These pro-DACA protestors had Nancy Pelosi shaking

Nancy Pelosi recently held a press conference promoting passage of the DREAM Act.

The so-called DREAM Act would provide amnesty for illegal aliens who were brought here as children.

But when more than 50 of these illegals showed up to hijack her event, she wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

CBS SF reports:

Pelosi began her speech, calling dreamers courageous.

“Our nation’s dreamers are an inspiration to all of us,” she said. “With their courage and their patriotism. They embody the promise of America… of the American Dream… Make America dream again,” Pelosi said to applause from the partisan crowd.

But then a group stormed in chanting, carrying a large banner and individual signs. “We undocumented youth demand a clean bill … We undocumented youth demand that you do not sell out our community and our values …We undocumented youth will not be a bargaining chip for Trump.”

Pelosi unsuccessfully attempted to calm down the chanting students.

“You’ve had your say, and it’s beautiful music to our ears,” Pelosi said. But when they interrupted again, she shouted “Just stop it now!”

Moments later, she was forced to leave the news conference.

Watch the clip below from Tucker Carlson Tonight and see the chaos unfold for yourself.

Though she tried to wait them out, and even attempted to play it off with a smile, the unruly protest continued for more than 25 minutes before Pelosi departed.

An exasperated Pelosi can be heard telling the reporter as she’s exiting that “they don’t support the DREAM Act,” referring to the chanting illegals.

Another Congresswoman who attended the event, Barbara Lee, called it “an exercise in democracy.”

Well, if that’s what democracy looks like, perhaps we should all be thanking the Founding Fathers for devising our system of government as a Republic . . .

Let us know what you think about the pro-DACA illegal aliens crashing Pelosi’s press conference in the comments.


  1. These Dreamers are in their 20’s and 30’s now. Why haven’t they already become citizens? I’d like to know how many of them are getting government aid. So twisted and unfair to the legal and hard working U.S. citizens.

  2. Right on! Maybe she will also have to stop using government jets for vacations and pass up the $10,000/day suites; all on your tax dollar. Pretty sickening, isn’t it? What’s worse, if she can do it, are at least many of the other elected officials doing the same…or maybe all of them?

  3. As I see it, Obama and his crew of crooks and liars had 8 years to inflict as much pain and suffering to conservative America and harm to this great country as was humanly possible. Everything he did with respect to so called dreamers was illegal. He and his cronies should have cleaned it up before he left office. The fact that he did not do this renders the illegal actions he did take the same as though they never happened.

  4. Sickofit,
    . . . . We need CA. Once the illegals are deported the People of CA will be able to take the state and the cities back from the communists aka democrats. Also no matter how strong an earthquake is, CA will not slide into the ocean. LA and SF may be 10 to 20 feet closer when it is finally over but CA will still be attached. This is just another urban legend.
    America: Love It or Leave It!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  5. While there is little or no sympathy for Nancy it is difficult to understand why they turned on one of their prime supporters just because she talked to the President. How else do they expect her to get anything done? They did have the sympathy of some who thought they were as much a victim of Obama’s illegal dictatorial program as everyone else. But their behavior is loosing them support. DACA was billed as a temporary program that included delayed action. It has exceeded its temporary status and it is time for the inferred action. DACA is dead and must not be revived in any form to claim new victims.

  6. Looks like when the tables are turned on the Democrats all they can do is turn a run. Now they want to rely on the Constitution and the founding fathers after 8 years of demeaning the Constitution and threatening to take down their monuments and statues. I agree with Eileen and all the rest of the THINKING PATRIOTS commenting below!

  7. Saw a interview with a young illegal spewing I came to America when I was thirteen. Great happy our great nation taught you English, fed you and your family, hopefully you learned something in school, more American tax dollars, now go back to Mexico and either work or start the process to become a US citizen. Those in college would be ok if they were paying for it. More American tax dollars. We are taxed to death. We must work this in turn disqualifies our children from receiving grants so we work to put non citizens through college. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  8. Let them take California and then all of them can live there and fund it themselves. Bet you will see all of the big mouth elites fleeing in record speed. Then when big cal slides into the ocean it will be over.

