Pope Francis stepped in it with some strange comments

Pope Francis created another world wide controversy when he waded into one highly charged political debate.

The liberal Pope blasted what he called “fake news.”

But he ended up alienating millions when everyone took a closer look at what he said.

Pope Francis spoke his message on the 52nd World Day of Social Communications.

He attacked “fake news” and “snake tactics” used to spread an ideological message.

Breitbart reports:

“In his message for the 52nd World Day of Social Communications, titled “The Truth Will Set You Free: Fake News and Journalism for Peace,” Pope Francis joined the growing movement against fake news that disregards the facts and spreads ideology instead, insisting that it was Satan himself who “created the first fake news.”

“Spreading fake news can serve to advance specific goals, influence political decisions, and serve economic interests,” he said. “The effectiveness of fake news is primarily due to its ability to mimic real news, to seem plausible.”

The pope said that the lies concealed by fake news are not always easy to uncover “since disinformation is often based on deliberately evasive and subtly misleading rhetoric and at times the use of sophisticated psychological mechanisms.”

“We need to unmask what could be called the ‘snake-tactics’ used by those who disguise themselves in order to strike at any time and place,” he said. “This was the strategy employed by the ‘crafty serpent’ in the Book of Genesis, who, at the dawn of humanity, created the first fake news.”

The Pope has had his own fake news problem in recent years.

He continually promotes the conspiracy theory about so-called “man made” global warming.

Conservatives also saw it as a veiled attack on Donald Trump with the left-wing Pope mimicking liberal media talking points.

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