President Trump just took a dramatic step to shut down the head of Obama’s Deep State

Barack Obama’s Deep State has sought to undermine Donald Trump from the moment he won the GOP primary.

Even though Obama is out of office, his Deep State allies placed themselves in positions of influence and power to continue their work.

But that could all be about to change with this one act Trump just took.

President Trump just stripped former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance over his “erratic conduct and behavior.”

After leaving the Central Intelligence Agency, Brennan regularly criticized President Trump on Twitter and as a regular commentator on MSNBC.

The Washington Times reports:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, reading a statement from the president, said Mr. Brennan “leveraged his status as a former high-ranking official” to make false charges against the administration.

Mr. Trump’s statement began, “As the head of the executive branch and commander-in-chief, I have a unique constitutional responsibility to protect the nation’s classified information, including by controlling access to it. Today in fulfilling that responsibility, I’ve decided to revoke the security clearance of John Brennan, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency.”

The president said Mr. Brennan’s actions have “exceeded the limits of any professional courtesy.”

Not long ago, Brennan attacked President Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin as “nothing short of treasonous.”

Senator Rand Paul previously raised questions about Brennan’s security clearance back in July. At the time he asked, “Is John Brennan monetizing his security clearance? Is John Brennan making millions of dollars divulging secrets to the mainstream media with his attacks on @realDonaldTrump?”

During a White House Press Briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders noted the president was considering revoking security clearances of other members of Obama’s Deep State, including former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Peter Strzok, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Bruce Ohr, whose wife worked on for Fusion GPS on the fake Russia dossier.

What are your thoughts on President Trump’s actions?

Too much, or long overdue?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I think President Trump should fire everyone who worked for Obama. They all just stab him in the back every chance they get. Why keep those people on, they hate him.

  2. I agree 100% the Deep State and all the people that support the Deep state should lose their security clearances.

  3. Agreed! Patriotism in this country is being attacked on many angles by enemies of our American culture. The flag, pledge of allegiance, civics, and pride in America needs to be reinstated in all schools curriculums in America. If a war similar to WW-II were to break out, how many of our younger generation do you think would volunteer to serve?

  4. No prison, they are thieves, and traitors, they should be executed, we don’t want to support them for the rest of their traitorous lives.

  5. Time for the real investigation to begin and then they will all turn on one another. It will be a thing of beauty

  6. Didn’t Brennan the compulsive liar vote for the communist presidential candidate in the 1970’s. That in itself should tell us all something

  7. Where did your information come from?
    You have no “proof”, you are just regurgitating
    gossip which is what the news stations now have reduced
    themselves to. Gone are the days when the news actually
    reported news, not gossip.

  8. Brennan is a traitor and has been for some decades since he converted to Islam while Director of Station in Saudi Arabia! He should have been stripped of his Security Clearance when he was fired as Director of the CIA. The same for all of the other fired or resigned officials who continue to have Security Clearances while no longer holding jobs in the government giving them “Need to Know”

  9. Trump’s not at fault here. There was a traitor in the government and he fired him to get rid of him. Should have court marshalled him.

  10. Trump is attempting to drain the Swamp…a monumental task considering the slobbering dogs in The Deep State/Senate who are totally corrupt and W/O “ANY” redeeming qualities. Watching Kavanaugh Senate hearings right now & they make me sick. A POX on all of them!!!!

  11. firing these Deep State traitors is long overdue. It is well passed time to get rid of these traitors.

  12. What in the blazes is he waiting for. By negating their security clearance he is not only doing what is best forAmerica, but he is hitting the where it hurts. In the pocket. Dome stop with tatshprt list, go all the way to Hilary andobsma. They are in no need of security clearance since they are not in government. Start investigations for criminal activity with the whole bunch of traitors. We have plenty of room in any prisons and also inGusntansmo.

  13. I think they all should lose their security clearance, because of what they have been involved in. It could be very possible that anyone that leaves an office that they that type of clearance needs to have it turned off, when they leave.This is somehting that the President and Congress are going to have to decide.

  14. Might as well because there is not a damn thing they can do about it except keep on LYING ???? and cryING????. FIRE THEM ALL NOW !!!!!

  15. I feel that President Trump should fire everyone that worked for Obama and start with new people. People that are interested in our country.

  16. Jerk all their security clearances at once , that way the swamp can get all their crying over with before midterms !! at least it will be settled to a low roar by then !!

  17. You are definitely wrong !! Pres. Trump is the BEST we’ve had in the oval office in YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. “Mr. Trump’s statement began, “As the head of the executive branch and commander-in-chief, I have a unique constitutional responsibility to protect the nation’s classified information, including by controlling access to it.”
    This from the guy who, in the Oval office, showed two Russian agents top secret intel, thus outing a highly placed mole in ISIS.
    Yup, our secrets are safe with him!!!

  19. Just go ahead and strip all at once then we won’t have to watch it all dribble out daily. You are in a good position and need to push everything out and they will implode.

