President Trump just made a dare to the NFL no one could believe

Trump was in the spotlight for his first State of the Union address this week.

It was a pivotal moment for the president and Trump rose to the occasion.

But no one was expecting the way he’d use the Bully Pulpit to throw down the gauntlet on the NFL.

The Washington Examiner reports:

President Trump took a subtle jab at the NFL during his first official State of the Union speech on Tuesday night, praising the respect Americans show for veterans when they stand for the national anthem.

Trump was praising Preston Sharp, a 12-year-old who was a guest of first lady Melania Trump after he helped ensure American flags were placed on veterans’ grave sites. He never mentioned the NFL directly, but said Preston reminded the nation about the importance of standing for the national anthem.

“Preston’s reverence for those who have served our nation reminds us why we salute our flag, why we put our hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance, and why we proudly stand for the national anthem,” the president said.

Watch the clip below:

Trump spoke for many Americans last fall when he called for NFL owners to fire players who protest during the national anthem.

He believes making an example of those few players, like Colin Kaepernick, would’ve nipped the nascent protests in the bud.

The NFL called Trump’s comments divisive and protested en masse that week.

Fans were outraged.

The 2017 season was mired in controversy as game attendance dwindled and TV ratings plummeted.

Networks quit showing the national anthem on TV, though video of fans booing kneeling players would appear on Twitter from people in attendance.

Things eventually got so bad the NFL decided to cancel the final Sunday Night Football game of the season.

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, the NFL will have its biggest stage of the year.

In the past, broadcasts of the Super Bowl have included the singing of our national anthem.

What do you think will happen Sunday?

Will the NFL stand quietly by while Trump-hating players take Trump’s bait and make fools of themselves and the entire league by launching anthem protests on Sunday?

Or will the NFL finally start forcing their players to respect the nation that has enabled them to become so rich by playing a game?

Vote in our poll below and let us know if you’ll be watching or boycotting in the comments!



  1. These NFL players make millions playing the part ……Now how much do you make?…..Now goes ask them to help you with putting braces on your daughters teeth, make the car and house payments, put your kids through college….see what they say…They could care less about you, so why should you care about them.

    So why do people watch and support them?….Because most people today are obese, lazy, gullible , dumbed down and buy into the hype,TV, hats, shirts, …..Over 100 for a ticket to watch 22 felons push an oblong ball up and down a 100 yd. field. You are a fool……….All these self-aggrandizing, selfish, prima donnas, dreadlocked simians are a good representation of WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE US…….There is no respect, it’s all about ME mantra, huge sums of money being paid for people who are not qualified or intelligent to earn it.

    Men and Women come back from the military world since 9/11 broken, maimed and trying to re build their lives again only to be shitted on by similar selfish people within the US government who are there for the money and do essentially nothing for example the VA…..I could go on and on but I think most people who agree see the point……

    It is time to turn off your television, look at your loved ones and family and go do something with them instead of football, baseball and any other American sport that has turned into a big pile of stinking dogs%$t. It would be more valuable and you will reap better rewards. Want to make America great again?….Its SIMPLE start at the fundamental building blocks OF IT!!!!!!………….THE FAMILY


    • You’re correct, that’s exactly what it is; and a leftist/globalist supporter who happens to own the site has decided HE has the right to censor and control what anyone visiting his site sees/reads/hears, regardless others actual rights.

  3. Football players. Except for a couple of the players on a team, the bulk of them are brain dead. How smart do you have to be, to be used as a battering ram?

  4. I’m 72 years old and a football fanatic. When I read that the NFL had banned an ad by veterans I decided I will never watch another game. The players can exercise their “free speech” rights by kneeling but the veterans don’t have that same right. This nation is doomed.

  5. Display your Am. Flag on Sunday to honor our real Superstars, our Veterans.
    We can live without football.
    We will NOT live without our Military. God Bless All our Veterans and Military people.
    Thank you for your sacrifices.

  6. The players have shown that they are spoiled, overpaid brats whose only claim to fame is playing a game. I am sorry for those players with integrity who have been sucked into this morass. I have watched football all my life, but will not watch this disrespect for our nation and veterans that gave them all their opportunities. College football is great. Basketball and baseball, hockey and racing will be filling my time. NFL go to hell.