  9. Why Do Democrats have to let in Illegals. Then think of cute names for them to hide the fact what they really are Illegals. When what we really should do is send these illegals back home. So we can dream our self. But yet Democrats don’t want to let us dream. Because they don’t want to work hard for votes they want to get them the easy way! How sad is it that they would rather work for Mexicans then work for Americans!

  10. This is what happens when we allow our laws to be broken!

    These illegals feel entitled to be citizens when they broke our Country’s laws.

    It is disgusting!!! The Demoncrats let it happens and they want more illegals!

    They don’t do it out of compassion, they do it for power. They think they are importing more Democratic Voters.

    How disgusting and Evil!

  11. This is what happens when we allow our laws to be broken!

    These illegals feel entitled to be citizens when they broke our Country’s laws.

    It is disgusting!!! The Demoncrats let it happens and they want more illegals!

    They don’t do it out of compassion, they do it for power. They think they are importing more Democratic Voters.

    How disgusting and Evil!

  12. America stands for liberating those that desire inclusion in a just and moral scociety. This would include people of all walks of life execpt people here illeagly. Render unto Cezar what is Cezar’s. Too everyone else please just sit back and wait for our President Trump to figure out how best to deal with a sticky situation. Illeagl means undocumented, wich also means illeagl. Please vote for conservitive canidates and maybe we could avoid putting disolusioned people in a situation were they think their right.

  13. could not stop laughing at this….it was like a SNL skit…only funnier…the thing is that this DACA thing and all the illegal immigration in general is all the democrats fault…THEY created this mess!!!!!!!

  14. Many of these wetbacks did not arrive with parents. They just showed up at the Border with a note pinned to their shirt. Their numbers are rising even today. ICE claims that August crossings are up 25%.
    Here’s what is happening. Operatives in Central America and Mexico are rounding up children and shipping them in groups with chaperones to the US Border. The children are told what to say once they arrive.

    During obama’s reign, ICE would then scatter the children to whatever “goodwill” charity would take them (for payment of course). So, who is responsible for gathering these children? George Soros? Probably. And if you and I can figure this out, then you also know that your own US Representative and Senator knows even more than you do.

    So, I have to ask. If we can see what is happening, and we can figure out who is making it happen, and we also “know” that our elected officials “know” all the details about it…who really needs to face the hangman?

  15. I attended the swearing in of my son-in- law
    when he became an American citizen. It was
    A humbling experience with folks from 72 countries
    Participating. This is how you are granted rights in
    The United States and hopefully that will never

  16. Why not Ellis Island??. Both my grandparents followed the “LAW” and were processed through there,They came From Italy and Germany and became American Citizens leagually why not do vetting there? It’s big enough,and beautiful. Our First Lady became a AMERICAN Citizen.

  17. How could anyone deny these sweet young innocent people citizenship ???? They would be so fantastic for our country, always respectful, polite, law-abiding non-violent and always obeying our laws. I guess we could ask that sh!tbird pelosi what she thinks of her beloved dreamers now. They are truly nothing but a bunch of dirtbags who need to be deported YESTERDAY !!!!!!

  18. Pelosi now knows that the dogs will not think twice before devouring the hand that feeds them. You can bet she ran back to her sheltered safe space so she could clean the mess out of her underwear. Just wait to hear how her people spin this to make her look like she was in total control of the whole situation.

  19. 1) Nancy deserved every bit of it…maybe now she can see the dreamers for what they really are.
    2) Having said that, these dreamers have NO right to demand anything from the US. We don’t owe them ANYTHING! And I mean ANYTHING! The US didn’t create these dreamers, their parents did, so the parents can take these dreamers back to where they came from

  20. Farkin spic arseholes have NO RIGHTS!! They hate us gringos and are here for the free welfare and stuff! GO BACK TO CENTRAL AMERICA OR MEXICO AND BECOME A DRUG ADDICT OR A PUTA!