  20. Amen, that’s what I think too!
    I’m sick of all it. Lets start with the The Clintons and everyone involved.
    Why is Brennan still working for the government. If all knows he’s the leak, then why hasn’t he gone to jail along with Comey, Strok, etc.?

  21. Way over due!!!! lots of this stuff should have been taken care of when it was first known… and that list should be much longer… ie: hillery, barak, kuma(what ever her name), Strock, mccabe, comey, mccain (no worry about him now, however!!!) and the list goes on… let’s get some stuff done NOW!! THE CAST HAS BEEN BROKEN.. NOW IS THE TIME!!!
    They have all done very UNAMERICAN activities. THE SWAMP MUST BE DRAINED AND ALL PREVIOUS DENIZENS BE ILLIMINATED.. there is too much that needs to be done to preserve our nation to have these dissidents always throwing tree trunks on the railroad tracks!!! We need positive AMERICANS… not dissidents

  22. Then make them all take a lie detector tests to c who these scum balls have been hanging out with and selling our secrets.

  23. Cleaning the government out should have been the first thing Pres. Trump should have done after being sworn into office! But, better late than never. There is still a lot of cleaning to do.

  24. We need to win in November or the lying ???? left wing nuts will try and impeach our President. And as we all know the DNC etc are going to commit VOTER FRAUD. THERE IS NO DOUBT!!!!!

  25. They were all fired for crimes for christ sake how much is needed to take their security do they need to blow up the white house and 40 ships or what. Never seen such stupid crap dam do not offend them we will have to give them America

  26. I see some excellent suggestions but all are true, don’t know that I can add anything that hasn’t been covered. I don’t believe those polls anyway but am very glad to see so many so well informed responses. Everyone make sure your family and friends get out and vote. No illegals votes count! Let’s make sure President Trump WINS in 2020!

  27. The Beady eyed ???? Little Deep State worm ???? that he is…. who needs to answer for signing off on the 4th BS FISA warrant.

  28. Hey Scot27, You say U have “top security clearance” = ROFLMAO. &
    U ARE HERE? on this site???. “Top S C” – where??? Dog kennel???

  29. NO LONGER ON THE PAYROLL NO LONGER HAVE A SECURITY CLEARANCE!!!! Really – who in their right mind allowed this to happen??

  30. Please 0utline PPL/Mention NAMES of your ‘choice’
    for a Better Administration. Let us Get Serious
    re ‘Issues’. Thnx Di. Later gator.

  31. T-Pac – Did You See “DEath of a Nation” in your area???
    Check it out -IS Film in your Area???
    >POTUS NEEDS ALL the ‘HELP’ he can get !!!
    > STILL – TOO Many MOLES/Traitors in Current Administration.
    ~ whew~

  32. ps. Dan, i scrolled thru some remarks below, past mine,
    uh this Stover & Gilkerson almost seem to be
    ‘porn bots’ . I dunno Dude. (but ‘porn bots’ Do circulate &
    can ‘feed’ an ‘unsuspecting line’ in thru Diane/lori etc.)
    Gak__ Soo,just be Aware, that’s all.
    PUT Y’ALL TO TOTAL SHAME. LOL & HA HAAAA. that’s That.Period.
    ♥ U/All.

  33. Dan, a few months ago, ‘none’ of this nasty ‘stuff’
    thru vulgar trolls were here. We had good discussions
    & Good info from Many, & good ‘smack downs’.
    > Sometimes ‘WE’ MUST FIGHT ‘FIRE’ w/ FIRE. ( Analogy: &
    proven in Forest Fire Lines) sooo – ‘i’/You/ We KNOW
    How Upsetting IT IS to Realize ‘What’ the Terrible LEFT
    ‘Plans’ For 0ur USA Country. Not Good. & ‘WE’ Have EVERY
    ‘frickin’ RITE to DEFEND IT. KEEP 0N KEEPIN’ 0N !!!

  34. Also, b/cuz of SO much Deep State /Establishement,
    POTUS ‘hands tied’ on some levels. He Has NOT
    ENOUGH ppl in High Places Behind him. Sorry to say. &&&
    ‘WE’ HAVE TO Try & HELP POTUS FIX ‘IT’___ Whatever IT TAKES.

  35. Also a ‘consultant’ ??? for left wing Seditious news 0utlets.
    0MG. HOW DID ‘we’ Evolve To This ??? whew___

  36. Thnx Bill, Also i understand that not only Brennan IS an avowed
    Communist, but jumped to Muslim Islam. What More Needs to be Said.

  37. This is a no brainer!!! It’s become painfully clear these lying ???? buffoons are using their security clearance to get rich in the private sector. Private sector!! Not the government so there is no logical need for these deep state POS’s to have any clearances except to clean the Sh~t hOuSe

  38. Indeed . And for the “stuck on stupid “ left wing nuts who think ???? it has something to do with the 1st Admendent well it doesn’t. Their lying I hate America heroes can still go out and lie their ass-s off like that have done for the last 18 months.

