Pope Francis stunned Christians when he claimed one issue was as important as abortion

Pope Francis is leader of the Catholic Church.

Christians look to him to uphold the central teachings of the faith.

But he left believers around the world in shock when he said one issue was just as important as abortion.

Pope Francis favors open borders and mass migration.

He doubled down on his extreme views when he stated that immigration was not a secondary issue for Christians and it was just as important as “bioethical questions”, by which he meant abortion.

Breitbart reports:

“Immigration and the care of migrants should be put on the front burner and not considered a second-tier issue, Pope Francis has insisted in a new teaching letter released Monday morning in the Vatican.

In his 44-page apostolic exhortation bearing the Latin title Gaudete et Exsultate (“Rejoice and Be Glad”), the pope said that Christians have no right to treat the plight of migrants as a minor moral issue because Jesus commanded his followers to welcome the stranger.

“We often hear it said that, with respect to relativism and the flaws of our present world, the situation of migrants, for example, is a lesser issue,” Francis wrote. “Some Catholics consider it a secondary issue compared to the ‘grave’ bioethical questions.”

“That a politician looking for votes might say such a thing is understandable, but not a Christian, for whom the only proper attitude is to stand in the shoes of those brothers and sisters of ours who risk their lives to offer a future to their children,” he continued.

“Can we not realize that this is exactly what Jesus demands of us, when he tells us that in welcoming the stranger we welcome him?” he asked.”

Pope Francis has made headlines the last few years taking on nationalist conservatives around the world.

Before the South Carolina primary he attacked Donald Trump’s border wall plan as not Christian. And he has ranted against nationalist movements in Europe that rose up against the European Union’s open borders policies that resulted in a flood of unvetted Islamist refugees.

Do you agree with Francis that immigration is as important as abortion? Let us know your thoughts.


  1. Maybe the Pope would like to have all these illegal immigrants arrive in Italy. He and the Church can take care of them, they have more than enough money, being the richest business in the world. I’m all for LEGAL IMMIGRATION, but not for the illegals that want to come to the USA for free hand-outs, that the Democrats have promised, in exchange for votes.

  2. The Catholic Church has been embarrassing Christianity for centuries. I feel sorry for many of the good members of this organization. At the end times, JESUS will not ask where you went to Church.

  3. This is coming from a man that allows the cover up of thousands of innocent children being raped by the men of god .sorry I just can’t bring myself to listen or believe anything that this pope or any other has to say. It’s shame that most of the priest , bishops ,ect. got away with their evil deeds their entire life and are now in hell !!!! This cover up in PENNSYLVANIA is just the tip of the iceberg.TIME TO HOLD THESE MEN ACCOUNTABLE !

  4. This pope is a Jesuit. Look it up. Catholics should not want him leading their church. He is a trouble maker and a globalist. His motto and teaching is “do what I say, not as “I do”.

  5. The Pope has no Biblical standing. The Catholic Church says that Peter was the first Pope. The Catholic Church doesn’t
    let the pope or it’s priests marry. The Bible says that Peter had a mother in law. How did he manage that without a wife. The Bible gives God’s commandment that we are not to bow to graven images (not even of Mary or Peter). Looking back at the history of the popes, you see the evil that some have done. They are not infallible. Asking a priest to forgive your sins is not scriptural. When Jesus died the veil of the temple was torn in two. No longer did the people have to go to the Priest to have their sins forgiven. The people could go to God through Jesus.Thank God my sins are between God and me.

  6. Just glad that I had the decency and common sense a few year back to change my place of worship! Given the current track record of this pope, he may well be the last pope that the scriptures warn about. He has betrayed all that the previous pops and the Catholic understanding of what scriptures teach. I suspect that even God is “a bit disappointed” of the man and character now sitting on Peter’s seat in Rome.

  7. In order to create a one-world utopia, is is necessary to knock the top countries down to the lowest common level.
    Utopia, as was had in the USSR!
    And this wolf in sheep clothes is right on top of the issue!

