What Pope Francis said about Israel will leave you speechless

Globalists were furious when Donald Trump announced he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

But no one could believe Pope Francis would line up against the decision.

And what he said will leave you speechless.

Pope Francis used his Christmas message to offer his support for a Palestinian state as well as keeping the “status quo” in Jerusalem.

Breitbart reports:

“Pope Francis prayed for peace in the Holy Land during his annual Christmas message, urging a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine.

“We see Jesus in the children of the Middle East who continue to suffer because of growing tensions between Israelis and Palestinians,” the pope said before crowds gathered in Saint Peter’s Square for his yearly “Urbi et Orbi” (“to the City and the World”) address on noon Monday.

“On this festive day, let us ask the Lord for peace for Jerusalem and for all the Holy Land,” the pontiff continued. “Let us pray that the will to resume dialogue may prevail between the parties and that a negotiated solution can finally be reached, one that would allow the peaceful coexistence of two States within mutually agreed and internationally recognized borders.”

“May the Lord also sustain the efforts of all those in the international community inspired by good will to help that afflicted land to find, despite grave obstacles the harmony, justice and security that it has long awaited,” he said.

This month, when U.S. President Donald Trump announced the transfer of the U.S. embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the formal recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Pope Francis voiced his consternation over the decision.

In a special appeal, the pope called for respect for the “status quo” in Jerusalem while saying he was disturbed by recent news.”

Trump’s decision outraged the globalists who want Israel to share territory with Palestine and accept the fact that the Palestinian government refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Jerusalem is a Holy City that was established as the capital of Israel by King David.

His son Solomon built the first temple there.

The Pope going against the scripture and history struck many Christians as obscene.

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