  39. A great first step, now let’s really examine how many other ‘old dogs’ have access to classified information that no longer have any need. Let’s clean out the rest of the Deep State holdovers and get this nation on the right path toward being America First.

  40. Not only Oswald, but Ruby, the one who took out Oswald. Interesting. Maybe Celeste is thinking of Sirhan the one who killed ROBERT Kennedy. I may be mistaken, but I think he’s still in jail. Or did someone take him out too. I’ll have to look that one up. Old age is wrecking my memory. lol

  41. The idea that a former president or his supporters would be able to attempt to undermine the status and authority of a sitting president seems treasonous at best. Unfortunately, the mainstream media fails to pick up on these stories and instead, continues to push it’s liberal propaganda. We are in danger due to this irresponsible forms of activity. It’s not freedom of speech any more. It’s sedition. And it’s not freedom of the press anymore, it’s yellow journalism. People need to wake up before it’s too late.

  42. You are absolutely right. We are retired from the Navy after 20 years. My husband ran the print shop on several different ships over the years. He had to print top secret things for the Captain of the ship so needed top security clearance. The very minute that he retired his top security clearance was stopped. Our whole family went through a very strict scrutiny due to the job my husband had to do. He never talked about anything that he printed, EVER, but we still had to be cleared. Many of the others that we knew from our Navy years went through the same. Our children thought it was a hoot, until they got to their teens, then they thought it was stupid. Nonetheless, I suppose it was necessary. All military when they leave lose their security clearance, and if they get another government job that requires it later, they have to be cleared again. So those people who are no longer working for the government should have theirs revoked as well. I don’t care who they are. It’s for the National security of this country. They haven’t any business sticking their noses into government business anymore.

  43. Just how many people have security clearance that no longer work for the government? Would it not make sense to revoke all of these as long as you are not needing it to perform your job? I say make it mandatory that as soon as you leave your government job, security clearance goes away, regardless of what position you held. Then if you divulge any of the information you received while having security clearance it is mandatory that you go to jail.

  44. Well done Mr. President! Keep on draining the swamp. You have many, many supporters who keep you in our prayers. You are a courageous man; certainly the Man of the Moment.

  45. I think this administration knows what it is doing. Timing is everything and I believe it has started happening with the revocation of security clearances.

  46. It’s a privilege not a RIGHT !! The very first comment from Bill Jones is right on ! DRAIN THE DECADES OLD CURRUPTION IN EVERY BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT! WAY OVER DUE !

  47. NOBODY, I repeat NOBODY, has a civil right to a security clearance PERIOD!!!!!! I have held a clearance off & on since I was 18 years old! Over those years I have had interruptions in my clearance EVERY time I no longer had “NEED TO KNOW”, job DID NOT REQUIRE a clearance, and the last incident (AFTER 55 yrs.) I was deemed (WAIT FOR IT), UNTRUST-WORTHY!!!! Mr. Brennan, You sir 1. You do not have a NEED to know! 2. your job no longer REQUIRES a clearance! 3. You no longer work for the Gov! 4. you are UNTRUSTWORTHY! 5. YOU are using your clearance as a means of PERSONAL CREDIBILITY! (A MAJOR VIOLATION)! 6. You are using your clearance to enrich yourself (ANOTHER MAJOR VIOLATION) 7. YOU ARE A FREAKIN COMMUNIST, TO WHICH, I DO NOT KNOW HOW IN HELL YOU EVER GOT CLEARED IN THE FIRST PLACE????? Losing your clearance DOES NOTHING to “INFRINDGE” on your 1A rights! Take this as whatever you like, YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO REMAIN CLEARED, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE CLEARED AND REVOCATION DOES NOTHING TO ABRIDGE YOUR 1A RIGHTS! SO, YOU AND ALL THE REST OF YOUR GASBAGS JUST STFU BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR ARE TALKING ABOUT. I am speaking from professional experience. Millions of citizens have lost their clearances for a lot less than what you have done and continue doing. Well your “PROFESSIONAL COURTESY” is just that A COURTESY! and now you lose!!

  48. Same with me, I retired in 9-14-2007 from @ government job after working 32 years and 8 month and the day after I have to go back to get something that I forgot and I have to get permit to go in and same one walk with me, I don’t have ANY CLEARANCE I’M AFTER RETIRE A REGULAR TAX PAID PERSON AND I HAPPY THAT IS THE WAY IT IS AND THE BEST WAY, I don’t undestend what any one need to keep clearance status of the old job that we had, PLEASE PEOPLE GET @ LIFE YOU DON’T WORK HERE ANYMORE

    TRUMPET 2020????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  50. The way I for one of the millions of people in our country see how the Government was being run ,and it was a haven for all crooks,thieves,lier’s ,to murder,that have the worst of the best lawyers and judges,to back and cover their evil corrupted tracks,and it may have to take our young men and woman in uniform to clean out the enemy within our great country,and round them all up,and shot are hung ,with no more BLAH,BLAH BLAH,,with a military FARE WELL and give we the people in our country and around the world why they been shot or hung for,at a latter date,Then we the people may get to see our Country become Great Again ,as Donald J. Trump has promised us.