  8. Anyone “looking to” a white-clothed person (regardless of what his name is) who tells them he’s the “leader of the Catholic Church” should be ashamed of themselves. This IDIOT is NOT the leader of the REAL Vatican 1 Church!!! You can ask my wife…

  9. Hey pope! You want us to take you seriously??? Knock down YOUR wall, get rid of All your armed guards and spend some of those trillions you are sitting on for these “poor” migrants. Show us YOUR inclusiveness and YOUR diversity pope. Until then, shut the hell up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Pope Francis seems to have missed the biblical history of communities and tribes protecting Their borders. Most other countries still do Extremist are pushing invasion in the developed nations vs legal application to immigrate Francis has an agenda

  11. Remember, these statements are from a person living in a one square mile ,walled enclave.the city.state the Vatican. He is protected by the Swiss guard,as well a private police force, and sits on treasures of billions of dollars.Additionally, his own theologians keep stumbling to explain his -error-filled statements, Who cares about his radical views.

  12. I have a suggestion for his pompousness: You are sitting on God only knows how many trillions of dollars. How about YOU and your ilk start spending it on these “homeless” looking to cross borders and spend it on them in their OWN countries; NOT encouraging them to come to the Untied States or invading other western nations? How about that?

  13. ” Tear Down That WALL” Mr.Pope. & while you’re at at it,
    Remove < ALL Arms & Proclaim 0pen Borders to Rome.
    Thank you. I Am a 'recovering' RC.

  14. This from a man who lives BEHIND WALLS and has his ARMY to PROTECT him. If he’s so concerned about this why doesn’t he INVITE THEM TO IS HOME. This is why I don’t go to church, This CLOWN NEVER lived in the REAL WORLD and he has the BALLS tell us how to run OUR COUNTY.

  15. I have felt the same way for awhile. He is the devil they said he would come out of Europe in the end times and here he is.

  16. The Chathlic religion is a made up man religion just like the Muslim religion. Thus it can be changed around to suit man as he wishes so as not to offend any of the Cathlic paying supporters. A bunch of hooey.

  17. If this illegal migration of do nothin, live off of the tax payer, notion is so great and good. Why don’t the Pope clean out his vaults and give that to the migrants and then go live on the streets of Italy. That is exactly what he is saying to the US tax payers. Give all that you have to the illegal immigrants and then go beg on the streets for something to eat and wear.

  18. I think the pope should take care of his flock, he has enough problems on his plate.
    Just in case you are unaware you holiness you are losing people left and right in the states. Parishes are having financial problems and all you want is more money. The vwell is drying up every fast.

  19. If he has any guts he should be going to those countries and sort things out with their leaders not blaming ones which uphold true Christian values.

  20. The LORD has opened your eyes; time for you to leave a corrupt faitScipturesh and join a fellowship which loves Jesus and if you give your life to Him, telling Him that you are sorry for everything you did wrong in your life including worshiping statues instead of Him and that you believe that He rose from the dead to save you and ask Him to come into your life and be your friend forever. I promise you that you will then have your passport to Heaven and you can ask Him anything by praying using the Scriptures and if it is according to HIs will he will give you His peace and answer but be prepared the answer maybe not what you expect. May The LORD Jesus bless you. I had to make the same decision many years ago and I have been happier since.

  21. MAYBE this Pope needs to Put HIS money where his mouth is! For close to 60 years, Western civilization countries have been trying to improve life in Impoverished countries. The end result has been VASTLY enriched dictators, little to NO change for the “common people”, with a “side order” of kidnapped/raped/maimed/murdered AID Workers. Maybe the Pope should be chastising those CORRUPT leaders in 3’rd, 4’th, & 5’th World Countries! OR, He could “buy” a country, & let ALL those Unvetted “refugees” settle there, & WATCH What Happens.

  22. The Pope is a crazy liberal. I am a practicing Catholic for 74 years and have never such rubbish. He needs to crawl in a hole and tend to things of Faith and leave to Caesar what is Caesar’!!!

  23. Not really replying to my own post. What I meant to say, is that a full 25% of mexico’s population is now living in the U.S. With 5 MILLION ILLEGAL aliens alone, living in California.

  24. He’s like the Obama of the Catholic Church; a Manchurian Candidate sent to “Alinski” his country/Institution.

  25. That “Cheap” labor is costing the, ever fewer, tax paying Californian over $26 BILLION a year. ($116 BILLION nationwide) A research firm stated that California needed about 900,000 for agricultural work and California has 5 MILLION ILLEGAL aliens. With California’s continual water shortage, about a MILLION acres of prime farm land stands idle. That leaves lot of maids and “gardeners”.

  26. Yes, and California has a full 25% of these deserters as well as 5 MILLION ILLEGAL aliens, mostly from mexico.

  27. Of course you don’t see the Vatican doing anything with migrants, that’s why they have that 39 foot WALL around it; to keep them out.

