Rachel Maddow just hit her audience with a big surprise about when she is leaving her show

Rachel Maddow’s future at MSNBC just became clear.

It was a shock to her viewers.

And Rachel Maddow just hit her audience with a big surprise about when she is leaving her show.

Rachel Maddow signed a new mega contract with MSNBC last August that would allow her to expand into films and streaming projects.

On January 31, Business Insider’s Clair Atkinson reported that beginning on February 7, Maddow would go on hiatus from her nightly MSNBC show.

Maddow ended her Hiatus on Monday.

But Maddow announced her return was short lived.

Maddow told her audience that she would host her show five nights a week through the month of April.

However, Maddow announced that beginning in May, she would only host the show on Monday night with a rotating cast of guest hosts appearing Tuesday-Friday.

Maddow did tell viewers that for major events, like the run up to an election, she would appear more often on MSNBC.

“I’m gonna be here all this month Monday through Thursday nights,” she said. “Now for big news events, for things like the lead up to the election, I will, of course, be here more than that but that is the general plan … then starting in May I’m going to be here weekly. I’m going to be here on Monday nights just to give myself more time to work on some of this other stuff I’ve got cooking for MSNBC and NBC.”

Maddow leaving a regular hosting gig is a massive blow to MSNBC.

Maddow is the only MSNBC host to draw more than 2 million viewers to her show.

Guest hosts did not prove to be a ratings attraction.

Last week, with a full five-day schedule of guest hosts, MSNBC averaged just 1.3 million viewers in Maddow’s 9PM time slot.

That represented a 40 percent decrease from the last full week that Maddow hosted her show.

Left-wing cable news is in flux.

CNN is under new management, and Axios reported Discovery CEO David Zaslav wants to pull back on left-wing opinion programming.

And now MSNBC just lost their biggest nightly ratings draw.

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