    Father Thomas Berry, a Catholic priest, author, and founder of the Riverdale Center of Religious Research in New York, wrote in 1987 that “Vegetarianism is a way of life that we should all move toward for economic survival, physical well-being, and spiritual integrity.”

    In 1992, members of Los Angeles’ First Unitarian Church agreed to serve vegetarian meals at the church’s weekly Sunday lunch. Their decision was made as a protest against animal cruelty and the environmental damage caused by the livestock industry.

  29. The Pope’s mission is to save souls, not further political agendas. There is no scriptural justification for such medddling by the Pope!!!!! Jesus Christ, the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived and Founder of Christianity after resurrecting on the Third Day after his death by crucifixion (executed) as predicted by prophecy and his very own words in the Gospels, NEVER fell into the trap of meddling in political issues of his time. He lived to save souls from sinful acts, not to kick the Romans out of Israel…….. less so to change the weather of our world!!!!!!
    J R W Grandson of the Rvd Canon Walter clarence Watson, Episcopal.

  30. This person is not a Pope. Who ever got Oasswipe elected got this mutt into the Papacy.
    Open Borders ??? The Vatican is a walled city. Typical Liberal double talk. What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well, Bob, then you should also ban white people, because the Klan and white supremists are terrorist groups as well. Seriously, Muslim’s as a whole are no more a terrorist group than white people as a whole. Besides, would you have banned Cassius Clay (Muhammed Ali) from this country?

      • Well Snott27 (your IQ?) that’s pure unadulterated BS. How many killings have been done by the KKK or “white supremacists” in recent years compared to the muslims? Whites in any faction are not terrorists, only reactionaries. We react to those communist morons and muslim terrorists trying to steal our freedom and kill us. You’re a part of the problem Snott. You’re a terrorist sympathizer.

      • LMAO , Scott27 you should know , BECAUSE the DemonRats were and are the KKK , SO YOUR A TERRORIST YOURSELF , GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION WITH YOUR COMMRAD’S IN CRIME

      • Sounds like you need a new and improved adult diaper for looney liberals.
        Just wrap the diaper around your head and tuck the end back in. 
        This doesn’t cure anything, it just hides the symptoms of shit 4 brains.

      • Scott, your ignorance is profound as always. Read the Quran if you know how. The goal of islam is TOTAL CONTROL of the world. Either you serve Allah or die. Muhammad was evil and wrote the Quran to get even with Christians and Jews for snubbing him. He intended to conquer the world. If not for the Crusaders taking back their stolen lands, we might well all be facing Mecca five times a day to pray. Islam is not even a religion. It is all about power and control. You are a fool if you think islam is a peaceful “religion”. Wake up!

  31. This Pope needs to address the issues and problems of the church and never mind the political issues of climate change and the illegal immigration,I as a Catholic do not
    want to hear his position on anything other then salvation and saving the church which
    has many problems.

  32. Pedophile Supreme Frankie needs to just shut his mouth. You and your tyrannical ‘state’ you call Vatican City are irrelevant to anyone with a clue.

  33. He should stay with the Teaching of JESUS: “If you love me, keep my Commandments!” Jhn 14:15 and the MOTO of the SJ: “All tjat we are for t he great er glory of God, and for the Salvation of souls!” Saint Ignatus ~~ Founder of the Holy Order of the Society of Jesus = The JESUIT.

  34. Well, if what he says about “Climate Change” is true, it must be a part of “God’s Big Plan” and I won’t argue with God.

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