  28. I agree with you…this Pope is not really a Pope. They say he is the last Pope….is it because he is the devil? He sure thinks like the devil…and he loves the muslims above all…

  29. i do not see the Vatican or the See open and filled with “refugees”. i gues praying to statues makes one blind and stupid. perhaps this poop could go live and pray with the fugees and then they can together become whole.

  30. God’s commandment makes it perfectly clear: “You shall not murder.” And abortion is nothing but murder…it is the WILLFUL killing of a human being. I wonder, how long has it been since the Pope read his bible???

  31. I am a born again Evangelical Christian, and I do not need to hear a Pope, who is supposed to be a religious leader, relay his own personal political beliefs to me. Yes, we are to love our fellow man, but there is a limit, esp. when some of them are out to harm you. There is only one person I trust…Jesus Christ, and HIS word.

  32. As a Catholic I am having a hard time believing in this Pope. He is too involved in politics and not on the correct side. He is too progressive and seems more secular than spiritual. If he is so gang ho on open borders — tell him to remove the wall around the Vatican and welcome the world in to his domain. Maybe he’ll change his mind about being so benevolent when the leaches of the world descend on him.

  33. Just a PS -As one of the California Bishops recently claimed- -“We must minister to their spiritual needs”! That is poppycock; in particular, Mexico has an overabundance of Catholic Churches, sufficient to minister to the needs of the Hispanics who persist in coming here. Mideastern nations, whose “masses” persist in leaving, also have churches, but their parishioners refuse to stand and fight to protect and grow their own churches. Instead, they run away and expect the western, developed countries to take them in, care for them and fight FOR them.

  34. As a “believing” Catholic, I am stunned and appalled by much of what this Pope directs; he is causing a serious schism within the Church, for he does not follow nor encourage the discipline and doctrine. As for “open borders”, if these migrating masses put as much effort into correcting the problems in their own home countries, as they put into getting to the USA, the problems, back there, could be corrected and solved almost immediately. The new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said it well when he stated “We are NOT the world’s orphanage”!

  35. Yea!!! There is someone with common sense still alive. Thank you. And yes illegal means not legal. And there are definetly legal immigrants that are protected by law. No one should be illegal and protected.

  36. Well stated. I am Catholic and practice my faith, I think the Pope should stay out of politics.
    This statement comes from someone who lives behind secured walls.

  37. I tell you what pope. Open your gates and tear down the walls. And then you can compare. Until then shhhh! Just like the liberal politicians. You can’t have a gun. Guns are evil. Except the ones my security uses around me and the walls I built around my house/castle. Same premise!

  38. I wonder what our Savior would say about abortion. Abortion is taking away God’s creation. No one but God should kill His creation. How can a pope compare the two as equal? Enough said.

  39. Paul, Very eloquent. I could not have said it better myself. We should include all of the sanctuary states gov mansions and cities mayors homes. Also all legislators that are bleeding hearts for the illegal aliens. That they support them out of their own pockets and not on the tax payers dime.

  40. I think Pope Francis should not be blaming those countries that refuse to accept immigrants becausei it is not their primary responsibility. They have their own internal problems to contend with. The blame lies with the governments of those countries who cannot maintain peace and order and provide the basic necessities to their own citizens because of corruption and greed of their rulers. Their course of action should be to revolt and overthrow their incompetent rulers
    Like what history has always demonstrated..

  41. What happened to “render unto Caesar those things that are Caesars”? Yes, we should have reasonable immigration laws, but we cannot accept as a nation the whole world. There is a place for preservation of Nation and Culture, the role of the state.

  42. Sorry for a couple of typos in my post, That is ‘does not work does not eat’ and ‘claim to be’ and’as soon it can’ and ‘that spirit will take a mile’. Again, sorry for the mis-types.

  43. In the Spirit of the Gospel he is right. My question is to what degree do we as a secular nation abide by the Gospel. This nation in large part has turned it’s back on that Gospel as has the EU. When right at or below 50% or less claim to Christian. What can you expect from the heart of an unbeliever. Yes, Jesus said to help your brother(Christian), and to help the poor. The Gospel teaches that if a person doesn’t worship the shouldn’t eat, in other words there is no such thing as a free ride. As for the EU and it’s issue with islamists, that stranger is not open to the Gospel and will as soon ascit can take that freedom from them as well as US as soon as they see an opening. Give them an inch and that spirit will tane a mile and as much as it can until its stopped. Remember it’s occupation of southern Europe and North Africa. It was by force not by “Love” and yes, the early church has it’s history with the sword. I am a Christian by choice by faith, not because some one says I have to or I will die, or lose my job etc. In the Islamist countries, look at how free the people are to make a different choice than the state run religion.