  7. Why watch traitors make fools of themselves by kneeling? I refuse to watch the game at all this year for the first time ever! I’m sick of the Patriots, sick of Brady, sick of Belichick, sick of Kraft and sick of Goodell, why watch the game when you already know who’s going to win? Its wrong for one team to dominate a sport! Enough of the NFL!!!

    • Paul: your decision to refuse to watch football players that are not in accord with the great football players that preceded them, is the only appropriate way to go!!! Thank you for reacting that well!!.

    • I believe your wrong about the Patriots regarding the kneeling. They never did because they love our president and country I believe?? Can’t say that for the rest if the traitors!! Haven’t watched football all season either. As a Vietnam Vet I can’t! Love my country to much! Have a son soon to be pilot in Air Force!” Finishing at the Academy this year! God Bless” America and our great President!

  8. I believe that many of the protesters are so self centered that they will continue their disrespectful behavior. I will watch the opening of the game, but if they do show their contempt for our nation, then this old Army sergeant will have to turn them off.

    • I consider all those who watch, go to or participate in an nfl game to be traitors, Sarge.
      It’s time to turn our backs on that whole crowd.

    • Hello, Jim ~ As the widow of a Vietnam Vet (USMC, who passed away in 2014 from Agent Orange complications), I can assure you with all my heart that my late husband would be right there alongside you & all the Vets here, STANDING for our great Anthem and Flag.

    • Pathetic it was matt. showed there true colors. If they hated the messenger, they could easily have stood for the message.
      They choose to politicize the message. Never seen such HATE for a person , in my life.

      • It’s not even Trump, the person; but what it is that Trump’s election represents. Their agenda has been cooking along smoothly for over a century, until the ’16 election, which brought it to an abrupt halt, as if it hit a SOLID WALL, which it did; Trump is the visible representation of that wall, but the real wall is all the “pissed off” Americans who voted for him and soundly rejected the agenda that’s been being shoved down their throats by left and RINOs alike all this time.

  9. Have not watched a single game this season and do not intend to watch the super bowl.the good days of the great players are gone.getting really cranked up on college soccer and professional rugby.if you disrespect our flag and the national anthem and this great country we will retaliate as you have noticed by now noticed.jgb

  10. I have not watched a game this year and won’t be watching the super bowl either. I only watched the super bowl last year because I am tired of seeing those whining brats that call themselves players.

  11. I will not be watching anything that has too do with the NFL, now or ever, I don’t watch scumbags snowflakes disrespect our fallen “HEROES “ 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸!!!

  12. If the NFL Owner Had the Guts to write it in to there contracts that you stand
    for the flag & national anthem or get fired. A lot of players would test the
    owners. The draft will replace the losers and the owners won’t lose anything.
    The quality of the game will go down for a short time, but the losers will be
    gone forever. Some would try to go to other teams. Nobody Hires Losers.

  13. Given that we are a Nation that has a number of idiots living here, I have to say that they have a constitutional right to do pretty much anything they wish. Freedom of speech and all the other RIGHTS they have. Unfortunately, they are as WRONG as they can be. I do not tune in to a football game to see some ingrate protest anything. Even if they have a right to do so. I have not watched an NFL game in at least 5 years and won’t be watching anytime soon.

    • It’s not they don’t have the right to protest; they do, but NOT on someone else’ time and dime; do it on your time and dime. If anyone tried that at his job, he’d be on the street in an nanosecond with a boot in his rear.

      • 110 percent correct … You are RIGHT ON THE MARK … The NFL Stooge Goodell and the team owners had better get a grip on their players or NONE of them will have a job soon.
        Their niche is to perform as Professional athletes… If they want to protest ANYTHING it should be on the individual’s dime and DEFINITELY on their own time … Using the NFL as a platform is ridiculous – think about it, the NFL has NEVER tolerated personal expression on ANYTHING at ANY LEVEL … think back to Ocho Cinco and all the other rules disallowing stunts of ANY kind!!
        These Owners better get a grip or there’s not going to be a league at all VERY SOON!!