  21. I give credit to Obama for giving illegals a sense of entitlement. If they want a better life and a voice, go back to their own country to do it, not on our soil.

  22. You don’t understand, their stated goal is to return California and the southwest to Mexico. They have no other goal. Illegals have been interviewed on the California border and made that exact statement.

  23. Quite frankly, she got what she rightfully deserved. Now having said that, I don’t think that the DACA group should be allowed to get away with hi-jacking anyone’s meeting, and should suffer some consequences. It’s frightening when you turn a mad dog loose and it turns on you. Isn’t it Nancy you pathetic excessive imbiber


  25. When you Release Dogs of Hell on your Own Country everyone gets Bitten. This is what Happens when Democrats try a Use People to increase their Voting Power, These People are not Americans and could care less about our Country they only care about what they can get out of our Country. These are not the immigrants of our Past who came here to respect our Laws and Contribute to our Country, these are illegals and outsiders who want to change our Country, from the Greatest Country on the Planet to what is happening in Europe Pure Chaos. These 800,000 DACA so called Kids are not just 800,000 they want to bring their Entire Family’s X that by at the Least 4 per person, and so on. and if not stopped Millions upon Millions. This country has let our Democrats create a Mob that is becoming the Democratic Party a Leaderless party. Out of Complete Control. No one to blame but our Democrats.

  26. These are outlaws, the children of outlaws, who came to our country illegally. They did not respect our laws r our country when they came here and the children do not respect our country now. Here we see the sucker, Pelosi who is trying to help them being disrespected. Way to many of these people and the parents who brought them here have no respect for the or for the country we built with our blood sweat and tears.
    I am a natural born US citizen, and my wife a Filipino Citizen with a spotless record, not even a parking ticket, has been denied a visitors visa twice now. They say that they are afraid she might not go home after her visit. Our home is in Ecuador, and my wife has no desire to live in the US. We have a home, and a business in ECuador. We both have business interests in the US that we need to attend to. She just needs a one month, business and visitors visa.
    How can our government justify this hypocracy?

  27. They can no longer come back. That privilege went out the window when they were brought and/or came here. As far as np she got a little taste of what President Trump and those of us who support him have had to put up with for over a year now.
    America: Love It or Leave It!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  28. They have no right to demand amnesty. They should apply and we can figure out if they are worth keeping here. I have a few demands such as money, new house, servants, but I don’t think anyone out there will give them to me. NO USE demanding!!!

  29. They have no right to demand amnesty. They should apply and we can figure out if they are worth keeping here. I have a few demands such as money, new house, servants, but I don’t think anyone out there will give them to me. NO USE demanding!!!

  30. That piece of yak squeeze thinks he’s got RIGHTS as an ILLEGAL? Are you freaking kidding me! Bye Bye Pedro! don’t let the Rio Grande swallow you up on the way back.

  31. Maybe this little up close and personal experience with the element she so eagerly wants to be allowed in, she might not be so eager to get that DREAMer’s boarding pass. Let ’em camp outside her home! Let ’em break into her house for groceries late at night, and demand respect and the same quality food she eats. Give every one of them her telephone number, and when it changes, sell it to illegals for $1, and then use the proceeds to send (very publicly) to the Trump Foundation. Anyone who is actually in FAVOR of illegals being here should have to live in a neighborhood with them.

  32. It’s a wake-up for those supporting amnesty. DACA thinks they’re entitled to citizenship & that ALL illegals are as well. No respect for OUR country nor our laws. They chant “It’s all of us or none of us”.They provided our solution to DACA. I vote NONE of them. They will continue to be disruptive & flaunt our laws. This has been & continues to be an invasion. We need sound immigration reform w/heavy vetting extreme & deportation. They can get in line for legal entry. Amnesty is a slap in the face of all those who have come legally & to every American.

  33. I was so happy to see how Pelosi was treated. I’d say that is a taste of her own medicine. People eating their own.

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