  44. The Liberals don’t care about the immigrants. The illegal immigrants represent votes for the democrates and cheap labor for many states like California.

  45. Catholics consider it a secondary issue compared to the ‘grave’ bioethical questions”
    Sanctity of HUMAN LIFE is primary, from the masters own words!

    “That a politician looking for votes might say such a thing is understandable, but not a Christian, for whom the only proper attitude is to stand in the shoes of those brothers and sisters of ours who risk their lives to offer a future to their children”
    That a theologian looking for acceptance from liberal factions is understandable, but not a POPE, for whom the only proper attitude is to stand for the unborn and salvation.
    Politically Correct proclamations by the human being supposed to be the closest to GOD are insincere.
    Being the Jesuit appointee to Catholicism’s highest political position on earth does not – implied or express – speak for all Christians?

  46. Maybe Vatican City should become its own sanctuary state and shelter all of the illegal immigrants. The United States is one of the most generous countries in the world and it’s sickening the way we are made to feel guilty if we try to take care of our own. What about the poor in our country. What about the poor children who have to grow up in crime ridden slums?! It’s great to be generous and help others but not at the expense of our own families and all of the LEGAL immigrants who worked so hard to get citizenship!

  47. While I respect the Pope I do not consider him infallible. The President’s number one job is protecting his people. Thus knowing who comes into our country and their intent is vital for the protection of the citizenry. Ignoring that is a huge mistake and utterly stupid. Open borders is akin to no borders.

  48. Great! Tear down the walls to the Vatican, fly all illegal immigrants to Rome, bus them to the Pope’s front door, and let “his excellence” take care of them. Oh, for the over-flows, bring them to California. We can do the same with Jerry’s Governor’s mansion. Tear down the walls and let them “CAMP” in his front yard. And while we are at it, take away all his armed guard’s guns.

  49. His opinion on immigration being just as important as abortion is STUPID!
    He had better fix and rid his priesthood of pedophiles and gay leanings of his clergy.
    Leave the US immigration to the POTUS.
    Better yet, open the gates of the Vatican and let the people in and support the migrants with all the wealth of the catholic church.

  50. Most are not helpless immigrants, but radical jihadists, criminals, and rapists.
    Many are not our “brothers and sisters”. They are foreign invaders looking to
    kill us and take what we have built up. Sorry, Pope, but you really have NO idea
    of what real people go through. These refugees need to stay in their own countries,
    and fight for themselves. This is the results of disarming the citizens. Only the
    ruthless, corrupt, factions have weapons.

  51. I agree and why doesn’t he distribute the wealth that has been amassed for decades in the Vatican to the poor migrants remember Jesus told the rich man to sell all he had and give it to the poor.

  52. anyone remember some years ago,the Pope let 2 doves loose and they were attacked by a seagull and a raven. Very telling! And then there wa sthe lighting strike on the Vatican 3 of them

  53. Pope Francis needs to take care of the problems within the Catholic Church and let the world leaders take care of their countries problems. I would like to see his Eminence relate to the Catholic views on homosexuality, gay marriage, transgenderism, and sexual misconduct amongst the Church clergy. Some of his views greatly go against the teachings within the Holy Bible

  54. Pope Francis was a big wheel in the liberation theology movement in the Catholic Church in South America. He has definitely leftist political views and seemingly likes to twist Scripture and Catholic dogma to fit his narrative. For him to deny the truth of Hell, as it is described in Holy Scripture makes his position as Pope highly dubious.

  55. Perhaps the pope should knock down the Vatican walls, disband his private, ARMED army and let all the poor migrants live with him. Let’s see how charitable he feels afterwards. Better yet, just shut up !!!

  56. I agree with all..let the Pope invite all the migrants into the Vatican and feed and clothe them, provide medical care and give them an education, free monies, etc. How long do you think that would last? Ain’t going to happen. As one said, talk is cheap…

  57. The Pope is recognized as infallible with respect to Religious matters in the Catholic Church. He should therefore be focusing on the mishandling of the sex issue in his former country and refrain from commenting of US immigration policy and refrain from bad mouthing our world leader Donald Trump. That is not his area of expertise for sure. If he wants open borders he should open the Vatican and accept all and support them for that matter.