  51. Wouldn’t it be amazing how much could be accomplished and what progress we could make if it were not for the obstructionists? (Both the elected ones and the bureaucrats.)

  52. This is another STUPID “rule” made by our elected officials–Not only do they keep their security clearance after they leave office, it is being reported that they keep it for LIFE. Enough already!

  53. I was in the Army for twenty – six years. I was granted s top secret security clearance after an through back ground investigation. My clearance status did not change when I was reassigned. But my access to material was restricted to my need to know. When I retired my clearance came to and end. When an elected official or other government official is no longer in office it is only logical that their clearance would end. And if I had mishandled classified information or shared it with unauthorized persons I would brought up on charges under the UCMJ.

  54. True Zee. A little of that is ok , but the vulgar stuff isn’t And I’ve been part of it. I get a little off the rails seeing what the left plans for this country. And so many people buy into this crap. I ignored a certain blogger last night and will stop completely responding to that one. Personal attacks only serve to divide us. We can dig at each other a little , but our focus should be on defeating communism. God bless the USA.

  55. Same with me. I worked for Kodak for 25 years on all kinds of gov. projects and was always changing clearances. Never thought anything about it. Held the highest clearance of all when working on NASA jobs. When I finished that job went back to just being a work not under any kind of clearance.

  56. YES, once a person leaves a post that has a security clearance, then that clearance should be deemed as not needed. Any person that is involved with the deep state or abuses their security clearance should have theirs revoked also. Start with the deep state, revoking their clearance will be like cutting the head off of Obama/Clinton’s deep state SNAKE.

  57. I have never held a job in which I was required to hold a security clearance, access codes to protected personal information or sign an agreement of confidentiality that was not revoked at the moment of my resignation. Even if I was just going into a different department within the same organization, I had to get cleared again in order to receive another clearance level. For this reason I do not understand why our government, dealing with actual worldwide high level security would not have any person leaving, by choice or by order, have their security access revoked before the person walked out the door. Doing anything else seems irresponsible and ignorant in my opinion.

  58. Dear RR. in the past few weeks, This site has Evolved
    Into pure ‘unadulterated trash smack’ w/ vulgar language.
    > What Say You ???

  59. Whew – HAD TO BE DONE. Confirmed Communistic/ converted muslim
    Brennan ‘knows’ TOO Much Already to Take Down USA. & No 0ne
    To Stop him from ‘further adue’. All names ‘listed’ previously
    Need Same.

  60. When those failed “Coup” traitors are all nailed to the wall and fired, minus their clearances, they should be stripped searched before leaving the building. Remember the Clintons when they were being kicked out of the White House they were stealing the furniture as they left. Clinton sent Sandy Burger to steal some paperwork he left with classified Papers stuffed in his shorts, socks and shirt for his boss. He was never charged, nor was Bill.

  61. Could it be that you can’t handle the truth? You’re not very bright? You’re a shill for corruption? I’d suggest it’s all of the above.

  62. No doubt, the messiah is getting his kickbacks from the billions that he received for his first term restructuring the country and for some reason nothing was done,only cosmetic to give the impression. He may still be having skids of some of the billions he gave his relatives in Iran. I understand he is now worth 280 Million dollars…and he couldn’t even afford a house when he started and was given a home from some like Criminal in Chicago. The weasel lives well off the backs of people.

  63. No to mention, I would be willing to bet that David uses something to do that to himself while fantasizing about trump. Just sayin’

  64. Don’t fool yourself, jhn. You are neither God nor country loving and moral. You’re nothing more than a shill for open corruption and hatred.

  65. Thanks to William Harden, I have always been astonished that all the rats on Obama’s Sinking
    Ship, have Stuck Around near Obama’s “Mansion”.
    Even Val Jarrett &Ben Rhodes are still sneaking around DC, but SomeOne is paying these Deep
    State Thugs & I doubt Obama is using one cent of
    the money that he siphoned off of the American Taxpayers.
    I wonder if Soros is financing the Illegal Deep State, Obama/Clinton GOV? Our Founding Fathers never thought that a Kenyan & his Gang of Cut Throat Thugs would simply refuse to give up their power & Wait like Vultures, for an opportunity to seize Control!

  66. Jhn – Yeah, you morons are real smart. Just go through these posts to see how smart you are. You voted for Trump, didn’t you? Yeah, real smart. Hahahahaha

  67. Dave – Did you have to look how to spell drivel or did you just copy and paste it? Do you even know what it means? Hahahahaha

  68. Obummer is an unindicted radical muslim criminal who was not born in this country. I believe he does not have a lot of time left before he is arrested and hauled off to Guantanamo, never to be seen again. He and brennen are the ones behind the hitlery exoneration and the case against Trump. Its all coming out into the open with all the criminals at the FBI and the DOJ.

