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Sean Hannity sent Robert Mueller a message that will leave you speechless

Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against Donald Trump has dragged on for months. But time is up. Sean Hannity sent Mueller a message that will leave [Read More >>]


The sheriff revealed a startling fact about the Las Vegas shooting

The investigation into the shooting at Las Vegas has raised more questions than it has answered. No motive has been discovered and many question the [Read More >>]


One Congressman discovered a secret about Obama that just changed everything

Donald Trump has said from day one that the Russia collusion investigation is a hoax. But it’s even worse than that. One Congressman is pressing [Read More >>]


Chuck Schumer is holding the military hostage because of one issue

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats have drawn a line in the sand. He is threatening to hold the military hostage. And you won’t believe the [Read More >>]


The FBI was hiding one strange secret about the Russia investigation

The FBI’s involvement in the Russia investigation has smelled fishy from the start. Critics contend it was the work of anti-Trump partisans at the highest [Read More >>]


Donald Trump ended the collusion investigation with one statement

Democrats and the media put all their eggs in one basket. They thought the Russia collusion story could force Donald Trump from office. But Trump [Read More >>]