  15. You can say what you want but if the renewal for next years season tickets is par for the course in the NFL will continue to support this view of our flag . With this seasons attendance only being down 15% I think they will survive obviously there are enough people supporting the NFL that don’t care about their country

  16. Those who disrespect our flag, our country, our national anthem, our pledge of allegiance, our veterans should be fired as an example. The sport made them millionaires to play to entertain and nothing else. If they dont want to live here they should move to other country that they can respect.

  17. It’s called enthusiasm. A love of something other than themselves, a showing of support for someone’s elses’s challenge…rooting them on….fun, excitement for themselves and time spent with friends family and those who share the same enthusiasm. I guess you didn’t notice it happens for every team for every sport including the Olympic’s, from Pee wee to the pro’s. You ought to try it it’s alot more electrifying than sitting on your ass in front of a t.v.

  18. Look at whom they are ? What color ? What race ? I’m a New E fan always have been if it wasn’t for how TOM B has acted with Class to show he loves the USA and are Vets I would as well not watch in fact only watch there games Richard

  19. well when you look at the fans ,it speaks for it self , look at he stupid way they dress, it’s more like halloween then a foot ball game and pay all that money to go to a game when you get a better seat at home

    • It’s called enthusiasm. A love of something other than themselves, a showing of support for someone’s elses’s challenge…rooting them on….fun, excitement for themselves and time spent with friends family and those who share the same enthusiasm. I guess you didn’t notice it happens for every team for every sport including the Olympic’s, from Pee wee to the pro’s. You ought to try it it’s alot more electrifying than sitting on your ass in front of a t.v.

  20. As an American war veteran I fought for every ones rights per our constitution including my own rights under the constitution. Since I see all these people with personnel self interest disrespect this great nation by using the rights I fought for only tells me that they are not Americans and have no right to be a citizen of this great nation and sure don’t deserve all the money they are getting paid to to play ball. They need to be exported to a country that wants there style of B.S. I have stopped watching all programs that have any thing to do with these so call ball players. I ask all Americans to think about why you think any of these over paid pansies are worth listening to.

  21. The NFL, has turned Leftist with no respect for Flag and Country. They hide under the coattails of their supporting fake news media. I will avoid the NFL, like a warm bucket of spit and save money at the same time. So long Crapperneck family of dolts.

  22. The cry babies, paid millions because the aren’t capable of doing anything but playing a game, will protest. They SHOULD be allowed to protest but somewhere that will really feel sorry for the poor babies, like in Iran or Venezuela. Wonder what the result would be? Prison? Maybe North Korea would like to have them protest there, they would come back dead based on history.

  23. I haven’t watched a game in two years and I won’t be back until the haters are gone which given the NFL’s complete lack of intestinal fortitude means never. I’ll get my football fix on Friday nights and Saturdays.

    • Yes I STOPPED WATCHING the NFL and it’s disrespectful Players. Super Bowl will not be on my TV. When these OVER PAYED PLAYERS ARE GONE FROM THE NFLI will start watching. If they return next Season it RETURNS NO FOOTBALL!! I am not alone in this and just about everyone I know will REPEAT

    • The high school and college game is a more exciting game. The Alabama-Georgia National Championship game this year is just one example of this. Watching the NFL play football is like watching maw & paw square dance at the old folks home.

  24. While you may have your 1st amendment right to protest I have a right not to be part of it. As a Vet that flag means everything to me. So I am not watching the NFL anymore and can’t wait for the XFL to get started.

    • 🇺🇸 means everything to me, as well. Proudly display 2. One that draped my grandfather’s casket in 1954…only 48 stars…before Alaska and Hawai’i gained statehood. The other…I flew in honor of my father (Colonel, U.S. Army, now deceased) for Father’s Day 1995…OVER THE CAPITOL BUILDING IN DC! MY utmost honor to pay homage!

  25. Losing its BIG BEER sponsors is NEXT! A dying breed of ungrateful disrespectful spouse-abuser concussed dolts who get off on patting each others’ buck naked asses in the lockerroom. Bad examples to American youth. Not even clean-cut anymore. Not permitted the “Icky Shuffle” in the end zone but OKAY ICKY to protest alleged police brutality on fans’ dimes. Wrong place. Wrong time. Just WRONG. Imagine all that real estate converted to park land!