  69. Well Celeste, If the guy who was accused of killing JFK is still sitting behind bars, I’m actually JAKE THE RIPPER! Let me guess, you failed history three times so they gave you a pass. I’m not one to pay attention to bogus news but I believe that Oswald only made it three days before he left this world with a bullet in his body. So if he is behind bars, someone in Dallas better check on him.

  70. Hmm ????,
    According to the Left Wing Nut cases mR. Oba~a is the great ???????? savior and can basically walk on water??? Well his home town needs him. I DON’T THINK ???? he going to show up

  71. While in office they have all committed crimes against our country. That means security for our country is not happening due to people like this. All that have not had a perfect record in office and out after should have their top secret taken from them for national security. I right now think that all the leadership of the FBI and the CIA and the justice department as a whole are all domestic enemies of this Country. They should all be removed at once and stripped of clearance. Obama and the clintons should also be removed. obama’s security should be removed he is an former fraud of a president and a enemy of country

  72. Ask Scott for his code name Diane. I’m sure he will provide it, but when one checks they will know that Scott is just full of something that stinks and comes out of the south end of a north bound bull. All you trolls are full of it and all you can do is lie to make an attempt, no matter how feeble, to sound like you are important. There is a cavernous difference between we who know and you foolish egotists.

  73. It’s about time… It’s my understanding, that the rights to access classified info after your out of a job, was to help transition the new administration in. Once that is done, they don’t need the classified rights.

  74. Hey fool. Where do you get your unfathomable intelligence from? Inside of the fortune cookie at a Chinese fast food establishment? You certainly do not get it from any reliable source. Even the Domocrats are not that stupid to make such ludacris claims. You, Scott and Diane need to take a friendly stroll through Pakistan and try telling them how wonderful they are. You would feel right at home for about 10 minutes before some Muslim pulls a jihad on you and praises his god for bringing you to him. Or maybe I got it all wrong. Maybe you had a personal conversation with President Trump and he told you all that happened. NOT!!

  75. Why hasn’t Obama left Washington?
    When his term was over, Reagen went back to California.
    Carter went back to Georgia.
    Both Bushes went back to Texas.
    The Clintons went to NY where Hilary ran for a house seat.
    But Obama wants to live half a mile from the White House where he can cause trouble.
    There ought to be a law where Presidents have to leave when their time is up.

  76. And only Feinstein would have a communist spy working for her for 20 years, of which most were when she lead the intelligence committee in Congress. She didn’t know? Yea and I had a wonderful conversation today with Stalin too!

  77. Please educate yourself. If you think the earth has been this temperature all the time then you are not only stupid but ignorant. Ask you self, how long as man been using sensitive enough instruments to measure temperature and record it? Next lets ask how long has the earth been around and what can we use to see what the temperatures have been. How about looking at geology? Check the multi part presentation by John Coleman who has at least two degrees in Climatology on Google, look up John Coleman/Global Warming and see what the real answer is. Now after you see that lets trace the money trail of those who shout Global warming the most, like Al Gore.

  78. I totally agree.. President Trump should fired n taken everyone
    Of Obama’s has been security Privilege away from them
    right from the start..

  79. Why are you and Diane here then with all your overwhelming mental acuity? Go to the liberal sites and chum up to all the America haters, baby killers and moronic fools who believe Islam is a loving peaceful religion. Maybe take a trip to an ISIS camp and have an exchange of views. They are certainly more receptive and more willing to allow your rants than us FOOLISH God and country loving moral people.

  80. What a day to rejoice that would be, to have the America haters prosecuted for their crimes. I’m with you 100% El.

  81. Don, you are so right ! All previous holders of any security clearance should be removed at the point they are NO longer in need of a clearance. That includes all past officials of all past administrations Doug Scheel

  82. Not only is it about time but POTUS needs to take down all of The Derp State and ASAP as all True Americans know that when JFK even hinted to getting to the bottom of it he was taken out by them and framed who still sits behind bars even though he couldn’t have done it!

  83. EI…In the days of the Rosenbergs’ our citizens were patriotic to their country and our flag. Sadly, those days have been over for a long time. Perhaps we should go back a few years and bring the public up to date???

  84. Need to keep it going and get all of the in prison. As a veteran the oath I took when I entered the military and it has no expression date till I die. If need be I will use the things I know to help up hold the Constitution of this great Country.God bless the USA and Pres.Trump!!!!!!

  85. I don’t know what took him so long. They should have revoked all their clearance is the day he took office .

  86. You both would have fit in nicely with the Third Reich. Just like Sarah Huckabee who is the Goebbels of the Trump admin, and Miller and Bannon were perfect Nazis.

  87. Good god, you are truly on of the rabid ignorant minions of the alphabet soup “news”outlets. Where we actually need to focu is on the legislative branch of our government. Your rants about Trump are just that empty rants. Your “inside info” on Trump is speculation fed to you by the ignorant. From now on I wail ignore you comments because you are just plain stupid

  88. Well, Daniel, I have a top secret security clearance and you are absolutely off the rails on each of those three. Not even close.

