Rachel Maddow got a promotion that will make your head spin

Rachel Maddow’s ratings have been in a freefall ever since it was revealed that she spent two years lying to her audience about the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians.

Everyone wondered what would happen to her.

But Rachel Maddow just got this promotion that will make your head spin.

NBC is hosting the first Democrat presidential debate later this month in Miami.

The debate will be held over two nights because so many candidates qualified for the event.

That left the huge question of who would moderate the event.

NBC named Rachel Maddow as one of the five moderators for the two-night event.

Breitbart reports:

NBC has announced the moderators for the first two Democrat presidential primary debates, which are set to take place in Miami, Florida, on June 26–27.

The network released the list of five moderators– all notable NBC and MSNBC personalities– Tuesday morning. It includes Today’s Savannah Guthrie, NBC Nightly News’ Lester Holt, Meet the Press‘ Chuck Todd, The Rachel Maddow Show’s Rachel Maddow, and NBC Nightly News Saturday’s José Diaz-Balart.

The debates will run from 9–11 p.m. ET and take place at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts both nights.

According to reports, Holt will moderate the entire time both nights. Guthrie and Diaz-Balart will moderate with him for the first hour and switch out with Maddow and Todd for the second hour.

NBC putting a known liar and conspiracy theorist on the stage as a debate moderator is a clear sign they are no longer a news network.

Maddow is there to ask softball questions to the candidates to make sure they look good on the debate stage.

Trump supporters can only imagine what the outrage would be like from the so-called “mainstream” media if Fox News used Sean Hannity in a similar role.

But since Maddow is a liberal darling, so-called “media reporters” will remain silent.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Why does this puzzle people. She has all the qualifications. 1. She’s a Jew. I say that by what’s reported but her grandparents were of Northern Israel Israelis who ended up in Northern Europe. That does t mean they are Jews of not from Judah, you stand a great chance to not be a Jew. The same ones that will launch the attack against Israel in the end, worshipped and still believe in Baal and except abortion as they did during ball. 2. Female bra burner, west coast educated. 3. Also a lustful Lesbian muff number. She got what it takes to be a poster child for all the liberal MSM. Like they’re going to fire someone with her qualifications. May she burn and suffer. Besides, I m tired of her type saying they are Jews. She’s non observant and not even an Israelis.

  2. ??????? Pres. Trump has done NOTHING at all that could ever be considered treasonous. Yet you elected Obama the great traitor TWICE. THAT is treasonous and it is YOU who should be punished. Obama hates everything this country stands for and his goal was to have everyone dependent on government for everything.NO FREEDOM. He is Muslim and freedom is not allowed in Islam, which is our enemy. Obama brought in hundreds of thousands of muslims knowing full well that the goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. THAT is aiding and abetting the enemy. But you are fine with that, fool

  3. Maddow is just one big lie after another! It’s amazing that she hasn’t been hit with a BIG lawsuit, yet, but with her viperous comments it’s bound to arrive soon. Her tongue is so twisted she, sometimes, has difficulty speaking. How can Tucker Carlson (Just what’s with him, recently and his proclaiming support for head-shaking, finger-pointing Warren, whose millions require a LOT of explaining!!!) constantly support that broad???

  4. The Democrat debates should be a real circus of leftists falling all over each other to each be more radical than the next. And this quintet of flaming radical broadcast personalities will make the most absurd, destructive proposals seem almost rational. Election to the russian Politboro could not be more crazy than this.

  5. OMGosh! What a wonderful idea! We know the FAKE NEWS would not mention ALL that would come out to see our Great President; however, this is the Best Thing I have heard in a while. Sure hope this or something like this happens every night of “whatever” Debate the dems have scheduled! (Thanks for the Post Stephanie Curtis)!!! TRUMP 2020

  6. Gregory, I agree! Wish President Trump would hold a rally in Detroit the first night of the debate & introduce John James who is running for US Senate. I noticed more blacks are coming back to the Republican Party. Detroit is a good place to start. What have Dems done for blacks the last 55 years? Even when the cities, states are run by blacks they seem to control their own, not empower them?

  7. Those debates will be a laughable joke as all of them are. I don’t care to watch a bunch of buffoons trying to out-communist each other.

  8. She´s a lair. Had fake Trump tax returns, Push the narrative of collusion. Impeachment. Doesn´t think much you for listening to d/ke.

  9. Eric, when Hillary goes to jail for her email scandal, The Benghazi scandal the fast a furious gun run then the right people will be in jail along with the rest of the Obozo administration. Let me know where to send your crying towel snowflake.

  10. The damage that Obama has done to our country with the help of liberal news is going to take a 4 term for Trump to clean up.
    Obama visited all the countries we are getting Illegals from. What did he promise them?

  11. Madcow is the big Mouth Piece for the Communist Revolution in America. So many who watched have now found out what a lying Communist she is and, they stopped being brain washed with Communism from old Madcow.

  12. This thing will make a farce out of NBC’s big Dem debates, serves them right for taking the stupid fool in.

  13. You’ll be executed long before the President, moron. The sheer stupidity of you communist a$$holes is mind boggling. None of you ignoramuses have more than 2 fully operational brain cells.

  14. Maddow is fine. The only question is, when will Pyongyang donald be put away or executed by the Government for treason?

  15. And to think, Madcow turned down the Current Administrations offer of a State Department Position as Ambassador to Biafra just to hear Uncle Joe and Beto rant and rave on cue.

