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This CNN contributor made the most outrageous defense of Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton’s past predatory behavior is getting a second look. Democrats have long made excuses for his actions. But what this CNN contributor just said [Read More >>]


You’ll be disgusted when you see how Pope Francis stabbed Trump in the back

Pope Francis is picking up his feud with Trump and his supporters. He continues to fire barbs at the President over his America First agenda. [Read More >>]


All hell broke loose when one photo showed this Democrat groping a sleeping woman

Minnesota Democrat Al Franken is in hot water. A shocking photo emerged that showed him groping a sleeping woman. And it could be the end [Read More >>]


You won’t believe what the NFL is planning to do next

Anti-American anthem protestors have divided football fans from the NFL. Now, the protests may be dividing the NFL itself! And what the NFL may do [Read More >>]


Kim Jong Un just revealed which American city he will strike first with a nuclear missile

The nuclear crisis with North Korea is reaching a boiling point. War on the Korean Peninsula could break out at any second. And Kim Jong [Read More >>]


Congress is paying to cover up their deviant behavior with your tax dollars

America is having a “come to Jesus” moment when it comes to sexual harassment. While many politicians would like to claim the moral high ground [Read More >>]