There is one question that sent Elizabeth Warren running for her political life

Democrats are plagued by allegations of sexual misconduct.

The party of Bill Clinton is living down to its reputation.

But Elizabeth Warren was asked one question that had her running for her political life.

Warren appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert was lobbed the softball question of if embattled Democrat Senator Al Frnaken should resign after he was accused of sexual assaulting anchor Leeann Tweeden on a USO Tour in 2006.

A photograph accompanied her allegations that showed Franken groping her breasts while she slept.

Warren dodged the question in a shameful display of cowardice.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Warren was asked about the allegations during a Monday night appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” and while she said she was “disappointed” in Franken, she did not call for his resignation.

“So look, I was extremely disappointed about all of this,” the senator from Massachusetts said. “These allegations are serious and women have a right to be heard and to be listened to on this.”

“Al is going to be subjected to a hearing in the United States Senate…we have had for a long time now in the Senate, long before I got there, a bipartisan ethics committee that meets on a regular basis and he’s going to go in and answer,” Warren asserted.

Franken has been accused of forcibly kissing and groping women. TV anchor Leeann Tweeden released a photo that showed Franken grabbing her breasts while she was sleeping during a USO tour in 2006.”

Democrats have closed ranks around Franken much in the same way they circled the wagons around Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

Some feminists even defended Franken because he votes right on abortion.

By offering nothing more than silence, Warren was condoning the allegations against Franken.

And while Democrats tried to play “whataboutism” and raise the claims of sexual misconduct women made against Trump in the 2016 election, that ploy falls apart for two reasons.

First, Trump denied the allegations.

Second, there is photographic evidence of Franken’s misconduct.

Warren wants to run for President, but she is in a bind between party loyalty and the Democratic base which is energized on this issue and wants to see it weaponized against Trump and other Republicans.


  1. It is the usual Democrap double standard: anything we do is fine but anything you do is horrible. Screw the whole lot. They need to be killed as a political party. If we blast them in this mid term election, they will then either have to change dramatically or die. Personally, I prefer the latter.

  2. Thank you… You just proved my point. Actually I was a dyed in the wool, never miss a day of Rush Limbaugh, Republican for thirty something years, until I started fact checking numerous sources and discovered all the lies coming from both Republicans AND Democrats.

  3. It’s a shame that certain people can’t contribute to a conversation or debate without resorting to childish name calling. Oh wait… I guess it is expected in today’s age, as President Trump first started it way back during the Republican debates when he nicknamed all the other opposing candidates. Very childish and very unpresidential. Sad!

  4. Exactly!!!!!! It’s the fox guarding the hen house. What’s this little committee gonna do. The all do it it appears . No discency!!!! No doing what they are elected to do…. just bribed, money, sex, lies and cover ups… at our expense. I wouldn’t be surprised to find her name on the list. Disgusting bunch of people.

  5. Warren is a disgrace to the human race. Part indian my A _ _!! If I were Indian, I would deny it. The American Indian has standards. She has none. Heck let ke all Dems if she didn’t have double standards she wouldn’t have any.

  6. I bet no one ever hit on Billery either. That’s the problem, who would want to. Even Bill didn’t want her. Can’t blame him, but I don’t think any female really wants him either.



  9. Who will
    It be next?
    The swamp needs to be completely swept clean of all this mess and term limits applied so it does not continue wasting our tax payers money on people who do not respect other people!
    Plus do not cut me out by saying this is a duplicate comment! I havecacrightbto express myself too!

  10. Who will
    It be next?
    The swamp needs to be completely swept clean of all this mess and term limits applied so it does not continue wasting our tax payers money on people who do not respect other people!

  11. Poke-er-haunt-us is just one more dumb-o-crap in she’s clothing. She,Twitchy Mitchy McConnell, Cryan Ryan, Nancy Pig-osee, Diane Frankenstein, along with the rest of the DC trolls, should be banished to N, Korea where their job would be to clean toilets with their tongues; which is most likely above their pay grade and/or intelligence level.