  89. Sure would be great if we could get America Great again. I am 78 and have slumped down every time a new President took office and the same old thing happened! Now everyday Trump clears the swamp!!! goopd fo you Mr. President.

  90. I’ve found reason is seriously short supply here. Takes a lot of effort to think; as opposed to blindly following and regurgitating.

  91. It appears to me that the administrations of Clinton and Obama are headed for the big house. The further Herr Mueller investigates the more the Democrats seems to have been operating as a crime family than a political entity. All this to protect Hillary who sold Uranium to Putin that may well be used to toast America. And to think that the Rosenbergs were executed for a lesser crime.

  92. You’re right Danuelle. He’ll save them for whenever he wants to divert attention from something else.

  93. Such sheeple to believe all the conspiracy BS shoveled out. Where is there ANY solid evidence of a “Deep State”? There are tons of evidence on climate change, but most right-wingers ignore that for some made up conspiracies by grifters/scammers. Trump is a total scammer, like what he did with Trump “University” – – – he is the Elmer Gantry of politics and you are his cult followers.

  94. Omg Diane, get your head out of the sand PLEASE. OB has been the worst President. Our country ever put into office.. corruption and treason are both his middle name. You need to stand up for yourself and stop relying on the liberal lies that you have been indoctrinated with ….start thinking for yourself. One day you will come to the realization of the corrupt ness that YOUR GOD OB brought to this country.

  95. But yet K Street (where a majority of lobbyists work) in D.C. is a humming beehive right now; far busier now than in the past several administrations; because so much can be bought with this administration. We are having our nation’s soul sold.

  96. Opposite again, it was and is Trump giving into communist leader Putin, trying to get sanctions on Russia removed, stop joint military exercises with S. Korea because Putin suggested it and siding with Putin again our own intelligence community while Brennan spoke up against it. There is a established procedure for granting security clearances and revoking them, but Trump does not follow that, instead, since he does not read, he is repeating the historical mistakes of Nixon just before he had to resign. There is a lot of similarities with Nixon’s enemy’s list, but at least Nixon was smart.

  97. Why has Trump taken so long to revoke the clearances of these traitors to America. Obama’s clearance should also be revoked as he is an enemy of our nation like all democrats and RINOs.

  98. Not JUST overdue, but “long, long overdue”- – this should have been done Jan. 21, 2017 – -the very day after President Trump was sworn into office. Now, I say, pull ALL clearances on the rest of the obamaites, including fraudbama himself; that should really tick the muslim jihadi slime bag right off.

  99. No person, Republican or Democrat should have security clearance after they leave public service. I find it incredible that we also allow these persons to make millions after they leave public service with these clearances. Most end up as lobbyists who most often use this information unlawful. That is another topic. Lobbyists should be unlawful.

  100. You are right on this, everyone should lose their security clearances 1 year out of office automatically.

  101. MRS. SESSIONS MUST BE FIRED ASAP. So the 20-30 inditments can be filed by the new ATTORNEY GENERAL before the midterm elections to expose all the DNC crimmals

  102. WRONG! Brennan was assistant to Obuma for Homeland Security from 2009 to 2013. Then Obuma appointed him to CIA in March of 2013 and was removed in January 2017 by Trump.

  103. There are only 3 reasons for having a security clearance after you leave government service!!!One if to protect your ass from jail in case you did something illegal, so you can’t talk about it because of national security!! Second, it can be used to get a good job in private sector because you have a security clearance!!! Lastly it gives you access to records that you will use to write your tell all book and make a mint!!!Congress should make a law saying you lose your security clearance when you leave government service!!!!

  104. No the biggest mistake he made was not …tcanning every single Saddam Insane Nobama holdover. If he would have cleaned house the demons wouldn’t be tormentin him still. He needs to pull all security clearances.

  105. All security clearances are given based on the need to know,these traitors have all been fired or otherwise removed from office!they no longer have any business with classified information.their security clearance should have been revoked upon termination!

  106. My question to the President is you have the power to fire anyone in the executive branch. Why don’t you use it, I would fire all the upper management at the FBI and the Attorney General Sessions. Sessions would be a problem as he seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. HE is the worst mistake the President has made.

  107. Rand Paul was smart to make that suggestion to Trump It puts them in a blind spot now. Do it to all of them from obimbo adm. STOP THE CLEARANCE TO ALL OF THEM.! Blindside them all

  108. Why should anyone keep a security clearance for a job that they don’t have anymore? When they leave the job the security clearance should be place on an inactive status until they have a job that requires a security clearance. Then it can be reissued

  109. Amen! I can’t believe that these people have retained their access to national security issues. Get all of Obama’s leftovers out…NOW!!
    I love seeing the swamp drain!!!!

  110. Why thank you. And I’m guessing if trump held up three fingers and told you it was five, you’d believe him.

  111. The first to have his or her clearance removed and Brennan will not be the last.

    Every Obama high level official needs their clearance removed and then investigated for corruption.