  26. You are voting on the wrong question. It should be “Is it really disrespect when people exercise their first amendment rights which are fought for by our valiant soldiers?”

    • Howard Kirshbaum
      You simply do not understand the first amendment. Sadly most liberals don’t. In spite of being enlightened many many times on this site they continue to manipulate the constitution to serve their agenda.

      • It’s not about their 1st A rights; there’s a time and place to do so; and at work, which is what a field for a game, for them is, is NOT that time or place. They need to exercise their right to protest on their own time and in their own space.

        • That’s precisely what I’ve been saying all along… there’s a time and a place for everything. If you’re disgruntled at the police because you think they target blacks, and you want to protest… go to the police department in the district of the arresting officer(s). NOT a stadium filled with patriotic people like you and me, who love our country and respect our veterans. We owe them a HUGE debt of gratitude, and they deserve a lot better benefits (Thank you President Trump!) and respect, NOT disrespect from a bunch of spoiled, “entitled” rich boy thugs.

      • Freeamerica – – Tell me “Oh wise one” what it really means. You may want to look up some Supreme Court decisions like Texas v. Johnson of 1989 and U S v Eichman on 1990 which both say that BURNING the flag is a constitutional expression of the first amendment. Scalia has given extensive interviews on why he supported both decisions.

        Sandra Lee Smith – – So you always run from the bathroom or hot dog line when they play the anthem. You have never worn any clothing with a flag on it. You see a flag and you salute it. Just admit it. You don’t like the people who are using this to argue their grievance.

        • I am a veteran, a volunteer, and I continue to serve the nation! I have a serious problem with those who so HATE this nation that they disrespect the flag, the anthem and all the rest, at a time when THEY are supposed to be WORKING not demonstrating! Hate them? NO, I wouldn’t waste that much energy on them; I simply despise such low creatures who could leave a nation they hate but keep sucking in the money instead like the LEECHES they are.

        • So Nazis and KKK members are allowed to express themselves at your job without fear of reprisal?
          They’re only expressing their right to free speech.
          You don’t know the first thing about the constitution.

        • That’s fine. They are free to do what they want, and Americans are free this do what they want! We’re free to not go to NFL games anymore because we din’t want to see NFL players disrespect our Flag, our National Anthem, and Our Country! NFL football is going down!!!

    • If it is the over paid babies 1st Amendment Right to free speech, then why can’t I yell fire in a theater, after all yelling fire is just speech and should be my 1st Amendment right. Get a life, evidently you are a far left lib and never served in the U.S. Military or you just don’t comprehend!

    • Yes, it is very disrespectful for not standing during the National Anthem. Let me put it this way so you don’t say I am racist. If I worked at let’s say Wal-Mart I could not protest anything if so I would be taken into the office and would be told either stop or get fired. These over paid athletes need to understand they are on the job and it is not the place to protest. If they are so concerned about the poor black people then why don’t they take their rich butts with their wallets to these neighborhoods and paint, plant, help them start small businesses, buy some land and give the kids a safe place with sports, computers teach them guns and violence isn’t the way to go. No, it’s to much work for them…it’s easier to say white Americans and cops are racist. All you have to do is read and you will see white people get shot by police officers but the white people doesn’t rip the towns down burn people’s businesses. You break the law you get caught die or go to jail it is up to that person. I respect the police. If they tell me to stop I stop. The over paid athletes are being disrespectful…wake up America and this is still America…HAVE SOME RESPECT!!!!!

  27. What fans?? Haha that’s hilarious.. nfl is a fast dying sport.. I haven’t watched a game in 2 seasons, and will not watch a game until those ungreatful country hating are all gone and Americans are playing the game again..

  28. The idiots in the NFL can do whatever they wish. After 49 consecutive years of watching, I, my family and friends will NOT be. While, as stated in the above article “Fans were outraged”, I can assure you that I and many other FORMER fans are supportive of the remarks.

    • Agreed; I was never a fan of the “sport”; far as I can see it’s just “gladiators in the arena” for the modern version of “bread and circuses”! But this is just over the top.

    • I agree 100% and am switching my love for football to Hockey and basketball where the players are respectful of our flag and vets! Such dumb actions of those NFL protesters have ruined the sport of football. They should be kicked out of the sport.

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