Prince Harry is facing one painful reality that Meghan Markle is going to hate

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were supposed to be the new celebrity power couple when they relocated to California.

But things haven’t worked out as planned for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

Now Prince Harry is facing one painful reality that Meghan Markle is going to hate.

Prince Harry is frustrated with his marriage to Meghan Markle 

Prince Harry’s life has been in turmoil since his marriage to D-list actress Meghan Markle in 2018.

His relationship with his family has fallen apart because of the drama he and his wife created.

And Harry and Meghan quit their duties as working royals to return to Southern California in 2020.

Now he’s starting to rethink some of his life decisions according to one royal expert.

One of Harry’s close friends, Hugh Grosvenor, and the godfather to his son Archie married Olivia Henson in June in the United Kingdom. 

But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were surprising no-shows at the wedding.

Royal expert Tom Quinn told The Mirror that Harry doesn’t see his friends in the United Kingdom anymore because they can’t stand Meghan.

“Harry on the other hand is increasingly bored and looking back across the Atlantic where most of his army and school friends still live and whom he never sees because they won’t visit him in the States because they find Meghan difficult,” Quinn said.

During his last trip home in May for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, Harry stayed at a hotel alone instead of with friends or family.

Quinn said that Harry’s British friends “don’t like Meghan” because she turned him into “Harry the Hippy.”

He added that Harry avoids his old friends from school and the military as “a part of the old pre-Meghan world.”

Quinn added that the Prince’s military pals feel “betrayed” by the way he portrayed his time in the British armed forces in his memoir, Spare.

“The truth is that Harry has reinvented himself in a way that just doesn’t work for his family or for friends from the past when he was a very different character,” Quinn explained.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship is under stress 

The Royal couple claims to hate attention, but they relocated to Southern California near Hollywood and the center of celebrity culture.

But their life hasn’t unfolded in America as they hoped.

Meghan’s podcast Archetypes with streaming service Spotify was a bust and canceled shortly after it launched.

Now she and Harry are feeling the pressure for their reality content with Netflix to perform according to Quinn.

And that’s putting stress on the couple’s relationship.

“There is a growing rift between Harry and Meghan caused by Meghan’s increasing concern that her life is not going in the direction she had planned,” Quinn explained. “She loves media attention and hates that surveys suggest she and Harry are no longer of much interest to the American public.”

“With news that the couple’s Netflix contract may be under threat, along with the mockery that greeted the launch of her online brand, Meghan feels very much under siege,” Quinn added.

It could be trouble in paradise for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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