  16. Has Rachel Maddow ever said anything good about Donald Trump dispite all of the good things he’s done? Nope. Has Maddow said anything bad about a democrat? Nope. If that is not being biased, then I don’t know what is.

  17. Oh:BTW Henry
    Do you know that unlike all the other fools that resided as (laughingly) commander in chief, moving into the white house is a downgrade for President Trump. His home is 100 times more luxurious then the white house. & further more, unlike the other bums that resided there, President Trump is a billionaire, he has all the power any one man could ever think to have, & he has no alternative motive for wanting to be President other then exactly what he ran on…to MAGA
    Also he has done more for Americans in the short time he’s been President then all the other bums put together in all their years ruining America. So for all you Trump haters, stop & think….what has he done to do any damage to America?

  18. shes a dem lezbo and wow! no,fag station fag dems promote each other .like the view old bitty’s pat each other on the back trashing trump.all the same lol still mad cow dyke can melt down again with her promotion in 2020 lol fag dems will lose AGAIN. america, 10% FAG 10 ILLEGAL TRUMP IN 2020

  19. And who might that be? Someone who has been running on the democratic platform for president? Every democrat is a looney and way out in left field.

  20. The loudest message you can send to NBC is DON’T WATCH IT.
    You will not be missing a thing.
    I just hope there will be something else on the tube for me to watch.
    Pee Wee’s playhouse perhaps?

  21. They better include Brassile so she can get the softball answers and email them to all the debaterAnneMclaughlins.

  22. Nonsense. You can call her a lot of things but she is not a liar. She digs down for facts and issues others do not cover. That makes her a valuable interviewer.
    Yes. She dislikes Trump’s tactics but that does not make her a liar.

  23. They better include Brassile so she can get the softball answers and email them to all the debaterAnneMclaughlins.

  24. Tom, you are so on the money,I can’t add anything except, I hope everyone will do as I plan to do, not watch their democratic [communist] propaganda.I hope their ratings goes so low, they have to sell to another conservative station.They must have a bunch of “bimbos” running the stations. Maybe they need to poll the public & see just how many ppl. are not listening to their biased lies & propaganda.

  25. Fox will be putting a known liar and conspiracy theorist on stage, not as moderator, but as their Presidential canidate.

  26. Who would watch the madcow? It has it’s own group of dykes following IT, thats all IT will get to shriek for IT. But then again, it is a democrap debate? So they will get a bunch of commies watching.

  27. I wrote her off long ago. She is so far out in left field,if it wasn’t for gravity, she would fall off the earth.She is pathetic, just like all the rest of these leftist loonies. Makes me wonder, just what are they teaching in the Political Science classes this day & time. It amazes me how they can study from 4 to 6 yrs., graduate, & come out & be so stupid. All 38? candidates are so dumb, they don’t realize some of the stupid crap they say.Sadly, there isn’t one,not nary one I would give the time of day, to say nothing of my vote.What really concerns me a little bit though, is how many dumasses out there voting who are just as dumb & stupid.Help spread the word, tell your mama,your gramma,ALL your kin folks & friends to go vote for TRUMP, He is trying his dead level best to restore the greatness & pride we once had in being an American.

  28. Jay –

    You are right! And I bet every question will involve LIES about our President & how they can impeach him…with zero evidence.

    Democrats continue to prove that they don’t care about what is best for American citizens. All they care about is political power.

  29. Another NBC comedy of errors and crap. No real questions will be asked; no real long term focus questions will be asked; no questions about a woman’s right to her body, just take it away and sell them to the 5th district in Minn for the Muslim men then deport them for the next bunch. No questions on American’s sovereignty or rights to protect its citizens from illegals, nor who’s going the pay the bill for what they get nor how much it will cost and how much has it cost. Subject well over the head of the candidates along with the alleged moderators. Just several hours of pure HS. Like one commentator stated….won’t be watching.

  30. LOL, This is a joke but then again this is why MSNBC will be gone in not to long from now, for they and CNN have shown just how bias and untrustworthy they really are, for Trump is so very right, these two stations are the cancer and enemy in our country!!!! Their bias stands out every time they report the news, they lie, they twist the truth, and everything they haVE reported on has been a nothing burger for two and a half years, plus if the citizens really listen to there reporting the news it is nothing good about Trump it is always bashing him and never bashing or even talking about something a Democrat ever dd wrong unless all the other news station jump on it, or MSNBC will downplay the crime or story!!!! I would have to say these stations will fold up and be gone forever in 2020 for they have lost the trust of the people and they lose more and more of the trust each and everyday!!!

  31. Expat Tom –

    Make that: Vile, Filthy, Disgusting, Lying, Liberal propaganda-spewing LOSERS!

  32. NBC. The Nazi broadcasting company! I will certainly Not watch this cartoon!
    Savanagh Gunthrie and Chuck Todd are as equally obnoxious, liberal and as stupid as
    Maddow, and all suffer from major TDS.
    Of course, all the debaters are liberal uneducated lying politicians!
    What a waste of air time!
    God bless America! Trump 2020 our only hope!

  33. That liberal cow got the job as moderator at the Demonrats’ debate! Should be very interesting!

  34. With a face like that, they’d do better to put a bag (a plastic bag) over it….not save it.


  36. Want watch that one ! Can,t stand that thing what ever she is .What a joke One good thing to look forward to after 2024 thy will be gone ! maga 2020!!!

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