  112. Should have been done when he started giving away information and making nasty remarks against the President.

  113. President knows just when to take the next step. I for one will continue to support his actions. As for the others on the list… he will drop those shoes when HE IS READY.

  114. fire anyone oboma appointed , no pension , no security clearance , they are all corrupt , fire sessions for not going after oboma dogs , like lynch , learner, and holder , there is more then enough reason to go after them , with all the corruption they were involved with , like lynchs meeting on the tarmate with bill and learners , using the irs for political reasons , you remember what happened to nixon for doing it

  115. Long over due. Brennan is a Muslim from a radical sect. Who wants to bet he has been selling our top military secrets to terrorist organizations.

  116. If they no longer work in a government position that requires security clearance, revoke it. Like Comey,he was ousted some time ago, and McCabe, Clapper,Strzok, or Ohr. These people should no longer have excess to high profile information any longer. They do not work for the government.

  117. Another one…no facts or anything (Mueller’s just milking the money cow.) to support
    her hate for our President. But, I’m gonna ask Diane anyway…Why would anyone but a fool hate Trump?

  118. Yes Mr. President, a long time coming for that un-American Lout! There are a lot more of these Rats left behind by Obama, Vermin that must be thrown out for a clean house.

  119. When in the course of human history, it becomes necessary to cut out the hearts of the entrenched deep-state seditionists who rot the soul of a nation and work secretly to undermine the pillars of the republic, adopt Nike’s motto, Mr. President…and just “Do It!”

  120. Be patient Paperwork is being drawn up. All the t’s have to be crossed, and i’s dotted, so there is no possibility of anyone getting off on a technicality.

  121. I’d like to correct the heading on this regarding Brennan being the head. There is also the puppet head Obama crowned LIAR IN CHIEF. The DEPLORABLE ONES ARE NOT GOING TO LET THESE CREATURES GET AWAY WITH THEIR CRIMES and CORRUPTION. We want indictments for every one of these creatures.

  122. Way past time!
    Take them all!
    They have no need for them in retirement!
    At my retirement, mine was gone in days!

  123. Lori, I don’t suppose I should bother you with any truths. It’s clear that you don’t want truth. You just want to carry on with your misinformed and misdirected hate. He’s
    been called names an belittled so much by rabid dummycrats that all of you are believing the crap. Here’s just one item, Lori…one question for you. How many times must President Trump slap Russia or one or more of Russia’s allies around before yo see that Putin and Trump are not in bed together? Oh…just one more question. If the left is so right and the right is so wrong, Why is it that the left is so angry and so
    inclined to screaming and yelling and sometimes even getting violent? Could it be that the left actually has nothing but hate to bring to the table…no facts…just hate?

  124. Long overdue, now finish them one at a time so we can watch them squirm and suck for air as they wether away on the banks of the swamp. Great job Mr. President!

  125. Yeah, most sane people DO hate him……it’s just you ignorant racist supporters that stand by him. However, you are just a sliver of the population, so I’m not worried. Soon it will be Mueller’s Time! Hahahahaha

  126. Totally agree.
    This is a good beginning, just a year late. Now it’s time to get busy and remove clearance for all the Obama holdovers.

  127. These people have repeatedly shown that they are not to be trusted with this information. As President Trump has promised to “drain the swamp” they should be gone and are not to be trusted. Get after ’em Prez!!!!!!!

  128. They SHOULDN’T! And they have improperly monetized their clearance in their next job to obtain info for which they haver NO NEED TO KNOW!

  129. Sorry, Michael. 8 years in office, no scandals, no adultery, no bigotry, no conspiracy, no indictments. Can 45 come close to that record??? Not hardly.

  130. I think Security Clearance for all previous officials including Obama and Hillary should be revoked.

  131. Exactly, this was long overdue. These ppl are vile and quite literally dangerous. They are consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome from morning til night. They are obviously unstable with Trump renting space in their heads free of charge. Trump needs to watch out for those still on the inside supplying Brennan and Clapper. Matter of fact , ALL OBAMA HOLD OVERS NEED TO GET FIRED with security clearances taken.

  132. The sooner the better!!!! Take control Mr President and lead this country the way it needs to be lead! True Americans are completely behind you.

  133. Long over due. The others in the Deep State should lose their jobs and clearances too. God Bless President Trump!!

  134. If some of these culprits were arrested, there would be a dramatic decline in these traitorous actions. Currently,there is no incentive to stop their actions because there is no price to pay. It would also help to arrest some of the entertainers who have made threats against the President.

  135. Why is there a question about whether or not to remove security clearances from people no longer in a position to need them for their job? Remove them all. EVERY SINGLE ONE. There should be no other reason given or even needed than they no longer require a clearance.

  136. Question: Why is it that all of Oblaimers appointed officials, head of Agencies, all take issue with Trump winning the election, other then Hillary not suppose to lose? By the most part, the transition of leadership in the country has always been honorable and basically smooth. It is true that the Obstruction started when Trump won the GOP primary. I can understand the GOP establishment being concerned because Trump mentioned cleaning the swamp! Actually that was partially the reason for people to back Trump, he really was not OWNED, by any party! I can also understand some Democrat elected establishment being concerned. However, Bureaucrats? Appointed officials, hanging around trying to take down the POTUS? It does not make sense!