  58. Actually , the Catholic Church gives PLENTY of money to the immigrants ! That’s one of the reasons I don’t put any money in the basket … so much of it is given to illegals ! I don’t want my money going to them !

  59. Norma, that’s what everyone forgets…his life was spent in a communist country and he thinks like they do. He is running Catholics out the door quicker than they can keep them inside. What a shame…certainly not a John Paul..Pope of and for the people. Keep the faith tho’, he can’t last forever.

  60. Pope Francis should stick to his rcc doctrine and not dictate his beliefs on others! During the dark ages the rcc persecuted and killed millions of people, even during ww11, they were not known to have opened rheir homes to strangers! Francis should understand that we have separation between church and state, unlike his church/state government!

  61. Sandra Lee Smith – it’s about time Pope Francis takes in thousands of migrants into Vatican City. Let him start supporting them and not the taxpayers. He is as bad as George Soros in supporting one world order.

  62. I agree with August. Of he’s feeling so darn charitable let them on that monster Vatican or let them camp out on their grounds. God knows the Catholics pwn enough real estate and have enough money to sustain another whole country. This Pope is an embarrassment to me and I grieve every time he opens his mouth. Somehow, someone made him feel like his opinion matters. I grew up in Catholic schools my whole life and attended church every day. This nut just leaves me shaking my head.

  63. I would not look to this guy for ANYTHING ! He tears down the Bible,makes statements that are contrary TO GOD’S word,and in my mind,NOT someone I look to for anyything,especially nothing spiritual ! This guy has stated Christians and Muslims worship the same GOD ! No,not someone to follow !Read the Bible for yourself.

  64. Get him out as the Pope now. He’s. Crazy and not fit to lead millions of Catholics or any thing else, put him Out to pasture. I have not already said this. Get out of my business NOW

  65. Pope Francis stunned Christians when he claimed one issue was as important as abortion


  66. The pope has 1 nation over which he has authority: Vatican City! How many migrants are there, currently? None. They HAVE homelands, and if they aren’t happy with those, they need to FIX THEM, not invade other nations! Until the Vatican walls come down and migrants fill St Peter’s Square, Francis has no room to lecture others. BTW, the murder of innocents ALWAYS “trumps” the wants of foreign invaders!


  68. The teachings of Jesus seem to imply welcoming A stranger to the house of A Christian, NOT welcoming an entire nation of strangers. Even more specific, in the time of Jesus, strangers were most likely from another town, NOT another country! Thousands of strangers from another country standing at your door would most likely have been considered an INVASION then, as it should be now.

  69. Pope Francis if you’re so supportive of immigration why don’t you ask the illegals to come to Vatican city & let them live there? Talks cheap it takes money to buy whiskey.

  70. All it will take for the rcc to completely reverse that policy is one hell-bent terrorist to bomb the Vatican wall, enter the Vatican, find the pope, threaten him with “convert or die” tactics, and behead him anyway. No “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts” about it. Izzlam is definitely NOT merciful. I’m surprised they haven’t done that already. Hey pope, open the doors to YOUR home, and take in a few of those poor, misunderstood “immigrants”.

  71. The Pope should stick to running the Catholic Church and keep that nose of his out of the immigration problems. I do not see the Church opening their coffers to help the millions of Muslim immigrants or really helping the millions of Hispanic Catholics looking for a better life in Central and South America. All talk and no go!

  72. This man is undoubtedly who the Bible speaks of in the book of Revelation as the false prophet. We are at the door of the rapture folks.

  73. There are 10’s of millions of Christians that pay no attention to any Pope. In fact it seems most Catholic’s pay little attention to the Pope. When you see all the GLITZ at the Vatican and money wasted on salary and expenses for hundreds of whatever that are called on staff. It is a shame. THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE GET FOR THEIR WEEKLY TITHES.

  74. This pope is definitely a roadblock to every conservative believer in the Western Civilization. There are many right-wing resistance movements in Europe as well here in America that do not agree with the open border BS.

    I’m sure he missed Obama. The Deep State cult are still very strong …

    Vote Trump 2020 to get rid of all the on-going bad policies.

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