  12. Congress has spent $15 million of taxpayer dollars recently to silence women affected by congressional hanky-panky on both sides of the aisle. I think the Dems are outsmarting the GOP by taking advantage of the GOP’s craving to appear highly principled. Dems are not about to ask Conyers or Franken to resign, bot they will try to cause the GOP establishment to lose a Senate seat in GOP-solid Alabama and the related ability to win approval of conservative judge appointments using 40 year old harassment allegations that are just now being brought to light.

  13. Actually, some people do review independently and can see hypocrisy easily. Moore bad but Franken OK says McConnell? Really? Seems double-tongued to me.

  14. Salem? A weapon has been discovered to cast doubt on any political target. It reminds me of that ancient witch hunt. I know there has been sexual misconduct frequently proven among well known men but vague accusations should not be proof of actual guilt. Sadly, political advantage seems to be the new “get even” tactic. Take a look at our society as a whole for an example of “moral purity”.

  15. Either way, they are disgusting scum and shouldn’t be encouraged by the blindness of their respective partisan followers. The trouble is that so many of these people believe everything that their respective partisan pundits say without checking out the facts before adding to the coverups.
    Wake up people!

  16. On the subject of Joe Biden, a couple of years ago, I remember seeing an assortment of short clips showing Joey being very hands on! This guy cannot get near a woman without touching and putting his hands where they should not be. And, he is thinking about running for President in 2020. Men have been sexually assaulting women in the workplace for decades and getting away with it! It happens in EVERY PROFESSION and if a woman complains she gets fired. Her other two choices are to quit or keep quiet and let it continue. Oh, sorry one more choice. When I was 19 years old and working as a secretary an old jerk would come to my office when my boss left for home and would slam me against the wall, stick his disgusting tongue in my mouth and grab my crotch, while pushing himself against me. I told my father, who was a Marine vet who fought in WWI and Korea. He jumped into his car and took off like a bat out of hell. When he came back said, “I took care of it and you are not going back there”. I never asked what happened, but doubt it was pretty. Yet, in the end I was out of a job. Unfortunately, my next job was no better, with a President who was just as bad, if not worse. I left that job on my own. So you see, this is nothing new and hope women continue to speak out now that this has come out in the open. It is enough that women work hard, with less pay for the same job as men, without having to deal with sexual perverts! Maybe women are better at their jobs because they concentrate on doing their job instead of seeing who they can sexually exploit.

  17. Words only and untruthful bragging like many men do to make themselves seem more masculine in the eyes of other men. Words only by one versus the “hands on” action proven to have actually been done by Clinton.

  18. Warren is just like her Coe hearts in that she can lie without opening her mouth! This ethics committee is nothing but a brother-sister cover group that work behind closed doors, nothing is ever reported, and nothing happens other then a payout using tax payers funds. $17 million so far paid by tax payers for congressional misbehaviors, plus other expenses such as what is being pointed out in Conyers case. Read this article if you do not believe me, the swamp needs to be cleaned out, not swept under the rug!

  19. Elizabeth Warren knew, Joe Biden (Obama Jr.) knew same as they knew about Uranium One, and all of the corrupt and illegal affairs of the Clintons including the theft of election. Silence when knowing is not good and a sign of weak character.

  20. I wonder how many MORE people are going to show their true colors like this before the swamp is finally drained? Seriously, I’m still waiting… and yet these bottom dwellers still occupy a government-paid, do-nothing-but-bad-stuff office.

  21. I have asked this before of pro abortionist:

    In 1960 – When Stanley Ann Dunham was 17 she got pregnant – she had a few real problems on her hands – in 1960 an unwed mother was a pariah in the community – the girls were usually “sent off” to “school” – which in reality was a boarding house for unwed mothers – they had their babies and put them up for adoption then returned home like they had been away at school. A white girl with a black guy in 1960 was very unusual to say the least – she knew her baby was black and she also knew the father was already married with children – it does not matter if the father was Barack Hussein Obama or Frank Marshall Davis – they were both married. She was also preparing to go to college – with all of these factors against her – don’t you think that if abortion would have been as readily available then as it is today – we would have never – ever heard of Barack Hussein Obama Jr.? So – who is it that the next aborted baby might have been?

  22. One photograph equals 1000 words deny that Elizabeth [Pocahontas] Warren. This is not the Bill Clinton era.Trenton

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