    What makes sense, is Oblaimers last meeting with all the democrat leader, a plan was devised to do everything in their power to not only Obstruct the new presidents administration, but total defiance, deceit, anything to cover up what they had been doing to change the makeup of this country. It is not a “soft coup” it is Treason.

    I believe if Sessions, or Congress started making indictments the fan would have a hard time turning. What I do not understand is what are they waiting for? Are they waiting for the smoke to clear, or a for a wild fire to start?

  137. Hmmm, you really have it bad, what has Trump denied you? Do you not wonder why these guys do not just walk in to the sunset? Why they are so defensive? Why they are hanging around? Can you name another official prior to the Oblaimer administration that has tried to unseat the next POTUS. Are you saying it is Trumps personality that bothers you? Respond to me, and tell me your reasoning!!

  138. Mr.President, I believe you can see from all the backing that the majority has your back. Like the song say’s, DON’T WORRY,BE HAPPY and keep on keeping on. We love you and respect you for the job your doing. God Bless you and America.

  139. Totally agree. Question I have is, why is there a need for people not in an active position that would require clearance, have the clearance? I was repeatedly told while in the Navy that once I leave, clearance is history. (Frankly that pleased me)

  140. Totally agree. Question I have is, why is there a need for people not in an active position that would require clearance, have the clearance? I was repeatedly told while in the Navy that once I leave, clearance is history. (Frankly that pleased me)

  141. Too Long overdue! These people are getting very wealthy by cheating our Government. Isn’t there laws against that? Get the illegal criminal invaders out & off the court rosters and get these “american low lifes” prosecuted for their dirty deeds! Put them in Prison!

  142. Mr. President, get -er done.!!!!! This is way overdue and needs to be done. Maybe even more should be rooted out and culled as well. This is a good start however. Thank you Mr. President for watching out for America’s interests.

  143. Too bad you haven’t applied the same standards to Obama, yo’ mama. If there are ever unbiased histories written, he will shurely go down as one of the most crooked Presidents this country has ever suffered under if not THE most crooked! Trump will be much further down the list.

  144. Long overdue. Since they are no longer in the positions that required certain levels of security clearance, these DEEP STATE operatives should not continue to have them.

  145. Lori: Be gone, leftist troll. Your biased ignorance is showing! HuffPo is calling you home to their anti-Trump echo chamber!

  146. Taking the advantage of national security clearance and violating the Logan Act. Top Democrat leaders already retired are abusing everything, attempting to disrupting the current government.

    Apparently they have their ongoing agenda since they left the WH. Perhaps they keep the no-border agenda rolling underground until the next leftist administration come in.

    Why are the federal authorities moving so slow to warn the previous administration to stay out? Too many anti-Trump cronies working for the fed govt?

    Why can’t Session just drain the swamp?

    The law must be swift.

  147. Brennan’s clearance was revoked on July 26….he waited to spring this on the public to deflect from another story about him. Lying Don the Con further disgraced himself and this entire nation by acting like the vicious mean nasty child he is. Talk truth and Donnie goes ballistic, striking back any way his sick mind thinks will score points. We have YET to see him act like an adult, let alone “presidential”. Brennan does not need security clearance to see the truth in front of us all. Lying Don the Con is a Russian asset since the 80’s when the oligarchs bailed him out of 4 billion in debt. I am tired of everything he says being a lie, or exaggeration, so I can’t trust anything he does or says…..I wish I could….but he is LYING DON THE CON and he’s here to grab the money, screw over non-whites, and make sure you all know HE WON! He won my hatred and scorn. I am not alone.

  148. They are way long over due, however, President Trump is taking the right steps towards making sure that no-one else from former Obama’s administration has any way of getting information that they have NO PRIVILEGE!

    President Trump is doing everything that he can to make sure that every American citizen stays safe from any kind of harm.

    I am very proud of President Trump’s actions and I am praying for his continued success.

  149. President Trump had the absolute authority to take the action that he did to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance…and he didn’t even need the very good reason that he had for doing so. Additionally, there are several other former members of our intelligence and enforcement agencies that should have their clearance revoked as well.

    It should be standard practice for ANYONE with a job in the military, the government, or with a government contractor, etc., that involves having a security clearance be required to forfeit that clearance when they leave the position. And, if the person takes another job that requires a security clearance, he or she should have to re-apply.

  150. I agree, we have waited for this for way too long, please follow through take all of their clearances immediately. We are behind our President, he is a good,strong,God fearing man who deserves all the support & trust of the American people. These traitors must be stopped at once! Remember,everyone must go to the polls in November, they must NEVER regain power.


  152. The President did What Was The Only Right Thing For HIM To Do! God bless our Country, God bless our President Trump! No President before him had ever faced so much HATRED and Destruction since the Founding of this NATION!

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